Chapter 1035
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Chapter 1035

Everyone saw how that wilted seedling became slightly more green and then finally recovered vitality. Now everyone believes Medicine King Chu's words even more.

"You are a very good Inscription Master with splendid high level but you know nothing about medicinal plants, so you should speak a little less!" an elder from Earth Sun Palace said.

"Pagoda master Qin, you are not worried that you will have to lend a hand later, right? Don't worry, we will surely not let you take action!" River Sun palace master said with smile.

"Those medicinal ingredients are very important to our River Sun Palace, they are also our secret. Those who are not of our Nine Sun Sects, we can not allow them take part in this important mission!" Medicine Master Shui said with sneer : "Naturally Medicine King Chu and his disciples are exempt from this."

Hearing this, two of the Medicine King Chu's disciples began insulting Qin Yun and demanded that he be kicked out. One of them even implied that Qin Yun wants to sabotage the plants so that he can force the Nine Sun Sects to construct the Starry Sky Road.

"Starry Sky Road is also very important to us, we will surely go participate in it's construction!" Medicine King Chu said with smile : "Pagoda Master Qin, you should not interfere in the matter of the plants, that is my specialty!"

Qin Yun said : "Medicine King Chu, that seedling in your hand is not completely rejuvenated, let us see if you can completely rejuvenate it!"

Medicine King Chu's expression slightly changed, his voice became somewhat ice-cold as he said : "Fine, I will let you see!"

He finished speaking, his brows became tightly creased as he let out a muffled groan. It seems like he is pouring in his energy into the seedling. Not long after, the the seedling became even more filled with vitality and finally even sprouted. Seeing this scene, River Sun Palace and Earth Sun Palace's palace masters and other elders cried out in alarm, then began praising Medicine King Chu again.

"Since Medicine King Chu can directly rejuvenate the seedlings, it proves that the problem has nothing to do with Earth God's curse and there is also no need to perform sacrifices!" Qin Yun said.

Hearing this, Medicine King Chu's disciples again started insulting Qin Yun and told him to get lost. According to them, since Qin Yun constantly doubted their master, their master had to use more than 30% of his power to revive a seedling.

Qin Yun said again : "I have one last question, how will you be performing sacrifice? What will be the offering?"

"Of course we will be sacrificing living people! Ignorant and inexperienced brat, never even heard of human sacrifice!" a middle aged man said.

Qin Yun suddenly burst into laughter and then said : "No wonder.. now I am very clear why Medicine King Chu's 7th tribulation is not coming!"

Medicine King Chu said in a deep and cold voice : "Are you implying that it is because I have killed too much?"

"When you sacrifice living people, there are bound to be many innocent people among them! It is fine when you commit massacre but so long as you only kill evil people who committed heinous crimes. Killing innocent people is a serious crime and it is an affront to the Heavens, that is why the Heavens have severed your connection to Heavenly Dao!" Qin Yun said.

"Shut up!" Medicine King Chu shouted loudly and it seems like he wants to attack.

Xu Lun arrived in front of Qin Yun and said : "Medicine King Chu, he has the full blueprint of the Starry Sky Road, you don't want to go to Ancient Domain but we do!"

At this time, Medicine King Chu's disciples began shouting and demanding that Qin Yun be kicked out. They began claiming that if Qin Yun did not have the blueprint of Starry Sky Road, they would have even risked their own lives to kill him to avenge the insult done to their master.

Medicine Master Shui said in cold voice : "Old Xu, quickly take him away from here!"

River Sun palace master said with sigh : "Pagoda master Qin, you have been truly very disrespectful this time. I hope that you can sincerely apologize to Medicine King Chu!"

Earth Sun palace master yelled : "Junior, obediently leave and don't disgrace yourself! You clearly know how important these medicinal ingredients are to us! So don't disturb us anymore!"

Jin Xuanhu said : "Venerable Master Qin, let's leave, it looks like these people are merely in this kind of low level!"

Jin He is also very indignant as he yelled : "Since you look down on us Inscription Masters so much, why did you call us here? First you bring us here, then don't even listen to our opinion, what the hell is this? Since you Pill Medicine Masters are so awesome, fix this mess by yourselves! Don't bother us!"

Jin Xuanhu said again : "Venerable Master Qin, your Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman can easily take out Regent Origin Stones from essence stones. You should leave and continue making these important talismans and not bother with this nonsense!"

Qin Yun shook his head and said : "The reason why I said Medicine King Chu is bullshitting is because I have discovered something! The reason why the seeds are unable to mature is because one of the Suns have fallen and the seeds are unable to absorb the spiritual energy of all Nine Suns!"

Medicine Master Shui said with sneer : "The problem began even before the Sun fell!"

"The Sun already died before falling down!" Qin Yun said. His Nine Sun Divine Hammer also began malfunctioning before the Sun fell.

"Hmph.. they are all people of Nine Sun Sects! Could it be that their knowledge about Nine Suns is lower than yours?" Medicine King Chu said with sneer.

"I have a talisman here that can condense the spiritual energy of all Nine Suns! Give it a try!" he threw a talisman towards River Sun palace master.

River Sun palace master caught the talisman and shook his head : "It is merely a Dao talisman!"

"Everyone, farewell!" Qin Yun finished speaking then left the room with Xiao Yuemei, Hua Yimei, Jin Xuanhu and others. Then they left the Crystal Dragon Boat and returned to that wine house.

As soon as he left, Medicine King Chu's disciples began insulting him even more severely. They also began trying to calm their master's anger.

"Medicine King Chu, pagoda master Qin is filled with youthful vigor, please don't mind his words." Flame Sun sect master said with smile.

"This little demon, exactly what kind of person is he? He is actually so rude and unreasonable! Oh that's right, is it true that he can carve runes with 11th level finesse? And what is this Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman?" Earth Sun palace master asked.

Xu Lun began describing everything he knows related to Qin Yun. Beginning from his interaction with Qin Yun in Hundred Pagoda Sect and ending at Qin Yun defeating Jin Xuanhu. He even took out a Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman and an essence stone to demonstrate. After he is done, many people in the large hall are filled with amazement. Especially after seeing the Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman in action, many Inscription Masters repeatedly exclaimed in admiration. Even those arrogant young Inscription Masters brought along by Medicine King Chu are also very interested in researching this talisman.

Xu Lun looked at River Sun palace master and asked : "What kind of talisman did pagoda master Qin give you?"

River Sun palace master shook his head and said : "I don't know, can anyone apprise it?"

"I will take a look." Golden Sun sect master said.

"Golden Sun sect master is someone who can make Half Immortal tools. You should be able to recognize something about the talisman!" Xu Lun said.

Golden Sun sect master took the talisman and his expression abruptly changed : "This is Sun rune! Extremely complicated Sun rune has been carved on it! There are also several types of Star and Moon runes! This is not an ordinary Dao talisman!"

"Quickly give it a try, see whether or not it can rejuvenate the wilted plants and seedlings!" River Sun palace master pointed towards a flower bed and said : "Try on those!"

Golden Sun sect master walked over towards the flowerbed, activated the Nine Condensation Dao Talisman and nine colored light mist immediately appeared all around. The light mist has been drawn in by the talisman and then spread on the wilted plants and seedlings on the flowerbed. A shocking scene appeared before everyone's eyes! Those wilted plants suddenly became green and verdant. Those seedlings have also been completely rejuvenated and even sprouted.

"Quick.. quickly bring out the other seedlings!" River Sun palace master is extremely excited as he yelled.

Everyone within the large hall is filled with shock and amazement. They looked each other in dismay because just earlier, they all drove Qin Yun away, they did not show least bit of respect towards him.

However, the ones with the ugliest expressions are Medicine King Chu and his disciples. They are also filled with amazement but even more so, feeling ashamed. Just earlier, these disciples were all insulting Qin Yun and drove him away but now, Qin Yun's talisman has completely rejuvenated all the wilted seedlings and small plants. Those arrogant and haughty disciples have now lowered their heads and don't dare say anything more.

This scene not only caused all the old Medicine Masters to feel so ashamed that they no longer want to show their faces but even all the Inscription Masters present now feel extremely ashamed for being so inferior.

"B..b.. bloomed.. they have bloomed!" an elder from River Sun palace yelled in shock : "The medicinal plants have actually bloomed!"

Everyone looked at those beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers immersed in nine colored light mist and deeply inhaled.

"This... this is the purest power of the Sun! It even contains the essence of Star and Moon! This is the purest fusion of Sun, Moon and Star essence!" Medicine King Chu opened his eyes wide, his voice is trembling.

"Medicine King Chu... if.. if we have many of these talismans, will we still need that sacrificial formation?" after River Sun palace master regained his composure from shock and excitement, he hastily asked.

"Naturally we will no longer need it." Medicine King Chu's expression is somewhat ugly as he said : "What the little brother said earlier is right, I am the one in the wrong!"

River Sun palace master hastily said : "Quickly, ask him to come in!"

Medicine Master Shui's expression is very ugly now because she was very disrespectful towards Qin Yun just earlier.

Earth Sun Palace's people heavily criticized Qin Yun earlier, now they feel that they have suffered heavy losses.

Someone arrived at this time and said : "They have already left!"

"He must be with A Hu and A He, I have already sent them message to bring pagoda master Qin back!" Golden Sun sect master is now extremely happy because Qin Yun's relationship with his sons is very good.