Chapter 8 – omega
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“Jounouchi!” the Accounting manager snapped. “Wake up, damn it!”

Katsuya jumped. “I’m here!” He wasn’t asleep, just lost in thought. “I - uh, yeah, I know Mutou.”

“Take this stuff up to him on 36.”

The 36th Floor. The senior executive level. Kaiba’s office.

In this case, Kaiba Mokuba, not Seto, but they were just down the hall from each other.

The company hadn’t lied, and all of the interns were assisting people who were Chief, Senior, or Executive something. The title didn’t really matter; they all spent most of the day making copies, running errands, and filing. But, there were no omegas above the 25th Floor other than the interns, and precious few Betas.

Marketing thought 'Jou’ might be a conflict of interest, and Mokuba had been serious about his brother. So Katsuya was assigned to the Chief of Accounting, on the only slightly less prestigious 34th Floor.

Yugi was with Mokuba.

“Sure.” Kat grabbed the box.

“And if Kaiba-san has any changes, bring them back with you.”

Kat stopped. “You want me to wait?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The Chief’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Does that interfere with your lunch plans?”

“No, ma’am. I can wait. Thank you, ma’am!” He bowed, then tried not to grin as he sprinted for the elevator.

There were a thousand pictures of Kaiba all over the building, but on 36, you might get to see him in person.

Katsuya hadn’t planned to do the internship. His schedule was busy enough. But the school had already notified his father by the time he got to the club. And the longer he thought about it, the more he thought about those eyes.

You can’t see the blue fire in most of the pictures. But you can see it from across the room. Katsuya reasoned that he didn’t have to touch the ‘hot guy’. He could just look at him occasionally - and do the ‘touching’ when he got home. Really, just thinking too much about those eyes got him hard. Got him knotted. It was the first time in his life that Kat had wanted to actually top someone. Not that he didn’t want to bend over for Kaiba. That was what 95% of his fantasies were.

Kaiba pushing him over a desk. Kaiba banging him against a wall. Kaiba drilling him in an elevator.

Oh fuck, Kat groaned silently. He was hard again and there were people on the elevator. He suffered the brief ride up.

Then he headed straight for the bathroom.

It was empty, and it had two stalls. Katsuya put his box on the counter and slipped into the first. One hand he used to stroke his cock. The other, he licked two fingers then inserted them in his ass. He pictured Kaiba in either position. Giving or taking.

“Who’s there?”

Kat froze.

“If you are doing what it sounds like you are doing, you are aware that it may be grounds for termination, yes?”

Kaiba Seto.

“Oh fuck,” Katsuya moaned as the voice triggered his orgasm.

“You will open this door now or you will be terminated!”

“...uh…” Kat didn’t want to touch the door with either hand yet. He wasn’t actually sure he had the strength to turn the lock.

Then the lock turned on its own. “These are not compli-”

Kaiba went silent, mouth open, staring at him. But all Kat could really see was blue fire igniting.

And then he was slammed against the stall wall, and soft lips were being crushed against his. The cold metal on his backside contrasted with the hot tongue probing his mouth.

Gratefully, he wrapped his arms around Kaiba’s neck and held tightly. He rubbed wantonly against the man. Cashmere wool felt wonderful, but it was in the way.

“Please…” Katsuya breathed when Kaiba’s lips let him up for air. He rubbed his crotch against Kaiba’s praying that it wasn’t a thick zipper he felt.

Kaiba loosened Katsuya’s tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and began nibbling his neck.

“Oh...jeez…!”  Kat gasped. He felt like he could come again from those lips alone. From blue fire being poured into his veins as Kaiba bit him. He moved one hand, and then both to Kaiba’s belt. “...ohyes...fuck…yes!”

He struggled to get his shoe off. Step out of his pants and briefs. Kaiba’s hands switched between taking off his own pants and stroking Katsuya’s chest. Teasing his nipples.

“I can’t -” Kat panted. “Please!” He searched with his foot and found the toilet seat. He lifted his leg. His hands found Kaiba’s steel hard cock. “Kaiba….”

The executive actually growled as he slammed Katsuya against the wall again, lifting him slightly, and then impaling him in a single thrust.

Pain and pleasure tore Kat’s breath from him leaving him senseless for a moment as Kaiba plowed into him repeatedly.

“Jou,” he gasped between ravenous kisses. “Jou.”

Kat found a breath. “No - no - Kat -”

“Katsuya,” the executive whispered.

The name sparked another orgasm. Kat had just enough presence of mind to realize he could not scream here. He bit into Kaiba’s sweet smelling neck.

Kaiba screamed.

They both came.

There was a distant roar as the whole universe seemed to collapse into the sensation of Kaiba’s essence pouring into Katsuya.

And then nothing.