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Yandere no Kanojo ni Korosaretadote Isekai he

Author: Chandora

What the hell is this!!!”

I shouted while an intense pain ran through my abdomen.

The situation is easy to explain, a knife stabbed at my abdomen. The knife pierced through my abdomen beautifully, and a lot of dark red blood was flowing out now.

Oops, I didn’t introduce myself yet.

I am trying to accommodate myself to the oblivion of death, I’m Akanuma Seiya. Currently 21 years old.

I am working as a salaryman in a security company.

It’s your fault. Seiya-kun….”

This beautiful black-haired woman was looking at me with a slightly creepy expression on her face,.....

Otto, this is bad.

I’m think I at my limit. I’m exhausted.

After a while, I woke up.

Good day to you, human-san.”

I was sitting on a chair, and in front of me was a woman with long red hair, red eyes, red dress. I understood that she was a woman who likes red, she was drinking something.

Uu-n, black tea is the best after all. The flavor of black tea spreads into your mouth and it’s sweet.”

Well, the black tea review was normally poor, that was what I thought while watching a review on Omaetube, but I didn’t mention it.

Excuse me, where am I?”

If you look around, you will see a white space with only chairs and desks.

This is the world that exist between this world and that world. I’m going to judge you whether I should send you to heaven or hell.”
The woman in front of me gave me such an explanation. As I thought, I was stabbed to death.

I see. Are you kami-sama or something?”

I heard that a lot. My name is Hades. The angel in charge of Earth. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

A woman called Hades stood up and bowed. Hades called herself an angel, but she looked like a normal woman at first.

“Is that so. So that means, will I be going to Hell or Heaven?”
I don’t like Hell. Well, I didn’t do anything bad in my entire life, so I think it would be ok.

“Etto, First of all, let me check your background. Etto, so your name is Akanuma Seiya. From elementary school to high school, you lived a ordinary life, and worked for a security company after graduated.”

“That’s right.”

Somehow, this looks like interview.

“One year ago, you started dating with Itabashi Kaoru, and broke up a month ago, and today, you were stabbed to death by Itabashi…….”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Yes, I was stabbed to death by my ex-girlfriend.

Kaori was a beautiful woman, except heavy, her love was as heavy as a normal golem's body weight. She setted up GPS on my phone without permission, monitored me one by one, and sometimes, she went up to my house without permission.

She also cried that she would die if I talk to a few other woman, and wrist-cut was a matter of course, and sometimes she ruined my room.

I was fed up with Kaoru that I said I broke up with her through phone and moved away.

But as you know, she discovered the place where I moved and killed me.

“Akanuma-san can go to heaven without any problem. However…..”

The look on Hades’s face made it hard to say.

“I observed Itabashi-san, your formal girlfriend, and she will commit suicide soon. I think she will chase you.Even in Hell or Heaven.”

“Eehh? Wait a minute! Shouldn’t you send her to Hell?”

Hades shook her head.

“No, to tell you the truth, Hell and Heaven are actually connected worlds, so you can come in and go out. If she is persistent, I think she will shake free from the Demons and Angels’ control and she will come to see you.”

When I heard that, I can’t stop trembling.

I’m scared, that frightening Kaoru.

“So then, I have one suggestion.”


Then Hades smiled and made a cunning look.

“You, would you like to go to a different world?”
“I, isekai? are there any dragons or magic there?”

“Yes. If you transfer to another world, then I think Itabashi-san would not chase you. How is it?”

“It’s good! then I’ll take it. un!”

It’s good as long as I can get away form Kaoru.

“I got it! So then I will transfer you to another world at once. You’ll be able to speak the language in that world, and I will prepare some money and weapons for you. and also, I’ve made it possible for you to use magic to some extent, so please practice and defend with your magic!”

“I, I understand.”

“So then , let’s go! Transfer, トランスファー

!” (Toransufaa!) (Transfer!)

When Hades casted something like a spell, there was a magic square with a white geometric pattern generated from the place where i was sitting, and my body shone.

Before I noticed, I was in a different world where I have never seen before.

I was standing in a shopping street of a town.There were many bricks and wooden building lined up.

There was also beasts, elves, who you can see in a fantasy world.

Is this isekai?

Alright, Let’s do my best in here.

My wonderful life in an isekai world will start from here!

Six month later.

“Ku, It’s strong! So this is Maou’s power……”

No matter what it was, I tried many dungeons and quests and had acquired enough strength.

I finally reached the Maou’s castle and right now, I’m fighting a deadly battle with the Maou, who looks like a minotaur in a black cloak.

“Fuhahahahaha! Magnificent, adventurer! It been a long time since I had such a fun fight!”
Maou was laughing comfortably.

Damn it…...remember. The fight that I fought until now.

The battle with a survival dragon.

The deadly battle with the Dangerous Scorpion.

I got stronger every time I got over a fierce fight with Empanio, Maou’s right arm.

“Let’s go, Maou! This is the last magic! God, give me the power to demise the peace of this world! [Ekusutoriasu fainaru faiaa]! (aka, exterior final fire) (エクスとリアス ファイナル ファイア!)

I released the strongest fire attack to the Demon King. My magic hit Maou directly, covering him with smoke.

Did I do it……?

The smoke slowly disappear, and then I saw the Demon King.

“That was dangerous.

Maou stood there puffing and panting as he was out of breath.

I sat down with one knee on the ground.

“Ahahaha. [Sutokkingu surasshu]!” (aka, Stalking slash) (すとっきんぐ スラッシュ!)

I heard a familiar voice.

When the person wearing armor passed by the Maou at a high speed, The Maou’s head flew off, and suddenly fell down.

To my surprise, that guy can easily defeat the Demon king, though he was exhauted.

And the person who defeat the Maou slowly approached me.

And of course that person was……

“It’s been a long time! We finally met! Seiya-kun!”
Somehow, it was Kaoru

“You, why are you here…….”

“Ufufufu, I literally came from hell because I want to meet Seiya-kun.

Kaoru had the same creepy expression on her face when she killed me.

“Uwaa! [Akusereito]!” (Aka, accelerate) (アクセレイト)

I chanted the spell that made me move fast and then I went away from Kaoru.

“Ahahahaha! You can’t run away from me!’

It seems like, even if I come to another world, I can’t get away from Kaoru easily.