Chapter 1044
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Chapter 1044

Ye Yaoxue looked at the baleful air on the sky and said : "Xiao Yun, does the matter of Ghost Beast Remote Lake truly have something to do with the fallen Sun?"

Many strange things are indeed appearing after one of the Suns fell, especially over at Transcending Xuan Sea Region, Nine Sun Sects' Heavenly Mountains have all exploded.

Qin Yun's brows are tightly locked as he said : "There is definitely a connection! There is a space crack below the Ghost Beast Remote Lake. The space crack was not so big before but now, it has become very large. That space was bound by the power of Nine Suns. Now that one of the Suns has fallen, power of the Nine Suns have weakened and the power that bound the space fell off! Let's go back. Let the others deal with this problem, I have already tried my hardest!"

Ye Yaoxue nodded, the fact that Qin Yun can bring in all the eight of the Nine Sun Sects as helpers is the proof that he has exerted all of his power.

Inside the secret room in Qin Yun's residence at Star Traveling Pagoda's top floor, Ye Yaoxue released her Heavenly Rune martial spirit, it is a red light ball. Qin Yun has already copied this Heavenly Rune inside his Gemini Treasure Mirror.

Qin Yun took out his Gemini Treasure Mirror and began comparing his version of the Heavenly Rune with Ye Yaoxue's current Heavenly Rune martial spirit and said : "Heavenly Rune's change is not big and it has not evolved. It has only absorbed the properties of other martial spirits!"

Ye Yaoxue nodded and said : "Yes, I feel that my martial spirit can easily fuse with the abilities of other martial spirits, especially martial spirits that have totem!"

"Apparently, your Heavenly Rune needs to take further steps to evolve and give birth to spirituality. Retract your martial spirit. Wait until the Ghost Beast Overlord is dealt with. After everything calms down, we will go into seclusion and jointly cultivate to research this matter." Qin Yun said.

"Then I will stabilize my cultivation during this period of time." Ye Yaoxue said with a seductive smile.

Joint cultivation with Qin Yun means that Ye Yaoxue will see a great upgrade in strength. Even if she can not breakthrough, she will be able to absorb a great amount of energy. Qin Yun also wants to increase his strength as much as possible before entering Ancient Domain. There must be untold dangers inside the mysterious Ancient Domain. Only if he grasps even more power, he will be able to obtain a foothold.

Qin Yun and Ye Yaoxue arrived at the small star of Star Picking Pavilion. As soon as they arrived, they saw the absolutely beautiful and splendid Star Fairy Princess, Yu Shutian. She is flapping her large wings and embracing Xiao Yuemei while flying around.

"A Yun!" seeing Qin Yun has arrived, Yu Shutian landed on the ground and let go off Xiao Yuemei. She arrived in front of Qin Yun and retracted her large butterfly wings.

"Xiao Tian, this little girl Yuemei wants to play around all day! It seems you are getting used to it!" Qin Yun pinched Xiao Yuemei's face and said with smile.

Xiao Yuemei took out a pastry, lightly bit a mouthful of it and said : "Brother, what is the situation outside?"

Qin Yun simply described the situation to them.

Yu Shutian's eyes moved hearing this and she softly said : "I read in an ancient book in Star Picking Pavilion that during World Extermination Heavenly Calamity, savage and ferocious Evil Spirits will appear, they are one of the Heavenly Calamities!"

"So that means Ghost Beasts exist to be used during World Extermination?" Ye Yaoxue said with slight concern : "Doesn't it mean that Ghost Beast Overlord will be very difficult to kill?"

"The ancient book says that the the Ghost Beasts have been transformed from the souls of the people who died in World Extermination during the 1st era! Then they have been gathered in the Netherworld! Of course it is the conjecture of the writer of the ancient book!" Yu Shutian said with smile : "Senior sister, there is no need to be worried. With all the Nine Sun Sects taking action, even if they can not completely exterminate the Ghost Beast Overlord, they can still hold them back for a period of time until the Starry Sky Road is finished."

Even if they can not eliminate Ghost Beast Overlord, they can still hold it back. After all, everyone's true goal is Ancient Domain.

"If what is written in the ancient book turns out to be true, then it means World Extermination has already begun to affect Xuan Domain!" Qin Yun held Xiao Yuemei's hand and said : "Let's go find sister Kang."

Kang Feiqing is filled with mature charm, she is wearing red skirt, her long braided hair are hanging down one her bosom. Seeing Qin Yun, a seductive smile appeared on her absolute amorous face. She said : "Xiao Yun, long time no see. Hundred Pagoda Sect is so dangerous now, I am very worried about you!"

Kang Feiqing arrived before Qin Yun with seductive smile and then began caressing his handsome face.

"Sister Kang, how is your Gemini Heavenly Rune?" Qin Yun asked with smile.

"It's very good!" Kang Feiqing looked at Xiao Yuemei and said : "Yuemei said that you want to try whether or not you can let my Gemini Heavenly Rune split up another Heavenly Rune again?"

"Mm.. come, let's begin now." Qin Yun nodded and said.

"Alright, I also want to see it. My little girl Yanyan is very diligent now. She is cultivating all day, she can't even come out to greet you." Kang Feiqing said with smile.

"It's fine." Qin Yun said.

Star Picking Pavilion is very big, it also has an underground room. Kang Feiqing has been here for quite some time and is very familiar with the place. She brought Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei to that underground room. She took out a blanket, placed it on the ground and sat down on it.

"Big sister Kang, your Gemini Heavenly Mirror has a spirit, do you communicate with it frequently?" Xiao Yuemei leaned on Kang Feiqing's back, placed her chin on her shoulder and looking at her opening a box.

The Gemini Heavenly Mirror is inside this box, it is a white light ball with many complex and entangled small runes.

"I will ask Gemini Heavenly Rune!" Kang Feiqing said with smile. She closed her eyes and began communicating with the Gemini Heavenly Rune.

Xiao Yuemei is still leaning on Kang Feiqing's back, looking at the Heavenly Rune with eyes wide open. She smiled and said in low voice : "Brother, big sister Kang is very fragrant! Why don't you come take a sniff?"

(TL NOTE : Xiao Yuemei is truly the VIP of this novel!)

Kang Feiqing can not help but smile hearing this and said : "Yuemei, don't be willful, keep quiet."

Very soon Kang Feiqing opened her eyes and said to Qin Yun : "Gemini Heavenly Rune said that it can split up one copy again but it needs to absorb a great amount of energy, best if it is the power of Nine Suns!"

"It's no problem." Qin Yun said and took out a large beast skin. It is the Nine Condensation Dao Formation.

Kang Feiqing and Xiao Yuemei immediately helped set it up. Then Qin Yun took out many high quality Regent Origin Stones, used his mental power to make them float and placed them at the center of the formation.

"So many Regent Origin Stones!" Kang Feiqing's charming eyes flickered, looking at the Regent Origin Stones, she said with charming smile : "Xiao Yun, you are becoming more and more powerful!"

"Sister Kang, these Regent Origin Stones are nothing compared to your Gemini Heavenly Rune!" Qin Yun said with smile : "You can split your Gemini Heavenly Rune and give me one, I really don't know how to repay your favor!"

Kang Feiqing is full of smile as she said : "Xiao Yun, me and Yanyan would not be so well off without your help, so don't talk about repaying favors."

Soon after, Kang Feiqing entered the formation and sat in the middle along with the Gemini Heavenly Rune. All the Regent Origin Stones are now all around her.

"I will start the formation." Qin Yun said.

"Alright." Kang Feiqing began communicating with Gemini Heavenly Rune. The spirit of the rune and her mind is now interlinked.

Qin Yun started the formation. Immediately, the energy from all the Regent Origin Stones began to rush out, they transformed into nine colored helix, revolving around Kang Feiqing.

"Big sister Kang looks so pretty!" Xiao Yuemei said with smile.

"I don't know whether or not this few hundred Regent Origin Stones will be sufficient or not! Last time I used Immortal Origin as energy supply but since the Gemini Heavenly Rune was on the verge of evolution, I only needed to use a little bit of power! This time, it needs to split up a new one, so it should need a large amount of energy" Qin Yun said. Then took out an Immortal Origin.

Nine Sun's power passed through the Immortal Origin and then released even stronger Nine Sun Immortal Energy for the Gemini Heavenly Rune to absorb. This way, many Regent Origin Stones will be saved. Since Kang Feiqing is sitting at the middle of the formation along with the Gemini Heavenly Rune, she is also benefiting greatly. While splitting up, Gemini Heavenly Rune is unceasingly supplying energy to Kang Feiqing.

"The situation is rather stable now. Yuemei, you stay here and watch, I will go deal with some other matters." Qin Yun patted Xiao Yuemei's head and left the underground room.

He returned to the secret room inside his residence, took out the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and contacted Xie Qirou.

"Xiao Yun, has the Starry Sky Road been completed? Yuelan and little Meilian contacted me, they are now inside Guang Han Palace!" Xie Qirou said.

"It has not been finished! Current situation is very messy.." Qin Yun reported the matters regarding the destruction of all Nine Sun Sects' Heavenly Mountains, Ghost Beast Overlord, as well as his deal with Evil God to Xie Qirou.

"Xuan Domain is on the verge of destruction... Transcending Xuan Sea Region will be able to stay up for a while though." Xie Qirou lightly sighed and said again : "You were helpless when you made your deal with Evil God! Wait until later when you can break the soul contract!"

"Sister Qirou, I am already unable to use Nine Sun Divine Hammer.. Yangyang is the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow and she has just awakened, I am very worried about her. You said before that she won't suffer any problem, is it true?" Qin Yun asked.

"She will not die. At worst, she will just enter hibernation for a prolonged period of time. Xiao Yun, even if you enter Immortal Desolate, it will also be destroyed. If you can not enter Sacred Desolate in time, you will have to drift around in the starry sky! Whether it is Immortal Desolate or Sacred Desolate, there is a Nether Sun Spirit in both region, you must look for them!" Xie Qirou said.

"I will." Qin Yun nodded and asked again : "What's going in Martial Desolate? Has it been destroyed?"

"There is no problem in Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. On the contrary, many people from Martial Desolate and other region have migrated here! There are more and more Ghost Beasts in Cloud Dragon Mountain Range now, it is very lively here!" Xie Qirou said.

Qin Yun is rather worried about his father because Qin Long is now exploring Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to uncover it's secret.

"Go to Ancient Domain with relaxed mind and look for Nether Sun Spirit. So long as you obtain Nether Sun Spirit, Nine Sun Divine Hammer will definitely be reborn again!" Xie Qirou warned : "Since Yuemei is with you, you must take good care of her!"

"Sister Qirou, when can I go to Immortal Graveyard?" Qin Yun asked.

"You can go there when the time is right! Don't worry, you can go there before you leave for Sacred Desolate! At that time, I will also be completely healed and will leave for Sacred Desolate together with you." Xie Qirou lightly smiled and said.