Chapter 62: Killing a 4th-Floor Contestant – Gate of Opening: Open!
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10 Downing Street, November 20



Kai had spent the last 13 days working on his Snake Language Proficiency, increasing it by a whopping 15%.

The rest of the time he had spent monitoring the movements around 10 Downing street.

Here, Kai for the first time got to use all that he had learned in the last two years of his previous life. Even though there were wizards in this area, he had managed to figure out the identity of his prey, and his daily routine.

The man, as Kai had found out, was a beast in human skin.

Kai had waited and waited, but he couldn't find a single time which seemed right to ambush Heavy Block. With the Time Limit coming closer, he refused to wait anymore.

It was past midnight.

Kai was hiding in the shadow of a tall tower at the top of a building.

This building lay in the path of the daily patrol route of Heavy Block. The man always came alone to do the first check of the surroundings. Only then would the other members of the team follow the nightly patrol, one by one.

As he saw a vague shadow approaching his spot, Kai jumped off the roof.



The shadow belonged to a short-haired man in black formal attire.

Under the sleeves of his black suit, his hands were covered in white bandages, and his boots looked sturdier, reaching up to his knees under his black pants.

Heavy Block was heavy. With a height of over 6 and a half ft and jacked-up muscles, it looked like just anytime he could rip apart his suits as if coming out of a cocoon.

When he reached the checkpoint, a tower above a tall building, a shrill scream reached him from distant corners of the hell called London's streets.


Heavy Block squinted his eyes.

He looked in the direction which he was supposed to go, but his feet were already moving towards the scream, which had now become shriller.


A cry for help.

Even from a distance, anyone could easily tell that this soul-shaking cry belonged to a girl.

Heavy Block struck his legs, shaking out two ankle weights off his legs. As they struck the ground below, a small boom rang out. But even that boom couldn't bury the scream.


Heavy Block's speed doubled. His face contorted from the sheer pressure with which he was kicking the stony walls. One moment, he was three streets away from the screaming girl. In the next, he was standing dozens of meters away.

A blond-haired girl was being forcefully dragged away by a hooded man. Her clothes were in tatters, her breasts out in open. She was hitting the man's hand, grabbing her hair, and calling for help in this deserted street.

"Leave her alone!" Heavy Block screamed, crossing the distance with one step.

A powerful hurling kick at the man's chest sent him flying towards the wall behind him some 7-8 ft away. The power behind the kick was so great that when the man slumped down, half the wall behind him came down with it.

Heavy Block's arms wrapped around the young girl's figure. She was so scared that her entire body was trembling in fear.

The girl flung her arms around Heavy Block's neck, and her tears wetted his chest.

"Are you alright?" Heavy Block asked.

"Thank… you," the girl replied, sobbing, crying, and shuddering. Her hands fumbled behind his back to grip him tightly.

"He is dead," Heavy Block said. "Don't worry. Let me take you to the hospital."

"No," the girl shook her head. "No one can kill him."

YOU!” Suddenly, Heavy Block roared. He threw the girl off him. But it was too late.

Too late.

There was a syringe stuck in his right arm, its content was almost half gone. He spun his head towards the girl.

Well, there was no girl anymore.



Kai couldn't fathom why Heavy Block had become so fast.

He had seen him jumping around and had already put some allowance on his possible Agility, but even then, the man had come a minute earlier than he had expected.

Heavy Block’s kick had broken several bones in Kai's chest.

The moment he heard the roar, Kai imbued life in the Herald of Chaos, sensing Cersei's disappearance, and threw down one of the three HP capsules left on him in his mouth. A saber appeared in his hands, and a bronze visorless spartan helm took shape on his head.

Under the helm, his skin became red hot, and steam came out as if he was some beast of winter.

Time. Time was of the essence.

"You bastard!" Heavy Block roared, his right arm dangling lifelessly.

Fuck! Kai cursed. The Light Neurotoxin could only affect his right arm, he could tell.

Kai's muscles ballooned, veins popping out like a thousand rivers. His teeth shattered as the pressure buildup inside him. He took the pose, muscles ripping apart his clothes.

Twin-Saber Style: Forbidden Technique...

The very air sizzled as Kai disappeared, the saber in his hand trembling like a twig.

Heavy Block shouted, spinning in midair.

Kai pushed his right hand with his left. The monstrous strength erupted, entering the saber.

… Serpent God's Wrath!

A boulder-like kick hit the saber.

Leaf Ferocious Hurricane!


The saber went right through Heavy Block's leg, cutting his heel and his calf, before breaking into half.

Blood showered out of Kai's mouth like a fountain.

On the other side, Heavy Block fell, Light Neurotoxin from the syringe and from the saber already coursing through his veins.

Kai popped in the rest of the HP capsules. The Titan's buff was still working as intended.

The broken saber had yet to disappear, and the man had yet to see death. If Kai had learned anything from his experiences, then it was to kill first and ask later.

Kai turned around with murder in his eyes, readying himself to absorb the man’s fear.

Suddenly, he shuddered, his Perception going haywire.

"You Chaos' treacherous abomination!" Heavy Block bellowed, standing up. His left leg was bleeding, making small pools of blood under it. "You think you can win like this? Hah!"

Kai backed up. This wasn't something he had expected.

In front of his eyes, he was seeing the man getting stronger, giving out a higher danger than when he was whole.

"Gate of Opening…”

A dense wave of something ethereal hit Kai, quaking his soul.

… Open!”


The air popped around Heavy Block in short bursts, and he disappeared.

Kai's Snake Instinct caught the kick coming for his head. He crouched, and when his eyes looked down, he found another kick coming up. Every cell in Kai's mind roared.

Then, the kick hit him.


The kick hit him again.


One more kick and the bronze helm disappeared.




When Kai came to his senses, he found himself hovering mid-air, falling back.

A voice entered from just behind his ears.

"Primary Lotus"

Hundreds of bandage strips wrapped Kai's figure before he could even move a muscle.

Kai felt Heavy Block gripping him with his still working arm and wrapping his uninjured leg around his waist for stability. All the world spun as the two men fell, spinning, whistling.

"… Bloom!"

Kai felt Heavy Block letting go of him, but for the love of God, he couldn't shake off the bandages. His mind was shaking, banging against his skull.

Then the ground came unannounced.


When Kai opened his eyes, he found them soaked with blood.

He dragged himself out of the crater. How much time he took doing that, Kai would never know. His HP bar was flashing dangerously; this he could tell.

A few feet away from him, he could see Heavy Block coming toward him, dragging his left leg. The man was enormous, but he looked like a massive pillar of stone with that stiffness in his body.

The Light Neurotoxin was finally taking its effect, but Heavy Block still looked too agile for Kai’s taste. Something needed to be done…

Heavy Block lifted Kai by his hair and brought him up to his eye level. "No honor!" the man declared as he saw Kai's defiant eyes.

Kai punched, his hand moving slowly, lazily.

The punch landed on the man's face like a slow tap.

“Have you had enough…” Heavy Black asked, shaking Kai’s head left and right.

“Hehehe!” Kai’s laugh was the like the death knell.

A burst of Mana exploded around Kai and, in an instant, Heavy Block’s complexion paled as if some wraith had sucked out his life. On the other hand, Kai’s cheeks became rosy, HP pumping through his broken veins.

Skill - Pain Split!

Heavy Block staggered, his grip over Kai’s hair loosening lifelessly.

Kai landed on the ground and, like a serpent, lunged at Heavy Block, keeping himself low. Before the 4th-floor Contestant could come out of the shock of losing his HP, Kai plunged the broken saber into his bleeding calf.

A poisoned scream left Heavy Block, his knees buckling.

The man fell and found himself looking into two hazel slits, with no humanity left in them. For the first time, Heavy Block… feared for his life.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for him.

Kai’s free hand snapped toward Heavy Block’s throat and gripped it like the bite of a snake.

A brilliant mass of silver mist erupted out of his palm, passed right through Heavy Block’s flesh, and… froze his soul.

Soul Chill - Output 100%!!!

Heavy Block eyes stilled, his skin gaining frost. Something inside him had truly died, but the man was still alive.

-Kill!- Kai hissed.

-Kill!- she hissed back. Their intentions, their wills, and their thoughts were alike at this moment.

The silver mist seeped out of the man and the Ghost Serpent solidified, her black maw opening in intense anger.

The two magical fangs dug deep in the leather-like skin of Heavy Block.

The Soul Neurotoxin, whose potency was terrifyingly higher than Light Neurotoxin, entered the enormous man's body.

Just on the verge of victory, Heavy Block met a soul-chilling death!