Chapter 615
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Chapter 615

Qin Yun looked at Hu Jingxian and heaved a sigh of relief because she can save him.

Originally, he was somewhat worried that he wouldn't be able to participate in the martial arts competition. But now, as long as he joined Demon Moon Island and became a disciple of Demon Moon Island, he would be able to represent Demon Moon Island and participate.

When the people from the family power saw how carefree Qin Yun is, they became filled with grief. They would rather have Qin Yun be imprisoned for a hundred years than see him out in the open.

This is because they could tell that Demon Moon Island is trying to save Qin Yun.

"Bao Changshou, don't tell me you don't know the relationship between Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue? Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue's relationship is very deep. And Yang Shiyue has obtained the Star Lord Inscription Spirit. Her whereabouts were unknown!"

An elder from the Medicine Immortal Valley chuckled sinisterly. "We are unable to catch Yang Shiyue but it's still very easy to catch Qin Yun!"

"Of course I know. Back then, I went to the Remote Moon Mountain Range to fight for the Star Lord Inscription spirit. However, I am not as despicable as you people. I will definitely not use Qin Yun to threaten Yang Shiyue!" Bao Changshou smiled : "Do whatever you want!"

Qin Yun came to Hu Jingxian's side.

"Demon Moon Island. If you accept Qin Yun, don't blame us for being ruthless in the future!" An old man from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain laughed coldly.

When Qin Yun heard this, he became secretly worried. He then left the place and walked to Chu Binyu's side. He said : "I think I'll return to Saber Sword Villa!"

"Xiao Yun, come here. Our Demon Moon Island is willing to make an exception to take you in as a disciple!" Hu Jingxian hurriedly called out.

Her soft words caused a commotion.

Even the faces of the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame disciples are filled with shock.

Demon Moon Island had never accepted male disciples but now, they are making an exception for Qin Yun.

"I have some feelings for the Saber Sword Villa!" Qin Yun looked at Chu Binyu and smiled. "Villa Master, do you dare to take me in?"

"Why wouldn't I dare?" Chu Binyu didn't seem to be afraid at all.

Hu Jingxian knew that Qin Yun does not want to implicate their Demon Moon Island but she is still angry.

There are many beauties on Demon Moon Island but Qin Yun had given up such an enviable opportunity.

Bao Changshou said : "This matter is over. You can all go back!"

"Wait!" Suddenly, an old man wearing a white gown fell from the sky. It was as if he were a falling sword that plunged into the ground.

This white-robed old man is very tall and spirited. He has the demeanor of a transcendent being and his entire body is emitting a strong sword aura.

Seeing this old man, Jian Ruyan, Jian Mang and many other disciples of the Jian family all came over and respectfully bowed to him.

"We pay respect to Patriarch!"

The Jian family disciples' main problem is their aloof and proud nature. However, who knew that in front of this old man, they could be incomparably respectful.

"Qin Yun, this is the Sect Master of the Sword Immortal Pavilion, Jian Shitian! Extremely powerful person, rumored to be the most powerful guy in the Proud Star State!" Chu Binyu whispered to Qin Yun.

Jian Shitian, a Jian Family person, also the Sect Master of Sword Immortal Pavilion.

When the Half Immortal Elders from the Long, Yang, and Tian Families saw that Jian Shitian had arrived, they are extremely shocked and hurried over to greet him.

The Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain's Martial Emperors also came over to pay their respects.

When the spectators in the distance saw this legendary figure appear, they too became extremely excited. This is a person that they greatly worshipped.

"Jian Shitian, you should be able to live longer than me!" Bao Changshou chuckled.

"You are Bao Changshou(longevity), my name is Jian Shitian(murders the heaven)! From the name alone, you can live longer than me and I, Jian Shitian, am someone who can fight against the heavens." Jian Shitian said with a carefree smile.

"What brings you here?" Bao Changshou said with a puzzled expression: "Could it be that one of our disciples provoked your Sword Immortal Pavilion?"

"That's not it! Just here to help my grandson with a wish!" As Jian Shitian spoke, a youth also arrived flying.

This young man wore blue clothes and his appearance is handsome. However, his face is filled with cold arrogance.

Qin Yun recognized the youth. He is Jian Nanhu!

"Brother Hu, why are you here?" Jian Ruyan frowned and said.

"I was defeated by a disciple of the Immortal Weapon City, I'm here to seek revenge!" Jian Nanhu said: "Immortal Weapon City, let your disciple compete with me!"

"When did it happen?" Jian Mang asked in surprise: "Brother Hu, you are the publicly recognized Proud Star State's strongest initial stage Spirit Marital Realm warrior, who will be able to defeat you?"

At that moment, Granny Ma looked at Qin Yun.

Many disciples looked at Qin Yun as well.

Qin Yun hurriedly shook his head and said, "Why are you looking at me? It's not me!"

Jian Ruyan snorted coldly and said, "Definitely not Qin Yun. He was easily killed by me. With his strength, he can only beat trash like Tian Yaolei, Hua Xiyue and the likes!"

"Jian Ruyan, you are insulting me!" Tian Yaolei roared, it sounded like a ferocious thunder.

"Jian Ruyan, you should know that in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field, we are heavily restricted!"

"And the reason why Qin Yun is so powerful in the fantasy field is because he can forge talismans. He has suppressed us in terms of equipment. My strongest point is my Xuan Body but I can't use it in the Fantasy Field!"

Long Kuanghang also hurriedly said, "I have the Dragon Bloodline and can't unleash this kind of power in the fantasy field. My strength is definitely not weaker than Qin Yun's!"

Jian Nanhu said coldly: "I am sure that the person who defeated me was a disciple of the Immortal Weapon City. He said so himself. Last time, I wasn't prepared enough and was defeated by him, so I can't accept my loss!"

When Qin Yun had entered the Ghost Grass Devil Forest, he had worn a mask and he had spoken in a different voice. Jian Nanhu also can not recognize his current voice.

Granny Ma knew that it was Qin Yun but Qin Yun denied it. Clearly, he did not wish to participate in such a battle.

Jian Shitian laughed: "Old Bao, quickly invite that person out! No matter what, his strength is very strong, so don't hide this kind of person!"

"Don't you owe me a favor? I saved your life before, if you let this person come out and fight, then you can consider it as repaying my favor!"

"Good! Granny Ma, go call that disciple out!" Bao Changshou laughed out loud and said: "Owing favor is not good at all. Now I finally have the chance to repay it and it's so easy too. Hahaha! It's worth it!"

Granny Ma quickly turned around and entered the Immortal Weapon Palace. She planned to call a strong disciple at the early stage of the Spirit Marital Realm to fight with Jian Nanhu.

She knew Qin Yun's character very well, if Qin Yun were to go on stage, he would definitely bargain and make Bao Changshou bleed.

Qin Yun is too lazy to fight because there are no benefits.

"Qin Yun, I want to duel with you!" Hua Xiyue hurriedly looked at Qin Yun and shouted.

"Hua Xiyue, I admit that you're stronger than me and you can even beat me with one hand, is that alright?" Qin Yun curled his lips.

"Even without the assistance of equipment, Qin Yun is very strong. You guys should know that he used his cultivation at the 9th level Martial Dao Realm to kill that guy Liu Chongsheng!"

Jian Ruyan was fanning the flames by the side. She looked at Tian Yaolei and Hua Xiyue as she said with a sneer : "Although Qin Yun can't beat me, he can still deal with trash like you!"

Qin Yun cursed the vengeful woman Jian Ruyan in his heart.

"Jian Ruyan, don't provoke them. I, Qin Yun, admit defeat and admit that I'm the weakest of them all. I relied on powerful equipment to defeat all of you!"

"Tian Yaolei, Hua Xiyue, Long Kuanghang, Yang Shenglong are all stronger than me, I am just a weak chicken in front of them!" Qin Yun said loudly.

He actually admitted that he was very weak, which caused many of the older generations to be moved.

Because they could tell that Qin Yun was someone who could submit or stand tall based on situation. If it were any other young disciple, they would definitely be extremely arrogant. They could not tolerate others criticizing them in the slightest.

Even Jian Shitian's eyes are filled with praise.

He knew very well that many people sometimes lost their lives because of some small words.

For example, his grandson, Jian Nanhu, pestered him to come out and help him fight with that disciple of the Immortal Weapon City because he was unwilling to accept his loss.

"Qin Yun, stop talking. Hurry up and fight me!" Tian Yaolei shouted.

"You want to fighting me just to prove that you are stronger than me right? If I admit that you are stronger than me, then what is the point of fighting?" Qin Yun hid behind Chu Binyu and said : "Villa Master, don't let him come over. I'm afraid that he will kill me with a single strike!"

Jian Ruyan frowned and cursed, "Qin Yun, you coward. What's wrong with having a fight with him? You are just a despicable person who only knows how to sneak attack."

"Big Sis Jian Ruyan, I didn't even manage to use the fifteen thousand jin of Xuan beast bone that you gave me before I was expelled. What a pity!" When Qin Yun thought of the matter, he felt somewhat unhappy.

"This is just right. You can't use those Xuan beast bones to refine tools or craft talismans again you shady man!" Jian Ruyan snorted coldly.

Hua Xiyue, Tian Yaolei and the others are furious.

At this moment, Jian Mang said, "Tian Yaolei, Qin Yun admits that he is weaker than all of you, so why aren't all of you convinced? Don't tell me that you really think that Qin Yun is very strong?"

Qin Yun immediately cursed Jian Mang in his heart for wanting to push him into a pit of fire.

Jian Mang said with a laugh : "Qin Yun is only interested in profit. He definitely would not fight with all of you for no reason at all because that would be very tiring!"

Qin Yun had just finished cursing Jian Mang in his heart, he immediately felt regret. Because Jian Mang is actually helping him fish some goods.

"Jian Mang, what do you mean by this?" The first to flip out is unexpectedly Jian Ruyan.

Jian Ruyan suddenly understood that Qin Yun had deliberately lost to her when they were fighting. It was because he did not want to tire himself out and had obtained fifteen thousand jins of beast bones already.

Jian Mang chuckled and said, "Sister Yan, you promised Qin Yun that you would give him fifteen thousand jins of Xuan beast bones regardless of winning or losing. Furthermore, it was given to him before the battle. Do you think he would seriously fight you?"

After thinking carefully, Jian Ruyan flew into a rage. She shouted at Qin Yun : "When we were fighting, did you go easy on me?"

"In all honesty, I, Qin Yun, did not throw the match. I've fought you very seriously!" Qin Yun hurriedly raised his hand. "I swear to the heavens that if I lie to you, there will never be a girl who would marry me!"

Qin Yun felt that Xiao Yuelan is already considered his wife. Married or not doesn't matter. This poisonous oath is of no concern to him.