Chapter 12 – omega
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The date was White Day. The dress was Vera Wang.

Kat looked in the mirror and sighed. The old lady hadn’t wanted to risk him not looking perfect on his ‘special day’, so she called in a favor and had Vera design an omega dream dress.

It wasn’t really a dress, just a hakama made of soft, white silk. The blouse-like top exposed his collar bones - and his bite - and had long, flowing sleeves. The silk was decorated with dragons.

It was perfect.

“Gotta admit, son, I’m damn jealous.” His father smoothed the shoulder. “You almost look better than me.”

“This whole thing is crazy,” he sighed again.

“You let your grandmother plan it!” Dad chuckled. “What did you think would happen?”

“Oh. My. God!” Yugi came in the hotel suite. “The Prince is here!”

“Of course your dude’s here, goof!”

“Not, my prince, The Prince! Naruhito Hiro-no-miya is sitting across from Atemu.”

“Jeez! She invited the freakin’ Emperor?”

“Kaiba must have,” Yugi clarified. “He was on the groom’s side, and Mokuba-kun was talking to him and Princess Masako. Wow, Kat-chan! You look beautiful!”

“Jeez. Thanks.”

“Are you embarrassed?” Yugi snickered. “I thought you -”

“Hello?” Kat’s mother entered the room abruptly. “Just wanted to see you while you’re still my son.”

“As if!” He scoffed. He stepped away from the mirror. “I’m busy, y’know?”

“Kat!” His father kissed her cheek. “Stop being an ass. Where’s Mikail?”

“Downstairs. He didn’t think he’d be welcome.”

“Go figure.” Dad picked up a camera. “I’m going to see if anyone needs a hand. Mutou-kun, mind coming with?”

“Oh! Sure, of course!”

“I love you, son.” Dad kissed Katsuya’s cheek. “Kaiba’s the lucky one.”

“...yeah...Dad...quit it.”

His mother waited until the door closed. “So. I know things have never been easy between us.”


“But I want you to know.” She paused. “You don’t have to do this.”


“The wedding. The marriage. You don’t have to do it.”

“We’re Bonded,” he said before he edited himself.

“Kat, darling, you’re both Alphas. You can’t bond. But even if you really were omega - even if that bite was more than symbolic - and I don’t mean that’s not important.” She moved her hair off the back of her neck. “Look.” There were two small bites right under the neckline of her dress. “One is Ren’s, the other’s Mikail’s. It doesn’t matter if they’re real or not. It matters that they’re there.”

She turned to face him again. “Katsuya, if you want this. If you really want to be here, then I am the happiest woman in the world. But, if you want out, if you don’t want to marry an Alpha that makes me look humble and shy in comparison, you don’t have to.”

Katsuya stared at her for a moment.

“So what, I can just walk out?” Which sounded so, so tempting.

“Walk out. I’ll take care of everything. I’ll be the villain.”

Walking out would be easy, if they both were Alpha.

But Kat had heard the sobbing, the throwing up, the anger and frustration and pain his father went through every time he went into heat and his mother wasn’t there.

Kaiba would go through it, he thought. Kaiba would be in agony, and I’d be someplace else.

But she doesn’t know that, he reminded himself. She doesn’t know, and she can’t know.

Suddenly the weight of it all hit him. With one thoughtless moment, Katsuya committed himself to protecting Kaiba’s secret - or to engineering his fall.

“Kat?” His mother touched him gently. “Sit down before you fall. Here.” She pulled out her phone. “I’m calling this off!”

“NO!” He tried to pull the phone from her. “I can’t. I - I mean, I don’t want to. Call it off, I mean. I - I want to marry him. It’s just a lot, right now. It all kinda hit me. Look, he’s cool when he’s not being all corporate.” He looked at her and sighed. “Which, I guess, is kinda true for you, too.”

She smiled gently. “A pretty reliable source has it that I’m mostly corporate. I only have two redeeming features.” She stroked his face gently. “And I’m about to give one of them away.”

Katsuya tried to look away. “Come on,” he mumbled, “don’t get all sentimental.”

“Did I ever tell you why I fell in love with your father?”

“Tsk! No!” He tried to recover some bravado. “What, you lose a bet?”

“He stole my heart the second I saw his face.” She kissed his forehead. “Just like you did.” She primped in the mirror for a moment, making sure her hair covered the back of her neck again. “If you change your mind about this - any of this - call me.”

She left and he sighed heavily again. Mom almost looked teary-eyed. It was a scary thought that the wicked witch might actually have a heart.

No mates, no spouses, no kids. Katsuya had promised himself. No ties, no bonds, no ‘have to’s’. Marrying anybody was crazy, but Kaiba? An omega passing as a super elite Alpha hooking up with a loser, made-for-H omega wannabe? Just plain stupid.

A message chimed. Are you coming down?

He checked the time. Officially, the ceremony should be starting now.

He typed back. Made that choice when I bit you, right?

Yes. You did, came the quick reply.

Jeez, Kat snickered. Shoe malfunction. On my way.

He checked his appearance, then added the last detail - a traditional veil. He picked up his bouquet of blue roses and headed down to the hotel’s main ballroom.

His Dad and Mikail were both waiting at the elevator when he arrived.

“Wow,” Mikail gasped. “Stunning!”

Kat tried not to blush. Modeling, he was used to comments like that but from family and Yugi it was just embarrassing.

“I hate to tell you this, Kat, but some of your fans got in. We’ve got them cordoned off, but short of arresting them, well….”

Katsuya grinned. “That, I can handle! A few photos, a couple autographs? It’s all good.”

“No photos, no autographs.” Mikail shook his head. “We walk through the lobby as briskly as we can.” He opened the door into the main lobby.

There were velvet ropes creating a path through a sea of mostly crying girls yelling ‘Jou-chan’. Flashes went off continuously. Hotel security stood at the base of the stairs for the ballroom level so they could move unimpeded from that point on.

But on the mezzanine overlooking the lobby, Katsuya stopped. He pulled a single rose out of his bouquet, kissed it, then tossed it toward a girl he saw standing alone. The crowd shrieked.

“You done?” Dad huffed.

“Yeah.” Grinning, Kat waved goodbye and the three men hurried to the ballroom, where Shizuka and Yugi were waiting.

As they arrived at the door, they could hear the traditional wedding march beginning. Shizuka proceeded down the aisle immediately. His father and Mikail both offered their arms.

“What the -”

“Not now, boy!” Dad snapped. Yugi took Kat’s bouquet, and proceeded behind Shizuka. “Both or neither.”

Kat frowned, but took both arms. If he had to admit it, he actually did like Mikail. They proceeded down the aisle. There were gasps and murmurs of appreciation.

But Kat’s eyes were captured by the blue flames waiting at the front of the room.

Those flames burned away all doubt, all fear. Issues? Problems? Nothing. Those impossible eyes were all that could possibly matter. Katsuya was sure things were happening, words were being said, but the only thing he could hear was his heart pounding dangerously fast.

Those blue flames looked deeply into his own eyes and promised to love and cherish Katsuya forever. And when prompted, Kat found it impossible not to make the same promise. He is my Alpha. I am his omega. For a long as we both shall live.

“... you may kiss the bride.”

The flames seemed to burn even more deeply as Kaiba lifted the veil from Kat’s face. The kiss was passionate, but brief. Too brief.

Then Kaiba pulled him, and Katsuya was swept down the aisle before he noticed that classic ending music.

“This way,” he heard Tamura snap.

Then, they were just in a dark room and Kat was being pushed against a wall as Kaiba sucked the air from his lungs. It was dizzying. And wonderful.

When someone knocked on the door, Kat thought he might pass out.

“Damn,” Kaiba gasped. “We have to return.”

Return? The word didn’t connect to anything in Kat’s mind. “Ok,” he agreed and pulled Kaiba back for more kissing. Kissing was good.

It was a short kiss. “Katsuya,” the name sent a thrill through Kat’s body. “...stop tempting me...we don’t have -” There was a loud, heavy thump on the door. “That was Tamura’s warning.”

“Warning?” Kat sighed.

“Katsuya -”

The way he said it made Kat shiver. “Jeez! How do you say it like that?”

“Say what?”

“My name. It’s like you fuck me with my name.”

Kaiba arched an eyebrow. Then he smirked. “Kat-su-ya,” he purred.

Kat honestly thought he could come from that alone.

“Kat-su-” There was a second thump. “Damn it!” Kaiba shouted over his shoulder. “We heard you the first million times!” He nuzzled Kat’s bare shoulder. “This dress is astounding. No wonder it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. We never would have left your room!”

Kat giggled. He felt drunk.

“I promise we’ll finish this later.”

Kaiba opened what turned out to be a closet door and stepped out. Kat felt the room spin as he tried to step forward. He giggled again.

When he woke, he was looking up at warm, worried blue flames.

“There you are,” Kaiba said softly.

“Did we get married?” Kat asked, trying to order his mind. His head was resting on Kaiba’s knees.

“Roughly ten minutes ago. Second thoughts?”

“I can’t tell if I’m dreaming. Why are we on the floor?”

“You fainted.”

“I did?” Kat did remember being kissed dizzy. “Let me breathe next time, dude!”

“Then stop being so kissable.”

“Sir!” Tamura snapped. “Your guests are waiting. If Kaiba-chan does not need a sensei, may I assist you?”

Katsuya sat up slowly, and Kaiba helped him stand. They both adjusted their appearance in a nearby mirror. Kat finally actually noticed what his new husband wore - a sapphire blue tux with a black shirt and a white tie and vest.

“Hey! You know it’s rude to upstage the bride.”

“If I had worn the Imperial palace, they still would only see you. You look enchanting.”


“Tamura is upset because I selected only Roland and Mokuba as my groom’s men,” Kaiba chuckled.

“Your guests, sir?” Tamura huffed. He moved to the door of the room they were in.

“Where are we, anyway?” Kat asked, suddenly aware of the odd surroundings.

“A conference room, the opposite wing from the reception. I thought we might want a moment to gather ourselves before the reception and the formal press photos.”

“Oh. You wanted to make out.” Kat couldn’t help leering. “Good plan.”

“SIR!” Tamura snapped, his patience apparently at an end. “Kaiba-san would like to know if you will be returning, or if they should continue without you?”

“We’re coming.” Kat answered. “Wait! Kaiba, earlier this morning, I was thinking. I kinda screwed everything up for you when I...that…” He rubbed his own bite mark. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”


“Yeah. Y’know, for making you go through all this.”

“I see. So, you intend to take responsibility for ‘all this’?”

“It’s my fault.”

“Very well. I will draw up a list of acceptable restitutions. I can tell you the first of many now.”

“What’s that?”

“Call me Seto.”