Chapter 678
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Chapter 678

Bao Changshou quickly left the cabin and went outside.

Qin Yun and others followed him out and saw a gigantic black ship emitting a black mist. It is not far away.

Both ships have protective shields, so the collision did not damage the hull.

Seeing the evil aura coming out of the boat, Bao Changshou's face turned grave : "That's a ship from the Devil Desolate's Devil Sects!"

In the Devil Desolate, to have such a powerful ship, it must be a very powerful devil sect.

"Did you do this on purpose?" Bao Changshou shouted angrily at the ship.

"Yeah and what of it? Who allowed you to run ahead of us!" there is a yellow-haired old man on the ship, he shouted with a cold smile : "Rotten old man, we deliberately crashed into you!"

Bao Changshou's face turned gloomy, he tightly clenched his fists.

Jian Ruyan said in a low voice : "Sect Master, go ahead and kill them!"

"I am the Sect Master of the Immortal Weapon City, Bao Changshou! I'll give you guys a chance. If you apologize sincerely, I will forget about this matter!" Bao Changshou said.

"I am from Totem Pavilion, what thing are you? Just a nameless junior!" The yellow-haired old man sneered : "Although Immortal Weapon City has a great reputation, you are not famous at all!"

Bao Changshou is enraged. He is the Sect Master of the Immortal Weapon City but now, he was provoked like this by a devil sect.

"Then you go to hell!"

Bao Changshou suddenly took out a huge flame scathing goblet and threw it into the air.


The large goblet began to sway and issued a burst of ringing sound.

Along with the ringing sound, a wave of flame turned into a column of fire and smashed down onto the large black ship.

Bao Changshou suddenly attacked, the other party had no time to react. After being hit by the ball of fire, the black ship was also broken in the middle.

Boom Boom Boom!

The large ship suddenly burst out with flames and gave rise to a series of explosions.

"Beast oil!" Qin Yun was startled and said : "There's a lot of beast oil on that ship!"

The black flying ship was over a thousand meters long, in a short while it was broken by Bao Changshou.

One must know, what Bao Changshou released was an Immortal tool.

The people inside the ship are enveloped in flames, unable of escaping.

The shattered fragments of the ship also fell down. The large amount of beast oil they were carrying, turned the ground below into a sea of fire.

Many devils inside the ship, painfully screamed in the middle of the sea of fire.

The yellow-haired old man who provoked Bao Changshou also flew away and escaped in fear. He can't believe that the Immortal Weapon City's Sect Master actually dared to destroy their ship.

"They should be transporting the beast oil to the Divine Inscription Palace, right?" Bao Changshou looked at the remaining fragments in the air and said with a laugh : "Those group of people from Totem Pavilion, they can be domineering and arrogant while they are inside the Devil Desolate. They arrived in Spirit Desolate yet they forget who is who!"

Totem Pavilion is also Qin Yun's long standing enemy. It is said that Totem Pavilion is one of the top most powerful Devil Sect in the Devil Desolate.

"Sect Master, why didn't you get rid off that yellow-haired old man?" Jian Ruyan said : "With your strength, you can definitely kill him!"

"I actually want him to escape and then report to Totem Pavilion! Didn't he say that I'm not famous? I need to earn some fame for myself now!"

After taking over the position of Sect Master, Bao Changshou have indeed been very low profile, also merely those old people knew who he was.

Now, he wants to establish his might as a Sect Master, he must show off his strength.

Just earlier, even that guy from the Totem Pavilion dared to provoke him.

"If the old ancestor was also provoked, he would have done the same!" Jian Ruyan giggled and said.

"No, no, no. If Jian Shitian were to be provoked like this, he would probably kill his way into Totem Pavilion and make those fellows from Totem Pavilion apologize to him! I admit that my strength is not as good as Jian Shitian's and that's why I can't do the thing he can do." Bao Changshou laughed and said.

Qin Yun said, "Sect Master, apparently that ship is heading toward that same direction as us. Don't tell me they are also going to participate in the Martial Arts Competition?"

Jian Ruyan frowned : "Even if the Sword Immortal Pavilion needs a large amount of beast oil, they definitely won't buy it from the Totem Pavilion! Many major powers in the Spirit Desolate secretly make business deals with the Devil Sect. Therefore, they would never dare to do such a big business deal in public!"

"There is the possibility that they are going to cause trouble!" Bao Changshou gazed into the distance and said : "I received news that this time several powerful Devil sects will join in the fun in this Martial Arts Competition."

"The Martial Arts Competition will be held in the Sword Immortal Pavilion, those Devil sects daring to cause trouble, aren't they courting death?"

Jian Ruyan understood the Sword Immortal Pavilion very well and felt that there will be no such thing.

"It was an invitation from the Divine Inscription Palace! Because the Divine Inscription Palace agreed to Jian Shitian's conditions to hold the competition in the Sword Immortal Pavilion, Jian Shitian must agree to some of the conditions as well!" Bao Changshou said : "So, it's highly likely that those Devil sects were invited by the Divine Inscription Palace!"

"Isn't this just a Martial Arts Competition? Why does the Divine Inscription Palace place so much importance on it?" Qin Yun found it somewhat incomprehensible.

Bao Changshou shook his head and said : "The Martial Arts Competition is not that simple! The Divine Inscription Palace is only in charge of hosting the event but behind it is indeed the Nine Sun Sects!"

The Nine Sun Sect!

It has been a long time since Qin Yun heard someone mention them. Back in the Martial Desolate, many people from the Nine Sun Sect appeared. Later they all went to the Spirit Desolate Land but their whereabouts are unknown.

"In the Spirit Desolate, the region we live in is called the Common Domain. In addition, there are also the Xuan Domain and the Ancient Domain. The Nine Sun Sect is located at the center of the Xuan Domain and controls it. It is also the most powerful and influential existence in the Divine Inscription Palace!"

"Many years ago, they were also active in the Common Domain. After establishing the Divine Inscription Palace, they retired to the Xuan Domain." Bao Changshou said.

Previously, when Wu Mingxiu came to look for Qin Yun, he mentioned that he would like to explore the Spirit Desolate's Xuan Domain. After that, there had been no news of him at all.

"Doesn't this mean that the Nine Sun Sects are very strong? If they were to come here, would they seize the Immortal sects? " Qin Yun asked with some worry.

"Although they are strong but to seize the Immortal sects, they will have to pay a huge price! The reason why they are no longer active in the Common Domain is because the various sects have all matured and became stronger, moreover we no longer accept their control. However, we Immortal sects, have always had some secret contact with them." Bao Changshou said : "The reason why the various sects were able to grow up was all thanks to the Nine Sun Sects!"

Qin Yun previously heard that many of the great powers and aristocratic families in the Spirit Desolates are linked to the Nine Sun Sects in secret.

"But, what is the importance of the Martial Arts Competition? If we won first place, we would be able to acquire a divine ability. This divine ability is given to us by the Divine Inscription Palace! That's all!" Qin Yun said : "Why do you think of the Divine Inscription Palace so highly?"

"Qin Yun, if we win first place in the Martial Arts Competition, we will gain authority in the Divine Inscription Palace! For many years, the majority of the first place winners of the Martial Arts Competition were all from Divine Inscription Palace's several factions, then the Sword Immortal Pavilion."

"The Divine Inscription Palace is formed by many powerful forces and they then choose a general manager to manage it."

"Now, the authority of the general managers are growing. They want to disregard other powers and control the entire Divine Inscription Palace themselves! However, they are also worried that they would be wiped out, so they proposed this martial arts competition. As long as the disciples can obtain first place, powers behind them would have the management authority of the Divine Inscription Palace."

Bao Changshou slowly narrated these secret disputes.

Qin Yun never expected that the water under the Martial Arts Competition runs so deep, but he felt that it might not be only this.

"As for the specifics, I'm not too sure either. Because our Immortal Weapon City has never won first place before, so it's up to you guys this time!" Bao Changshou shook his head and smiled.

"Sect Master, don't worry. We will definitely help Immortal Weapon City get first place!" Jian Ruyan said with great confidence.

"Little sister Yan, didn't you say that I'm not as good as Jian Nanhu?" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Jian Ruyan groaned and entered the cabin.

The large ship flew for two days. Qin Yun and others finally arrived at the Sword Immortal Pavilion.

The Sword Immortal Pavilion is a huge floating island, more than ten thousand meters above the ground. From afar, it looked quite shocking.

During their journey, Jian Ruyan also said that the floating island is extremely mysterious. It has existed since the ancient times and there are some mysterious stones within the island that allowed it to float.

On that island, there is a huge city not inferior in size to the Immortal Weapon City. It is called the Sword City and in the center of the Sword City is a huge villa. The Sword Immortal Pavilion is located in that villa.

The large flying ship stopped at the edge of the island. It couldn't fly in because the entire island is protected by a powerful barrier.

After they got off the boat, they sat on a flying boat sent by the Sword Immortal Pavilion and flew toward the Sword Immortal Pavilion in the middle of the city.

There are more than twenty people on the small flying boat. It is a bit crowded and the speed is also a bit slow.

"The Sword Immortal Pavilion is really downcast!" Qin Yun said in low voice : "To send such a small thing to pick us up!"

Qin Yun is not the only one who thought so. Even Jian Ruyan felt the same. Although the others have such thoughts, they did not dare to say anything because Jian Ruyan is here.

The middle-aged man from the Sword Immortal Pavilion, who is controlling the ship heard this, he quickly explained : "Originally, we also had many large VIP ships but they were all lent to the Divine Inscription Palace. They originally agreed to return them to us in two days but they didn't return them."

"Divine Inscription Palace?" Bao Changshou frowned and asked : "Why are you lending it to them?"

"I don't know!" The middle-aged man shook his head.

"Those fellows from the Divine Inscription Palace are so evil, why would you lend it to them?" Jian Ruyan said in anger.

"The Sword Immortal Pavilion and the Divine Inscription Palace must have reached some sort of agreement and exchanged them." Bao Changshou smiled and said : "In the Divine Inscription Palace, not all are damnable bad eggs, there are also a few that are good!"

"What's the use of those few good guys? Those in power are all scums!"

Jian Ruyan was almost raped by an Immortal disciple of the Divine Inscription Palace, so she doesn't have any good impression of the Divine Inscription Palace.

Back when Qin Yun was in Martial Desolate, he realized that most of the higher-ups in the Divine Inscription Palace are scums. Only a few of them are good.

"The VIP ship is back!" The middle-aged man suddenly looked up at the sky and shouted in surprise.

The VIP ship is indeed huge. It is over a hundred meters long. As for the small flying boat that Qin Yun and other twenty people are jammed into, is only about ten meters long.

The VIP ship flew quite fast and quickly overtook them.

Not long after, Bao Changshou brought Qin Yun and others and moved toward the Sword Immortal Villa.

"Devil warriors... the VIP ship actually went to pick up the Devil warriors!"

When Jian Ruyan saw the people from the VIP ship all filled with Evil energy, she immediately shouted out in anger.