Chapter 691
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Chapter 691

Qin Yun previously guessed that the Martial Arts Tournament is not that simple.

The Divine Inscription Palace of the Xuan Domain rewarded Immortal Origin to various states. They definitely have other motives.

Now this tomfoolery with State King and what not is precisely for the sake of making it easier to control large expanse of regions.

State King Mu said : "The other states have already chosen their State Kings. In the future, we few states will compete each other frequently!"

Senior General Manage Ye said : "Divine Inscription Palace are providing us with those two Immortal Origins. They asked us to choose a State King and properly manage a state. Also, every once in a while, we would have to pay tribute to the Xuan Domain's Divine Inscription Palace!"

Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal said unhappily : "If we can't obtain the Immortal Origin, would we have to pay tribute?"

"Paying tribute is the business of the State King. As long as you are not the State King, regardless of whether or not you obtain the Immortal Origin, you do not need to worry about this matter."

General Manager Ye continued : "If an state is managed properly, later we can compete with other states and get Immortal Origins as reward. This requires us to work together!"

Bao Changshou laughed and said : "General Manager Ye, you can just go and become the State King. You are already in charge of the large and small halls of the Divine Inscription Palace in the Proud Star State. It will be easier for you to manage the Proud Star State!"

Now, everyone understood why the Long family of the Soaring Dragon State had given the State King position to State King Mu. It's because these trivial matters are very much vexing.

Jian Shitian thought for a moment and also said : "General Manager Ye, you should manage this!"

Seeing Jian Shitian's stance, all the sect masters of other sects and patriarchs of the family powers promptly approved of General Manager Ye to be their State King.

General Manager Ye's expression is calm but he is very happy in his heart.

"Everyone approves of me so much, so I won't shirk from duty!" General Manager Ye said with faint smile.

Bao Changshou said with a laugh, "State King Ye, you are now in a high position, don't keep having ideas on Qin Yun. This will not match your status!"

"I will consider the current situation and set aside my personal grudges with Qin Yun. However, I suggest that Qin Yun communicate with Yang Shiyue and obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit and then hand it over to me. This will make our Proud Star State more prosperous!" State King Ye spoke with a righteousness tone.

Qin Yun rained curses in his heart.

State King Mu's eyes are filled with jealousy. He said : "If numerous powers appoint a State King, then even if he has not Immortal Origin, he can also obtain an Immortal Origin. Therefore, this matter should be carefully decided later!"

State king Ye smiled and quickly said : "All of you are Half Immortal experts. Since you have already made your decision, I believe you will not renege on your words! Rest assured, I will definitely make the Proud Star State even more prosperous!"

The people from different powers all felt like bunch of idiots.

Even if the disciples of the Divine Inscription Palace fail to enter the top two, General Managed Ye who is in charge of the Divine Inscription Palace, will still receive an Immortal Origin.

Everyone understood why State King Ye is so happy and even put Qin Yun's matter aside.

General Manager Ye has now become State King Ye and said with a smile : "This is settled then. Thank you for thinking highly of my humble self!"

State King Mu looked at Qin Yun and said : "Qin Yun, I heard that you are the only one who can make Yang Shiyue come out! I wonder if you would like to trade with me? As long as you tell me where Yang Shiyue is, I will give you 10 billion purple crystal coins as compensation!"

"You want to buy the Star Lord Inscription Spirit with only 10 billion?" Qin Yun could not help but laugh : "Do you think I'm a child that you can easily cheat?"

"How about 50 billion?" State King Mu said again.

"Even if you give me 500 billion, I won't agree!" After saying that, Qin Yun turned to leave. He still needs to rest.

"I will exchange an Immortal Origin for Yang Shiyue's whereabouts!" State King Mu suddenly shouted.

An Immortal Origin is being exchanged for Yang Shiyue's whereabouts, this is also to obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit!

This is out of everyone's previous expectation. Just to get the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, State King Mu has thrown caution to the wind.

"Qin Yun, if you wish to report Yang Shiyue's whereabouts, please come find me!"

"Don't let your own fertile water run into other's lands. Although I have enmity with you, I am now the State King of the Proud Star State. If I can obtain the Star Lord Inscription Spirit, it will benefit the entire Proud Star State!" State King Ye shouted.

Qin Yun said : "If I have any such thoughts, I will definitely look for you. Please rest assured!"

Jian Nanhu said: "Young lady Long Yue from the Long family said that we are all inferior to her. I want to compete with her!"

Proud Star State's Long family's Half Immortal laughed and said : "You want to compete with her? Fine, use your Immortal Origin to gamble. If you defeat her, you can obtain our Immortal Origin. If you lose, hand over your Immortal Origin to us!"

"A Hu, wait for the end of the Martial Arts Competition!" Jian Shitian lightly shouted.

They are actually trying to bet with the Immortal Origin!

Everyone admired the Long family's courage!

That is a very precious thing.

State King Mu laughed and said : "My little disciple got second place in the Martial Arts Tournament. If you want to challenge him, please bring an Immortal Origin!"

This many many of the Proud Star State's experts to be restless to make a move.

Even Qin Yun wished that he could agree to gamble and fight.

Xiao Yuelan is also the same because this is a great opportunity.

Jian Shitian also wanted to gamble but he is very calm.

Therefore, they have put off the discussion until the end of martial arts competition. Because only then can they be certain whether or not they can obtain Immortal Origin.

If they were certain that they could obtain one, then they would dare to gamble!

Otherwise, losing their only Immortal Origin would cause them to fall from power.

Things like the Immortal Origin, the more the better. Who would not like a few more? Only, it is too difficult to obtain.

Top sixteen strong disciples all now wants to immediately start the Martial Arts Tournament to determine the first and second place and then go gamble with the people of the Soaring Dragon State.

In a situation like this, tomorrow's Martial Arts Tournament will surely be extremely intense.

"Let's go back and have a good rest!"

Qin Yun said. Before he left, he looked at the Soaring Dragon State's Martial Arts Tournament first place masked person.

The masked person did not reveal her eyes. She is also wearing a robe, that makes it impossible to see her figure clearly.

Qin Yun is very curious about that Long family disciple.

"Xiao Yun, do you think that Long family female disciple is Yuemei?" Ling Yuner asked.

"En! She give me a special familiar feeling. Moreover, only the little girl Yuemei who is always swindling around can infiltrate into the Long family." Qin Yun said.

His suspicions are not without reason because Xiao Yuemei has dragon bloodline, dragon martial spirit and dragon totem. Plus, her strange mirror martial spirit, allows her to disguise herself very well.

Xiao Yuemei previously disguised herself as a Long family disciple, called herself Long Yuemei and successfully tricked many people.

"Maybe it really is that little girl!" Ling Yuner laughed tenderly : "If it really is Yuemei, then it's really amazing. She can actually sneak into the Long family in the Soaring Dragon State and even win the Martial Arts Contest!"

The more Qin Yun thought about it, the more he felt that it is Xiao Yuemei.

He returned to his room, lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Thud thud thud!

Suddenly, someone knocked on the wall. Jian Ruyan is right next door.

"Brother Yun, come over here for a moment!" Jian Ruyan shouted lightly.

Qin Yun promptly used his Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to go through the wall.

Jian Ruyan sat on the bed and said with a smile : "This ability of yours is really amazing. Tell me honestly, have you used this technique to peep at other people bathing?!"

"How is this possible?" Qin Yun shook his head and smiled. He asked : "What's the matter?"

"Brother Yun, I still want to become stronger!" Jian Ruyan sighed and said : "In tomorrow's match, I'm worried that I will run into Brother Hu. I don't wish to lose to him!"

"Little Sister Yan, your current strength is already very good. If you want to increase it again, you can only increase your cultivation base." Qin Yun said with a smile : "Don't be too hasty. It's easy to go berserk and enter devil dao!"

"Brother Yun, do you really have the confidence to enter the top two? I don't have much confidence anyway!" Jian Ruyan is sitting on the bed, wearing only shorts. She hugged her knees and said unwillingly.

"Of course I do!" Qin Yun walked over and stroked her messy hair. He said : "When you return, tell the Sect Master that you have Sword Xuan Body. He will arrange for people to help you cultivate your Immortal Body!"

"Really?" When Jian Ruyan heard this, she did not dare to believe it.

"Little Sister Yan, don't undervalue yourself!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Your foundation is very good! Our Sect Master can definitely see it. When the time comes, he will definitely re-evaluate and focus on nurturing you!"

"I.. I am afraid they do not value women and we women are always looked down upon." Jian Ruyan lightly snorted : "You saw it yourself. Among the top 16, there are only two or three girls, moreover we do not have Immortal body!"

Jian Ruyan sighed : "As long as I can enter the top four, I will be satisfied and I can fight for us women!"

"Properly work hard, there won't be any problem!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "I'm going back to rest. I'll sleep for the entire day!"

"Today, I ask for blessings, I don't want to meet few people ahead : you, Yuelan and Brother Hu!" Jian Ruyan smiled.

Qin Yun shook his head and returned to his room.

The second day soon arrived. After Qin Yun woke up, he put on Immortal Weapon Citty's light blue uniform and walked out of his room.

Jian Ruyan is a bit nervous because today there will be straw drawing. If she were to meet a strong opponent in the first round, she would definitely be eliminated.

Qin Yun is extremely calm and collected. As long as he did not encounter a thousand year old Immortal disciple, he's not going to be afraid of anything.

In fact, if Han Yilai, the thousand year old immortal disciple, never met Qin Yun, he would have been almost able to walk on top of the martial arts competition.

This is also the thing that gave Medicine Immortal Valley's people heartache. With Han Yilai's strength, he was completely capable of hanging and beating up Martial Masters below the Xuan Martial Realm.

They regretted letting Han Yilai snatch Qin Yun's dao core. If not, killing Qin Yun would be a simple matter.

Qin Yun and Jian Ruyan arrived at the tournament plaza and climbed the two hundred meters wide big battle platform.

Other people also arrived and lined up on the platform.

Xiao Yuelan arrived and immediately transmitted her voice to Qin Yun : "Xiao Yun, is it possible that the masked person from the Soaring Dragon State's Long family is Yuemei?"

"Yuelan, you also think that it's her?" Qin Yun is secretly delighted, he quickly transmitted his voice : "I also suspect it's her. That little girl really likes causing trouble. She actually sneaked into the Soaring Dragon State!"