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"Become the homeroom teacher of class 9 of 11th grade? Principal, please don't joke with me. I'm just a physical education teacher."

Edward laughed and rubbed his nose, somewhat helplessly looking at the middle-aged man sitting across from him on a chair.

Today was the first day of the second semester, and he was organizing and checking the various sports equipment in the equipment room when he was called to the principal's office.

Just when he was puzzled why he was called to the principal's office, Principal Thomas Moore unexpectedly asked him to serve as the homeroom teacher of the class 9.

This surprised Edward to no end. Letting him, a physical education teacher, be the homeroom teacher?

How so? Is it because he's so handsome? It should be because he is very handsome but he doesn't think so. Become a homeroom teacher?

In Edward's heart, he was naturally reluctant in a hundred ways.

Do you know the benefits of becoming a physical education teacher? 


Especially being a physical education teacher in a key high school like Horizon High School, it is the best of the best.

There are no assessment deadlines, there's no pressure.

The salary is higher than other high schools, and the class is often taken by the teachers of other subjects.

The physical education classes for second and third years are divided among Math, English, Physics and Chemistry subjects.

"Class, the physical education teacher has something to do, so let's talk about trigonometry in this class."

"Class, the physical education teacher has a cold, today we'll talk about consolidating the conservation of momentum."

And many more.

Because of this, Edward, the physical education teacher, could go out and relax without any worry.

Every day is just playing games, exercising, drinking tea, like a young master. 

Occasionally, when he meets a class that is not occupied, he leads a group of energetic young boys and girls to run and exercise in the fields.

From his current work life, Edward was quite satisfied.

Could there be a more enjoyable job than this?

No, there isn't.

Now he's even asked to be the homeroom teacher of the 9th class of the year?

Being a homeroom teacher brings many responsibilities, you'll have to be in charge of a class of students.

All kinds of assessment are also linked to performance bonuses.

The hell if he's willing.

"Mr. Edward, I'm not joking with you."

Thomas Moore, who was sitting on the leather soft chair, had a slight smile on his face, but he sighed in his heart.

As the principal of Horizon High School, Thomas was also helpless.

If it wasn't for the fact that there was really no one willing to be this class homeroom teacher, he wouldn't have come up with this temporary plan.

Would he, as the principal, be proud to have a physical education teacher as the homeroom teacher?

He felt ashamed of himself.

In the Central City, Horizon High School, at least, is a key high school at the provincial level.

Let the physical education teacher as a homeroom teacher. If this kind of thing spreads to the ears of other high school principals, they may not know how to laugh at him.

Thomas could only sigh again in his heart.

Horizon High School, as a key high school ranked at the top of Central City and had a high undergraduate advancement rate every year.

While attracting a large number of high-quality students, it was inevitable that a lot of exchange students would also be shoved in.

The ones who come here with their connections through the back door. Those who spend money to buy seats. While some influential parents shoved their children in his school. 

If put on the same starting line, these students can't get into Horizon High School.

But as a provincial key high school, some things become uncontrollable when fame goes up. You can't help it.

Thomas Moore, as the principal of a school, naturally has to consider more things.

Undergraduate enrollment rate is naturally the first. In addition to this, the recruitment of the best teachers, the winning of various tournaments, and the future of his own career.

When it comes to his position, connections and human relationships are all things to be taken into account.

The class 9, which is giving him a headache, is a special class that was spawned for various reasons.

There are the troublemakers who don't like to study at all and are forced by their parents. There are special groups of students who transferred from places like Imperial City and will transfer back before the college entrance exam.

Poor academic performance is just a general symptom of the students in class 9.

Thomas Moore, as the principal of this school, wasn't able to expel any student at will.

This was the root cause of his headache.

Today is the first day of the second semester.

The homeroom teacher for class 9, however, has not been finalized.

Last semester, in just a few months, three homeroom teachers were changed.

To this day, there is no longer a teacher willing to take this class. Thomas thought about it and had to call in Edward. This was a desperate move on his part.

After a semester, the students that could still be put on the right path had been placed in other classes by him.

As for the remaining students in class 9, he had already made plans to give up. Instead of taking the trouble to make efforts, it would be better to focus his energy on other classes.

After all, Horizon High School had four grades and there are dozens of classes for him to worry about.

"You should have heard about the situation of the class 9, Mr. Edward."

Thomas's face revealed helplessness as he said.

Edward nodded his head.

He was the physical education teacher of Class 9, and he knew about the several sports special enrollments in the class.

There were those who practiced the 100 meter race, those who practiced the 5000 meter, those who practiced the long jump, and those who practiced the javelin throw.......

As for the other subject classes?

He had also heard about it.

He knew that class 9 was a class with a collection of problematic students in it. He heard that there were also incidents of students getting into fights and making trouble with other subject teachers.

A lot of students in the class are carrying penalties on their backs. What kind of person can lead such a class?

At least not him. 

He was just a physical education teacher.

'Principal, you know about the situation and you still let me become the homeroom teacher? Isn't that pushing me into the fire?'

In his mind he said many words that cannot be said to the principal.

Just as Edward was about to open his mouth to reject, he heard a voice in his head. 

[Ding. The Strongest Class Teacher System is activating.]

[Ding. Host detection was successful.]

[Ding. Binding task released: Serve as homeroom teacher.]

[If you agree to be the homeroom teacher of the 9th class of the 2nd year of high school, you will be bound to the system, and a newbie package reward will be issued.]

[If you don't, then the system will automatically be destroyed.]

A series of mechanical voices abruptly sounded in Edward's head.

'Fuck. The system is here. And there's even a binding mission?'

Thomas Moore looked at Edward's struggling and hesitant face, a look of wanting to say something, and instinctively thought that he was unwilling to be this homeroom teacher, so he hurriedly opened his mouth to continue:

"Edward, I know you have concerns. Letting you serve as the homeroom teacher of class 9 will not add any additional tasks to you. Starting from this semester, the 9 class teacher assessment will be counted separately. Don't worry about it."

How did Thomas Moore know that at this moment, Edward was just cursing at the system in his mind?

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