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At this point, the small mountain village was ablazed with flames, soaring high into the heavens. Many villagers had been killed in the massacre and even more were charred to death in the large fires.

The screams of terror and agony combined together as wailings and shrieks could be heard from miles away. Regardless of how the villagers begged for their lives, these ten cultivators didn’t show any mercy

At this point, a shadow flew overhead as it’s long robes flapped in the wind it turned towards the village and held its hand

A cold wave extinguished the flames and caught the attention of the others bow hastily bowed to the shadow

“Did you find her ?”

“Elder we searched the whole village but..we did not ahhh”

The man fell down face first on the ground

“P-p-ples forive mhe”



(somewhere in the forest)


“Dammit system can’t you give me something useful !” I yelled loudly at the sky

 Sky was dark and wind was blowing fiercely at my face as I flew causing a continuous whooshing sound.

The farther I flew , the more unsettled I felt...as if I something horrible had or will happen

A bright blue screen appeared before me

[Activate daily rewards]

[Yes] [No]

“A-are you kidding me you useless system !? Can’t you ask me earlier!?”

There was no response

“Tch !” I stopped mid air clicked on the yes option

Ding !

... activating... changing time skip....

Day one

Strength attribute 20

Agility attribute 20

Dexterity attribute 20

Vitality attribute 20

Intelligence attribute 20

 Congratulations to host !

I suddenly felt an irritating itching sensation over my body just as my vision blurred while my mind went dizzy only for a few second before it left

I did not feel strong or any thing but my head felt clear

What was that ?

Special Event moon princess daily rewards

jade dew wine barrel 10

Roast duck 5

Moon prawn dumplings 5

First week login rewards

[Bag of spirit crystals(contains 500 !?23 high rank spirit crystals]

“I take it back you are an amazing system!” I flew down to a large tree and sat on one of it’s strong and thick branches


There were a few things that Number 9982 can hope for while being one of the child cardets of the imperial east empire

Getting transported into another world was not one of those

“My butt hurts” 9982 grumbled she has been sitting on this strange stone circle for three days now unable to move

Surprisingly despite not eating or drinking anything thing for the last three days she did not feel hungry or tired if anything she felt energetic and bored out of her skull


Daily rewards systems integration complete...]

A blue screen appeared before her confused face

[Do you want to synchronise ?]

“Eh ? “



You waking up in the dense forest slowly rubbing the sleep out of your eyes you take in the peaceful surroundings. The forest is nestled in a valley surrounded by lush green mountains, and a clear stream .The scent of herbs and flowers fills the air, and the sound of chirping birds and babbling water fills your ears.

Despite the beauty of your surrounding you cannot shake off your tiredness. You have been traveling for days and your body aches from the long journey. Your mind is also heavy with sadness as you think about your master, who you left behind. You wonder if she was able to survive the attack and if she is wounded somewhere. The thought of her being alone and in danger weighs heavily on your mind, and you hope that by joining the Pure Valley sect, you will become stronger and might be able to meet her again.

“Fellow daoist, please stop right there,” says a elderly man “I have recently come across some insight into the endless depths of cultivation would you like to listen to me “

You’re happy to see him for an obvious reason.



Lin Mei


To be honest I was not really in any rush to get to the sect (I’ll just register in an nearby branch [1])

Ever since I activated the system rewards her cultivation has sky rocketed

Aside from the daily rewards 3 NPCS also arrive everyday

A rich man in golden robes who gives me a random item everyday

A wise old man who will ask to discuss about cultivation with her and if I agrees my cultivation instantly increase by 50% of the amount required to ascend to the next realm

In twelve days I have reached the 7th layer of foundation establishment

[Synchronise started]


With my eyes narrowed, and I found myself dazed for a moment before opening my eyes... I was sitting on a stone platform

“ What....”

[Current mission objective

Go to the sect

Distance 58.5 km]

9982 blinked at the game screen in front of her... for a second then she turned towards where the arrow was pointing

Her life was becoming more and more confusing