Chapter 703
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Chapter 703

The huge black ball that landed on the Sword Immortal Villa plaza resembled a small black star.

Jian Nanhu is leading Qin Yun to the western region of the Sword Immortal Villa. Looking back, they can see the gigantic black ball.

"What is that thing?" Jian Nanhu said in shock.

"It should be a very powerful flying tool and it even pierced through the barrier of the island and the Sword Immortal Villa!" Qin Yun sensed the evil aura and has a bad premonition.

Jian Nanhu said: "It doesn't matter, I will bring you to that elder to let you pass down the Dragon Totem to her!"

Qin Yun does not know what is happening in the plaza, he is just curious.

Jian Nanhu brought Qin Yun to the west side of Sword Immortal Villa. There are many small hills here filled with different types of flowers and grass. It is a very beautiful place.

This is also the environment Ling Yuner loves the most. Inside Qin Yun's illusory space, according to Ling Yuner's request, it is just as beautiful as here.

"Jian Nanhu, what's the name your Sword Immortal Pavilion's beautiful Inscription Master?" when Qin Yun saw the environment, he realized that it is the residence of a woman who loves flowers.

"Jian Linglong(Exquisite Sword). If you are frequent within Inscription Masters' circle, you would certainly be familiar with this name!" Jian Nanhu looked at Qin Yun's expression and said : "Judging by your expression, you never heard of this name!"

"Indeed, I've never heard of it before!" Qin Yun shrugged his shoulders and said.

Qin Yun followed Jian Nanhu over a few small hills and saw a six-story wooden pagoda over there.

"What kind of person is Jian Linglong? Your grandfather told me she is very gentle and tender!"

Back then, when Qin Yun was about to be driven out of the Immortal Weapon City, Jian Shitian arrived to poach him and described the beautiful female Dao Inscription Master that way.

"Gentle and tender? Don't tell me from the name you think she's gentle and tender?" Jian Nanhu said with a puzzled expression : "Qin Yun, I must remind you that our Jian family does not have gentle or tender women!"

"Gentle and tender, when talking about the women of our Jian family, are illusory existences! You have also experienced little sister Yan's fiery temper, right? Elder Linglong is more violent and terrible than her!"

Qin Yun has indeed experienced Jian Ruyan's fiery temper but he also has first hand experience of her unique flirtatious behavior.

"Your grandfather actually tried to trick me. He said that your Sword Immortal Pavilion has a beautiful Dao Inscription Master who is gentle and tender like water and that she's also an elder!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

"Elder Linglong is out Jian family's most talented Inscription Master in recent years. Therefore, even if she has a bad temper, the elders of the Jian family and the Sword Immortal Pavilion can only endure it!" After Jian Nanhu approached the pagoda, also walking towards it with a reluctant expression.

"How old is this Elder Linglong?" Qin Yun is suddenly very curious.

Just as he finished speaking, Jian Nanhu quickly covered his mouth and said in very low voice : "Qin Yun, are you crazy or are you tired of living? If we let Elder Linglong hear it, both of ours lives be done for!"

Soon after, Jian Nanhu sent a voice transmission to Qin Yun and warned him solemnly : "Qin Yun, when you meet Elder Linglong, you must be courteous. Furthermore, you must not look her face! Even more, don't ask about her age. She hates people who ask about her age the most!"

"Jian Nanhu, is there any other taboos when meeting this Elder Linglong?" Qin Yun planned to inquire further.

"When you speak, your voice must not be higher than her. Manner of speaking must be good and must speak with smile, best if you lower your head when speaking, don't keep looking at her face, furthermore listen to her obediently, also don't talk so much nonsense. In short, you must be like a grandson in front of her!"

Jian Nanhu is obviously very afraid of Elder Linglong.

When Qin Yun heard his words, he can't help but crease his brows. He inwardly cursed the old fox Jian Shitian, he actually tricked and said that there is a gentle and tender beautiful female Dao Inscription Master.

"Disciple Jian Nanhu pays respect to Elder Linglong!"

Jian Nanhu arrived at the front of the pagoda and bowed politely and spoke with a hypocritical smile on his face.

He quickly transmitted his voice to Qin Yun : "Quickly bend your waist!"

Qin Yun can only do accordingly and bend his waist facing the sliding door.

"Spirit it out. What kind of nonsense you have, quickly say it!" Jian Linglong's voice came through. It sounded very ordinary but it carried a dignified cold anger.

This scared Jian Nanhu and his entire body started trembling, he hastily said : "A disciple from the Immortal Weapon City mastered a Dragon Totem, he wants to give this Dragon Totem to our Sword Immortal Pavilion as present. The Sect Master is dealing with a group of people, so he let me bring him here!"

When he finished speaking, the sliding door opened.

"Both of you, come in!" Jian Linglong's voice is still the same, cold and indifferent.

"Elder Linglong, disciple still have things to do, so I'll take my leave first!" Jian Nanhu finished speaking, he used highest speed to run away and disappeared very fast.

Qin Yun stepped through the door very calmly.

Once her entered, the door closed.

When Qin Yun entered the tower, he felt a scorching hot energy. He also saw a pool in front of him. It is filled with boiling red liquid that looked like molten iron.

"I'm Qin Yun from Immortal Weapon City. I'm here to gift you a Dragon Totem!" Qin Yun looked around but he did not see Jian Linglong.

"Why are you gifting the precious Dragon Totem to our Sword Immortal Pavilion? What are you scheming?" Jian Linglong asked coldly.

"To have your Sword Immortal Pavilion protect me..." Qin Yun also simply described the situation to Jian Linglong.

After hearing this, Jian Linglong said : "I heard that you also have the Wilde Fire Inscription Spirit!"

"That's right!" Qin Yun said.

"If you want to see me, then jump into the Buried Sword Pool!" Jian Linglong's voice came through.

Qin Yun does not need to ask to know that the boiling red liquid pool is the Buried Sword Pool.

"Senior, I will carve the Dragon Totem on the beast skin and leave it here. I don't need to see you!" looking at the pool, Qin Yun also felt somewhat frightened.

"You're afraid of the Buried Sword Pool?" Jian Linglong said with a disdainful laugh.

"I am a little afraid!"

Qin Yun did not want to get down. He only wanted to quickly hand over the Dragon Totem to Jian Linglong and run away as far as possible.

"Less nonsense, hurry up and get down or else you won't be able to get out! You don't want to see me but I want to see you!" Jian Linglong shouted sternly.

Qin Yun sighed helplessly, he took out a Water Repelling Pearl and jumped down.

What made him feel strange is that when he jumped down, a power suddenly sucked him up!

He did not fall down into the Buried Sword Pool. Rather, he was washed up to the roof above the Buried Sword Pool.

Just like that, he arrived at the second level, feeling great astonishment!

He appeared in a relatively simple hall. It is bright but the floor and chairs here are all black, as if they were made of ice-cold black iron.

At this time, he also saw Jian Linglong. Her dress is also very simple, only a set of light green clothes.

Her appearance is truly beautiful. Her fair oval face is full of mature charm. Simple tidy ponytail hanging down her chest, she has a pair of very gentle and tender beautiful eyes that flickered with gentleness.

Although she is called Jian Linglong, her body type is not exquisite at all. She is as tall as Qin Yun, about 1.8 meters!

Qin Yun feels that Jian Linglong is very strange. From the description, she should be a ferocious woman. However, she looks very gentle and tender and beautiful. Furthermore, she is very good looking.

"That little demon Jian Nanhu should have warned you before. You can't look at me like this!" Jian Linglong is sitting on a chair, she looked at Qin Yun with a smile.

"Senior Jian Shitian once wanted to recruit me to the Sword Immortal Pavilion to be your disciple. At that time, he said that you are gentle and tender like water!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Then on the way here, I was told by Jian Nanhu that you are not gentle at all!"

"What else did he say!?" Jian Linglong asked with a smile that seems to be carrying a flame.

"He said that the Jian family doesn't have gentle and tender women!" Qin Yun said.

Jian Linglong laughed and said : "That's right, there is no gentle and tender woman in our Jian family! Sit down!"

After Qin Yun sat down, he asked : "Can I start carving the Dragon Totem now?"

Jian Linglong walked over and stood in front of Qin Yun. With her arms folded across her chest, she looked down at Qin Yun as if a higher being looking down on lesser one. With an ice-cold voice, she asked : "At that time Jian Shitian wanted to poach you, why didn't you come?"

"I wanted to come! However, our Immortal Weapon City's Grand Elder blocked it. She is an immortal, you should have heard of her, right?" Qin Yun felt Jian Linglong's pressure and said helplessly.

"Since you're here, you don't have to go back!" Jian Linglong said.

"About this, I promised the Grand Elder that I would stay in the Immortal Weapon City. I can't go back on my word!" Qin Yun just won a few Immortal Origins. How could he not return?

Jian Linglong seemed to be very interested in Qin Yun. She placed her lily-white hand on Qin Yun's head and said with a smile : "If you stay, I guarantee that you will see the gentle and tender side of a Jian Family woman!"

Qin Yun is startled. Jian Linglong actually wants to keep him.

When she saw Qin Yun's astonished expression, Jian Linglong smileed sweetly and said : "I scare the others because me and them can't communicate on same level. However, you are different. You are a talented Inscription Master!"

Qin Yun felt that Jian Linglong in front of him suddenly changed into a that kind of true gentle and tender person.

"Elder Linglong, something must have happened outside. I want to give you the Dragon Totem without delay and go take a look!" Qin Yun is very concerned about Qi Meilian.

"We Inscription Masters don't need to worry about fighting and killing!" Jian Linglong smiled gently and said : "You stay behind, accompany me!"

"Elder Linglong, I have a lot of things to do!" Qin Yun said with a reluctant expression.

"Alright, I won't make things difficult for you!" Jian Linglong is a little disappointed, she sighed and said : "Carve a Dragon Totem for me. I want to see you carve with my own eyes!"


Qin Yun quickly took out beast skin and placed it on a table. Then, he quickly began carving.

Jian Linglong's eyes, gentle and tender like water, flashed with splendor, she laughed and said : "You little demon, you actually have Beast King Inscription Spirit! Dragon Totem is very complicated but your drawing speed is outrageous!"

Qin Yun is completely dumbstruck but he knows that he has been exposed.

"I also have an Inscription Spirit but it's not as good as yours! My Inscription Spirit is Daolord Inscription Spirit!" Jian Linglong said.

"Daolord Inscription Spirit is also very good!" Qin Yun shouted in alarm.

When Inscription Masters carve Dao runes, Daolord Inscription Spirit allows them to achieve twice the result with half the work!.

"But when carving totem it is not least bit useful!" Jian Linglong's face is full of resentment and said : "The matter of inscribing Dao rune is merely situational. When condition is right, success will follow! Your Wild Fire Inscription Spirit and Beast King Inscription Spirit covers a wide range of areas, can simultaneously cover both runes and totems."