Chapter 686
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Chapter 686

When Jian Ruyan heard this, she immediately became unhappy and said: "Brother Hu, even if this guy defeats me, I will not look up to him! Didn't you say before? If one wants to become a strong warrior, one must live a solitary aloof life!"

"Right, it's not bad that you have that kind of awareness!" Jian Nanhu said quickly and cast a glance at Qin Yun. He is looking at him with disdain and contempt.

Sun Taicai sneered : "Sister Yan, your father already gave his words, is not a joke or something to be making fun with! Wedding is serious business, you can't make the decisions!"

Hearing that, Jian Ruyan laughed out loud : "Why can't I make the decision? I have formidable strength. As long as I defeat you, I can make the decision!"

"So you're saying that if I win against you, you'll marry me?" Sun Taicai is very happy.

"I respect my father. Since he promised this, I won't go against his words!" Jian Ruyan said coldly : "Therefore, I will not lose to you!"

Sun Taicai felt overjoyed because he feels that he will definitely be able to defeat her.

Everyone knows that Jian Ruyan doesn't have Immortal body. Based on this, as long as she fights an Immortal disciple, she would be easily defeated.

Although Sun Taicai is a talented man and has been with countless women, he gradually lost interest in those beauties that threw themselves into his arms. Only a woman like Jian Ruyan can make him try to subdue and push her down.

Jian Ruyan also saw the Sun Taicia's evil desire to subdue her in his eyes. She understood very well what Sun Taicai is thinking, which made her hate him even more.

She looked at Qin Yun standing below the stage and suddenly felt that Qin Yun is truly a very good person.

Especially after last night's situation, he spent entire night looking at her beautiful body without any evil intentions.

She suddenly felt somewhat sad because Qin Yun already has a wife and she is exceptionally outstanding.

Jian Ruyan no longer paid any attention to Sun Taicai. Instead, she closed her eyes and adjusted her emotions.

A moment later, Jian Ruyan and Sun Taicai are body ready.

The old man on the battle platform shouted : "Begin!"

Jian Shitian, the other Half Immortals of the Sword Immortal Pavilion and the Martial Kings and Martial Emperors all watched the match seriously.

The fight began, a white energy mist overflowed Sun Taicai's body and turned into a pale golden Origin Sword, it issued out a burst cries and hiss and stabbed towards the shoulder of Jian Ruyan.

Jian Ruyan's delicate body swayed, very nimbly dodging the continuous thrusts from Sun Taicai.

The most amazing thing is that Jian Ruyan has not not release her Origin Sword and Mental sword.

Qin Yun obviously understands Jian Ruyan's way of thinking.

If Jian Ruyan can defeat Sun Taicai without using her sword, then she will be able to display her formidable power. She will also be able to experience the power brought by the sword totem.

"Jian Ruyan has the Sword Xuan Body, this kind of Xuan Body is the type that compliments both Sword Totem and Sword Martial Spirit, this is truly the strongest! You have the Heavenly Lion Xuan Body, so you should be able to understand it from experience." Ling Yuner said.

"Indeed! She also wants to use this martial arts competition to get used to this kind of formidable power!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Not only that, she might want to enter a higher realm, which is Sword and Person Unification (one with the sword). As for the specific of this realm, even I don't know!" Ling Yuner said : "I only know that if she can do it, then when she uses the sword again, she'll be even stronger!"

(TL NOTE : One with sword of Sword and Person Unification, which one I should permanently use? In this novel, sword cultivators can reach this realm and then merge with their Origin Sword and become a large sword to attack. So I think Unification is a better term for it. So let me know.)

After Jian Ruyan cultivated the Sword Xuan Body, she has become more fluent in controlling her own body, it is like controlling her sword.

Sun Taicai thrust several hundred times in an instant but they were all dodged by Jian Ruyan.

Battle platform is filled with Sun Taicai's pale golden long sword's sword shadows. It looked like they enveloped Jian Ruyan but couldn't pierce her.

"Grandfather, what's happening with little sister Yan? Why do I feel like she has suddenly become much stronger!" When Jian Nanhu saw this, he exclaimed in shock.

"I'm also not sure. I only know that this isn't the Ruyan that I'm familiar with!" Jian Shitian said with a tightly wrinkled brow : "She has indeed become stronger and her hidden strength is like bottomless pit!"

Sun Taicai also became furious because Jian Ruyan have not used her sword but managed to catch many of his tricks. From the looks of it now, Jian Ruyan's movement technique is higher than his!

Theoretically speaking, people with Immortal Body have greater advantage when controlling their body and using their strength.

However, it needs highly intense cultivation, to reach the ultimate peak state is a very arduous and painful process.

And those grand Immortal disciples, the strength they possess far surpassed those of the same level, so they do not pursue the peak.

And Jian Ruyan always worked hard to pursue the peak. Now she has cultivated a Sword Xuan Body that perfectly matches her, so she can also immediately use the Sword Xuan Body to release it's power.

Although she has not reached the peak but she is much stronger than Sun Taicai.

Sun Taicai shouted loudly in violent anger. His pale golden sword suddenly glowed with a golden light.

"Slaughtering Heaven Sword Art! Tian tier Martial Arts!" Jian Nanhu's face immediately became grave : "Little sister Yan is about to be injured!"

Sun Taicai's sword stabbed forward, releasing a golden light. The power is heavy and has strong thrust impact that enveloped Jian Ruyan's body, causing her movements to become a lot slower.

After seeing this sword attack from Sun Taicai, all the disciples of the Sword Immortal Pavilion exclaimed in admiration and burst out in cheers.

After all, this is a very beautiful attack!

Especially those older generation people, they all nodded one after another in praise, they believed that Jian Ruyan will lose without a doubt.

Now Jian Ruyan is enveloped in a golden light, it is difficult for her to dodge!

That sword ruthlessly stabbed forward, Jian Ruyan's hand that was blocking the front earlier, suddenly strangely stretched out. Using two fingers, she caught the tip of Sun Taicai's sword!

When Sun Taicai unleashed his Tian tier Martial Arts, he condensed a large amount of formidable power for the sword strike, however it was actually caught by Jian Ruyan's two slender jade like fingers!

This immediately frightened him and made his jaw drop!

Especially those disciples of the Sword Immortal Pavilion and the older generations, they are well aware of Sun Taicai's strength and the terrifying power of the Slaughtering Heaven Sword Art.

But now, that sword strike that contained a great amount of formidable power was caught by Jian Ruyan!

"Break for me!" Jian Ruyan smiled proudly, only the sound sound of breaking metal was hear, Sun Taicai's Origin Sword broke and fell apart.

"Little Sister Yan.. you... you..." Sun Taicai's Origin Sword is broken, losing his weapon, his strength suddenly decreased.

At this moment, Jian Ruyan summoned her two black and white swords!

Swish swish swish!

Jian Ruyan quickly counter attacked. Her sword attack speed is unexpectedly much faster than Sun Taicai.

In the blink of an eye, Sun Taicai's body was stabbed a dozen times. Apart from the vital points, every part was pierced by Jian Ruyan. That white robe is also dyed red with blood!

"If you don't admit defeat, I won't be polite!" Jian Ruyan said coldly.

Sun Taicai is very much unreconciled. He quickly released a powerful dao power that carried faint Immortal power and enveloped Jian Ruyan's body.

"You forced me!" Jian Ruyan's two swords shook, breaking apart that power and then stabbing forward.

Swish swish swish!

Sun Taicai's both arms are cut off and his heart is pierced several times.

"I.. I concede!" Sun Taicai felt Jian Ruyan's killing intent and shouted instantly.

Everyone is dumbstruck in fear!

Because Jian Ruyan does not have Immortal body but she can easily defeat an Immortal disciple. Many people paid attention to her two matches yesterday. Although she won, it was rather difficult for her to win.

But today, she faced Sun Taicai, who was much stronger than the two Devil disciples from yesterday. Yet, he still suffered defeat!

In just one night, Jian Ruyan's strength increased so much.

Without even looking at Sun Taicai, Jian Ruyan turned around and left the battle platform.

"This guy, Sun Taicai, is actually a trash too!" Jian Nanhu said with disdain : "And to think I wanted to defeat him back then, but now he is merely this!"

"Ruyan, let me see your situation!" Jian Shitian promptly walked over.

"No way!" Jian Ruyan quickly shouted.

Jian Shitian laughed : "Alright then! I am also very happy that you have become stronger!"

"Old Ancestor, even Brother Hu is not my match now!" Jian Ruyan smiled with great confidence : "None of the Spirit Martial Realm disciples in your Sword Immortal Pavilion are my match!"

"Little girl, you are too proud!" Jian Nanhu doesn't believe this.

"If you don't believe me, let's fight!" After Jian Ruyan defeated Sun Taicai and felt the power from the Sword Xuan Body, she felt like she is invincible under the heavens.

"Fight again when you have the chance!" Jian Shitian said : "It's Qin Yun's turn to go up. His opponent is the Medicine Immortal Valley's Immortal disciple!"

The hatred between Qin Yun and the Medicine Immortal Valley continued to deepen.

Now, the Medicine Immortal Valley finally has a chance to take revenge on Qin Yun.

The Medicine Immortal Valley's Immortal disciple is a middle-aged man, therefore he gave people a stronger feeling. However, many people are very confused, as an Immortal disciple, even though he is very old, he shouldn't have appeared this old.

"Although the thousand years old Immortal Disciple from the Medicine Immortal Valley is thousand years old, he is still in the Spirit Martial Realm because he is training a powerful special cultivation technique!" Jian Nanhu said.

This thousand year old Immortal disciple is called Han Yilai. Even though he is middle-aged, he still looks rather handsome. He is wearing dazzling golden clothes, his eyes beneath his thick eyebrows are filled with killing intent.

After Qin Yun sensed his opponent's aura, he immediately secretly felt frightened.

"Yuner, what's going on with this guy? Why do I think he's so scary?" Qin Yun also does not know why he has the urge to run away.

"This guy has cultivated Immortal blood... no wonder he didn't break through even though he is thousand years old and instead devoted all of his energy to cultivating Immortal blood!"

"There are many stages to the Immortal Body. Most of the current Immortal disciples have only cultivated a body that can absorb Immortal energy. However, the most important thing is the Immortal Blood and the Immortal Bone, which must not be cultivated until someone becomes a Martial Emperor or a Half Immortal!"

"This guy in front of you has cultivated Immortal blood. Also, he must have mastered some sort of cultivation technique.. you must be careful, he's definitely strong!"

Ling Yuner is also very surprised. She did not expect such a person to exist.

Qin Yun immediately felt a great pressure. He felt that the strength of the guy in front of him can be ranked in the top five in this Martial Arts Tournament.

Han Yilai did not say a word, he looked at Qin Yun.

Even if QIn Yun closed his eyes, he can sense the intense killing intent from the opponent.

The time for preparation passed quickly!


Han Yilai didn't attack. Instead, he clenched his fists and stood still. A golden energy emitted from his body, filling the entire battle platform in an instant.

And Qin Yun's body felt incessant stab of pain, it is as if his body is being pierced by countless needles.