Chapter 171
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Chapter 171

When Qin Yun saw the stone wall crack, he hurriedly collected the stone slabs of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and came to Qiao Ruiwen's side.

"Last strike!" She had been locked up in this place for more than two hundred years and was about to see the light of day again.

She was so excited that her hand trembled slightly. It was condensed with a strong force that she slowly pushed it over. When she touched the stone wall, an incomparably loud explosion occurred!

"Bang, bang, bang!" Many stone chambers suddenly collapsed.

In the largest stone room they were in, large pieces of stone bricks continued to fall.

Qiao Ruiwen used her inner force to form a barrier, enveloping Qin Yun and herself within it. Then, she struck the wall once again, creating a large hole in it that went straight to the ground.

"We did it!" Qiao Ruiwen could not suppress her excitement. She laughed out loud and pulled Qin Yun along as she charged out. In an instant, she had reached the ground.

"Grandma Qiao, there might be people from the Tian Qi Kingdom here, we have to be careful!" Qin Yun said softly. He was wary of the surroundings.

When Qiao Ruiwen was in the underground palace, she had heard Qin Yun mention the Blue Spirit Star Palace. She also knew that there were many powerful martial arts cultivators in the Star Palace and they would definitely covet her soul refining technique.

"We can't let anyone know that we're coming out for the time being!" After her excitement, she calmed down.

Qin Yun looked at the bluestone building and saw that it had collapsed. As long as the people from the Tian Qi Empire came, they would definitely know that they had broken through the barrier and would not be able to hide anything.

"How are we going to cover this up? When the underground palace collapsed, it was quite noisy and the surroundings were shaking. There must be people from the Tian Qi Kingdom patrolling nearby. They will be here soon." Qin Yun looked around and released his spirit energy to sense the surroundings. If anyone came over, he would be able to silence them in time.

Qiao Ruiwen's face was solemn. "It seems like we can only use Ancestor Lan Xiao's ancient forbidden technique!"

Qin Yun asked in shock, "Ancient Forbidden Techniques? What is that? "

"It can cause a meteorite to fall... However, after I use it, it will take up a lot of energy and will take some time to recover! " Qiao Ruiwen said, "If they knew I came out of the forbidden area, they would definitely chase me everywhere... even you are in very much danger. "

Her lips slightly moved as she tightly gripped the walking stick in her hand. Waves of powerful energy gushed out from her body, causing the surrounding wind to blow wildly.

Suddenly, an oppressive aura appeared and all the trees around were snapped.

Qin Yun looked up and saw a gigantic meteor.

"Ahhhh!!" Qiao Ruiwen screamed miserably. The energy that leaked out from her body became even more violent. Then, her entire body seemed to have been sucked empty as she collapsed limply to the ground.

She said weakly: "Quick!! Get out of here!"

Qin Yun carried her on his back as he used the Flame Cloud Steps to rush into the sky at his fastest speed.

While he was in the air, he also felt a scorching air current pressing down on him. The shattered pieces of the tree below him were instantly set on fire, turning into a sea of fire.


The meteor crashed into the ground, causing a wave of fiery qi that was like a large stone dropping into a calm lake. Waves of violent flame waves were set off, flooding the surrounding forest for a thousand li.

Qin Yun was in the air as he was enveloped by the searing waves of air. Below him was a sea of lava and fire. The surrounding thousand-meter-tall mountains had all been flattened.

"This forbidden technique is truly frightening. It is simply a natural disaster!" Qin Yun carried the unconscious Qiao Ruiwen on his back. His heart was filled with shock as he made his way through the air towards the north.

An hour after Qin Yun left, a large group of people appeared in the sky above the forbidden grounds that was covered in lava.

Du Gui's brows tightly furrowed, he looked down at the explosions that continuously surged forth. Then, he looked at the people from the Tian Xuan Martial School and sneered, "Now, you all should be satisfied, right? Qin Yun is dead!"

Zhuo Chuan heaved a long sigh and said, "An outstanding young Inscription Master is finished just like that!"

Hou Xingfeng said, "I need to hurry up and comfort them... When they heard that Qin Yun had been sent to a forbidden zone, they nearly had an outburst."

"This has nothing to do with us. Don't look at us!" Guo Cheng said lightly but in his heart, he was very happy.

"It was the teacher of your Tian Xuan Martial School who personally sent Qin Yun into the Forbidden Area!! Xiao Yue Mei thinks that this is all the fault of your Tian Xuan Martial School. This little girl has been missing for so long, I think she should make some moves soon." Du Gui sneered.

"Teacher Du, let's go back!" Hou Xingfeng sighed, turned around, and flew away.

Du Gui's mental force was very strong. He was very familiar with Qin Yun's mental force. Therefore, he could sense a trace of a familiar remnant of his mental force that extended in a particular direction.

He was the first to arrive. After sensing Qin Yun's mental force, he had erased it immediately. As a result, no one had sensed it later on.

He did not inform Hou Xingfeng of this matter because he was unsure if Qin Yun was still alive.

Qin Yun had spent so much time with the Soul Refining Fiend in the forbidden grounds. If he was still alive, he would definitely be considered to have mastered the art of soul refining!

Since the appearance of Blue Spirit Star Palace, meteorites had occasionally fallen from the sky. However, they were not as big as this one, so everyone didn't think too much about it and assumed that it was a coincidence.

Especially those who hated Qin Yun very much. They believed that it was an act of the heavens to eradicate Qin Yun and the Soul Refining Fiend.

Those who wanted to watch the show secretly sympathized with Qin Yun. Just as he was about to launch a counterattack, his inner yuan was crippled and he was sent into the Forbidden Land. Finally, he was smashed to death by a meteorite.

No matter how he looked at it, it seemed as if he had offended a certain deity. Otherwise, who would torment him like this??

Qin Yun carried Qiao Ruiwen on his back. After running in the air for an entire day, he felt somewhat exhausted. He then landed on a large tree to rest.

He looked at the extremely weak Qiao Ruiwen and worriedly shouted, "Grandma Qiao, are you alright?"

Qiao Ruiwen slightly opened her eyes and smiled: "Grandmother is fine, I'm very happy to be able to see nine suns again! I'll be fine after I rest for a while."

"Xiao Yun, you go to the Soul Guiding Peak yourself! It's not convenient for you to take me, I won't be able to recover that quickly."

"No, I can't leave you behind." Qin Yun firmly rejected it.

When Qiao Ruiwen saw how concerned Qin Yun was with him, she felt her heart warm. With a benevolent smile, she said, "Find a high mountain and make a deep cave. Put me inside it. After you leave, seal up the cave and I will be able to rest safely inside."

"Good boy, listen to grandma! It won't be easy for you to bring me to the Soul Guiding Peak. You must obtain a Star Martial Spirit in the next two to three months before you go and snatch back your princess."

"Grandma, what are you going to do?" Qin Yun was extremely reluctant to part with this benevolent old granny.

Qiao Ruiwen said: "If I recover, I will go to the Martial Desolate, all my enemies in Tian Qi have all died and I have nothing to linger for here! I also believe in you. You will definitely be able to overcome all these difficulties by relying on your own strength."

Qin Yun could only carry Qiao Ruiwen on his back and fly to a higher mountain. He carved out a deep cave.

He placed the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array inside. This would allow Qiao Ruiwen to absorb spiritual energy faster and he gave her a storage spirit artifact, which would be filled with all kinds of delicious food.

"Good child, if there's anyone who suspects that you have mastered some kind of soul refining technique and can't hide it from them, tell them that the soul refining technique was created by the Martial King Lan Xiao." Qiao Ruiwen said.

"You must try your best to become an Eastern Palace disciple of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Learn the martial arts of the Martial King Lan Xiao."

Qin Yun hurriedly nodded. He had already comprehended the extremely powerful Star Yang Heart Sutra, allowing his mental energy to transform into a star with a powerful mental force. Therefore, he still had great respect for Martial King Lan Xiao.

In the end, Qiao Ruiwen told him a lot about the Soul Guiding Star Peak, allowing him to understand the process.

Qin Yun reluctantly bid farewell to Qiao Ruiwen and sealed the cave. He came to the surface and ran towards the north.

From the west side of the Cloud Dragon Range, he headed north. The journey was long and dangerous and he didn't know if he could make it in time for the wedding.

At night, Qin Yun hovered high in the sky and looked at a star in the north. It was Darknorth star.

Darknorth star looked a bit blue and it was the brightest star in the northern part of the starry sky.

"I hope that the Soul Guiding Star Peak can really help me obtain a Divine Martial Spirit." Qin Yun landed on the ground and traversed the forest in the night.

Right now in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, he had to be extremely careful to avoid all kinds of ferocious beast attacks. If he were to encounter a fast Class 8 or 9 beast, it would be a disaster.

"I don't know how Yue Mei is doing, I had been sent to the forbidden area, she's definitely worried about me and will definitely be very angry about this!" Qin Yun was secretly worried that Xiao Yue Mei would do something out of line.

In front of him, Xiao Yue Mei was always giggling and mischievous but she was a straightforward person. Furthermore, when she was ruthless, it made people feel terrified.

"Woof woof woof …"

In the silent forest at night, a crisp barking sound suddenly came from a dog.

Qin Yun immediately stopped and released his mind energy to investigate. At the same time, he used a cultivation technique to remove all traces of his surroundings before hiding in the dense foliage of a large tree.

Not far away, a pair of dark green eyes appeared. It was a black dog as big as a cow. It had a big man riding on its back and was slowly walking over.

Not long after, there were two more large dogs with green eyes. They carried people as they walked over and kept sniffing the ground.

"Was that your dog barking? Did you discover something?" A big fellow asked.

"Your dog was nearby as well. Did you not find him?" The man said, "Perhaps my dog is being overly sensitive!"

"There's no harm in being careful. What we're guarding right now are top grade spirit iron ores and we've even mined so much! This is the critical moment!"

"The Western Palace is really too much. Hundreds of slaves have died, why haven't they sent new ones yet? They did not send anyone to take the Spirit Iron mine they mined. Not only did they always pile it up there to take up space, we even have to be extremely careful and take care of it."

When Qin Yun heard their conversation, he was secretly alarmed. There was actually a top grade spirit iron mine here!