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Hello, i know many of you are dissatisfied with the quality of my posts. It is frustrating and somewhat unreasonable to read such mess. My apologies. i am not a professional translator and i don't even understand a lick of chinese. all of my posts are heavily edited from machine translation. But i still have the capability to do more, if i have done up to this, i can surely do more. If i made any of you feel that i am looking down on you by not fixing the problems you posted, my sincerest apologies, it is never my intention. All i wanted was to post the stuff i am reading myself, i read the manhua release of Nine Sun God King and thought it would be fun to read the novel. But since nobody is translating it i thought i would just do my best to read it on my own, as long as i can understand the flow of story, it is all good. But since i am  posting this now on a public place, it is time to polish the posts to the best of my abilities. So from now on i will start fixing my own files starting from chapter 1. There are 145 chapters released, so i will first fix all 145 of them and update them here one by one and then focus on further release. I hope for your understanding. Thanks to everyone for reading my crappy posts and providing suggestions, you guys are awesome. And again, sorry for causing everyone trouble. Have good days.