Chapter 1 – omega
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He was beautiful.

Her mother excelled at making clothes. Her father excelled at photographing them. Kawai Ayuka had seen beautiful models before.

Jounouchi was breathtaking.

“Ok. Take twenty!” her father yelled. “Let’s do the gray suit next. Change out all these lights.”

From across the room, Jounouchi caught her glance. He picked up a bottle of water and moved toward her.

“I’m looking forward to holding you,” he said.

Ayuka felt her face flush. “I - oh - I - uh -”

He laughed, magically. “I’m sorry, but that expression is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Tell me you’re not married.”

“Married! I’m sixteen!”

“Really? Me, too!”

She scowled. “Now you’re just teasing me.”

“Nope. Omegas can get work permits at fourteen.”

An omega. Her parents would never approve. “I see. Well, I should go.”

“We have time before we have to change clothes. What’s your name?”

“Why would I change clothes?”

“This dress is lovely on you, but it’s not business wear is it?” He caught her look of confusion. “Aren’t you the other model for this shoot?”

“No.” She shook her head with a derisive laugh. “I’m -”

“You should be. You’re gorgeous!” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the cameraman - her father. “Hey! What about her?”

Her father looked at them. “What about her?”

“She’s perfect!”

Her father nodded. “She is.”



“So get rid of whatever hag the agency sent and use her!”

“Hmmm. I’ll have to check with her - ah!” He waved someone over. “Nouchi-chan thinks this young lady would be perfect for the business wear set.”

The designer shrugged. “I think my daughter would be perfect for the full collection. She’s the stubborn one.”

“Aw, don’t be stubborn!” Nouchi took both her hands. “It’ll be fun. You’ll like me; I’m handsome.”

“You are conceited.”


“I don’t want to.”

“Yes you do.”

“Oh, I do, do I? And just how do you know what I want?”

“Because I’ve been watching you all day. The only thing I don’t know is your name.”

“Kawai Ayuka,” she smirked.

A beat passed.

“Kawai,” he repeated, looking more than a bit chagrined. “Like the designer who just called you her daughter. I am a complete idiot.”


He grinned. “She said yes - that sounds like she’ll do it to me!”

“It did not! If I was going to do it, I would say ‘I’ll do the shoot’ but -”

“Ah! No buts! Hey, time’s getting short. We better get changed.” He headed for the dressing room. “See you in a minute!”

“My, my, my,” her mother sighed. “He is a charmer.”

“The camera certainly loves him,” her father agreed. “Just remember, young lady, omega flings are one thing, but you need to use protection.”


“We are not ready to be grandparents yet.”

“Mother!” Ayuka’s face was burning. “He’s not even that cute!”

“Oh. I see. Well, he is right about one thing - we do need to get you dressed quickly. Come along.”

All of the poses were formal and office appropriate. Nouchi never once held her. But every time he moved close, her heartbeat tripled.

He wasn’t the typical omega man. Not a girlish flirt or a maternal caretaker. Nouchi was manly. Virile. He was the sort of man even an Alpha woman wanted to be held by. Not that holding him would be a bad thing. A strong back, a firm ass, the most beautiful brown eyes anyone anywhere ever had….

Those eyes went wide.

Nouchi suddenly backed away from her. “I - uh - I need a break! Be back!” He nearly ran from the room.

Ayuka almost ran after him. Her heart was pounding, her body incredibly hot. Another minute and….

….And she would have been in full on rut. Nouchi must have gone into heat. She was as embarrassed as she was flattered. 

She pushed an omega into heat. That only happened in romance movies.

After a few minutes, Nouchi did not return. “I’m going to go find him,” Ayuka announced.

“Dear -” the designer started.

“Let her,” the photographer countered. “They’ll work it out.”

He wasn’t in the dressing room, but his bag was. Ayuka searched and found an emergency suppression injection. She took it with her and checked the other rooms.

Some enticing scent drew her to the end of the hall. To a locked door.

“Nouchi-chan?” She knocked lightly.

“Kinda not a good time, Kawai-san.”

“Ayuka,” she corrected against all wisdom.

“...uh…ok. Ren. Jounouchi Ren.”

Such a common first name for such an uncommon man. “I found your suppressant, Ren.”

“Uh-huh. You take one?”

“I’m fine.”

“Uh-huh. You say that. But here’s the thing - I’m not wearing my collar.”

The words made her shiver. Made her mouth water.

“I really, really want to open this door, y’know? I really want to take you so hard.”

“Take me or be taken?”

“...oh fuck,” he moaned after a moment. “Both? I can't even think anymore.”

“You need the suppressant.”

“...yeah...I need it...I need it bad. And hard. And deep. And -”

“STOP!” She tried to pull herself together. “No one’s in the hall but me, Ren. Open the door.”

“...not a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“Do you want kids?”

She looked at the door, thrown by the change of subject. “Eventually, I guess? I hadn’t really thought about it. Why?”

“I want kids. I want a whole house full. I can’t wait to get pregnant. Looking at you makes me think I wanna get pregnant today. I cannot look at you right now.”

“You’ll be beautiful.” She sat on the floor, leaning against the door. “You’ll be able to model the maternity line.”

“I bet I’ll never get hired again after this.”

“We’ll hire you. I’ll see to that.”

“Aannndd she’s authoritative. Yeah, I open this door we are having so much sex.”

“You think everyone in the world is attracted to you, don’t you?”

“What, you aren’t?”

“Not to the degree you think I am.”

“You don’t want to jump me.”

She wanted desperately to jump him. “Not really, no.”


“Trust me.”

“...can I? Are you an Alpha I can trust, Ayuka?”

“Yes, Ren. I promise. You can trust me.”