Chapter 100
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Chapter 100

The registration for the Alchemy Competition had ended, meaning that the Blue Spirit Star Palace would be unable to send out their old inscriptionists.

As for the young ones, they had already signed up. If they didn't pay the registration fee, it wouldn't be easy for them to leave the palace.

Duan Qian smiled sinisterly, causing all the old inscriptionists to be secretly amazed. The Divine Inscription Palace had actually set up Blue Spirit Star Palace just like that.

Master Wei was very happy because the one with the highest chance of winning this time's competition was him. From the look of the joy on his face, it seemed as if he had already obtained the Fallen Flame.

He had a Platinum Flame Martial Spirit. If he could obtain it, he would be able to advance to purple gold.

The other old inscriptionists became worried when they thought of this.

The Inscription Masters all took out their smelting furnaces and forging platforms. The youths of Blue Spirit Star Palace all had storage spirit artifacts. It was obvious that their status was much higher than that of some so-called genius martial artists.

Qin Yun's furnace was without a doubt the worst. It was only a half spirit artifact. The other people's furnaces were at least a low-grade spirit artifact or even a mid-grade spirit weapon.

This also attracted bursts of ridicule from the other Inscription Masters.

Duan Qian said, "The time of the competition is four hours!"

Only four hours!

Everyone from Blue Spirit Star Palace stared with widened eyes, as if they were frightened!

Liang Shuijin said in an extremely arrogant tone, "Isn't this competition time too short?"

Duan Qian looked at Master Wei and asked, "Master Wei, do you think it's short?"

Master Wei said with a frown, "It's indeed a little short but since it's a rule set by your Mysterious Marks Palace, we'll just follow it."

Duan Qian looked at the discontented Liang Shuijin and said with a smile, "In the past, the duration of the competition was only two hours, so this time's four hours can't be considered too short!"

Qin Yun's heart was heavy as he felt an immense pressure. He had nearly wanted to say that the time was short but thinking of the competition that was prepared for the old masters, he could only accept it.

At noon, several old men came from Blue Spirit Star Palace. They were old Inscriptionists from both the east, west, south, and north palaces.

When the youths of Blue Spirit Star Palace saw them arrive, they quickly came up and greeted them.

"Your Divine Inscription Palace is still the same as before. It is as treacherous as ever and your nature cannot be changed." An old man from the Star Nangong Palace said with a cold snort. He took out a furnace and a forging hammer and said, "Both furnaces and forging hammers are high-grade spirit tools. A Rong, take them!"

The elders of Blue Spirit Star Palace all took out their high grade spirit tools and gave them to the juniors. This made Master Wei and the others envious.

Of course, Master Wei's furnace and forging hammer were also very good.

Of all the people present, only Qin Yun's furnace was the worst. Half a Spirit Treasure. Once again, the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace mocked him.

"Qin Yun, your Inscription Talent is pretty good. Do you have any ideas about coming to our Eastern Palace in the future? I am an outer elder of the Eastern Palace's Inscription Sect, my name is Weng Xiaohua!" An elder came to Qin Yun's side and asked gently.

Qin Yun also saw that there were no Eastern Palace disciples among the Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples that were participating.

Even the Eastern Palace's Elder of the Inscription Sect, Weng Xiaohua, was only here to join in on the fun.

"There's only you in the East Palace's Inscription Gate and how many years have you been down for? You don't even have a furnace or hammer you can take out now, you still want to recruit people? Furthermore, Qin Yun only has one spirit vein. It's unknown how far he can go on the path of martial arts." The elder from Nan Gong sneered.

"I thought you guys said that it would be difficult for him to step into the sixth level Martial Body realm? However, he is now at the sixth level Martial Body. Perhaps he will surpass you in no time at all."

Another old man sneered and said, "There is not a single person in the inner court of the Inscription Gate. Only you, an outer elder, can barely be considered as a member of the Inscription Gate. And you, until now, have never been able to pass the inner sect examination! Even if you want to take Qin Yun in as your disciple, he can only blindly follow you!"

At the mention of this examination, he couldn't help but let out a long sigh. With a sorrowful and painful expression, he then left in desolation. It was unusual for him to be here.

An old man sneered, "This old fellow's three sons and two grandsons all lost their lives during the entrance exam of the Inscription Gate. The entrance examination of the East Palace's Inscription Gate is the hardest and most terrifying. It was a narrow escape and this was also the reason why the East Palace's Inscription Gate had fallen. This has caused those precious Inscriptions to remain uninherited."

Qin Yun looked at the lonely back of elder Weng and was slightly moved. Suddenly, he had an idea to give it a try.

The Inscription Gate sounded very mysterious. For many years, no one had taken care of it. It was as if it was sealed up by dust.

However, he needed to have a certain level of strength before he could go. He planned to cultivate in the Star Xuan Wu Academy before considering further.

The competition was going to take place in the main hall. With Duan Qian and the other old men of Blue Spirit Star Palace watching from the sidelines, no one could cheat.

Duan Qian began ordering people to move the iron onto the platform and place it next to each of the Inscriptionists.

Each of these hundred kilograms of iron was worth a hundred crystal pieces and all of them looked very rough. They were stacked next to the Inscription Master.

After being refined by an Inscription Master, it could turn into Spirit Iron, smoothly absorb inner strength and become even more tenacious.

"This year's Alchemy Competition will now begin!" Duan Qian announced loudly while striking a large copper gong.

From the start of the match, the Divine Inscription Palace was filled with steaming heat. All of the Inscription Masters began to pour their flames into the furnace.

A good furnace could not only strengthen the flame of an Inscription Master but could also absorb spiritual energy and enhance it further.

Allegedly, there were some high level smelting furnaces that could even enhance the flame of an Inscription Master by ten times!

Qin Yun's semi-spirit artifact furnace only had alchemy inscriptions carved onto it.

After absorbing the flames, these spirit marks would be able to release even more scorching flames and would also be a type of spirit mark used to strengthen the flames.

It was a good thing that he had the Purple Gold Fire. Otherwise, he would have fallen behind even more.

Because the furnaces were all high grade spirit artifacts, the hundred jin of iron were all burnt red in an instant. Afterwards, they took them out the furnace and began to forge.

Bang bang bang bang … Almost at the same time, the sound of hammers striking red-iron resounded in the great hall!

Only Qin Yun had yet to begin. This made him realize the difference in the level of his spirit artifacts.

Even though his flame grade was very strong and his alchemy inscription is high quality spirit marks, he was still far behind others.

"That's the only way!" Qin Yun frowned secretly as he released his inner strength into flames. It poured into the furnace with a "huff" sound.

This method could indeed increase the power of fire rapidly but there was one big drawback, which was the high rate of consumption of internal energy.

Qin Yun did not want to fall behind by too much, so he used such a method. However, he still had something to rely on.

This was because he had two Inner Yuan and the Nine Yang Spirit. The Inner Yuan also had a Primordial Spirit that could quickly absorb the Nine Yang Qi into his body.

"Qin Yun is going all out. He probably won't be able to hold on for long after using his inner strength to form fire. It will consume a lot of his inner strength when forging in the future." An old man from the Blue Spirit Nangong said.

"It's time for them to take out the flag array!" Another old man said.

Liang Shuijin was the youngest of the Inscription Masters from blue spirit palace. His internal energy storage was far inferior to others', so he first took out more than twenty small flags and placed them around him to form a flag formation. It was used to strengthen the absorption of nine suns energy.

Qin Yun was extremely envious. Flag Formation was an extremely brilliant method of setting up the array. The process of refining the array was extremely complicated.

Not only did the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace have flag array but also the older inscriptionists like Master Wei and the others also have those flag arrays.