Chapter 6 – omega
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Katsuya wore a collar to school. Part of the omega student uniform at his all-gender high school. Alphas wore a striped tie, Betas wore a solid tie, and omegas wore a bow tie - that was really a collar. No elite accelerated Alpha classes, and omegas were required to graduate - even if they got mated.

“So how was it?” Yugi asked, sitting next to him at lunch. “What did you do this time?”

Yugi was bonded, mated and married which worried Kat to no end because ‘the prince’ was never around. It reminded him too much of his parents.

“A catalog for a department store.”

“That sounds fun.”

“Not really. Fun was what I got called in for on Friday.”

“Which was…?”

“All day shoot for KaibaCorp.”

“Fun because…?”

“Because Kaiba himself showed up. Man! That dude is hot!” Kat pulled the executive’s photo up on his phone. “I’m telling you, my arm’s still sore.”

“Oh God, don’t even show me that!” Yugi groaned. “I’m due to start and Atemu should be home today.”

“Oh yeah? So am I gonna get to meet the great man this time?”

“Not this week!” Yugi grinned even as he blushed. “Not unless you’re into three-ways.”

“With you?” Kat snickered. “Careful what you wish for. Don't threaten me with a good thing.”

“Is that a yes?” Yugi gave him a coy look.

Katsuya returned it. “Is that a serious offer?” Yugi was cute, and Atemu wasn’t bad in the pictures.

“Let’s say it is.” Yugi pushed his lunch aside and turned to face Katsuya. “Let’s say I call Temu-san and have him pick me up here.”

Yugi was damn cute, Kat found himself thinking as his friend leaned toward him. Not as hot as Kaiba, but they were both fuckable.

A phone rang.

“Guess who?” Yugi sang softly. Sexily. He answered the call. “Hi honey! Where are you?” He smiled slowly.

When the fuck did Yugi learn how to smile like that, Kat wondered. I can’t have Kaiba, but I could totally fuck Yug’ like….

Other people were looking at them.

Katsuya grabbed his friend and dragged him from the lunch room. Some place quiet, he thought, some place private.

“Wait!” Yugi snatched his arm away and stopped in the middle of the hall. “You’re where? Here? Where? Look over the door, it should say. East? The east wing.” Other people were coming into the hall and looking at them.

No, Kat realized, looking at Yugi. The omega in heat.

“We’re in the south wing. But I’ve got to get -”

“Nothing, dude,” Kat grabbed him again and began pulling him toward the east exit. “You need to get out of here.”

“Slow down, sexy,” Yugi actually cooed, which was hotter than Katsuya needed. “We’ll have all night.”

“Shut up, Yug’,” Katsuya growled.

“Oh hell! I’m in heat!” Yugi gasped. “This is bad, isn’t it? Why do you smell so damn good?”

“Later, dude.” Katsuya stopped. “Go.”


“Between here and the door is a bathroom, and if I get you in it, it’s gonna be on.”

“But - wait - aren’t you….” Katsuya shook his head slowly. “Oh. Oh hell. Come with me. I would love to -”

“You wanna do every Alpha in school?”

That seem to get through. Yugi ran for the building exit.

Katsuya grabbed the first guy to run after him. “Mated, dude. Calm down.” They were far enough away that Yugi made it out without incident.

“What about you, Jounouchi-chan?” The guy he was holding offered.

So tempting, Kat thought. “Sorry, you’re just not my type.” All the guys in the hall were wearing Alpha ties. “Go cool off before somebody reports you.”

That was just weird, he thought. He liked Alphas; omegas usually weren’t his type. Plus Yugi had gone into heat before, but it had never been strong enough to set off a rut for Katsuya. 

Maybe the reverse happened this time? Was that even possible? Katsuya hadn’t been able to get his mind off Kaiba. Maybe his cycle set off Yugi’s.

Kaiba could set off anybody. Kaiba probably made real omega spontaneously combust. Cum-bust. Kat giggled at his own pun. He could see the porno in his mind. Kaiba entered Nouchi’s and every host starts spraying jizz like a fountain.

I need to go spank that, Kat realized. I’m beginning to see him everywhere. That poster even looks like him.

He stopped. It was Kaiba on the poster.

Lower School Book Festival with special guest Kaiba Seto.

In two weeks, Kaiba would be here, in the flesh.

Katsuya shivered. That guy would push a rock into heat. He headed to the bathroom.