Chapter 9
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As Viktor and Daisy entered her bedroom, the air thick with anticipation and desire, Viktor took a moment to admire her beauty. His eyes roamed over her body, drinking in every curve and line, savoring the sight of her pregnant belly and the swell of her breasts.

With a slow, deliberate motion, Viktor approached Daisy, his hands reaching out to caress her soft skin. Starting at her shoulders, he trailed his fingertips lightly down her arms, eliciting a shiver of pleasure from Daisy as he explored every inch of her.

His touch lingered on her breasts, his fingers tracing the gentle curve of her cleavage as he cupped them in his hands. Daisy's breath hitched at the sensation, a flush of arousal blooming on her cheeks as he massaged and kneaded them with a gentle yet firm touch.

Moving lower, Viktor's hands roamed over Daisy's rounded belly, his touch reverent as he felt the life growing within her. He pressed a soft kiss to her abdomen, his lips lingering in a silent promise of love and devotion.

His hands continued their exploration, moving down to Daisy's swollen pussy, feeling the heat and wetness that awaited him. With a slow, teasing touch, he traced the outline of her folds, grazing her clit with gentle strokes that made Daisy gasp with pleasure.

Viktor's touch then slid down to her soft, full ass, squeezing and kneading the flesh with possessive intent. Daisy moaned softly, arching her back as she pressed herself closer to him, craving more of his touch.

Their eyes met, a silent understanding passing between them as their desire flared to life. Without a word, Viktor guided Daisy to the bed, their movements synchronized as they stripped away the barriers between them, their bodies coming together in a perfect union of passion and longing.

As Viktor guided Daisy to the bed, their bodies alight with desire and anticipation, he leaned in to kiss her hungrily. Daisy's breath caught in her throat, her heart racing with a heady mix of excitement and nervousness.

Feeling emboldened by their shared passion, Viktor shifted his focus lower, his lips trailing a path down Daisy's body, leaving a trail of fiery kisses in their wake. When he reached her sweet spot, he hesitated for a moment, his gaze seeking confirmation from her.

Daisy's eyes held a mix of desire and concern as she met his gaze, a hint of worry flickering in her expression. "Are you sure you want to do that, Viktor?" she asked softly, her voice tinged with uncertainty. "I'm pregnant and discharging..."

Viktor's eyes blazed with desire and determination as he met Daisy's gaze, his voice husky with need. "That only makes it better, my dear sister," he whispered, his tone filled with hunger and longing. Without another word, he dove in, his tongue flicking out to taste her essence.

Daisy gasped at the sensation, a wave of pleasure coursing through her as Viktor's skilled tongue danced over her swollen clit, savoring the taste of her arousal. She moaned softly, her hands tangling in his hair as he continued to lavish attention on her most intimate parts.

The combination of Viktor's relentless ministrations and the thrill of their passion sent Daisy spiraling towards ecstasy. Her hips arched instinctively towards him, seeking more of the delicious torment he was bestowing upon her.

As Viktor delved deeper, his mouth devouring her with a voracious hunger, She surrendered to the swirling waves of desire crashing over her, lost in the primal connection they shared.

Daisy's body quivered with intense arousal as Viktor's talented tongue sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her heart pounding in her chest as she felt herself teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

In a breathless voice, Daisy pleaded, her tone heavy with need, "Viktor, please...use your dick. I need you inside me."

Viktor's primal desire flared at Daisy's desperate plea, and with a hungered growl, he positioned himself between her legs. He guided himself to her slick entrance, her warm wetness inviting him in, and with a slow, deliberate thrust, he buried himself deep inside her.

As Viktor filled her fully, Daisy's eyes flew open in surprise at the sudden rush of sensation. A gasp escaped her lips, and she whispered, "Oh, Viktor...I missed this feeling. You make me feel even more full than the day Dad took my virginity."

Daisy's body arched towards Viktor as he set a rhythm that sent shockwaves of ecstasy coursing through her. Her hands clawed at the bed sheets, her nails leaving faint marks in their wake as she surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure that consumed her.

As Viktor's thrusts grew more urgent, more primal, Daisy felt a familiar tension building deep within her core. She clung to him, her breath hitching with each powerful movement, her body on the brink of release.

With one final, earth-shattering thrust, Viktor pushed Daisy over the edge, sending her spiraling into the depths of pleasure. Waves of ecstasy crashed over her, her body quivering with the intensity of her climax as she cried out in blissful abandon.

Viktor's primal urges took over as he continued to plow into Daisy with unrelenting force, driving her into a state of sensory overload. Daisy's body convulsed with each powerful thrust, her back arching off the bed as she succumbed to the overwhelming pleasure coursing through her.

Daisy's eyes rolled back in her head, her tongue hung out of the side of her mouth, drool escaping her lips as she moaned uncontrollably. Her nails tore at the bed sheets, clawing desperately as she rode the waves of ecstasy crashing over her.

Viktor's relentless thrusts left Daisy in a haze of pleasure, her body wracked with the intensity of each successive wave. She was lost in the throes of passion, her mind consumed by the raw, overpowering desire that Viktor ignited within her.

As Daisy's body trembled with the aftermath of their passionate union, Viktor's primal instincts surged through him like wildfire, his own release imminent. With a guttural growl, he quickened his pace, his movements gaining a frenzied urgency as he neared the edge of his own climax.

The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room, merging with Daisy's melodic moans and the scent of sex that hung heavy in the air. Viktor's body tensed, every muscle coiled with tension as he felt the familiar coil of desire winding tighter within him.

With one final, powerful thrust, Viktor plummeted over the edge, his essence surging forth as he found release deep within Daisy. He groaned with primal satisfaction, his body shuddering with the force of his climax as he spilled his cum into her.

As the last echoes of pleasure faded, Viktor collapsed onto Daisy, their bodies still entwined in the aftermath of their shared ecstasy. Their breath mingled in the hazy air, their hearts pounding in unison as they lay tangled in a blanket of post-coital bliss.