Chapter 9
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Encounter - 3


 The screaming birds singing in the morning tickled my ears, and the morning sun was leaking through the window, illuminating the room.

 Chizuru tried to lift her eyelids slightly, but the the sun was hitting her face, it was so dazzling that she had to blink many times.

 'Morning …… came.'

 The first morning after returning to this world.

 After climbing out of the bed while stretching her body on the carpet, and standing up slowly, Chizuru immediately looked around the small room. However, the bedroom is empty and Dorothy is no where to be seen. Instead she hears the noise of people moving from somewhere in the mansion, so when she carefully sharpened her senses, she felt the sweet scent of food drifting down from the lower floors.

 The body is honest, and the sweet scent invites hunger.

 Chizuru came to the front of the door of the closed room, and tried to push it forward. The doors made of wood boards that are rotting in some places can easily squeak therefor make noise, without any particular resistance.

"Ah, uh ... can I get out?"

 Chizuru spoke aloud and she waited for a reply for a bit. But there was no reply.

 In other words, no they didn't make any opposition, and Chizuru went out of the frightening room because she was hungry. The mansion that was not visible in the dark last night is illuminated by the light leaking through the window.

 By the way, Rodolgo's mansion was battered.

 It's in a miserable state, in such a state that it can be said twice and be on mark.  The building itself was made of stone, but the surface was rough and not well-polished, it lacked things here and there, and the floor and walls were not straight. The wooden doors installed at the entrance of the rooms are rotting and falling off so much. 


 'Of course, I know that there are a lot of poorer people in this world', but that fact made Chizuru feel a sense of responsibility.

 For the time being, the mansion wasn't big enough to snoop around, so Chizuru could easily find the stairs to get down to the first floor.

 Just as Chizuru showed up, Dorothy was drinking somet light gray soup on a wooden desk. When she sees Chizuru, she raise her face.

"You finally got up ..."

"Yes." (chizuru)

"As I said last night, there's almost nothing to eat here other than potatoes. There's this soup in the kitchen, so if you want it, you take it yourself ..."

 Dorothy lifted up the soup plate and showed it.

 The soup has a sweet smell and with Dorothy's words, Chizuru knows that it's a sweet potato soup. Chizuru, who had been accustomed to Japan's rich diet for a while, was a little shocked with the food.

"You haven't seen Mr. Rodolgo?"

"That guy has eaten up and went out first thing morning. It would take three days from here to get to the Duke's mansion ..."

 'three days…….'

 'In other words, on the way and back, it would take at least six days to meet the Duke, who might be Lukrov. Perhaps until then, I'd have to live with potato soup alone and with dorothy all the time.'

 Chizuru sighed while thinking, in the hallway that would lead to the kitchen.

 There was no refrigerator in the small room that looked like a kitchen, and there was a pile of potato-like potatoes with the soil still on them and a stone cooktop, and an iron pot was just hanging over the open fire. Chizuru returned to Dorothy after serving the soup in the pot into a wooden bowl nearby.

 For the time being, Chizuru decided to seat next to Dorothy. Fortunately, there seems to be plenty of time. After spending time slowly and surprisingly finishing the delicious soup, Chizuru looked at Dorothy.

"Um ... can I ask you something?"

 When Chizuru asked this she had finished eating, Dorothy silently placed the bowl on the table and turned her gloomy eyes at her. If Chizuru tries to escape from now on, she won't follow. It was such a dry line of sight.

"That person, the Duke. According to Mr. Rodolgo, he was originally a hero of the country, Did a new ruler came to this area at the command of the king ... and so on."

"Hmm, are you interested?" (Dorothy)

 Drothy's face got distorted with her smile, and the few remaining teeth peeped through the gaps in her lips. "Well, maybe ... you might be sold to that guy."

 'I will it be sold?'

 "It's quite an annoying thing, but if I think about ransom money, I wonder if that's what she means..' Chizuru nodded at Dorothy's words while breathing.

 Dorothy looked away from Chizuru, and made a glance as if she was looking at somewhere in the air. Then she begun to speak in a slow tone unique to her.

"There were evil dragons in this country not too long ago ... do you know that?"(Dorothy)

"Yeah. It's a dragon covered in black scales, with horribly sharp fangs and claws, and five heads, flying around in the midnight sky and killing people."

 Chizuru shuddered, remembering when she saw the huge beast in front of her.

 This world is a little different from the worlds of "swords and magic" that were in the books borrowed from Mai. There was no so-called magic. Since it's a world like the Middle Ages, of course, there are swords as weapons, but they do not have magic. From the perspective of modern people like Chizuru, there were some shady folklore and customs, and the people were only ordinary people. Animals and plants are almost the same as in the original world. The only exception was the evil beast ... and the presence of a saint summoned from a different world to defeat it.

 The saint was Chizuru.

 It is said that the evil dragon can be killed only by the hands of humans from another world, humans which does not belong to this world, and Chizuru, who was protected by the Knights including Lucurov, pierced the heart of this dragon with a sword and ended everything.

 However, the existence of Chizuru was secret, except within the Knights and the King, and the evil dragon was supposed to have been killed by Lukrov and the Knights.

 In fact, Chizuru only gave her hand hand to pierce the dragon's heart, and until then, she was just protected ...

"If you know that much, you know the rumors of a man who killed the evil dragon."

 Chizuru nodded.

"That man is the Duke. Although he was workshiped as a hero at that time, he was blinded by money and woman, and continued to stain his hands as a king's minion ... like a thug. And four or five years ago, he finally got tired of that life, and decided to retreat to the countryside. He got the territorial rights of the whole area from the king. "

 Dorothy's voice rises a little. "He was doing such pretty dirty things."


 Chizuru lost her words and stared at the wrinkles in dorothy's eyes.

 'It's not clear where the truth is.

 But I dont't think it was a complete lie.'

 Giving a glance back to Chizuru, who couldn't answer anything, Dorothy smiled and smiled.

"It's not just that. Only some humans know, but the fact is that this guy has a weird habit, he keeps looking for a woman with dark hair and dark eyes and a slightly exotic look and ... if there is such a woman, he would go out to anywhere in the country, sometimes even trying to give a lot of money for her ... "

 Watching Chizuru who looked exactly like that, Dorothy gave out an eerie laughter.

"Well, there aren't many women like that ... she is like a celestial maiden. After he accomodated himself in the country, he stopped looking for that celestial maiden ... However, this idiot Rodolgo found you, and in little bit maybe the Duke might still pay money for you. "

 After that, the life of Chizuru for several days was really monotonous.

 Despite the dark rumors, the duke was still very likely to be Lukrov, so she couldn't run away ... she just lived with Dorothy in a quiet manner.

 Every day started with a potato soup, followed by a potato soup lunch, and ended with an amazing potato soup dinner. In the meantime, she would dig potatoes in the field behind the mansion. Around the 3rd day, Chizuru suffered as if she had an allergy to the potato, but after the 4th day, she didn't care.

 She met other people in the village, but they weren't all that talketive, because they were all old women like Drothy, who were inanimate, or sloppy men who drank alcohol from noon. Perhaps every decent young man has escaped from here.

 And on the morning of the sixth day, the news arrived.

"I'm surprised! The duke  himselve has come to see you with Rodolgo!"

 In response to the boy's words, who came to deliber news, Dorothy was unusually agitated and excited.

 And now, Chizuru's appearance, which she hadn't minded before, came to mind. So she brings a plain white and green dress that has been washed from somewhere and put it on Chizuru, and combs chizuru's hair, which made her(chizuru) was uncomfortable.

 Of course, it was difficult for Chizuru to control the her heartbeat.

 'I may be able to meet Lukrov from now on!'

 Then, on the evening of that day, when the sun was setting and the sky was dyed with purple and orange colors, Rodolgo finally returned to the village with a finely dressed knight.

 Dorothy and Chizuru stood in front of the mansion and were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the two horses.

"Women! I'm back!"

 Rodolgo screamed loudly as he approached the mansion, but the knight was silent.

 The knight was wearing, wearing a silver armor and over his head a helmet that covered his face. 

 But ... he had straight posture, wiide shoulder width and his tall body can be seen even while being on the horse.

 Rodolgo screamed something else, but it didn't reach Chizuru's ears. It would be the same for the knight, as if the time had stopeed, the two were steadily staring at each other quietly on the ground illuminated by the setting sun.


Hi, this is xinneth. I got tired of waiting for updates on the translation of this pecular romatic story so I decided to translate it. Well, it's sort of a translation. I don't know Japanese, I used the google translator, rearranged the sentences and took a way 1 or 2 sentences that were wierd and unimportant. This is the first time I do this, I am just an average student that loves asian stories, but I really wanted everyone to finish reading this particular one. I will update as much as a can per week but remember that I am a student. THE CHAPTERS 1-8 can be read on "novel updates."