Chapter 153
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Chapter 153

If it were only one Giant Thunderstorm Bear, then it wouldn't be difficult to deal with. After all, the valley was so big and it was easy to hide from one giant bear.

The Thunderstorm Bear was a rank 8 beast and it's strength was equivalent to a martial artist at the eighth level of the Martial Body realm.

Qin Yun said, "Brother Xie, this shouldn't have much of an impact on us, right? We have less people, so it'll be easier for us to spread out. The other teams have more people, it'll be easier for them to encounter casualties."

As long as they hit the bears ten times and lasted for an hour and not die within that hour, they would be able to pass the examination . It wasn't convenient to say it was easy but it wasn't also too difficult.

Xie Wufeng was still thinking about the plan, then he said, "When the time comes, we'll split into two groups. Murong and me, Qin Yun and old Huo, we'll deal with one bear each."

Mu Rong Jun said with a smile, "We have an advantage even if we have less people. With so many of them, two giant bears might just run around randomly and kill one or two of them."

Qin Yun and company nodded as they agreed with Xie Wufeng's tactics.

After resting, a small team went on stage.

The teams that didn't go on stage were all staying at the entrance of a large cave with Dean Bai. It was also very safe to watch the battle here.

There were fifteen people in the group and they all brought out a variety of weapons. For example, whips and long sticks. They didn't need to get too close to the giant bear to intentionally achieve their goals.

Huo Zhong smiled, "I also have a stick. It'll be much easier to fight then."

The two Thunderstorm Bears had large spirit talismans stuck to their bodies. When Murong Daren saw them, he asked, "What's that?"

Qin Yun said, "It's a Beastmaster Glyph Array. It covers a beast's back and can make it more tame. Refining such a Glyph Array requires a strong amount of mental energy. Even the current me is unable to refine it."

"Brother Yun, your mental strength is very strong now but you're actually unable to refine it. It seems like the person who refined this kind of array glyph is very strong!" Huo Zhong was surprised.

After the array glyphs on the two giant bears were removed, they immediately became extremely violent. The elders on the backs of the bears also started to float into the air.

At this moment, the second round of examination had already begun.

The huge thunderstorm bear was very fierce and it had a heavy killing intent. It was not like those docile demon beasts. If it gradually got injured, sooner or later, it would become a vicious beast.


A Thunderstorm bear roared, opened its mouth and spat out a beam of lightning. With a powerful force, the beam swept through the students.

They couldn't fly and they couldn't climb the walls. It was extremely difficult for them to dodge the lightning and fire that were gushing towards them.

Just from the start, that group of students had already fallen into an extremely dangerous predicament.

"This valley is a beast battle arena!" A student sighed inside the cave.

"Let alone two Thunderstorm bear, even if it was just one of them, it wouldn't be easy to deal with. Fortunately, we weren't the first ones up there, otherwise we would have been caught off guard."

"These guys from Team Two won't be able to hold on for long."

Dean Bai shouted to the students running around the valley, "If you can't persevere, you can choose to give up. Don't lose your life over this."

Qin Yun and company had solemn expressions. That was because the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear was stronger than they had imagined. It was able to constantly spew out thunder and fire, and its movements were very agile.

"Follow the tactics we agreed upon earlier." Xie Wufeng said solemnly.

In the valley, after the dozen students had scurried for less than an hour, they gradually familiarized themselves with the Violent Thunder Bear's attacks and began to cooperate. Some of them were responsible for attracting the attention of the giant bear, while others were responsible for attacking.

Their tactics had caught the attention of Xie Wufeng and the others. They were able to provide them with a certain amount of experience.

Team Two's tactics had quite a good effect. After a portion of them successfully drew the attention of the Colossal Thunder Bear, the others quickly rushed over and fiercely attacked the Colossal Thunder Bear.

Upon seeing this, Dean Bai hurriedly shouted, "Team Two finished attacking the Thunderstorm bear 10 times. There is still half of the time left."

The hourglass was at his feet and half the sand was still there.

That round of fierce attacks from before had caused Team Two to complete their attack in an instant. As long as they were able to hold on for an hour, they would pass.

"Xie Wufeng, don't even think of borrowing this tactic. That's because they have more people and you only have four." One of the captains smiled and said, "It will be of some help to us."

The captain was right but Xie Wufeng and Qin Yun felt that there was something they could learn from this.

The violent Thunderstorm Bear in the valley became even more ferocious as it let out waves of furious roars. It was extremely terrifying!

What was even more frightening was that the Thunderstorm Bear's leather armor, which was originally white, was now gradually turning gray!

"Not good, the Thunderstorm Gigantic Bear is turning into a vicious beast!" Dean Bai frowned.

An old man from the Blue Spirit Star Palace flew in from the sky. He said, "Continue with the assessment. The transformation will not affect the assessment at all."

The students cursed silently in their hearts. Demonic beasts were the most terrifying creatures in the world.

At this moment, the Thunderstorm Bear was incomparably savage, constantly crashing around randomly and even the mountain was shaking from the collision.

The students of Squad Two were also trembling in fear as they ran all over the place.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A student was suddenly hit by a Thunderstorm Bear and his body was immediately set ablaze.

When everyone saw this, they sucked in a breath of cold air. They were certain that this student was dead for sure!

Indeed, the Colossal Thunder Bear charged over and with a single palm, smashed the student who was covered in fire into pieces.

"Team Two failed!" Dean Bai and a few elders hastily flew out, throwing out a rope to pick up the students in the valley.

One person dead means failure, all the effort lost!

Qin Yun sighed slightly. The assessment was indeed difficult. Without sufficient strength, it was impossible to pass.

"Sixth team, it's your turn!" Upon his return, Dean Bai looked at the students of the sixth team and said, "If you decide to participate in this round of the examination, you will have to leave the cave."

The members of Team Six suddenly hesitated. Clearly, they had been scared witless by the vicious Thunderstorm Bears!

"We... We forfeit!" The captain of the sixth team made a decision.

"Alright, team seven!" "What about you?" Dean Bai looked at the seven teams.

Team Seven decisively left the cave and charged toward the two Colossal Thunderstorm Bears.

They had also decided on a strategy, so from the very beginning, they would delay until the very last moment to attack.

This was because even if they were to complete ten attacks in the beginning, they might not necessarily be able to pass the examination. If, like Team Two just now, someone were to be killed, it would mean that they would have failed.

Thus, they had to protect their own lives from the very beginning.

There was also a very good teamwork between them. For example, when they saw their teammates being chased by the Thunderstorm bear, the nearby teammates would all go over and attract the attention of the Thunderstorm bear or throw rocks to lure it away.

This prevents teammates from being chased too closely.