34. Land of Waves [3]
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'This has proven two things, one: I can't maintain Jinton for more than a minute, second: Jinton brings my speed to the level of an Elite Jounin, from what Nii-san had said, Zabuza Momochi strength is likely at the middle of Elite Jounin and my speed completely overpowered him, meaning it is above that level.'

The blonde teenager thought 'Basically, my speed and overall strength go up by a notch considering my normal strength, without considering Jinton and Hiraishin, it is at the peak of a Jounin, it goes up to above the middle of Elite Jounin, however, it has a price that I can't pay yet...'

'Kit, you can ask that Yamanaka girl to aid you with the Yin Release, the Yamanaka Clan manipulates their Spiritual Energy, it is sort of similar to the Yin Release.' Kurama said inside his mind as Naruto nodded, just then, they arrived at Tazuna's house.

In the way, a kid stopped Sakura and she almost hit the kid but noticing that he was just asking for food, she gave him a candy, Naruto also thought of helping them as he saw his own figure overlapping with the kid figure

'It was just like that, I barely had food, if not because of my Uzumaki Clan enormous vitality and Kuu-san helping me, I would've died due to lack of food and because of the many injuries, the difference is that my Village actually had a way to help me but didn't, these kids, however... they're helpless, literally.' Naruto thought.

''I'm back!'' Tazuna shouted as they entered the house, instantly, hurried steps were heard as a woman appeared, seeing Tazuna, she pulled him in a tight hug ''Father, I'm so glad you came back without any problems!'' she said.

''Is that your daughter, Tazuna-san?'' Kakashi asked as Naruto whistled slightly, smiling under his mask, the white-haired man punched Naruto's head ''Stop doing that, you're just 12 years old...''

'And you're a 26-year-old man that is a closet pervert.' Naruto thought but kept in silence to maintain his head safe.

Tazuna nodded slightly ''Yes, Tsunami, this is Kakashi-san. Tsunami, can you go to prepare food? They're going to protect me while I'm building the bridge, Inari, come to meet the guests!'' he said before shouting.

''Grandpa!'' As he was called, the boy came over and seeing Tazuna, a smile beamed over his face before he hugged the old bridge builder.

''I missed you, Inari! These are Kakashi-san, Sakura-san, Sasuke-san and Naruto-san, they're Ninjas sent by Konohagakure to protect me!'' Tazuna said while patting Inari's head, the boy smiled under such affection but soon frowned as he heard the word 'Ninja' and 'Konohagakure'.

''Why did they come if they're just going to die anyway? They have no chance against Gatō, they shouldn't have come if this is going to happen!'' Inari shouted as Sasuke frowned

Looking over Inari, Sasuke said ''Who do you think you are to say this? We're here to protect your grandpa, if you want him to die in the hands of Gatō purely because you don't want us here, then we'll go away, stop throwing a tantrum, kid!''

Hearing that, tears formed inside Inari's eyes as he ran to the insides of the house, seeing that, Tazuna sighed slightly ''Please don't be too harsh on him, Sasuke-san, he was traumatized because of his foster father, you see, Tsunami's husband died and after some time, she met Kaiza and they fell in love.'' he paused before continuing

''It was at that time when Gatō invaded and took control of the Land of Waves, Kaiza led to a rebellion but it failed and so, Gatō executed him in public, Kaiza was like a father to Inari, they were like true father and son related by blood. When that happened, Inari lost hope so please don't be too harsh on him.'' Tazuna said as Sasuke and Sakura were shocked by the story told to them.

'Losing a father, eh?' Kakashi thought while remembering his long-dead father but soon shook his head 'I have Naruto and this is all I need!' a smile appeared under his mask.

As they ate the food, Naruto thought of something before he said ''Nii-san, don't you think there's something tricky? I mean, if it was an ANBU, wouldn't he kill Zabuza instead of just getting him?''

He had guessed they were tricked by the so-called ANBU and confirmed it ''I was an ANBU Captain before and I'm sure they would never do that, which means it was an accomplice, we were tricked, however, since the injuries you gave were deep, it'll take around two weeks for him to heal, even though you did that, don't get arrogant, you were only able to take him by surprise because he underestimated you.'' Kakashi said.

''I guess we need to train in these two weeks, I think we should focus on training Sakura's basics, while she has near-perfect Chakra Control, she's weak in any other thing except the Three Basic Jutsu, I brought a Chakra Paper, we can use that to see her affinity, aside from that, we'll teach her the Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Substitution Technique) and Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique), that will be essential for her to help in future missions.''

The white-haired man said in one breath as Sakura nodded, her parents had been Genin but didn't have access to such techniques so she was only taught the basics, she was happy that her Team would teach her that ''Thanks, Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke-kun and Naruto!'' Sakura thanked them from the bottom of her heart.

Sasuke smirked ''What are we waiting for? We need to start training so that we'll be prepared for the fight that will be coming! Also, Kakashi-san, will you teach me and Naruto a new Jutsu? You promised to teach us an A-Rank Jutsu, after all!'' he said.

Sighing, Kakashi nodded as Sakura and Sasuke beamed with happiness, Naruto also felt happy, the white-haired man had promised them and their promise was finally going to be completed.

''You three can go before me, I have something to do before going!'' Naruto said as his nii-san and team members nodded before going, the blonde teenager then went towards Inari's room.


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