Chapter 694
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Chapter 694

"What tricks did I use? It's none of your business. You can only blame them for not being skilled while being so arrogant!" Qin Yun looked at Tu Tiandi and answered calmly.

Tu Tiandi became even angrier, he said to State King Ye beside him : "Old Ye, Qin Yun must have cheated. Quickly, revoke his qualification!"

State King Ye is now a king, he is destined to possess an Immortal Origin. Therefore, even if Qin Yun is very strong, he does not want to interfere. That's because both Jian Shitian and Bao Changshou supported him in becoming the State King.

"About this, we don't have conclusive evidence, it's no good to interfere!" State King Ye said with an embarrassed expression : "You saw it too. Bao Changshou and Jian Shitian are extremely protective of Qin Yun."

Tu Tiandi wished he could go and beat Qin Yun to death but he can't go over. He can only howl to the sky.

Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal is also sympathetic. He felt that their Medicine Immortal Valley should join forces with the Totem Pavilion to fight against the Immortal Weapon City.

Only this way can they have the opportunity to destroy the Immortal Weapon City and capture Qin Yun as revenge.

Of course, he only though this way. To attack Immortal Weapon City is simply impossible because there is a powerful Immortal inside.

Second match. it is between Jian Nanhu and the Immortal disciple of the Demon Immortal Paradise.

"I'm going back to rest. Call me when the second round's straw drawing starts!" Qin Yun greeted Bao Changshou and left alone.

When he is leaving, he passed by the group of people from the Soaring Dragon State, then used his mental power to lock onto the masked person. He then greeted the person.

The masked person remained unmoved, just standing there watching the battle stage.

Qin Yun can't help but feel puzzled in his heart. Both he and Xiao Yuelan believed that the masked person named Long Yue is Xiao Yuemei.

However, just now he wanted to use mental power to sent sound transmission and communicate but was rejected.

"Could it be that it's not Xiao Yuemei? Who could it be?" Qin Yun's heart is filled with curiosity. He left the plaza and returned to rest.

After Qin Yun left, there were still seven more battles.

Jian Nanhu's battle was not easy. Demon Immortal Paradise's disciples strength was very formidable.

In the end, although Jian Nanhu won, he still suffered some injuries. After he finished fighting, he also hastily went back to heal his injuries.

In the final battle, Jian Ruyan quickly defeated the disciples of the Myriad Star Sect and successfully advanced.

Xiao Yuelan's opponent was from Medicine Immortal Valley. It wasn't long when the fight began and the disciple was crippled by her. This caused the Medicine Immortal Valley heartache and to be extremely furious but they didn't dare to provoke Demon Moon Island.

After the eight battles finished, it is already dark.

Tomorrow morning, the next round will begin.

Next day early morning, Qin Yun is full of vigor and woke up pretty early.

Inside his Nether Sun dao core, both Devil blood and Immortal blood are sealed up, however he didn't start refining them.

Because that will take a period of time to fully absorb.

For few days, he only want to fight here in competition, it also not a good time for refining.

Jian Ruyan and Qin Yun followed behind Bao Changshou. Long Qiaofeng and the other disciples went to the plaza early and waited.

After arriving at the plaza, Qin Yun and Jian Ruyan quickly walked one the battle platform to start grabbing the pearls and deciding their opponents.

Disciples who entered the top eight are Qin Yun, Xiao Yuelan, Jian Ruyan, Jian Nanhu, after them are the disciples from Demon Immortal Paradise, Divine Inscription Palace, Fire Moon City and Sword Immortal Pavilion.

Under Qin Yun's control, Xiao Yuelan will fight against the Demon Immortal Paradise's disciple, Jian Ruyan against the female disciples of Fire Moon City and Jian Nanhu against the disciples of the Divine Inscription Palace.

And Qin Yun chose the disciple from the Sword Immortal Pavilion for himself.

Qin Yun and Jian Nanhu will not meet in this round, this caused many people to feel disappointed.

Everyone felt that it is a huge coincidence. Because Qin Yun and other stronger ones evaded each other and did not meet each other at all.

Xiao Yuelan will fight against Demon Immortal Paradise's Immortal disciple.

The relationship between the Demon Immortal Paradise and Demon Moon Island is very good but if they meet here, they would not show leniency to each other.

It was Xiao Yuelan who asked Qin Yun to arrange the fight against the Immortal disciple of the Demon Immortal Paradise.

Perhaps she wanted the Demon Immortal Paradise to know that even though their Demon Moon Island isn't an Immortal sect, their disciples aren't any weaker than the Immortal sects.

Xiao Yuelan's strength is indeed formidable, within 10 moves, she defeated Demon Immortal Paradise's disciple.

This kind of formidable strength of hers even made Soaring Dragon State's State King Mu to feel that it is unbelievable.

Everyone can see that Xiao Yuelan hid her true strength!

Jian Nanhu fought against Demon Immortal Paradise's Immortal disciple before and he knew that Demon Immortal Paradise's disciple are all extremely powerful. But now, one was actually defeated in ten moves by Xiao Yuelan!

This made Jian Nanhu feel secretly shocked. He felt that Xiao Yuelan should be his last formidable opponent.

The second battle is between Jian Nanhu and the Immortal disciple of the Divine Inscription Palace.

Previously, Jian Nanhu killed an Immortal disciple of the Divine Inscription Palace, therefore now he won very easily.

Jian Nanhu has Immortal body and even stepped into the middle stage of the Spirit Martial Realm, his strength is indeed very terrifying. The Immortal disciple of the Divine Inscription Palace is also very strong however he was actually defeated within 10 moves.

"How did this trash from the Divine Inscription Palace manage to survive until now?" Jian Nanhu walked down from the battle platform and said with disdain.

He previously fought against the Demon Immortal Paradise's Immortal disciple, that person had true strength.

Next is Jian Ruyan's fight against the female disciple of Fire Moon City.

This is a battle between two beauties, this immediately made many male disciples to whistle and yell.

After the fight between Jian Ruyan and the female disciple of Fire Moon City began, those male disciples are all terrified, because these two women are just too strong!

One must know that Jian Ruyan previously defeated Sword Immortal Pavilion's Immortal disciple very easily!

This kind of strength is also very powerful.

Qin Yun is watching from below and said with a frown : "That woman from Fire Moon City is quite strong!"

"That woman has a Fire Xuan Body, so she's also very strong!" Ling Yuner said : "Jian Ruyan should be able to defeat her!"

For Jian Ruyan, this fight is somewhat strenuous, also the opponent isn't easy.

On the battle platform, sword energy and waves of flame collided, producing a series of violent whistling sounds. It is very shocking.

In the end, Fire Moon City's woman was stabbed several times by Jian Ruyan. Moreover, her consumption was enormous, she had no choice but to admit defeat.

After Jian Ruyan won, she also became much relaxed because she successfully entered the top four!

Among the top four, there are Xiao Yuelan, Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan. The last one has not been determined yet.

Qin Yun and the Sword Immortal Pavilion's disciples went up on stage.

"The Sword Immortal Pavilion's Jian Litian is also an Immortal disciple, reportedly his strength is much stronger than Jian Nanhu!"

"His age is slightly more than Jian Nanhu, he entered the Sword Immortal Pavilion at an early time."

"If Jian Litian were to defeat Qin Yun, there would be three Jian family disciples in the top four!"

"Jian family disciples are really terrifying!"

Everyone felt that within the Proud Star State, Jian family's power is the strongest.

Jian family and Sword Immortal Pavilion people are also feeling very proud at this moment.

Jian Litian's skin is tanned, he looks tall and sturdy. He has a dejected expression on his face. He wore gray clothes and his face is full of beard. He looks like a wandering swordsman hermit.

After he walked up on the stage, he faintly smiled at Qin Yun and said : "A Hu really wants to defeat you in the Martial Arts Tournament! We are good brothers, so how about I go easy and let you enter the top four?"

"Don't talk about throwing fight because if you want to throw the fight, it will be easier for me to win!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Brother Tian, stop talking nonsense! If you defeat him, then when I defeat you, I'll defeat two of you in one go, hahaha.." Jian Nanhu said with a laugh : "If Qin Yun defeats you, then by defeating Qin Yun I can prove that I'm stronger than you!"

"A Hu, you arrogant brat, I will teach you a lesson in the next battle!" Jian Littian faintly smiled, with a wave of his hand, he created a transparent crystalized heavy sword.

This is the first time Qin Yun has seen such an Origin Sword. It's whole body is like crystal, it is sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid. It's very beautiful.

Qin Yun also released Heavenly Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw, it can be considered his weapon.

Many people present are also watching with excitement because this is a confrontation between the strong!

"Begin!" Jian Shitian shouted, he is also greatly looking forward to this battle.

Jian Litian and Qin Yun rushed out at the same time.

When Qin Yun was charging over, he used the Heavenly Lion's Heavenly Roar. The sound wave brought about an energy wave that caused Jian Litian to slow down a bit.

However, Jian Litian still managed break through the sound wave. Furthermore, he was completely unaffected and thrust straight at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun did not dodge. Instead, he stretched out his hand with a lightning like speed and grabbed the crystal heavy sword. Additionally, Heavenly Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw, unleashed the Wind Slayer Six Style and swept towards Jian Litian.

Jian Litian is extremely shocked. He never expected Qin Yun to be so reckless. Grabbing his sword without a care for life, it caused him to have no choice but to relinquish. Otherwise, he would be swept away by the Wind Slayer Six Style.

Jian Litian's Origin Sword suddenly disappeared from Qin Yun's hand and returned to his body.

However, Qin Yun has the upper hand. Swinging his Heavenly Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw, he combined with the Heaven Lion's Heavenly Roar to constantly chase and attack Jian Litian.

One must know that once Qin Yun uses Nine Extinction Steps, his speed becomes extremely fast. His brilliant technique made many Half Immortals praise him one after another.

Jian Litian, being chased and attacked by Qin Yun like that, doesn't even have a chance to breathe, he can only constantly unleash strong Dao power to block and dodge.

"Qin Yun is about to defeat Brother Tian!" Jian Nanhu laughed out loud and said.

Jian Litian grit his teeth and let a loud shout trying to release his strongest power. However, at this time, a powerful gravity smashed down, Jian Litian was pressed down and caught unprepared!

Boom boom boom!

Qin Yun kicked with his legs. Star Xuan Steps exploded with vigorous power. Jian Litian was sent flying and ruthlessly crashed on the barrier.

Soon after, Qin Yun rushed over and used Extinction Dragon Three Palms to attack Jian Litian.

"I admit defeat!" Jian Litian is very clear that if this goes on, he would suffer even more serious injury.

Jian Nanhu said with a smile : "Only by fighting you can realize how strange Qin Yun is. Brother Tian, you must have experienced it, right? Previously, he mocked me for losing to Qin Yun twice. He, a late stage Spirit Martial Realm Immortal disciple, also lost to Qin Yun!"

Jian Litian slowly stood up and said with a frown : "Qin Yun's body's strength is not at all weaker than Immortal body. This is truly fucking strange!"

Jian Shitian said : "That's because you Immortal disciples have never properly dug into your greatest potential and have never tried to attack the pinnacle of the Immortal Body. Therefore, once you meet someone who can properly display the power of their Xuan body, the disparity is clearly shown!"

Now, the top four has already come out. It is : Xiao Yuelan, Jian Nanhu, Jian Ruyan and Qin Yun!