Chapter 623
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Chapter 623

"Jingmeng, this is a very mysterious blood sacrifice refining technique. I'll teach you later!" Qin Yun smiled mysteriously and took out another large vat.

Inside the vat, there are many viscous golden liquids, just like golden mud.

"Beast oil! Furthermore, it's refined royal grade oil!"

The Bald Head Man already arrived beside Liu Jingmeng. Since Liu Jingmeng wanted to forge tools, as her grandfather, he would watch from the side as well.

"Jingmeng, use this tank of beast oil to refine the materials!" after that, Qin Yun took out another pile of purplish-gold bones.

These are the high quality Heavenly Beast Bones that Ling Yuner and he had meticulously selected and they are also Heavenly Beast Horn bones. They are alll very strong.

"Qin Yun, can Mengmeng refine those materials? Do you need my help?" The Bald Head Man was also shocked when he saw the bones.

"There's no need, let's leave it to Jingmeng, she can do it herself!" the reason why Qin Yun asked Liu Jingmeng to forge artifacts was because she has an immortal body.

Ling Yuner said that the Dao power that Liu Jingmeng released now contained immortal energy. If it was used to refine, it could improve the quality.

The people from the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain gnashed their teeth because that was what Qin Yun had obtained from the Heavenly Beast Desolate Domain.

"Qin Yun, you have so many heavenly beast bones that you have yet to hand over!" An elder from a powerful family shouted in anger.

"So what? Is there a rule that one must turn them all in? Furthermore, when I entered the Heavenly Beast Desolate Domain, I did not go through your gates. Instead I found a way to enter by myself!" Qin Yun said coldly.

Liu Jingmeng is also very busy. She did not have the time to speak as she took care of the beast bones and put them into the furnace.

"This beast oil is really heavy!"

Liu Jingmeng used a specially made ladle to scoop a portion into the furnace to strengthen the flame.

Liu Jingmeng also injected her own energy into the beast oil fire and fused with it.

"One ladle for several thousand Jin!" The Bald Head Man went down to test it and said in surprise.

"Qin Yun, where did you get your oil?" Jian Shitian curiously asked as he walked over.

"I got it from the Heavenly Beast Desolate Domain!" Qin Yun said. Actually, it is the oil from the mysterious bottle. However, it was further refined by him.

The quality of this beast oil is very high, it is definitely Heavenly Beast oil!

"Qin Yun, you are truly rich!" Jian Ruyan snorted.

Liu Jingmeng burned the beast bones with the beast oil. From time to time, she poured Qin Yun's blood into it.

When she had taken the blood from the large vat, she had also used a special container that Qin Yun gave her.

What surprised Liu Jingmeng is that Qin Yun's blood did not vaporize when it entered the furnace. She knew that it was due to the fact his blood is very strong.

Qin Yun transmitted his voice to her, instructing her on how to forge it. The steps are extremely detailed.

Although Liu Jingmeng is usually clumsy, she has extremely high talent in artifact forging. She is able to achieve it with a little bit of effort. Even Qin Yun found it unbelievable.

Liu Jingmeng, during the artifact forging state, is extremely serious.

As she is refining for Qin Yun, she used all her strength to unleash her powerful Immortal Flames along with the royal grade beast oil to burn the materials.

In addition to beast bones, there are also Xuan Yuan steel and other materials. Some of the materials are added by the Bald Head Man.

Because of the intense flames, it only took Liu Jingmeng an hour to refine the materials. Then, she brought them out for forging.

The hammer she is using is actually an ancient Dao item and it is also quite good.

Moreover, when forging, one could even release a bit of Immortal energy.

Liu Jingmeng's control over her immortal energy is very strong and she is able to infuse that strand of immortal energy into the material.

Everyone is amazed to see this adorable young lady forging a Xuan tool.

"Qin Yun, you want to forge equipment to fight Brother Hu, right?" Jian Mang asked.

"En!" Qin Yun nodded. "How can we fight without good weapons?"

Granny Ma said, "It's a Xuan tool that has just been refined. Will it be alright? Without being refined through blood sacrifice, it would not be suitable, right?"

"That's why I used my blood essence to temper it!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "This is the method for forging Dao tools. This is how it was done in the ancient times!"

Qin Yun had an ancient Dao item and also knew such ancient refining techniques. It is truly shocking.

Watching with his eyes wide open, Bao Changshou felt very happy. It is because Liu Jingmeng's refining talent is very high.

Even though Jian Shitian has a genius grandson, Jian Nanhu, he also has a talented young Inscription Master in the Sword Immortal Pavilion.

However, he felt that Liu Jingmeng and Qin Yun are more outstanding.

Hu Jingxian watched with pursed lips as she silently cursed Qin Yun in her heart. It is because she wanted to pull Qin Yun into the Demon Moon Island but Qin Yun refused to do so no matter what.

When Liu Jingmeng forged the embryo, she also carved some dark lines that are used to absorb Qin Yun's blood. That is the quintessence of refining the blood essence.

An hour later, Liu Jingmeng used a vat of king grade beast oil and Qin Yun's vat of blood to produce a Xuan saber embryo.

"Jingmeng, you worked hard. Thank you!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"You're welcome. I want to thank Brother Yun as well for allowing me to learn so many things!" although Liu Jingmeng is very tired, she is very happy.

Following that, it is Qin Yun's turn to engrave runes.

He took out his Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and started carving the runes.

When he is carving the totem runes, Chu Binyu, Mu Feng, the Bald Head Man and a few other Xuan masters all opened their eyes wide, trying to see what kind of Xuan runes he was carving.

Jian Nanhu is also standing beside Jian Shitian as he watched with a frown as Qin Yun carved totem runes.

He suddenly recalled that back in the Ghost Grass Devil Forest, the person he met also had a better understanding of the runes.

This made him suddenly believe that Qin Yun was the person who had defeated him!

However, he still wasn't sure!

"Ah Hu, your opponent is a Xuan Inscription Master! If you lose to him, you might lose some face!" Jian Shitian placed his hand on Jian Nanhu's shoulder and said.

Jian Shitian is already very old but his grandson is still very young. That is also because his son is rather outstanding.

Furthermore, in order to make their descendants outstanding, some experts would constantly find women to give birth to children, only stopping after they had given birth to a talented individual.

Those with no talent, regardless of gender, would be given to others. They didn't feel the slightest bit of heartache.

Thus, this was also the reason why there are sometimes experts who are very old yet has very young children.

"You...are you carving a totem?" The Bald Head Man asked in surprise.

"En!" Qin Yun did not mention what totem he is carving.

At this moment, he is carving the Heavenly Lion Totem Rune!

The Heavenly Lion Totem is a fire elemental beast totem!

Qin Yun has the beast king and Wild Fire Inscription Spirit. He carved this fire attribute beast totem very quickly and the finesse is also very high.

"Having these two Inscription Spirit is great!" Qin Yun's engraving went on fluidly and easily completed the Heavenly Lion Totem rune.

He is also merely carving the Heavenly Lion Totem rune!

Originally, he wanted to carve moon and star runes, as well as Xuan runes.

But it was too late.

It would take a long time for him to inscribe the Star and Moon rune on the Xuan tool, unless he had the two kinds of Inscription spirits : 'Star Lord' and 'Moon Lady'.

Qin Yun held onto the hilt as he secretly injected the Heavenly Lion's Bone Spirit Power into the saber. The saber suddenly trembled as it issued a deep growl.

Hearing that low roar, Jian Shitian's expression immediately turned serious.

That was because he had heard rumors of Qin Yun in Martial Desolate that Qin Yun had a Heavenly Lion totem rune!

In fact, the upper echelons of those aristocratic families heard the report as well but they were unable to confirm it for the time being.

However, what they could confirm was that Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had a good relationship.

Only the upper echelons of the various powers knew of Qin Yun's report from the Martial Desolate.

Jian Nanhu gripped his sword tightly and said: "My sword is an Ancient Dao Sword! Qin Yun, if you still have an ancient Dao artifact, take it out and use it. You will not be able to use this saber!"

"Not necessarily!" Qin Yun smiled and stood up.

After he took off his robes, it can be seen that the wounds he sustained earlier are all healed. Only a few bloodstains remained.

Jian Nanhu knew that Qin Yun has some ability but he is not afraid.

"Brother Hu, don't be afraid of him, you will definitely win! Even I, Jian Ruyan, cannot defeat you, much less him!" Jian Ruyan said with great confidence.

The sword of Jian Nanhu is a Dao weapon. Furthermore, it has a black sword martial spirit and sword totem. No matter how one looked at it, it is stronger than Qin Yun.

Qin Yun looked at the saber in his hand and thought to himself : "Let's call it the Heavenly Lion Saber!"

Jian Nanhu entered the martial arts arena and looked at Qin Yun with an arrogant expression.

Qin Yun also walked in. He previously fought with the Jian Nanhu and defeated him.

Qin Yun did not even use his full strength in that duel!

Jian Nanhu also did not use his full strength, so he is very confident that if he met with the same person, he would definitely be able to defeat him.

"Qin Yun, in order to defeat you, I might inflict serious injuries on you. I'll do my best to show you mercy!" Jian Nanhu said.

"En, I know!" Qin Yun nodded.

When Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan were fighting earlier, he did not hold back. If it were not for Jian Ruyan admitting defeat, she would have been severely injured.

"It doesn't matter if you are the person who defeated me earlier, you will be defeated by me today! You are quite strong and are qualified to fight with me. You are also the last person in the Immortal Weapon City who has the strength to fight me!" Jian Nanhu said.

"That's not right. In the Immortal Weapon City, there is a Martial Master at the early stage Spirit Martial Realm capable of defeating you!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Who? Is that the man who defeated me last time?"

Jian Ruyan, Granny Ma and Bao Chanshou are also very curious as they looked at Qin Yun, waiting for his answer.

"Jingmeng!" Qin Yun said.

"I don't believe it!" Jian Nanhu looked at the shy girl and snorted.

"Ask your grandfather!" Qin Yun said.

Jian Shitian nodded his head, "Ah Hu, if Liu Jingmeng tries her best to fight you, you won't be able to take a hundred of her blows!"

Granny Ma and Bao Changshou also knew how powerful Liu Jingmeng is because Liu Jingmeng has Immortal body!

This is a heaven defying physique that could easily crush anything in it's path.

No one could believe that the cute girl actually possessed such a terrifying power.

Liu Jingmeng saw that so many people are looking at her and she shyly lowered her head.