Chapter 9 – omega
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“I’m afraid we rarely have overnight patients,” the nurse apologized, “but the cafeteria made a tray for you.”

“Oh man, thanks!” Katsuya slipped on the yukata someone left for him and sat on the edge of the bed. The nurse moved a table as close as possible. “I’m starved.”

“How are you feeling? Headache? Nausea? Dizziness?”

“My head kind of hurts, but that’s about it.”

“Fine. If you need anything, I’ll be in the other room.”


It was very odd waking up in a white room with a nurse taking his blood pressure. He vaguely remembered Kaiba’s yakuza-looking security guy ripping the door off the bathroom stall. That was right beside the very clear and amazing memory of Kaiba taking him hard and fast.

But after that? Nothing.

When he first woke up the nurse acted like he’d done something and glared at him. But another security bruiser came in, asking if ‘Jounouchi-sama’ was awake yet. After that, the woman had been just as sweet as sugar.

Kat shrugged and began eating. Whatever happened didn’t matter.

He got held by Kaiba. An Alpha took him hard and fast. Even bit him. The thought made Kat shiver and giggle foolishly. His head hurt, but his neck hurt too. Did Kaiba actually Bite him? A quick glance told him that there was no mirror in the room. He got up and stepped out.

“Excuse me? Uh, restroom?”

“Right there,” she pointed.


Inside, he looked at his neck. Kaiba did leave teeth marks. He broke the skin in several spots which explained why his neck hurt. They were clearly visible, right about where a vampire would leave them. Almost exactly where his father’s mark was. Kat giggled again. He had a bond mark. It wasn’t permanent, and it wouldn’t have the real effect on his body. But Kaiba fucked and bit him. How much more omega can you get, he wondered. He had an honest-to-God bond mark.

And everyone would see it.

He used the facility, since he was in it. Then he re-tied the yukata so that the side with the bite was looser. Then he went back to the nurse.

“So, I, uh, kinda don’t remember what happened. Did I fall or something?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know, Jounouchi-sama. You did hit your head, so we were concerned that you may have a concussion.”


She looked at the magazine on her desk and then at Katsuya. “I’m sorry, but I’m terribly curious. Are you Jou-chan?”

He smiled. “Let’s see.” He picked up the issue and flipped a few pages. It didn’t take long to find a Kawai ad. “Ok. That is Ichimoku, that is Fukushi, and that is me.” The nurse squealed. “Want a selfie?” She nodded and scrambled for her phone.

Kat was kissing her cheek for the camera when the door opened.

Kaiba and his entourage entered.

The nurse jumped up in a panic, but Kat thought his knees turned to jelly.

He bit me!

“Feeling better, I see,” the Alpha smirked.

Kat started to speak, then had no idea what to say. He felt himself suddenly blushing.

Mokuba snickered. “Ok, yeah, he’s cute. I’m cool with it.”

“Thank you, brother,” Kaiba smirked again. “Your approval was critical.” Then he looked at Kat again. “You are well enough to be up. Are you well enough to come to my office?”

“...uh, sure? I guess. Uh,” he looked at the nurse, “clothes?”

“Your suit was stained.” One of the men with Kaiba spoke up. “I sent it to be cleaned.”

The other man was the guy who tore the stall door down. He looked strong enough to do it. He looked at Katsuya oddly, then moved forward.

“Tamura-san,” the first man said, warning.

Tamura lightly moved the yukata and studied Kat’s neck, which made Kat blush again even as he grinned.

“Sir,” the powerhouse turned back toward Kaiba, “did you bite Jounouchi-sama?”

Kaiba smirked more. “I trust that is sufficient to prevent further jealous rages?”

The big man didn’t seem to respond. Then, abruptly, he turned to Katsuya and bowed deeply. “Please forgive me, Jounouchi-sama. I misunderstood the circumstances. I acted only to protect Kaiba-sama, whom I believed to be in danger.”

“...uh…” Kat stared at him. People - mostly girls, omegas, and fanboys - occasionally fawned over him. But this was the kind of deference important people get. This was how people treated his grandparents. Kat was not used to people bowing to him, and not at all comfortable with a guy who was probably a yakuza enforcer in all of his past lives. “...uh…”

“Just accept it.” Kaiba shrugged. “He’ll do that for hours otherwise.”

“Accepted! I’m cool with you, if you cool with me!”

“I will endeavor to be worthy, sir,” Tamura replied without rising. He turned his head slightly. “Nakamura!”

The man who rushed in and knelt beside Tamura was small. Not incredibly short, but thin enough for his suit to look silly, and with more hair than any professional anything should have.

“This is Nakamura Fujishiro. He has been a trusted member of KaibaSecurity for five years. Please allow him to serve you.”

Kat didn’t know where to start. The big guy was still bent over, the little one didn’t look five years out of middle school, never mind in Security. Kaiba looked amused, Mokuba looked annoyed.

“I thought I was gonna get Fujishiro-chan,” he whined. “I wanted a matched set.”

“What the hell’s going on here?” Katsuya asked, thoroughly confused.

“We can speak in my office. You’re presentable enough for now. Brother, I’m sure you have other things to do. Roland, get him something to wear. Call Kawai if you have to.” He turned sharply and left the room, followed by his shadow - Roland - and his brother.

The two security guys straightened. “This way, sir.” Tamura gestured Kat to follow, while Fujishiro-chan thanked the nurse.

Everyone was silent on the quick trip to the senior executive offices.

“Later, Nii-sama.” Mokuba waved as his team reached his office. “Bye, Nii-chan.”

At Kaiba’s office, Roland sat at the desk out front and picked up the phone. Tamura opened the door and after a moment, allowed Kaiba and Kat in. Kaiba waved security out as he closed the door.

Then Kaiba pinned Katsuya against the desk and kissed him soundly.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” the executive grinned, biting his lip.

It wasn’t an expression you expect from an Alpha, Kat thought, but it was damn cute.

“You should make your staff go out for coffee when you bring your boyfriends in.”

“I’ve never had a boyfriend to bring in. You are the first.”

“So only the girls get lucky, huh?”

“I’ve never ‘got lucky’. Boys or girls.”

“You lie like a rug, dude,” Katsuya chuckled. “Alphas are born lucky.”

“Ah. There you have it.” Kaiba grinned more. “You must get very lucky.”

Anxiety sent a cold shower through Kat. Hiding your gender wasn’t illegal, usually, but it did piss some people off. “What does that mean?”

“I mean to imply that you are a very attractive Alpha, and therefore have sexual relations frequently. However, ‘good natured teasing’ is not my forte, and so if I offended you, that was not my intent.”

“Yeah.” Kat pushed Kaiba’s chest, and the executive let him stand up. “What makes you think I’m an Alpha?”

“As you told me, there are some identifiable differences. Most notably, the presence of the Alpha hormone in your bloodstream.”


“A required invasion, I’m afraid.” Kaiba shrugged. “Blood-borne viruses are a concern, after all. And they needed confirmation. The instant you bit me, I knew the truth.”

Kaiba loosened his tie and opened his collar. Under his shirt were teeth marks.

Katsuya remembered the fire needing to be quenched and the mouthwatering, almost irresistible scent of Kaiba’s body. “Yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Sorry? Why? What omega doesn’t want to be bitten by the Alpha of his dreams?”

“Heh. Right. Like I’m the…Alpha….” Katsuya slowly processed Kaiba’s question. “Where is there an omega in this?” Kaiba simply smirked. “I must have hit my head harder than I thought.”

“Would you care to check for any identifiable differences? I can’t promise I’ll behave.”

Kat stared to the man. “Are you flirting with me?”

“I am attempting to, yes. Is it working?”

Katsuya continued to stare. Kaiba Seto practically defined Alpha Male. If he wasn’t an Alpha, such a thing didn’t exist.

“But…but you’re an Alpha.” The model couldn’t absorb it. Even with his tie slack and his shirt open, Kaiba looked like the-Alpha-at-happy-hour. “How are you not an Alpha?”

“How are you not an omega? We just aren’t. But what we are is perfect for what I need. Tell me honestly. Do you prefer the omega role or is this some sort of elaborate game.”

“I hate Alphas.” Katsuya realized how that sounded. “Ok, I don’t hate all Alphas, I just - I’m not - I’m not an Alpha. I mean, for a photo shoot, yeah, anybody can look like one, but I’m just not, y’know, you.”

“Who is?” Kaiba smirked.