Chapter 11 – Alpha
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Kaiba had managed to avoid going into a host club. Clients and business partners often tried, but he used his age to convince them to choose more ‘wholesome’ locations. Sporting events, mostly. Thanks to an eidetic memory he’d been able to fake a love of baseball but honestly he had no interest in the game whatsoever.

In truth, he would rather have gone to the host clubs. But that ran the risk of someone noticing his utter lack of interest in omegas.

Of course, that could now be explained - he was in love with his new mate.

Now that he stood in front of the two-story picture of the man, Kaiba realized who ‘Nouchi’ was. He was the face that made omega models fashionable. So ubiquitous, he was almost as common as the rising sun.

“Quite a family resemblance,” Roland observed.

“Nouchi is here now,” Tamura said. “Jou typically arrives after 9pm. Kaiba-san will join us after he completes his homework.”

“Excellent. Shall we go in now?”

“Sir,” Tamura tempered. “Nakamura believes he has not yet informed his father of the situation. It may be -”

“Irrelevant. What father in Tokyo would refuse me their child’s hand?”

“May I answer that honestly?” Roland rolled his eyes, but he opened the car door and held it as Kaiba got out. They approached the club together.

The doorman looked at his ID, and then either did not see or did not acknowledge his age. He called the manager to the door.

“Is there a particular host you would like to speak with tonight?” The manager asked. “Or you may mingle with -”

“I am here to speak with Nouchi. Jou will be joining us later.”

The manager looked surprised. “Forgive me, Kaiba-sama, but I do not recall you being on our reserved list.”

“I see. And how is one placed on the reserved list?”

“There is a small matter of a fee.”

“I do not wish to have this conversation again. I presume there is some kind of membership. What is the longest term?”

“We offer nightly, monthly, yearly, and a lifetime. If you would care to have a seat, Yuki-chan can discuss the -”

“Roland. The lifetime on the platinum. I want the dining points.”

“Yes, sir.” He pulled out the referenced card.

“Manager, since my staff will always accompany my visits here, would it simplify matters if I purchased three lifetime memberships? It is, of course, unlikely that they will use all of your resources, but I imagine that would be irrelevant to your income stream.”

“Three.” The manager took the offered card. “This will take a moment to process. Yuki! Nouchi-chan is with another guest at the moment, but I will let him know that he has new friends waiting. Please allow Yuki-chan to chat with you until he is available.”

Kaiba reviewed the available hosts. They were all quite handsome, but Yuki was probably the club’s number one.

“Very well,” he sighed.

At the table he bought a bottle of whatever the host recommended. It would probably cost him ten billion yen to meet his future father-in-law. No future mother-in-law had been recorded. Kawai had referred to ‘Jou’ as a grandchild, but all four of their children were Alphas so none of them was likely to be the ‘mother’.

A problem for another evening. Nouchi appeared from a side door. With him was Hamaguchi Yoshi, CEO of Hamaguchi Electronics.

“Kaiba-san,” the CEO greeted him.

“Hamaguchi.” Kaiba stood up and actually bowed to Nouchi. “Jounouchi-san. I am Kaiba Seto. I would like to speak with you regarding your son, Katsuya.”

Nouchi looked stunned until Kaiba mentioned his son. Then he sighed. “That boy! This is about the internship? Is he in some kind of trouble?”

“I certainly hope not.” Kaiba couldn’t resist smiling. “I’m afraid I’m not ready for fatherhood.” He enjoyed Nouchi’s confused expression. “Did Katsuya tell you what happened Friday?”

The host looked troubled. “He only told me he had to work late. What happened?”

“I happened, I’m afraid.”

“You happened?”

“Well, I’ll be damned!” Hamaguchi smirked. “I should have bought the boy’s mizuage when I had the opportunity!”

“Are you saying what I think you are saying?” Nouchi’s voice had a note of menace. Tamura took a step forward.

“Calm.” Kaiba gestured the man back. “I am saying that I wish to marry your son. Not merely purchase a portion of him.”

“You wish to what?”

Kaiba couldn’t control his laugh. “That is precisely the expression on Katsuya’s face when I asked him. I am here, Jounouchi-san, to request your permission to marry Katsuya.”

Nouchi seemed stunned for a moment. Then he looked at Hamaguchi. “Yoshi-san, may we continue our evening another night?”

“Will you let me take you to dinner?”

“I - yes, fine. Yes, you can take me to dinner.” It seemed like a concession.

Hamaguchi kissed Nouchi’s hand. “Another night it is. Kaiba-san, I am in your debt.” He nodded to them both and walked away. Humming.

Nouchi no longer appeared confused. “Yuki-chan, give any other VIP guests my regrets tonight. I think this is gonna take a while.”

“Yes, Nouchi-san.” Yuki bowed then hurried away.

“Have a seat, Kaiba-san.” Nouchi gestured to the couch. “I guess these two are staying no matter what?”

“Beside me is Roland, my personal secretary.” Roland offered Nouchi his card. “In the rare event he is not with me, he knows where I am. Behind me is Tamura, my personal bodyguard. Although I do not discuss it openly, they are legally members of the Kaiba family. I have no secrets from them.”

“And you don’t give a fuck about anyone else’s?”

Kaiba considered the question. “I suppose not. No one else’s secrets concern me.”

“Ok, let’s start from the beginning. How exactly did you meet my son?”