Chapter 358
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Chapter 358

Yue Sha really didn't expect that the normally gentle Princess Yuemei would stab a few needles into his back.

The needle in Xiao Yuemei's hand was not an ordinary one either. It pierced into Yue Sha's body and sealed Yue Sha's Dao core.

"Prince Sha, how do you feel?" Xiao Yuemei giggled, took out a bunch of iron chains and tied Yue Sha up.

Yue Sha was incomparably terrified as he cried out in grief, "Princess Yuemei, what are you doing? I've never offended you and I'm very good to you!"

Xiao Yuemei sat on the chair, crossed her legs and smiled sweetly: "You dog, you have done so many things that are not as good as animals, the reason why I am killing you is on behalf of the heavens!"

"I... What have I done that is worse than an animal?" Yue Sha was a little angry, "If you kill me, Yue Wu Nation will definitely pursue this matter to the end with your Xiao Wu Country. It might even cause a war between the two countries!"

"If I say I am noth the princess of Xiao Wu Country, would you really believe me?" Xiao Yuemei took out her Mirror Martial Spirit and placed it on Yue Sha's abdomen. "Think carefully about what kind of wicked things you have done."

Yue Sha thought about it, then said, "Could it be about me using living people to practice throwing daggers? Or am I burning thousands of useless slaves?"

"It seems that you've done too many heinous things!" Xiao Yuemei looked at her mirror, saying: "Your martial spirit is not bad, it's a Platinum Wind martial spirit, barely passable!"

Yue Sha said angrily, "Those slaves are useless now. If we don't burn them to death, do we have to wait for them to die? I use living people to practice throwing daggers but they're all useless people who can't practice martial arts. What's wrong with that? I am the son of a Martial King and they can die in my hands!!"


After Xiao Yuemei hear this, she slapped Yue Sha's face and shouted angrily, "Enough! You fell into my hands now, you'll be no different from a cripple in my eyes. I'll kill you however I want to! Just like you killed those people!"

"You dare... I am the son of a Martial King!" Yue Sha roared: "If I die in Northern Spirit City, you will definitely not be able to escape!"

Xiao Yuemei took out a short sword and chopped at Yue Sha's neck!


Under the control of Yue Sha's consciousness, a strong power exploded out, destroying this small building!

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei were blown away by the violent explosion and were enveloped by the ruins.

"Someone, save me!" Yue Sha shouted.

Xiao Yuemei did not expect Yue Sha to have such a powerful item on his body. With a wave of her hand, she retrieved the needles.

She had originally planned to go over but she suddenly felt a few powerful auras of the Martial Dao Realm. They were all at the fifth or sixth level of the Martial Dao Realm.

Qin Yun hurriedly flew over and grabbed Xiao Yuemei. He infused the Shadow Force into her body and allowed her to hide in the darkness.

Xiao Yuemei sensed Qin Yun's aura and was pleasantly surprised. She did not resist.

Qin Yun brought Xiao Yuemei and flew out of the villa. They quickly passed through a dark alley and quietly returned to the inn.

After returning to his room, Qin Yun placed Xiao Yuemei down.

"Brother!" Xiao Yuemei hugged Qin Yun tightly. She was so happy that tears streamed down her cheeks. "I thought I would never see you again!"

"You damn girl, you're too reckless!" Qin Yun pinched her cute face and smiled in relief.

Xiao Yuemei looked seriously at Qin Yun and touched his handsome face. She stared into his eyes and said, "To be able to see you again is truly great!"

Xiao Yuemei had grown up a lot. She was tall and elegant, making her even more beautiful. In front of Qin Yun, she still appeared as beautiful and charming as ever.

Moreover, she had also stepped into the Martial Dao Realm!

"Weren't you together with Aunt Xiao? How did he become a princess of Xiao Wu Country by yourself?" Qin Yun touched her cute nose.

Xiao Yuemei sat on the table and said: "Aunt took me into a sect, I didn't like the life inside, so I sneaked out, I like to be free and unrestrained! I did not expect to meet you here!"

Soon after, Qin Yun learned many things about the martial desolate lands from Xiao Yuemei.

And he said a lot about himself.

After Xiao Yuemei heard this, she let out a long sigh and said: "Lan Chen and Xie Wufeng, entered the Profound Sky Sect! Sister Shiyue, elder sister Yuelan and sister Ziye are in the Profound Moon Valley! Aunt entered the Immortal Sound Profound Mountain. Huo Zhong and Murong Daren are both in the Violent Beast Profound Sect and Lan Huayu had joined the Divine Inscription Palace. I don't know about little Meilian."

"Lan Fengjin and Zi Qingcheng should also be in the Moon Profound Valley!"

Qin Yun pinched Xiao Yuemei's face and said with a smile, "What about you? Do you want to enter the Moon Profound Valley?"

"I don't want it! I want to be free and unfettered!" Xiao Yuemei stuck out her tongue and laughed, "Big brother, what plans do you have? You're different from me. You need to find a place to get a lot of resources to cultivate. After all, you have two Dao cores!"

"Are you sure?" Qin Yun asked with concern.

"My Mirror Martial Spirit is very special. I need to go to other places and look at more Martial Spirits! This way, I can increase my cultivation. It's a very special kind of cultivation!" Xiao Yuemei took out her small mirror and shook it.

Qin Yun also took out many of the martial spirits he had obtained and handed them to Xiao Yuemei for her to copy them.

"So powerful, this is the purple gold dragon sword martial spirit and also the purple gold saber martial spirit!" Xiao Yuemei was overjoyed as she giggled.

Qin Yun said, "Yuemei, I want to enter a Xuan sect. Do you have anything to recommend?"

"I'm not too sure either. The intense battles and competition in the Xuan sect is full of all kinds of competition. Most of them are like that!"

Xiao Yuemei thought for a moment, then suddenly said: "Oh right, prepare for the Xuan Ying Competition, sponsored by ten Xuan Level Sects. They let the warriors from the Martial Desolate Northern Region participate, if they perform well, they can be selected to join one of the Xuan Level Sects!"

She laughed, "Brother, with your strength, you will definitely succeed! At that time, you will also know a lot about the circumstances of the Xuan sect and choose one that is suitable for you to join!"

"If you enter the Xuan sect, you will have the chance to meet my sister and your friends and brothers! This is because these Profound Rank sects will often join hands to conduct some trials and have all kinds of competitions!"

"When will the selection begin?" Qin Yun was also stirred as he kept the Soul Sealing Pearl that contained martial spirits.

"There are more than 10 days left! You will be able to make it in time. It is held at the foot of Black Turtle mountain! You don't need a pass or something like that!" Xiao Yuemei said: "If you enter a Xuan sect, you will have a way to obtain resources!"

Qin Yun was very confident in his strength and nodded. "At the Martial Dao Realm, breaking through is extremely difficult! Moreover, I have two Dao Cores. It seems that I have to enter a Xuan sect!"

Xiao Yuemei chatted with Qin Yun about various matters and she did not feel tired. She chatted until the sun rose before she leaned into Qin Yun's embrace and fell into a little sleep.

"Uncle Qin, I'm going to challenge that damned girl Xiao Yuemei. I will definitely defeat her today and beat her until she cries like a sheep, hahaha!!"

Hong Yan laughed as he opened Qin Yun's door. When he saw a woman in Qin Yun's arms, his laughter came to an abrupt halt!

He took a closer look and upon seeing Xiao Yuemei's face, his expression changed greatly!

"Xiao.... Xiao Yuemei!" Seeing Xiao Yuemei slowly open her eyes, Hong Yan's feet couldn't help but tremble, his face full of shock.

His heart was shocked to the extreme!

Within the Northern Spirit City, everyone knew that Xiao Yuemei was like a fairy. She looked pure and innocent and was extremely gentle and beautiful. Yet, right now, she was cutely leaning against the chest of a man!

Xiao Yuemei was not surprised to see Hong Yan because Qin Yun had already told her that Hong Yan was in the neighboring room.

She smiled tenderly and said, "Thin man with red eyes, you're so awesome. You can beat me to tears!"

Hong Yan looked at Qin Yun in surprise and admiration!

In a single night, he had captured the powerful Princess Yuemei and had taught her to be extremely obedient!

"What's going on?" Hong Yan was dumbfounded. Seeing how Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei were on good terms, he no longer had the mood to challenge Xiao Yuemei.

Xiao Yuemei took out a bag of holding, threw it at Hong Yan and said, "I'll give it back to you! I don't even like these things! But you must remember, this is what you owe me!"

Hong Yan looked at the items inside. There was his top grade spirit artifact and some clothes.

"Right, I won't be able to return your hair!" Xiao Yuemei said again.

Qin Yun could not help but laugh. Xiao Yuemei being able to shave someone's head was also very mischievous.

Hong Yan said, "Don't worry, I, Hong Yan, will personally send 50,000 purple coins to Xiao Wu Country!"

"I'm not a princess of Xiao Wu Country, I was just lying to you!"

Xiao Yuemei giggled, "Furthermore, I almost killed Yue Sha last night. Now that he is seriously injured by me, it might not be that easy for us to leave the Northern Spirit City. He must have sealed off the city right now!"

"It's fine. Once you enter my storage space, we'll leave the city immediately!" Qin Yun did not find it difficult. Yue Sha only knew that it was Xiao Yuemei. When they left the city, he would only investigate her.

Hong Yan curled his lips and said: "Uncle Qin used a lot of purple coins to buy the pass, it's such a waste!"

"It's fine, I got several tens of thousands of purple coins from Yue Sha and there are also quite a few good things!" Xiao Yuemei patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said generously, "Brother, do you want the purple coins? I'll give it to you! "

"No, keep it for yourself!" Qin Yun's heart warmed as he said with a smile.

Xiao Yuemei had also entered Qin Yun's first bead's space. She had also seen the cute and enchanting fairy Mo Mo. The two of them were mischievous and immediately fell in love with each other.

Qin Yun and Hong Yan walked out of the inn and learned that there were soldiers everywhere, searching for Xiao Yuemei.

When they left, the security at the city gate was much stricter.

Of course, Qin Yun and Hong Yan were both men and they left Northern Spirit City easily.

Although the Northern Spirit City was a large city, it was very old and there was no Divine Inscription Palace. Qin Yun was too lazy to stay around.

Only a Xuan City would be attractive to him!

Qin Yun and Hong Yan began running after leaving the city.

At night, he let Xiao Yuemei out.

"Brother, I won't follow you! I have made this son of the Martial King, Yue Sha, into such a miserable state. If I follow you, I will implicate you!" Xiao Yuemei said with reluctance as she hugged Qin Yun.

"Stupid girl, you're worried about following me around and not being able to messing around, right?" Qin Yun laughed as he reprimanded her while stroking her face. "Alright, you've grown up and are very powerful. I'm not that worried about you anymore!"