Chapter 1059
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Chapter 1059

Qin Yun and old turtle are standing on the ground, protected by the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. They are looking at shower of arrows hitting the transparent wall of the goblet. These arrows are usually reusable but after hitting the goblet, all of them have been crushed into pieces.

Those three hunters are extremely shocked but they kept firing arrows frantically hoping that they will be able to breakthrough and then will be able to snatch the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet. It is especially true for that senior sister Wang. She took out a sword and decided to directly attack the goblet. Just as she attacked, Qin Yun extended his hand and released Vibration Power from his palm and enveloped the entire transparent wall of the goblet.


Senior sister Wang's sword arrived near the goblet and has been immediately jolted by Vibration Power and snapped, causing her to be sent flying several meters back and cry out miserably.

"We are leaving!" the thin faced man suddenly shouted.

But suddenly, a throwing knife flew towards his head at this time. This thin faced man is a peak Martial Emperor and he is very vigilant, so he naturally sensed the throwing knife rushing over and dodged at the nick of time. But the throwing knife is a talisman tool, it exploded when it had been passing by the thin faced man.


That thin faced man's flesh and blood flew everywhere after the explosion but he still has not died. Seeing this scene, the round faced man and senior sister Wang's face turned deathly pale in fright. The round faced man immediately took out a talisman and activated it, his whole body suddenly disappeared without a trace. That talisman is a space travel talisman for quick escape. That senior sister Wang also decided to escape but just as she took out a talisman, two throwing knives have already flew over.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions sounded, giving rise to a burst of flame wave. That senior sister Wang turned into ashes in a matter of moments. Qin Yun stored away the Heaven and Earth Devil Sealing Goblet and took out the Lion King Cannon. Lion roar can be heard from the lion mouth of the cannon as a golden light beam shot out of it.

Roar! Boom!

The light beam landed on the thin faced man and exploded, killing him thoroughly. The Golden Turtle Great Immortal watched the entire event with eyes wide open, he finds this entire situation hard to believe, he still can't be sure whether or not what he has seen is real.

"Young master..." Golden Turtle Great Immortal's voice shuddered. He can not help but kneel on the ground on his knees in miserable fear.

"One of them ran away!" Qin Yun arrived at the position where the round faced man was earlier and sensed the fluctuation of space.

Golden Turtle Great Immortal is shivering all over, he is just sitting motionless and speechless on the ground. He dares not make a sound because he recalled how arrogantly he fought Qin Yun before. He was truly courting death, if Qin Yun wanted to kill him, he would have died without any remains.

"Old Gold, stand up!" Qin Yun shook his head and laughed : "I have killed them, no need to be afraid!"

"Young master... this.. this... they... they..." Gold Turtle Great Immortal said in trembling voice : "They are the disciples of subordinate sects of Holy Sects!"

Qin Yun laughed and said : "They are merely disciples of subordinate sects, even if they were from Holy Sects, I would not be afraid of them!"

Golden Turtle Great Immortal is extremely curious about Qin Yun's origin. He possesses so many powerful equipment which even the most excellent hunters would not be able to obtain.

"Young master, we should quickly leave this place! One of them ran away, if he informs the sect, he would most definitely bring along a large group of people." Golden Turtle Great Immortal somewhat nervously said.

"Old Gold, aren't you a very famous and powerful beast emperor?" Qin Yun said with laugh.

"Young master, I was just boasting! Truth be told, wild beast emperors like us who don't have any background, what we most fear is the hunters!" Golden Turtle Great Immortal said with bitter smile : "We should quickly leave."

Qin Yun looked towards the large black star at the distance, pointed at it and asked : "Old Gold, can we go to that star?"

"Young master.. who exactly are you? Could it be that you are from a distant star field?" Golden Turtle Great Immortal abruptly asked.

"You can say that. I have come here for the first time, I don't know anything about this place. That black star is where I want to go!" Qin Yun said with nod.

Ancient Domain has existed for a long time, it is not strange for people from other star field to come here.

"So it is this way, no wonder young master doesn't know much about Ancient Domain." Golden Turtle Great Immortal suddenly realized why Qin Yun did not kill him, Qin Yun wants to learn things about Ancient Domain from him.

"I want to go to that star!" Qin Yun said.

"That area.. it is Nether Sect's territory! That is the largest star among the 49 large stars in the sky, it is called the Nether Sun Star! If will be very dangerous if you want to go there, usually people go there through a teleportation formation from the ground but only the disciples of Nether Sect can go there! Young master, if you want to go there, your only option is to become the disciple of Nether Sect!" old turtle said in low voice.

"Nether Sect? Is that one of the factions inside the Ancient Domain?" Qin Yun now even more sure that Nether Sun Spirit is within that Nether Sun Star.

The old turtle nodded and said : "Indeed! There are 3 powerful factions within Ancient Domain. The seven Great Holy Sects form the Holy Assembly. They have built Holy Palace Halls in all the major cities. They are the strongest among the three. Number two is the Dark Assembly! It is led by the Nether Sect and it is a faction that is assembled by the people who are enemies with Holy Sect! Number three, is the faction of our Demon Beasts, called the Demon Beast Alliance. It is formed by all kind of Demon Beast tribes"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Old Gold, why did you not enter the Demon Beast Alliance?"

Old turtle shook his head and said with smile : "I am too old, they don't care about me!"

"Is the Dark Assembly a Devil Sect? Judging by the name, it doesn't seem like a good thing." Qin Yun said.

"It's not. The purpose of Dark Assembly is to expose the darkness within the Ancient Domain... Holy Sects have great reputation within Ancient Domain and since Dark Assembly have enmity with Holy Sect, many people have the impression that the Dark Assembly is a sect that is wicked beyond redemption!" old turtle said.

"Then do all the major cities have any kind of method to allow people to become Nether Sect disciple?" Qin Yun asked.

"No! Entering Nether Sect is very difficult. You will need introduction from the staff within the sect!" old turtle shook his head : "There was a time when Holy Sect's people infiltrated Nether Sect and leaked inside information, causing Nether Sect to lead Dark Assembly in a war against Holy Assembly!"

"Ancient Domain's situation is really not simple." Qin Yun can not help but laugh.

"Young master, it will be really difficult if you want to directly go to the Nether Sun Star! You need to think long and hard if you want to go there!" old turtle said.

"Alright, then bring me to a nearby city!" Qin Yun said with nod.

"Young master, let's leave here first. I will have to go find some food." old turtle said in some embarrassment.

Qin Yun took out a large piece of dragon meat and said : "You can eat this.."

Old turtle's eyes shone the moment he saw the dazzling golden dragon meat. Without saying anything, he released a turtle shell and accepted the dragon meat on it.

"I can actually absorb the energy inside! Many thanks young master!" old turtle said with smile.

"Do you know which beast's meat is this?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't but I know that it is a very amazing beast!" old turtle said with mischievous laughter.

"This is dragon meat! Are there any dragons in Ancient Domain?" Qin Yun asked with laugh.

"What? Dragon meat?" old turtle screamed in fright.

"What's the matter?" Qin Yun doubtfully asked.

"Young master... dragons are the strongest existence in Ancient Domain..." old turtle pointed at the large sun in the sky and said in trembling voice : "Dragon race live in that large sun! Holy Sect has very good relationship with dragon race. And Demon Beast Alliance takes order from the Dragon race!"

"What is the reputation of dragon race in Ancient Domain?" Qin Yun looked at the sun in the sky while thinking about something.

This sun of the Ancient Domain is completely different than the nine suns of the Nine Desolate World. Those nine suns can release extremely powerful energy that can be absorbed to become strong. This sun here only has high temperature and unable to release any energy.

"The dragon race.. it is quite unpleasant.. in short, they are very rude and unreasonable. When I was young, I saw a dragon massacre an entire city and eat everyone in the city. The Holy Palace Hall inside that city was also destroyed! Yet the Holy Assembly claimed that it was done by the Dark Assembly! I never mentioned this matter to anyone because no beasts are allowed to disrespect dragon race!" old turtle said in low voice.

Qin Yun smirked in his mind. He has been worried about Yangyang's food, he really did not expect to find dragons in Ancient Domain. He said with laugh : "Old Gold, not only are you talking about dragons now, you are also eating dragon meat! It will increase your courage!"

"Young master, were the dragons in your previous place very weak?" old turtle asked in low voice.

"They were very strong, however they were still killed by me!" Qin Yun said with proud smile : "Old Gold, I also have many dragon bones! How about it, need some?"

"This... let's discuss this later." old turtle's courage has also increased a bit. Although he is anxious that dragon race would retaliate against him but he also wants dragon meat because they are very useful to him.

Qin Yun left the area for a nearby city led by old turtle. Old turtle removed the turtle shell on his back, Qin Yun placed a talisman inside it which let's old turtle completely conceal the beast aura. This will make sure that he is not recognized by the hunters. Although old turtle is very afraid of death, he has lived for many years because of his nature.

Two days later, they arrived at the Red Spirit City, it is one of the major cities. There is a Holy Palace Hall here. So long as there is a Holy Palace Hall in a city, there is also secret presence of Dark Assembly in the city. Just as Qin Yun and the old turtle entered the city, they saw many booths at the city gate. There are people on each booth who are handing out leaflets.

"Each one of them are disciples of different sects!" while old turtle said this with smile on his face, he suddenly saw two very familiar people.

One of them is that Gu Qiufei who has little dimples and the other is her big brother, he is the round faced man who left very quickly using space travel talisman. Both of them are now handing out leaflets.

"It's them! Let's go greet them!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"Young master.. don't go..." old turtle hastily pulled Qin Yun : "I am worried that their sect's elders are here!"