Chapter 693
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Chapter 693

Qin Yun has never heard of martial arts like the totem doppelganger. After seeing it with his own eyes, he is alarmed.

The power of the totem doppelganger Du Senyi released is same as himself. The aura of that power is equally strong.

Qin Yun just stood motionless in his spot, besieged by the two Du Senyi, he momentarily didn't know how to respond. But his body moved instinctively and leaped into the air.

Du Senyi and his doppelganger also reacted quickly. They promptly jumped and closely chased after Qin Yun.

"These two guys.. eat my palm!"

Qin Yun twisted his body in the air and attacked down with palm strike towards the charging Du Senyi.

Extinction Dragon Five Palms, five palm energy attacks arrived consecutively, then fused together to form a single palm. The fused power is frantically powerful, brought with it a momentum of an astonishing raging wave!

Du Senyi and his doppelganger are instantly enveloped by the palm power.

At the same time, Ling Yuner also released supergravity.

With a loud bang, Du Senyi and his doppelganger fell down on the ground from the double power attacks.

At this moment, Qin Yun also dropped down like a mountain.

He unleashed Piercing Mountain and Splitting Earth Finger'. The finger power transformed into black light beam which was shot from two joined fingers.

Attack's target is precisely Du Senyi's main body.

Du Senyi also sensed the terrifying finger power but he remained calm. He laid on the ground, opened his mouth and let out a great roar.

From his mouth a stream of black mist came out and turned into a black energy pillar. It brought along totem runes and charged towards the incoming finger power.


The two black powers collided with each other and black mist bubbled out, enveloping the entire battle stage.

The large battle platform is filled with violent black mist, making it impossible to see what is happening inside.

Jin Shitian is flying above the plaza, with a frown he looked down and observed the situation.

Very soon, the black mist dispersed. At this time, Du Senyi and his doppelganger quickly attacked with punches, concentrated fist energy transformed into terrifying evil spirit illusory images, they look very frightening.

"It's a totem martial art!" Qin Yun saw the evil spirit illusory images, flickering with the Devil totem runes, in his heart he felt gloomy and frightened.

The enveloping fist energy shrouded the heavens and covered the earth, as if it wants to devour Qin Yun.

Qin Yun suddenly roared and used Heavenly Lion's Heavenly Roar.

That roar seemed to have come from a fierce ancient beast and shook people's heart and soul.

Heavenly Lion's Heavenly Roar's sound wave carried Overwhelming Righteous Power with it and shook the incoming evil spirit fist energy and dispersed it.

Soon after, images of Heavenly Lion's Claws appeared on Qin Yun's arm. It is the Heavenly Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw.

Qin Yun also unleashed his totem martial arts and charged towards Du Senyi and his doppelganger.

Just earlier, Du Senyi felt inexplicable fear from Qin Yun's roar. However, when he thought of the fact that he has Devil blood, he regained his confidence.

He controlled his doppelganger to coordinate with him and attacked Qin Yun who is charging at him.

After the two Du Senyi charged forward, they immediately attacked Qin Yun fervently. Violent energy waves surged out as if rumbling thunder constantly echoed out. The fight is extremely intense.

"This guy Qin Yun uses his totem martial arts awfully few times. He did not even use them in the match against me!" Jian Nanhu looked from below and gnashed his teeth : "Was he looking down on me?"

Bao Changshou laughed : "He deliberately hid something like this. Qin Yun is someone like that. He will not easily let others know his true strength!"

"This bastard, how kind of formidable power is he hiding?" Jian Nanhu firmly clenched his fist : "When I meet him, I will definitely force him to show his full strength!"

Qin Yun's current situation is equivalent to facing two enemies, however he is still able to persist. His this kind of strength, also made many people feel astonished.

Du Senyi could not crush Qin Yun instantly. Because when he is fighting with Qin Yun, he felt that his strength is incapable of causing any injury to Qin Yun. This situation is difficult for him to understand.

Qin Yun's body is protected by Overwhelming Righteous Power. It was basically impossible for Du Senyi's evil spirit power to invade Qin Yun's body.

Just like this, Qin Yun is invincible against him.

Tu Tiandi is watching the battle from offstage, also felt that something is fishy. Because when it comes to cultivation, Du Senyi's strength is equivalent to an Immortal disciple who cultivated Immortal blood.

Previously, Medicine Immortal Valley's Han Yilailai easily oppressed Qin Yun.

Now only a few days passed by, however Qin Yun now actually have the strength to fight against a disciple with Devil blood? This made many Half Immortal elders feel incomprehensible.

"Du Senyi, what are you doing? Quickly get rid of him!" Tu Tiandi suddenly shouted loudly in urgency.

The two Du Senyi onstage are also very anxious and their attacks became even more ferocious.

Qin Yun is confronting two Du Senyi, It is not easy for him to resist their attacks. Sometimes, he failed to defend in time. His body was also hit by a fist and palm attacks but he did not suffer any serious injuries.

That's because his Overwhelming Righteous Power blocked all of Du Senyi's formidable evil spirit power.

Therefore, Du Senyi's power that hit Qin Yun's body is merely the power of his body. It is incapable of doing any harm to Qin Yun's formidable Heavenly Lion Xuan Body.

Qin Yun can now also verify that powerful Devil cultivator like Du Senyi is incapable of threatening him. This is all because of the formidable Overwhelming Righteous Power.

"This Totem Pavilion is such an evil sect. Sooner or later, I will exterminate them!" Qin Yun looked at the frenzied Du Senyi and said coldly in his heart.

"Xiao Yun, destroy his doppelganger!" Ling Yuner yelled.

Because Du Senyi was unable to suppress Qin Yun, he gradually sank into a deranged state. He lost his previous calmness and started screaming crazily. His body also started emitting a black mist.

This is precisely the Devil cultivator's greatest weakness, can easily lose rationality and be controlled by evil thoughts.

Two Du Senyi completely went mad, they attacked Qin Yun crazily, brandishing their palms, roaring and howling.

Qin Yun channeled Overwhelming Righteous Power, evaded the pouncing crazy doppelganger and then, sent a palm strike at the doppelganger.

The palm power poured into the doppelganger's body and a white light burst out, tearing Du Senyi's totem doppelganger into shreds.

After the totem doppelganger was torn to shreds, Du Senyi became even more crazy. His hair grew longer and danced about crazily and disorderly. His eyes turned red and skin on his entire body became covered with scathing black evil energy.

"Du Senyi, calm down!" Tu Tiandi shouted.

Du Senyi has already lost his mind. Now akin to a devil beast, he pounced at Qin Yun crazily.

No one expected the situation to turn out like this.

State King Ye said : "How did Qin Yun's strength suddenly increased by so much? He's actually able to kill Du Senyi's doppelganger!"

"What the hell is going on? Back when Qin Yun fought against Han Yilai, he was miserably beaten! Our Totem Pavilion's Du Senyi is in no way weaker than Han Yilai!" Tu Tiandi clenched his fist and said anxiously.

That's because the current situation is extremely dangerous for Du Senyi.

At the beginning, everyone was sure that Qin Yun would definitely be crushed by Du Senyi but now, the result is the direct opposite.

The most inconceivable is that from the beginning to the end, Du Senyi have not managed to injure Qin Yun at all.

Jian Ruyan was also somewhat anxious in the beginning but when she thought of how Qin Yun deliberately picked his opponent Du Senyi to fight, she felt relaxed.


After crazy Du Senyi charged at Qin Yun, he punched toward the face. The power of the punch looked very strong but it only made Qin Yun to turn his head to the side.

Now Qin Yun is not even bothering to dodge, he allowed Du Senyi's attack to hit him. That's because Du Senyi's power neither hurts nor tickles him.

"Xiao Yun, earlier you devoured Han Yilai's Immortal blood and this guy in front of you has devil blood. How about devouring it? Let's test if you can cultivated the Immortal Devil Body!" Ling Yuner smiled and said.

"Immortal Devil Body?" Qin Yun recalled Xie Qirou.

It is precisely because Xie Qirou cultivated Immortal Devil Body that caused this series of major events.


Qin Yun originally planned to turn Du Senyi into minced meat but after hearing Ling Yuner's words, he changed his mind.

"Qin Yun, I'm going to eat you alive!"
The frenzied Du Senyi smiled sinsterly and pounced at Qin Yun and bit his arm. Furthermore, his body emitted a black mist that transformed into a rope and tied up Qin Yun's body.

Qin Yun's arm was bitten but when Du Senyi sensed the Overwhelming Righteous Power in his blood, he felt that he is being constantly burned.

At the same time, Qin Yun's palm pierced into Du Senyi's body like a sharp knife.

Ling Yuner used devouring power to quickly draw out Du Senyi's blood and seal it within the Nether Sun dao core. Even the Devil totem was taken away.

"Brother Yun, how are you?" When Jian Ruyan saw Qin Yun being bitten, she shouted in worry.

As Qin Yun's body was surrounded by black mist, no one outside could see his hand pierce into Du Senyi's body.

"Qin Yun is doomed!" Tu Tiandi bust out in laughter and said : "Du Senyi, you killed beautifully!"

However, soon after Du Senyi and Qin Yun separated!

Although Qin Yun was bitten, he is completely fine.

On the other hand, Du Senyi's face became deathly pale.

Du Senyi, whose skin was still pitch black earlier, suddenly turned very white. This means that he is most likely dead!

"Du Senyi.. what's wrong with you!" Tu Tiandi who was laughing, suddenly changed expression and shouted loudly.

Qin Yun rushed forward and attacked with Extinction Dragon Five Palms, setting off a burst of black flames, that turned Du Senyi into black flames.

Du Senyi, who cultivated Devil blood actually died without a complete corpse!

Even the people from the Soaring Dragon State are shocked in their hearts when they saw this. Because even they felt that Du Senyi's strength was not bad.

But now, he was defeated by Qin Yun!

Jian Nanhu is even more curious about Qin Yun's true strength now.

Tu Tiandi just stood there in a daze, holding back his anger. His body is emitting a Devil energy.

His Totem Pavilion's two most outstanding disciples actually died!

To the Totem Pavilion, this is undoubtedly a massive blow.

Bao Changshou and Jian Shitian also felt that this is unexpected. Because they though that Qin Yun would be miserably beaten and severely injured like last time.

And now, not only Qin Yun defeated Du Senyi, he is not even injured at all. This is simply a miracle!

Qin Yun walked down from the battle platform. His face filled with a gentle and joyful smile.

Tu Tiandi roared loudly from distance : "Qin Yun, with your strength, you are unable to defeat the Immortal Blood Immortal disciple and the Devil Blood Devil disciple! Just what tricks did you use?"