Chapter 1027
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Chapter 1027

Jin Xuanhu's furnaces are flickering with intense rays of light that are making everyone feel stabbing pain in their eyes. This scene caused many Inscription Masters to feel extreme envy. These are all Immortal tier smelting furnace, not to mention having a few, having even just one of them would make many Inscription Masters eternally satisfied. Jin Xuanhu is like a rich aristocrat while Qin Yun is a complete trash in front of him. Qin Yun doesn't even have a single good thing.

Jin Jingwei said with smile : "5th uncle is truly rich! All of these were earned by his own effort!"

He looked towards Jin He and said with disdainful expression : "Uncle He, 5th uncle is so awesome yet you are so respectful towards that Qin something, you truly have no backbone! It is no wonder, after all, your ability is worse than 5th uncle!"

"What do you know? 5th brother's ability is very high but it is not much higher than me! He obtained all of these items because he is lucky enough to obtain father's approval and father gave them to him!" Jin He looked towards a very long bearded old man within the Golden Sun Sect people.

This long bearded old man is the sect master of the Golden Sun Sect. He is the father of Jin He and Jin Xuanhu and grandfather of Jin Jingwei. Jin(Gold) family holds absolute power in the Golden Sun Sect. So majority of the people who have come this time are from Jin family.

Jin Jingwei said with sneer : "Uncle He, your Venerable Master will definitely lose!"

Jin He has not replied this time because he is also not sure whether or not Qin Yun can win.

Qin Yun placed his hands on top of the smelting furnace. He is pouring in Gravity power and Nether Sun flame into the furnace. After being burned, tempered and refined by the combination of these two powers, those materials inside became several times heavier and purer as the impurities have been removed from them. They have become soft and began fusing with each other. These materials have been burned by a flame that is created by igniting great amount of King tier beast oil with Nether Sun flame, so they now possess very powerful energy. The whole process is very fast.

Jin Xuanhu's smelting furnaces are really very powerful, they can very easily absorb the energy of beast oil very quickly and then smelt all kind of sturdy materials at a very high speed. He took out the golden and silver crystal beast bones, placed them on the forging platform and with loud shout, began hammering with his two Immortal hammers.

Boom boom boom...

Immortal tools are truly very powerful. With every beating from the two Immortal hammers, the entire large hall shook. Also the entire hall is enveloped in golden and silver rays of light that appeared when hammers fell on the golden and silver crystal beast bones.

"Truly formidable, even I would not dare face those hammers!" sensing the might of those hammers, Xu Xiaoba said in low voice : "Is he peak Martial Emperor? His strength is not weak!"

"He is taking it slow and not going through tribulation. He must be forcefully suppressing it." Xu Lun said. He is also quite scared sensing the fierce might of the Immortal hammers.

At this time, Jin Xuanhu took out the two Heavenly Egg Stone and placed them on the forging platform and put the golden and silver crystal beast bones back into the furnace. Heavenly Egg Stones are round, they have turned red from burning and has already softened. He turned them flat by hammering them, they now look like flat round metal. Then he put them back inside the furnace and took out the Golden Peng's bones and began hammering them. As usual, his actions caused great movement within the large hall. In less than half an hour, Jin Xuanhu has arrived at this stage.

Everyone can see that he is very proficient in forging multiple and different types of sturdy materials at the same time. His skill is very high, causing many Inscription Masters to repeatedly exclaim in admiration.

An old Inscription Master said : "Furnace is very important. Especially when forging multiple types of materials at the same time. If smelting speed is very fast, efficiency will be high and material refining can be completed very smoothly. Jin Xuanhu has several good furnaces, it makes his operation extremely quick. On the contrary, not only Qin Yun doesn't have good furnace, he has not even lifted his hammer even once until now!"

Qin Yun is same as before, his hands are placed on the furnace, nobody knows what he is doing.

Jin He said : "This is a competition of puppet, we will compare whose puppet is the strongest! The main aspect and the most integral part is the time when totem and runes are carved!"

Another old Inscription Master said with smile : " Be that as it may, if the materials of the puppet have been refined sufficiently, the puppet will be sufficiently sturdy. During fights, it will hold an invincible position!"

"Indeed, Qin Yun's puppet will surely be very weak, it will be destroyed very quickly and he will only suffer defeat!"

"It seems like the victor of this match has been decided!"

Several old Inscription Masters commented one after another.

Jin Xuanhu saw that Qin Yun has not yet begun hammering and said with sneer : "Qin Yun, your materials have not been smelted thoroughly? If they have not been thoroughly smelted, when you forge them, your hammering will not be harmonious because the materials are still hard! When I was young, I suffered like this several times, that is why now I use these top notch furnaces!"

Qin Yun did not reply. He is busy checking the inside of the furnace. The black crystal beast bones have completely fused with all the fragments of dragon bones, creating many dark golden fragments.

"They have already softened, next I will use my own hands to merge them all together!" Qin Yun retracted his hands, opened the lid of the furnace, then with his bare hands, he picked up lumps of dark golden materials from within the burning furnace.

Seeing this scene, Jin He is slightly startled. He said : "Where are the black crystal beast bones? I also don't see those fragmented dragon bones.. No way... could it be that he fused them while he was smelting them inside the furnace?"

"How did he do it? Could it be that his furnace has some kind of ability to fuse two materials together during smelting?"

"Those materials in his hands look like they have been smelted and fused pretty well!"

"This guy, how did he accomplish this?"

"Is he not afraid of being burned? He is just grabbing them with his bare hands!"

All the Inscription Masters present are very doubtful because the way Qin Yun is handling material refining is very uncommon.

Qin Yun placed one lump of material on the forging platform and forged it with his hand. Then placed another lump on top of it and again forged the both of them together. He continued this process until after a short while, all those fragmented materials turned into a big block of dark golden material.

At this time, Jin Xuanhu also finished fusing all of his materials together. They have become a very large block, it is as big as an ox. Compared to that, Qin Yun's refined material turned into a very small block, meaning he can only make a very small puppet. During battle between puppets, the bigger the puppet, the bigger the advantage. Being big means it can store even more energy. Also since enough materials have been used to make it, it will also be very sturdy.

Now Qin Yun's pace is same as Jin Xuanhu's. While refining materials, Qin Yun thought a lot of things. Although his materials are not as strong as Jin Xuanhu, the puppet will not be any weaker. He can see now that Jin Xuanhu's puppet will be very big and sturdy and will pack a lot of power. So he will not go meet force with force. If an Inscription Masters wants to make a puppet with sufficient fighting strength, one can not rely only on materials, what one most needs to rely on is one's power of comprehension!

Now, Qin Yun and Jin Xuanhu began modeling the shape of the puppet. Qin Yun's puppet is a small kitten. He is done shaping very quickly. As for Jin Xuanhu, he is not done because his puppet will be bigger and sturdier. While shaping, he has to constantly release heat from furnace to soften different regions of the material. The whole process is time consuming.

One hour passed by this way. Qin Yun has not only shaped his kitten, he has already begun carving totem and runes. As for Jin Xuanhu, although his golden-red mold merely had an outline earlier, it has now turned into a tiger!

"Kitten vs tiger? Ha ha.. one look can tell which one will win!" Jin Jingwei laughed loudly : "What good is being quick? This trash kitten can not win against a majestic tiger!"

Everyone is also thinking the same way, if Qin Yun used some good materials to refine the kitten, then perhaps he would have some hope.

"I will carve Dragon Tiger totem and Thunder totem!" Qin Yun already decided this before, he is using Mental Resonance Xuan Pen to quickly carve totem.

Totems and runes are either carved on the surface of the puppet or inside the puppet. Carving inside is harder, carving on the surface is easier but it is easy to damage the runes and disable the puppet. Qin Yun is now carving totem inside the kitten. It has been two hours since the competition began and Qin Yun has already finished carving Dragon Tiger totem and Thunder totem. He is now carving some support runes. Support runes can provide all kind of support type powers and abilities to the puppet, for example, ability to erect protective barrier, ability to absorb opponent's power, ability to reflect opponent's power, hastening speed and so on.

Jin Xuanhu just finished molding the shape of the tiger and then took out a transparent six colored crystal knife, it is a carving knife.

"Is that carving knife also an Immortal tool?"

"It sure is!"

"Are all the Inscription Masters of Golden Sun Sect this extravagant?"

"Aii.. their Inscription inheritance is truly deep!"

Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's Inscription Masters are filled with envy and admiration.

However, Golden Sun Sect's disciples are very worried because there is not enough time left.

Jin Jingwei said with smile : "Everyone, no need to panic. 5th uncle possesses Tiger King Inscription Spirit, so long as he can carve Tiger totem inside his puppet, he can surely win!"