Chapter 6 – Alpha
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“How are you feeling, sir?” Roland brought in a tray of tea and sandwiches, and put it on the table by the couch.

“Better.” Seto forced himself out of bed, and slipped on a robe. “Thank you.”

It had been years, literally, since Seto had an active heat cycle. Typically, they passed without notice, thanks to his suppressant. This time, however, his arousal had overwhelmed him.

It had forced him to waste a day trying to sate an insatiable desire. Nothing but a bonded partner would fill the physiological and psychological need that devoured him. A partner he would never have.

Much like every queen, if Seto was to reign over KaibaCorp - even if only until Mokuba took the throne - there could be no king. What Alpha would allow an omega mate to control their lives? Any Alpha put Mokuba’s inheritance at risk.

He could take another partner, but no Beta or omega had ever interested him. Not until yesterday, at least.


‘Jou’ Jounouchi Katsuya, omega son of omega super model ‘Nouchi’ Jounouchi Ren. The father had retired when the son was born. He now ran an omega club in Shibuya. The father was beautiful, but the son was… beyond. The son’s online photos and a vibrator were enough to help Seto relieve the physical urges that were driving him insane.

The light meal was good, but Seto still felt drained. And his body still remembered the weight of Jou’s arm around him; the heat of Jou’s body against him….

“When you’re ready, I have updates from Tech, Energy, and Real Estate.”


“After you have reviewed the other departments.”

“Tyrant.” Seto sipped some tea. “If Tech includes the new ad, you review it. Real Estate first. What did you tell the staff?”

“A cold from your trip to Sapporo.”

“When did I go to Sapporo?”

“According to the staff sworn to secrecy about the trip? You have never been to Sapporo.”

“Ah. Clever. You are quite devious.”

“I had an excellent teacher.”

Falling. Almost like a leaf. Oddly, he didn’t scream….

“Seto?” Roland sounded worried. The secretary dimmed the lights. “Should I close the windows?”

“No.” Seto breathed away thoughts of his guardian’s death. “No, I like the sound.” He picked up the first folder of data. “Roland. What is it like for you?”

“What is what -”

“Heat. You and Tamura are bonded, correct?” Roland touched his neck and blushed faintly. “That makes it easier, doesn’t it?”

“Well...yes….” He sat on the couch next to Seto. “When we can be together, it goes faster. It’s easier to appease. But it’s just as unbearable at the start. And when we’re apart, there’s an added emotional need.”

Seto nodded, more to himself than in agreement. “It never gets better.” Roland didn’t respond. “So. No children. Never?”

“Oh. We don’t…. We’re not ready for children.”

“You can’t have them and work for me at the same time.”

“The KaibaCorp family leave policy is very generous.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“I - I’m still not sure I want a child. When I decide that, then I’ll discuss it with Tamura.”

“I do. I want them.”

“You’ve been an excellent father to -”

“I want to be a mother. When Mokuba turns twenty, will you lend me Tamura?” His secretary stared at him, shocked. “Well, clearly I will never have bonded mate of my own. I can hardly walk around with a visible bite mark. When Mokuba is old enough, I will give the company to him and retire some place where no one has ever heard of Kaiba. When I return with my two ‘adopted’ children, I will go into politics, and become a gender equality activist.”

Roland was silent for a moment. “That is… unexpected.”

“It’s also pure fantasy. Nothing I’ve said could ever really happen.” Seto snickered and began reading the data file. “As if you would lend me Tamura.”