Chapter 8 – Alpha
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Seto curled up on the hotel room bed, sweating.

“Why is this happening?” he moaned.

“The doctor is on his way.” Roland stroked his brow with a cool towel.

“Don’t touch me!” Seto hissed. “I can’t be in heat! What is wrong with me?”

“One of the students must have been in rut, and -”

“And no one else felt it? And it overwhelmed the suppressant - again!?” Seto clenched his fists to stop his hands from stroking his body. “I won’t be controlled by this! I won’t!”

“Seto, you have to release it. It’s the only way to -”

“Get out!” the boy screamed. “Give me another suppressant or get the hell out!”

I can’t be in heat, Seto lamented. It’s only been a week since my last cycle. And even if I could cycle twice in the same month, it’s suppressed!

And yet he knew the burning lust he was feeling.

Jou pushed him into heat. Seto was so desperate that another omega pushed him into heat. Like some bad AV. Like some weak willed slut bending over for whomever will pay.

‘you look hot’ jou said from the doorway. he was wearing a white lab coat over his suit. ‘want me to cool you down?’

‘oh yes, sensei’ seto heard himself say. ‘give me something wet’

‘seems like you’re already pretty wet’ jou-sensei stroked long thick fingers over seto’s nipples, through the sweat glistening on his skin.

seto arched his back and moaned. ‘jou-sensei, i think my body is strange’

‘really? how so?’ the fingers began playing with his nipples, rubbing and squeezing them. ‘you do seem to be getting hotter. you may need an injection’

‘oh yes! give me an injection, jou-sensei!’

‘it’s a big one’

‘then you’ll have to give it to me over and over and over’

“What’s wrong with him?” Roland asked as the doctor closed the door.

“Nothing. He’s in heat.”

“He just had his heat,” Tamura pointed out.

The doctor sighed. “Kaiba-sama is coming to the age where hiding his gender is going to be increasingly more difficult. And if you haven’t been able to identify the Alpha that triggered this, I’m afraid there may be another long term risk.”

“What’s that?”

“His brother is an Alpha. It is possible that Mokuba -”

“No.” Roland shook his head. “Not a possibility.”

“It may be unconscious for both parties and -”

The doctor was cut off by Seto’s sudden loud groaning.

“He’s fine,” the doctor soothed the parental figures. “I gave him a dose of Diazelysergic.”

“DLS!” Tamura shouted. “Is that safe?”

“Under the circumstances, I think it’s warranted. It will allow Kaiba-sama a more lucid, more let’s say ‘relieving’ dream than he -”

“HARDER!” Seto screamed from the other room.

“But DLS is highly addictive,” the doctor added. “Even for Kaiba-sama, I won’t prescribe it often. He may do that throughout the night, but so long as the dreams are sexual, he’s fine. Call me if he begins having nightmares.”

‘welcome home, darling’ seto sipped his wine and gave jou time to admire his new apron. ‘anything exciting happen at the office?’

‘compared to seeing you like that? nothing’

‘dinner’s ready. shall i serve it now, or would you like to work up an appetite first?’

‘how ‘bout i just eat you?’ jou’s hands stroked seto’s cock beneath the gingham and frills. ‘i love sausage’  

‘stop, you’re making me come already! fuck me, darling, fuck me now’

‘but seto-chan, everyone’s watching’

seto opened his eyes. they were at an omega club. he was wearing a collar. it felt erotic. ‘don’t you want to fuck me with everyone watching, jou-sama? bite me, make me your bitch! oh yes! so good! don’t stop, darling, don’t - don’t - yes - yes - YES!’