Chapter 13
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Chapter 13

"Right now, I can only figure out the mysterious runes by myself. I can't tell others!" Qin Yun carefully observed the Nine Sun Spirit once again. "There are nine pearls for the Nine Sun Spirit. My mental strength is not strong enough, so I can only open the first pearl for now!"

The easiest bead to open would have so many mysterious patterns. The other eight beads that were even harder to open might actually have something better!

This made Qin Yun eager to quickly become stronger. He wanted to open the other eight pearls.

"I'm going to start cultivating the Black Yang Art now! I need to get stronger as soon as possible!" Qin Yun began to memorize the 'Black Yang Art' that Yang Shiyue had given him.

Since he had cultivated his spiritual force, his memory had improved by a lot and he could soon memorize everything by heart.

There was a detailed annotation of Yang Shiyue in this book of Black Yang Art. Qin Yun memorized it as well so he could understand and understand this cultivation technique.

After memorizing it, he began to circulate his inner Qi in a rhythmic manner according to the mantra in his mind. He let the inner Qi flow through his entire body, from strong to weak, from fast to slow, and from time to time, it would stop.

When training in the initial stages of inner force cultivation, the main point was to draw in the inner yuan and cause the inner yuan to beat like a heart, which meant that the inner force cultivation method would be practiced to the beginner's level.

After the inner yuan started beating, it would propel the inner Qi within the body to circulate at a rapid speed. It would then be able to refine the inner Qi and make it even more vigorous.

Yang Shi Yue had said that it would take at least ten days for one's inner yuan to beat and some people would even need two to three months to reach that.

However, late into the night, Qin Yun cultivated the Black Yang Arts and suddenly felt the inner yuan within his dantian throbbing!

He didn't know why but the moment he started cultivating according to the Black Yang Art, his inner yuan started to throb unknowingly.

After he recovered from his shock, he started to carefully feel the inner strength that was pulsing within him …

Soon, Qin Yun discovered that every time his inner yuan throbbed, his inner Qi would gush out violently. It pushed the inner Qi through his meridians as it circulated rapidly throughout his body. When the inner yuan was throbbing, it is also absorbing a large amount of Nine Sun energy into the body.

The Nine Sun Energy entered his body and rapidly flowed through his body. It gradually condensed into inner yuan.

After a few hours, Qin Yun's body was shrouded in a mist of Qi. The surrounding nine suns' spiritual energy constantly entered his body. Like a surging wave, the inner Qi surged through his body as it nourished his flesh.

The more Qi he absorbed, the more he would be able to store Qi.

"A high grade inner cultivation technique is already this powerful. If it was a superior technique combined with my Nine Sun Divine Spirit, wouldn't it be heaven-defying?" Qin Yun clenched his fist. "Only a better cultivation technique can make good use of the Nine Sun Divine Spirit and the purple gold martial spirit."

Martial Spirits were located in the Inner Yuan. The stronger the Inner Yuan, the stronger the Martial Spirits and the stronger the Inner Qi. The three of them worked together and complemented each other!

Qin Yun used his purple gold fire martial spirit to cultivate a powerful inner yuan.

… ….

The next morning, Qin Yun naturally woke up. After opening his eyes, he realized that his body was in an excellent state and that his inner Qi had increased significantly.

He immediately examined his dantian and found that it was surrounded by dense white mist. His inner yuan had become even brighter, like a bright pearl.

"Let's try and see if we can release the fire."

After controlling his inner Qi through the Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit, his inner Qi seemed to have been ignited. He then quickly forced the burning flame out of his palm.

"It's a success!" He looked at the weak flame on his palm and laughed, "Maybe my Qi is still not enough, otherwise it would be purple fire!"

Qin Yun was looking forward to the moment he could release the purple flames.

As for that black Vibration Martial Spirit, he didn't know what to do. The only thing he was sure of was that the Vibration Martial Spirit could bring out a strong power.

"My roommates haven't come back for the whole night. What did they do?" Forget it, let's go and participate in the Freshmen Competition first! " After he washed up, he filled his stomach and hurried into the classroom. Yang Shiyue had said that they would gather in the classroom first.

… ….

The freshmen that the Hua Ling Wu Academy had recruited this year could be said to be full of talents. The fact that the Jiang family had produced a disciple who possessed a legendary martial spirit was the most shocking news.

In addition, there were also the rare sword and tiger martial spirits. They were all disciples of big families.

As for Qin Yun's purple gold fire martial soul, many people were amazed. It looked like it was about to turn the tables. Therefore, it was the topic of discussion among the students in the academy.

Qin Yun rushed to the classroom. He was the only student there!

Yang Shiyue stood on the lecture table, her beautiful face was ice-cold, as if she was suppressing her anger.

The moment Qin Yun entered the classroom, he felt Yang Shiyue's formless fury pressing down on him. This made him somewhat afraid as he asked softly, "Teacher … Am I late? "

Yang Shiyue's face was expressionless as she coldly said: "From now on, you are my only student in my class!"

"This... What is going on? They. Could it be … All dead? " Qin Yun asked in surprise. He really did think so because he was the only person in the dormitory.

"They changed class! It was decided last night! "

Yang Shiyue's expression was not good. The students that she had chosen all had good aptitudes but they had all agreed to be transferred together.

Qin Yun recalled the situation from last night and hurriedly said, "Teacher … I saw them being called away last night and didn't come back all night."

Yang Shiyue repressed her anger but her expression remained frosty. She said, "Qin Yun, don't worry. Even if it's only you here, I will teach you."

Qin Yun nodded slightly. He suspected that the matter of the transfer was most likely caused by the Empress behind the scenes.

Most of the students in this class came from famous aristocrats of the Tianqin Empire. As for the empress, she was the only one capable of covering the sky with her bare hands.

"Come, let's go to the Martial Arts Practice Grounds to participate in the Freshmen Competition!" Yang Shiyue angrily walked out of the classroom. Her dignity had been provoked, so it was impossible not to be angry.

In the middle of the Hua Ling Wu Academy was a spacious martial arts practice field.

Nearly four hundred new students were brought to the training field one by one. The class arranged themselves in a line, waiting for the meeting to start.

The students who had changed classes did not dare to look at Yang Shiyue upon seeing her. Their gazes were evasive, and the reason why they changed classes was also because of the pressure from the family.

Many older students were spectating at the edge of the square, as if they were waiting for a good show to happen. All of them had faces full of anticipation.

After the Freshmen Competition had begun, Dean Zhang started to talk about a lot of stuff regarding the academy and then announced the end of the Freshmen initiation.

Hua Ling Wu academy also officially began teaching this semester.

At this time, the class had been decided, there were a total of sixteen classes for freshmen and Yang Shiyue's class was the ninth class, which also had lowest number of people in it, there was only one student, Qin Yun!

Dean Zhang suddenly shouted from the stage, "We will now begin the class fight. The class teachers will come up to draw lots to decide who will be your opponent."

Class fight?

Qin Yun was taken aback before he suddenly understood why Yang Shiyue was so angry!

It was clear that this class fight was a match that required many people to work together in order to win, and right now, he was the only student in the entire class!

Qin Yun looked at the other teachers in the new class. Each and every one of them seemed to gloat over his misfortune, causing him to understand even more about Yang Shiyue's anger. It could be seen that they, the ninth class, would definitely lose this class battle.