Chapter 599
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Chapter 599

Qin Yun and Chu Binyu left the Eastern Inscription Palace Hall.

They returned to the Immortal Weapon Palace and hung the head of the Long family patriarch at the entrance of the house.

Qin Yun's actions caused the entire outer sect to be in an uproar.

Many disciples came to see the head of the Long family's patriarch.

The people from the Long family are also furious because of this matter.

Not long after Qin Yun hung up the head, many disciples of the Long family came.

Those disciples of the Long family are also just the outer sect disciples of the Immortal Weapon City. Their strengths are very weak.

When they saw Chu Binyu and Qin Yun, they did not dare to speak more. They could only wait for their elders to arrive.

On the way back, Qin Yun had told Chu Binyu the reason why he wanted to do this. It is to see if the Immortal Weapon City truly wanted to protect him.

If the Immortal Weapon City did not protect him, then he had to leave quickly.

Chu Binyu did not know that Yang Shiyue had obtained the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, so she did not know of Qin Yun's current situation.

Qin Yun and Chu Binyu stood at the entrance of the house to prevent the head of the Long family's patriarch from being taken away.

The Long family disciples from the main sect has finally arrived.

Many main sect disciples appeared here, including many from the other clans.

Long Ziming, Long Qiaofeng, and Long Kuanghang had all come.

Ji Lang, Tian Yaoleng and Yang Shenglong are also here.

Ji Lang looked at Qin Yun with murderous intent because he had been ruthlessly beaten by Qin Yun in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

Qin Yun looked at Long Kuanghang and others and said with a smile : "Have you come to mourn?"

"Qin Yun, quickly return my Patriarch's head!"

Long Kuanghang hated Qin Yun very much. He had lost a thousand points because of Qin Yun. Furthermore, he had suffered a painful beating.

"If you have the guts, come and get it!" Qin Yun took out a chair and sat there with his legs crossed.

After such a huge incident, the people from the Law Keeper Hall also came. A few old men in black robes stood there and watched. They are all Martial Masters at the Spirit realm.

If there was a personal duel between the disciples, they would immediately arrest them.

Long Ziming said to an elder in a black robe from the Law Keeper Hall : "Senior of the Law Keeper Hall, isn't it against the rules for Qin Yun to hang a head here? Quickly capture him!"

"We have no right to interfere with whatever he is hanging at the door of his own residence. You can also hang some hand on your own door!" The old man in black said.

Long Kuanghang looked at Qin Yun and said angrily, "Qin Yun, you bastard don't know the immensity of heaven and earth. You provoked our Long family to this extent, you will definitely die a terrible death!"

"Long Kuanghang, clean your mouth!" Qin Yun said coldly : "Be careful when you enter the fantasy field. I guarantee that I'll again make you experience the feeling of living a life worse than death!"

Long Kuanghang is even angrier now that this matter has been divulged.

He was tortured by Qin Yun, his corps was destroyed and he was defeated in all aspects. As a result, he had been mocked by many sect disciples.

Long Kuanghang and Long Ziming was killed by Qin Yun before. Furthermore, their corps was destroyed, causing the reputation of the Long family in the Immortal Weapon City to plummet.

The Long Clan was originally very arrogant but now that such a thing had occurred, they couldn't even raise their heads in the Immortal Weapon City.

This was also the reason why Chu Binyu and company were willing to give Qin Yun six Bone Spirit Xuan Pills. Qin Yun had indeed suppressed the clan's influence and the arrogance of a few genius disciple.

Long Kuanghang roared out in rage, his entire body releasing waves of primordial dao energy. The image of a purple-gold double-headed dragon appeared behind him, constantly roaring.

"Qin Yun, I'll definitely skin you alive!" Long Kuanghang shouted in anger.

"A guy with such little strength like you, how can you skin me alive? Just based on your dog mouth that only knows how to fart?" Qin Yun laughed. He is not afraid of Long Kuanghang at all.

At this moment, Hua Xiyue came as well. Although he is from the Law Keeper Hall but because he hated Qin Yun, he joined Long Kuanghang and company.

"Qin Yun, Long Kuanghang has a bloodline inheritance while I have a Xuan Body. This power is greatly restricted in the fantasy field!" Hua Xiyue said coldly, "The reason you were able to defeat us in the fantasy field was because a large portion of my strength was restricted!"

Long Ziming quickly said, "Exactly! And you Qin Yun are immeasurably self-satisfied. Thinking you have no equal under heaven and earth but you did not even know that half of his strength was restricted!"

"So what? You guys are shouting and screaming like pigs in the Immortal Weapon City because of me, hahaha!" Qin Yun disapproved and laughed loudly.

If he talked about restrictions, his Heavenly Lion Xuan Body is also restricted inside fantasy field.

Even if it is reality, with his strength, he could easily crush Hua Xiyue and Long Kuanghang.

Long Kuanghang and Hua Xiyue are very angry but they didn't dare to make a move.

At this moment, a few old men arrived. They are all Martial Kings and one of them is a Martial Emperor.

Seeing these elders, Chu Binyu's expression became grim.

The old Martial Emperor's white robe floated wildly in the air, his deep eyes are filled with killing intent. His complexion is gloomy as water, he looked coldly at Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun, I'll give you a chance, take off the head and give it to me while kneeling."

When everyone heard this old man's vicious words, they hurriedly retreated to a far distance.

Clearly, this old man was about to make his move!

Long Kuanghang and Long Ziming were also very happy as they stood behind these elders.

Long Qiaofeng is a bit worried. She didn't dare to hide too far and could only follow Long Kuanghang and the others as they stood behind the seniors.

Chu Binyu sneered, "Do you want to fight in the Immortal Weapon Palace?"

The Long family's Martial Emperor said: "Chu Binyu, it's not the first time your Saber Sword Villa has provoked our Long family! Don't tell me you want our Long Family to start a war with Sword and Saber Villa?"

"If your Long family has the guts, you can give it a try!" Chu Binyu isn't afraid of the Long family at all.

The Martial Emperor of the Long family shouted, "Qin Yun, I won't waste any more words with you. I will count to ten, within the ten counts, you must kneel down and hand over the head to me!"

"You don't need to count. No matter what, I will not give the head to you!" Qin Yun's attitude is very resolute. "It was originally your Long family that provoked me first. In the future, there will be even more Long Clan experts that will be beheaded, unless you all completely admit your wrongs to me!"

"Wishful thinking!" The Long family's Martial Emperor snarled. Then, a surge of boundless energy moved toward Qin Yun.

Chu Binyu also quickly took action. He released a huge saber and a huge sword to block the powerful energy surge of the Long family elder.

This is Chu Binyu's saber sword dual martial spirit. Furthermore, both of them are purple gold in color.

Chu Binyu's saber and sword are emitting burning flames. It should be flame saber and flame sword purple gold martial spirit. This is quite terrifying.

The Martial Emperor of the Long family possessed Purple Gold Dragon Crocodile martial spirit. This is not a pure dragon but a hybrid dragon martial spirit. Thus, not the strongest.

For example, Long Qiaofeng's twin dragon and phoenix martial spirits is precisely a purebred dragons. Even Long Kuanghang's purple gold wyvern is considered a hybrid.

"Everyone stop for me!" It is Granny Ma's voice.

No matter if it is strength or seniority, Granny Ma is acknowledged in both aspect. In the Immortal Weapon City, the five guardians are very powerful and have great authority.

Usually, Granny Ma would handle many matters.

When Granny Ma appeared, Long family's Martial Emperor quickly pulled back.

"Who made the first move?" Granny Ma looked at a black-robed old man and asked.

"Elder Long attacked Qin Yun while Elder Chu defended! Elder Chu did not fight back and only blocked!" The old man in black said.

"Elder Long, as an elder, you clearly know our sect's rules, yet you still break them! I will imprison you for five years!" Granny Ma's words caused the disciples to be in an uproar.

Elder Long is a Martial Emperor and have been an elder of the main sect within Immortal Weapon City for a long time.

"Granny Ma, can't you see? That fellow, Qin Yun, has hung the head of our Long Family's Patriarch there."

Elder Long is unwilling to accept this. He believed that in the Immortal Weapon City, he could be considered a senior and that the Law Keeper Hall would not do anything to him.

But now, Granny Ma wanted to imprison him for five years!

"This is your grudge, you can settle it elsewhere! In the Immortal Weapon Palace, you can curse the other party to the point of pouring dog's blood on them but you can't attack them! If you want to fight, then leave the Immortal Weapon City and settle things outside!"

Grandma Ma said coldly, "As for Qin Yun hanging the head, he did not violate our sect's rules!"

"Granny Ma, you are protecting Qin Yun!" the Martial Emperor elder and other elders of the Long family, as well as the many Long family disciples, are also indignant.

"Protecting him? You must prove that I am protecting Qin Yun or else you are slandering the Law Keeper Hall. That would increase your crime if you cannot produce evidence, I will sentence you to ten more years of imprisonment. That will be a total of fifteen years!"

Granny Ma's voice is ice-cold that penetrates the bone, causing the surrounding people to feel a chill all over their bodies. They are all incomparably terrified.

Elder Long was instantly speechless.

"If you do not wish to be locked up for ten more years, then prove that I'm protecting Qin Yun. If you can prove it, then I will resign my position as a Guardian, leave Immortal Weapon City and never step into the Immortal Weapon Palace!"

Granny Ma's voice is filled with anger and full of power, pressed down on that Elder Long and making him sweat.

That Elder Long already knew that Granny Ma was not to be trifled with. However, he never expected that she would be so heartless towards a Martial Emperor like him.

Elder Long held back his anger and didn't dare to speak again.

"Elder Long, you have been in the Immortal Weapon Palace for many years. Let me ask you, did Qin Yun violate Immortal Weapon City's rules by hanging a head on the entrance?" Granny Ma asked.

"No! But his actions are very shameless and brutal. He was the one who first provoked our Long family!" Elder Long glared at Qin Yun.

"Since he didn't break our sect's rules, then his actions that caused harm to your Long family has nothing to do with our Law Keeper Hall!" Granny Ma said coldly, "The grudge between you two must be resolved far away from this Immortal Weapon City!"

"There are so many disciples in the Immortal Weapon Palace, there are also many who have enmity with each other. If they were to fight in the palace, wouldn't they turn the place upside down? You all can curse at each other but you all will be punished if you fight!"

Granny Ma's face is dignified, her aura is imposing and formidable, causing that Elder Long's face to go pale.