Chapter 34 – Rent a two-bedroom apartment for the cat
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Chen Yanxi's overall score is also 88 points, just like Yang Qian's, and as a non-S-level goddess, she has no specific preferences or information about "whether specific events have been achieved."

"Ah - it's you!"

The beautiful intermediary, Chen Yanxi, recognized him as the "rich man" who fed cats with sausage bread on the street last night after taking a closer look at Shen Gu. Seeing Lin Mumu's looks following Shen Gu, she felt that she had met a "big customer" today and quickly led the two to sit on the sofa in the inner room, trembling with both hands, preparing to make two cups of the best coffee in her drawer!

By now, Shen Gu also knew where this beautiful female intermediary had seen him.

Because this person's name is in the female character encyclopedia, he deleted it once last night.

He got this encyclopedia for the first time when the system automatically scanned the girl's information as the couple passed him by while he was feeding the cat last night.

Later, he felt that although Chen Yanxi was pretty, she was just a stranger on the street and not an S-level goddess rated by the system, so he deleted her information when he checked into the hotel!

Unexpectedly, he met her for the second time when he came to the house agency for Lin Mumu to find a house.

"It seems that we have some fate!"

Thinking of this, Shen Gu did not delete Chen Yanxi's female character encyclopedia this time.

"It was me who fed the cat on the street last night, and you saw it passing by!"

When Shen Gu said this, he also looked at Lin Mumu beside him with some emotion.

He still couldn't believe that he had picked up an S-level "potential girlfriend" just by feeding a stray cat with good intentions!

However, the fact was right in front of him. When he saw Lin Mumu's sweet response and smile, Shen Gu also smiled more relievedly.

After all, he had even obtained the "Love Assistant System," which was even more unbelievable. He shouldn't be surprised by anything strange that happened in the future.

Shen Gu also hoped to get to know this beautiful intermediary more quickly through the chance encounter last night.

Because he still had three or four classes to attend this morning, the more enthusiastic the intermediary was, and the smoother the communication between them, the more beneficial it would be for him to find a good place for Lin Mumu to live as soon as possible.

"You are so amazing! You guessed it!"

"I thought you were feeding the cat with your back to me at the time and wouldn't think that the person passing behind you was me!"

Chen Yanxi, as the house agency serving Shen Gu, spoke as sweet as honey.

Of course, she also thought of her boyfriend's offending words to Shen Gu last night.

So before Shen Gu could speak, she took the initiative to apologize: "My boyfriend spoke out of turn last night. Please don't take it to heart."

Shen Gu smiled and didn't mind her mentioning it: "It's okay. He wasn't entirely wrong. I just did a good deed and didn't care about the price of cat food!"

"Ah, there aren't many good-hearted people like you!"

When Chen Yanxi said this, she turned her gaze to Lin Mumu and said, "Listen to me, having such a boyfriend is definitely not wrong! He is so kind to small animals, he will definitely be even better to you in the future!"

"Of course, I know that!"

Lin Mumu looked at Shen Gu with a happy face, pretending to be worried: "I'm afraid that such a good man will be coveted by everyone in the future, and he will be taken away by other girls!"

"Beauty, you're kidding. Except for female celebrities on TV, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen!"

Chen Yanxi took the opportunity to please Lin Mumu and asked whether Shen Gu came to buy or rent a house.

"Rent!""Rent a nicer one, a two-bedroom and one-living room would be enough, preferably the kind where you can move in with just your luggage!"

"The price is not a problem if it's satisfactory!"

After hearing Shen Gu's last sentence, Chen Yanxi, whose eyes were already laughing like crescents, immediately started searching for a house for Shen Gu on the internal network of the housing agency with maximum efficiency.

About an hour later, Shen Gu rented a satisfactory two-bedroom and one-living room house near Chen Dong University for 20,000 yuan a year.

However, after the contract was signed and Shen Gu got the two keys, his conversation with Chen Yanxi left this experienced beauty full of question marks in her mind!

This conversation took place after Chen Yanxi received the 1,200 yuan agency fee.

She smiled at Shen Gu and said, "Congratulations to you two for having a small home now. Although you are not married yet, living here is no different from a normal couple!"

"No, don't misunderstand!"

Seeing Lin Mumu already starting to cover her mouth and laugh, Shen Gu hurriedly denied to Chen Yanxi:

"We are students at Chen Dong University and have dormitories to live in!"

"As for the purpose of this house, didn't you see it last night?"

"I took in a stray cat and had no place to put it, so I rented this house!"

This reason surprised Chen Yanxi, and she opened her mouth slightly.

Shen Gu didn't bring the cat when he came to the housing agency.

And spending more than 20,000 yuan a year just to house a cat seemed very bizarre to her!

However, she didn't have the habit of probing into customers' privacy further.

After saying, "Alright, feel free to contact me if you need anything in the future."

She respectfully closed the door of the rental house for Shen Gu, thinking to herself:

"He said it was for the cat, but it must be an excuse to cover up for living with his girlfriend."

"Maybe he's afraid that I would accidentally leak this to others, and some of those people might happen to know him!"


"Do you think she'll believe what you said?"

As soon as Chen Yanxi closed the door and left, Lin Mumu asked Shen Gu with a smile on her face.

"It doesn't matter if she believes it or not."

Shen Gu spread his hands and said:

"Anyway, I'm telling the truth."

"This house is for you, the cat."

"And the next time I see her might be after this one-year lease expires, or maybe never again!"

Lin Mumu immediately pretended to be pitiful:

"So, Master, you mean that if I don't behave well this year, you won't take me in anymore and will drive me away?"

Shen Gu didn't expect Lin Mumu to think about this, and hurriedly waved his hand to reassure her:

"Don't think too much, even if we don't live here next year, I'll find a new place for you!"

"Also, I have classes during the third and fourth periods this morning, and no classes in the afternoon. I'll come back after class to take you to the mall to buy clothes!"

Lin Mumu immediately became happy.

"Thank you, Master!"

When there was no one else in the room, Lin Mumu resumed calling Shen Gu "Master".

Then she quickly rushed into the bathroom, and when she came out, she was a cute little white cat again!

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