Chapter 1074
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Chapter 1074

Qin Yun finds this situation very ridiculous. He really did not expect that Lu Chaoshuai's students would come looking for trouble with this kind of excuse.

"Weiwei, tell us, between me and teacher Lu Chaoshuai, who is the most handsome?" Qin Yun is not least bit afraid of these four students of Lu Chaoshuai as he asked of Shui Weiwei with face full of calm smile.

"Of course teacher Qin is the most handsome! Teacher Lu Chaoshuai has stiff and scowling face all day long, the more I look at him, the more ugly he looks!" Shui Weiwei summoned all of her courage and said : "Could it be that I am not allowed to tell the truth? Teacher Lu Chaoshuai is too arrogant. I was truly blind before to admire him so much!"

"Wretched girl, believe it or not, I will kill you!" that black clothed student pointed at Shui Weiwei and roared like a fiend.

Although Shui Weiwei looks like a weak little girl, she is not easy to deal with. She immediately replied : "So what If I am courting death? If you have the guts, come and kill me!"

Then she suddenly began screaming : "Murder! Murder! Lu Chaoshuai's students want to kill a weak little girl like me.. they want to rape me.. everyone come persuade them! Lu Chaoshuai's students are brutes without morality.. they are unequal brutes!"

Qin Yun jumped in fright, he really did not expect that this little girl who looked like she was just about to cry, would be so skillful. Many people have hastily arrived at the scene and began criticizing those male students. Those male students have very ugly face now, they really did not expect the little girl to actually dare scream.

Shui Weiwei continued to scream and shout. Her heart is filled with resentment towards Lu Chaoshuai. It is even worse because she used to adore Lu Chaoshuai but then she found out that he has no humane quality, he was so coldhearted to her, treating her like a nobody simply because she is poor. On the other hand, not only Qin Yun is very handsome, he is also very good to her. He has given her so many star coins as well as a precious gift, that is why now she adores him the most. So now she has decided to throw caution to the wind with these students of Lu Chaoshuai and has begun retaliating with all her heart,

Ling Yuner said with smile : "Xiao Yun, this little girl is a talent! You must properly nurture her from now on!"

Qin Yun also can not help but smile. Shui Weiwei's voice is very loud and sharp, this is also possibly her talent. The whole plaza now knows that students of Lu Chaoshuai are trying to take advantage of a little girl and even kill her. This garnered very nasty reaction from people. You Feng has also learned about this matter from her students, she is carefully watching the situation. She did not expect Qin Yun to recruit a student, moreover, an impressive one at that.

At this time, Lu Chaoshuai hastily arrived with a group of students. Lu Chaoshuai is indeed a very handsome man but his face looks cold, as if he has facial nerve disability, giving people a very ruthless feeling. He is wearing armor with a long sword hanging from his waist, making him look like a god of war. After he arrived, those few students from before showed traces of fear on their faces.

"What is going on here?" Lu Chaoshuai coldly shouted at those students.

"Teacher... this little girl said that Qin Yun is more handsome than you. We felt very angry hearing that and came here to..." that black clothed student is sweating from top of his face in fear.

Lu Chaoshuai also knows that Qin Yun is that bullshit teacher. He looked at Qin Yun's handsome, firm and resolute, smile filled face and felt shocked in his heart. He now also recognizes that Qin Yun is very handsome and apparently, a cut above him. The smile on Qin Yun's face adds extra charm, this is also the main reason why Shui Weiwei feels that Qin Yun is more handsome than Lu Chaoshuai.

Shui Weiwei delicately yelled : "They said that they want to kill me!"

A blue clothed man pointed at the black clothed man and hastily yelled : "I never said that, it was senior Wang who said that!"

"Teacher Lu Chaoshuai, why are the students taught by you are such trash? I wonder how you became so famous!" Shui Weiwei very furiously yelled.

Everyone now secretly admires Shui Weiwei's courage because she actually dares to scold Lu Chaoshuai publicly.

Lu Chaoshuai's face became gloomy. He looked at that senior Wang and said in cold voice : "Quickly go apologize to the young lady!"

That senior Wang and his group hastily bowed and apologized to Shui Weiwei, they feel like dying in their hearts.

Shui Weiwei placed her hands on her waist and very loftily said : "A group of useless things who only knows how to bully weak women! Quickly scram away from me!"

Lu Chaoshuai looked at Qin Yun and coldly smiled : "Congratulations to teacher Qin for recruiting such outstanding disciple! But with your capability you will only ruin her future!"

Qin Yun said with smile : "Then teacher Lu, please tell us how her future won't be ruined."

Lu Chaoshuai has now realized that Shui Weiwei is a pretty good seedling, at the very least, she is very outstanding when it comes to bravery. He said : "Naturally by transferring her to my class! I will properly guide her, only I can bring out her latent potential! I will also not take any tuition fees from her!"

"Ha ha ha.." Qin Yun suddenly burst into laughter.

"You.. why are you laughing?" Lu Chaoshuai asked.

Qin Yun looked at Shui Weiwei and said : "Weiwei, did you hear? Teacher Lu Chaoshuai is inviting you to join his class. He is a very famous teacher, one of the top 10 in Great Ancient College! Why don't you go?"

"I will go fuck his grandpa!" Shui Weiwei delicately yelled : "Just earlier I went to join his class but he disdained me for being poor, for lacking talent and did not accept me! Stupid snob!"

The corners of Lu Chaoshuai's eyes throbbed, intense rage filled up his heart. He really wants to slap this arrogant girl before his eyes into a paste. Many people began whispering among each other, Lu Chaoshuai refused someone just moments ago and now he is asking that same person to enter his class, this is truly laughable. Lu Chaoshuai has lost greatest amount of face because now many people think that he has no sincerity.

"You did not even look at me just earlier. It is teacher Qin who is the best!" Shui Weiwei lightly yelled.

"Your teacher Qin is merely mid stage Martial Emperor, he is even lower than you! And you think he is the best? Truly ridiculous!" Lu Chaoshuai said with sneer : "Little girl, you will regret it with in half a year! I am now giving you an opportunity to enter my class for free, yet you are refusing? Truly stupid!"

At this time many female students began chiding Shui Weiwei one after another, saying that she is foolish not to enter Lu Chaoshuai's class, on top of that she is refusing free tutelage. They kept saying how awesome Lu Chaoshuai is and what an honor joining his class is and how stupid Shui Weiwei is for not understanding this. Lu Chaoshuai began smiling proudly seeing so many female students chirping for him. Shui Weiwei became even more angry and began hating Lu Chaoshuai even more. Now her heart has become more firm and determined to follow Qin Yun.

"All of you shut up! I am not some soft boned dog! If all of you think that Lu Chaoshuai is so great, why don't you get down on your knees and call him daddy?" Shui Weiwei loudly shouted in anger : "Just by the fact he has raised these bastard students, it is clear that he is also a bastard! Subordinates always imitate the vices of their superiors! If I join his class, I will surely be raped to death!"

Shui Weiwei's sharp and loud voice resounded through the whole plaza. Lu Chaoshuai's heart is dripping blood in anger. He is firmly holding his fists, he really wants to explode the fury in his heart and kill Shui Weiwei.

At this time, You Feng walked over and said : "Then enter my class! Free of charge!"

Qin Yun became so angry that he feels like breaking his table on You Feng's face. She has been causing trouble for him all the time. Currently he is in a crisis and needs to urgently recruit students, yet she has come to poach the only student he has recruited.

"No I will follow teacher Qin!" Shui Weiwei resolutely replied. There is not a least bit hesitation in her.

"If you follow him, you won't have any future!" You Feng is not looking at Qin Yun at all, she is only looking at Shui Weiwei.

Qin Yun can no longer take it, he suddenly said : "How about we do this? We will compete. Weiwei is the student I just accepted. You have also accepted new students just now. We will each take an hour to guide one student and let them compete. Let's see whose student is the most formidable! Loser will have to pay 200 million star coins to the winner! Which one of you will come first?"

You Feng began pondering, she is very clear about Qin Yun's capability so she is now unsure whether or not she should take the challenge.

Lu Chaoshuai said with sneer : "I will go first! How will we compete?"

Qin Yun looked at Shui Weiwei and said : "We will compete in arm wrestling!"

"What? You want this little girl to arm wrestle with us?" a very tall student burst into laughter and said : "I am peak Martial Emperor, this little girl is late stage Martial Emperor. Even two of her is not my match!"

"Since you are so confident, after you lose, call her great aunt, how about it?" Qin Yun said with smile.

Shui Weiwei pulled Qin Yun's sleeves worriedly. She believes that she is not an opponent of this large man. Arm wrestling is a test of one's true power and strength of body.

"I will do it, I will do it!" the large man volunteered : "Teacher Lu, why don't you let me, Gao Cai(great talent), go deal with it? I will surely win!"

Lu Chaoshuai nodded : "Gao Cai, go up! This is just simple arm wrestling, there is nothing to point out. With your power, you can surely beat that little girl!"

Qin Yun used Extinction Spirit Eye to check Gao Cai's martial spirit, it is a purple-gold flame martial spirit. While Shui Weiwei's martial spirit is a red water martial spirit, it is classified as a very strange variant martial spirit.

"Teacher, can I truly win?" Shui Weiwei asked in low voice.

"Of course you can win!" Qin Yun smiled. He held Shui Weiwei's hands and began pouring in the power of Water Divine Ability into her body.