Chapter 545
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Chapter 545

Qin Yun floated in air, looked at the Heavenly beast desolate domain by the soft light of the stars and moons.

Here, like the outside, is a large ancient jungle and in some areas earth are sunk.

There is also a winding river that traverses this vast ancient jungle.

"This kind of desolate domain is really mysterious! I have to find a way to look for Heavenly beasts, to obtain Heavenly beast bone and so on!" Qin Yun does not know if he can find some Heavenly beast.

"Xiao Yun, although the beasts here are all sort of young but even the young Heavenly beasts are very powerful!" Ling Yun'er said: "Some young Heavenly beasts have the strength of Martial Kings!"

"What? How could it be so terrible? Why is Yang Yang, the Ninth Heaven Xuan Sparrow, a very weak duckling?"

Qin Yun was also scared by the strength of the Heavenly beasts.

"Yang Yang is in newborn stage and after newborn stage there is infancy stage. It may take hundreds of years or a thousand years." Ling Yun'er said.

"This little duck is really bad to raise!" Qin Yun sighed.

"Little Jade Rabbit is also an infancy stage Heavenly beast, I don't know exactly which type it is." Ling Yun'er said again.

Qin Yun only knows that little Jade Rabbit is a Xuan beast. The great thing is that it is very fast, eats a lot and absorbs toxins.

The fighting ability seems to be very weak.

"This Heavenly beast desolate domain let the first level Spirit Realm Martial Masters to enter. To simply explain the strength of the Heavenly beasts, most of them are stronger than those martial masters!

Ling Yun'er said this to let Qin Yun pay more attention.

Knowing that the beasts inside are very strong, Qin Yun has become cautious and hastened to use the power of shadow.

The power of shadow is also one of the powers of his Divine art that he is currently skilled in.

In the middle of the night, Qin Yun carefully flew over the sky, looking at the ground and looking for Heavenly beast.

"Yun'er, what is the difference between these Heavenly beasts and the Spirit beasts or Xuan beasts?" Qin Yun is very curious about this.

"Heavenly Lion is a beast of heaven and their body contains a strong bloodline heritage. After growing up, in all aspects they are stronger than ordinary beasts!"

Ling Yun'er said: "But in this Heavenly beast desolate domain, there are not only Heavenly beasts, there are also Spirit beasts and Xuan beasts and you must be careful!"

Qin Yun did not know how to find the Heavenly beasts. He could only fly indiscriminately.

"How can I know if it is a Heavenly beast?"

Qin Yun suddenly saw the trees below moving and he quickly flew down.

"If it is a Heavenly beast, on their body there will be a touch of Immortal energy! The great thing about the Heavenly beast is that when they are born, they are able to absorb the Immortal energy of the Immortal Desolate." Ling Yun'er said with urgency: "When you are close, you can see it clearly as if you are touching it. If you attack a powerful Heavenly beast, it will be very dangerous!"

"No wonder the Heavenly beast is so powerful! Yun'er, I cultivated the Heavenly Lion Xuan body, how can I not absorb Immortal energy?" Qin Yun asked.

"Only in the Immortal Weapon city, you can absorb very weak Immortal energy."

"It doesn't matter if you can absorb it! In your current situation, you can't refine Immortal energy, you can only gather together and release it through the Nether Sun Martial Spirit."

"Only if you have an Immortal body, you can refine Immortal energy and make your power stronger! This is one of the reasons why Liu Jingmeng is very powerful!"

Qin Yun heard the words of Ling Yun'er and he yearned for the Immortal body.

He entered the jungle and soon discovered something.

In the distance, there was a silver glow that flowed fast.

"It is a faint Immortal energy! The Heavenly beast appears!" Qin Yun was very excited and quickly chased after it.

"This beast is a bit strong and the strength should be equivalent to Spirit Realm!" Ling Yun'er said.

"Why is the Heavenly beast so small?"

Qin Yun can't help but think of Yang Yang. It is obviously a Divine beast but it is a duckling, it is not domineering at all.

He felt that it should be as huge and powerful as a dragon.

Qin Yun used the power of the dragon boots, only barely managed to catch up. He also saw what type of beast it is, it is a deer!

The deer is very small and looks like one that was just born and the whole body overflows with silver glow.

It's antlers are very small and golden colored, it is jumping and bouncing very fast.

"Hey, don't attack this harmless beast!" Ling Yun'er said: "You have a Heavenly Lion body, you should deal with the overbearing Heavenly beasts."

"Also killing this little thing doesn't match my Heavenly Lion Xuan body status!" Qin Yun laughed and ​​said to Ling Yun'er.

Just when he was leaving, suddenly someone spoke.

"The little stupid deer is in front, chase it! If we catch a live Heavenly beast and it back, our credit will be great!" Qin Yun found this voice very familiar.

Qin Yun’s was hidden bt shadow power. Looking at the group of people who caught up, he soon felt the familiar aura.

"It is Liu Chongsheng!" Qin Yun’s heart was shocked: "Sure enough, someone at first level Spirit Realm can really enter this Heavenly Beast Desolate domain!"

This group of people are disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Wood Star Palace. There are more than 20 people in Spirit Martial Realm and ninth level Martial Dao realm.

The disciples of Medicine Immortal valley and star sect together are really overbearing!

Qin Yun feels that his speed is already good but those Immortal Sect disciples who are at first level Spirit Realm, their speed is faster than him.

Not long after, several martial artists of first level Spirit Martial realm caught up with the little deer.

Qin Yun and Liu Chongsheng had hatred but he did not expect to meet him here.

Liu Chongsheng became a first level Spirit Martial realm and he has a high status in Immortal Sects. He must have a strong bodyguard.

Qin Yun was very surprised. He thought that the five major Immortal Sects and the five major Star sects would not send excellent disciples here.

Now a top talent like Liu Chongsheng is sent to such a place.

Do those Immortal sects think that Liu Chongsheng is invincible here?

Qin Yun caught up and there were several thoughts in his heart.

However, he is extremely cautious because none of the more than 20 people are weak. They are the top young disciples in their sects. They have good armor equipped.

Especially those in the first level Spirit Martial realm, their body is very strong.

After the little deer was surrounded, there was no place to run. It looked scared and pitiful.

"This kindhearted person, save me!" the little Heavenly deer suddenly sent a voice transmission to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun heard the voice of little Heavenly deer and his heart was shocked. He used the power of shadow to hide but he was still discovered by the little deer.

"You have been chasing me for a long time and have not attacked me. You are a rare good-hearted person, please save me!" The voice of the little deer, was filled with despair and pleading.

Liu Chongsheng suddenly laughed: "We will make great contributions to the sect with this little thing!"

Qin Yun gritted his teeth and quickly summoned two Nether realm Heavenly Lion.

As soon as the two lions appeared, they roared together and the terrible Heavenly Lion's Roar sent vibration through he silent night sky.

The birds and beasts in the forest were all alarmed!

"It seems to be Heavenly Lion and even two!" Suddenly someone shouted: "I heard the roar of Heavenly Lion from the recording pearl!"

"The legendary Dragon Slayer? Great! We take this little thing and kill the Heavenly Lions!"

Liu Chongsheng is not afraid at all, the arrogant face is full of excitement.

Qin Yun quickly let the two lions fly over and use the Heavenly Lion's Roar sound attack. While using the sound wave attack, Heavenly Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw fiercely pounced and slashed making everyone afraid to get close to them.

In the mouth of the Nether Realm Heavenly Lion, there is also a burst of black flames.

"Stay away from the Heavenly Lions, conduct a long-range attack and apply proper formation!" A man who seems to be older quickly took command.

Because the two lions suddenly rushed in, they also disrupted Liu Chongsheng's team.

The little deer was able to escape.

Qin Yun didn't want the Nether Realm Heavenly Lions to be hurt too much, so he only struggled with Liu Chongsheng for a while and then quickly returned the lions to the Nether Realm.

"The Nether Realm Heavenly Lions are slightly injured, they will recover faster and you can summon them faster!" Ling Yun'er said: "Quickly chase after the little deer!"

Qin Yun immediately chased after it, what he did not expect was that Liu Chongsheng and others continued to pursue the small deer.

"This group of bastards actually did not go to chase the Heavenly Lions, really difficult to deal with!"

Liu Chongsheng's group, chased very tightly.

After chasing for more than half an hour, the silver spot in front suddenly stopped.

Little deer actually stopped running!

When he walked in, he found that there were seven women over there.

Two women are very young and beautiful, dressed in neat and tidy white dresses.

One of the women, elegant and flexible, looks beautiful and elegant and contains the tenderness of water. Even wearing a simple dress, it is quite a temperament.

This woman is Feng Honglan. The little deer is shrinking at her feet.

There is another woman, with her hands on her chest, like a cool and sleek jade filled with cold. Her eyes are like a pair of stars, with a sharp killing aura, which makes her look slightly heroic and full of domineering aura.

This is the wife of Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan!

"Yuelan and Honglan, they are unexpectedly here! They are also at martial dao ninth level?"

Qin Yun was amazed at heart. When Xiao Yuelan left, she was only at seventh level martial dao.

The five women around Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan are middle-aged women and their appearances are relatively ordinary but they are all in the first level Spirit Realm.

They are disciples of the Nether Moon Palace!

"Hey, it’s the girls of the moon palace!" Liu Chongsheng looked back and forth at Feng Honglan and Xiao Yuelan's beautiful face.

These two women with different styles standing together, which is even more alluring, especially for the genius like Liu Chongsheng.

Qin Yun is hidden in the darkness, watching quietly.

"Let's go!" Xiao Yuelan did not want to pay attention to this group of people.

"You girls! You can go but that little thing must be left here, we saw it first!" Liu Chongsheng shouted with a cold face.

"So what if you saw it first? But in the end we got it! You have to blame yourself for not having the ability to catch the deer!" Xiao Yuelan shouted coldly.

Liu Chongsheng's face changed, coldly said : "I am main sect disciple of the Medicine Immortal valley Liu Chongsheng, you little girl, show me respect!"

"What about the Medicine Immortal valley?" When Xiao Yuelan heard the name of Liu Chongsheng, she immediately knew that this was the enemy of Qin Yun and she hated him even more.

What Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan didn’t think was that a middle-aged woman around them to shout loudly: "Yue Lan Shimei, shut up! Don't be unreasonable to the main sect disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and apologize!"