Chapter 742
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Chapter 742

Qin Yun hid at a distance and kept watching, he wants to see what would happen next, who would go up to fight.

Although Yang Shiyue also appeared, no one recognized her because she is wearing a mask.

Qin Yun is very familiar with Yang Shiyue, so he can recognize her just by looking at her back.

Suddenly, a middle aged golden armored soldier charged towards Xie Ying.

"Why are you hurrying this way?" Xie Ying said coldly.

"A pig ran away from the beast trapping dungeon!" The soldier replied : "That pig seems to be the Imperial Beast Heavenly King!"

"How is that possible? The Heavenly Beasts inside don't have any Immortal Power, they are unable to escape from the cage!" Xie Ying's face is full of shock and shouted in a low voice : "Go and search without delay, you must capture that guy and bring him back!"

"We've searched and found no traces!" the golden armored middle aged man said.

The soldier did not mention the matter of locking Qin Yun up. He is worried that he would be blamed.

"You must find that pig! When offering sacrifice to the Nether Moon, we need sufficient Heavenly Beast blood. Oh that's right, did you find the Star Nucleus? It should be easy to find it in the mountain range outside!" Xie Ying asked again.

When the Star Nucleus is brought up, Qin Yun and Xiao Xuanqin's hearts jumped. The crystal mountain is actually the Star Nucleus.

It has already been taken by Qin Yun!

"We can't find any clues at all!" that golden armored man shook his head.

At this time, Yue You frowned and said : "Xie Ying, your subordinates are too useless! That Star Nucleus is at least the size of a mountain and you even have a probing tool. The passage has been open for so long but still haven't found it?"

"Back then, I spent so much effort to bring the star down. You vowed to retrieve the Star Nucleus. What about now?"

"Without the Star Nucleus, we won't be able to awaken the Nether Moon!"

Yue You is extremely angry!

Xie Ying sneered and said : "Nether Moon is under my control now, not yours. What are you worrying about?"

Yue You said in anger : "As long as my team defeat your team in this competition, Nether Moon will be mine! Yet, your bunch of stupid subordinates let the sacrificial Heavenly Beast run away and still unable to find the Star Nucleus!"

"I have a lot of Heavenly Beasts, one missing pig doesn't mean anything! As for that Star Nucleus, other than us, who else can keep it? Without an Immortal tool level storage magic tool, it cannot be stored and will be found sooner or later!" Xie Ying said.

Xiao Xuanqin is secretly fearful because Qin Yun was able to store the crystal mountain Star Nucleus. Now she also knows that Qin Yun has an Imoortal tier storage magic tool!

Xiao Xuanqin will not speak carelessly about this matter. Otherwise, Qin Yun would definitely become a target.

When Qin Yun learned of this matter, he is endless excited.

That's because Nether Moon has not been taken away by anyone!

Qin Yun immediately contacted Yao Fang and told her of the matter.

"Qin Yun, this is good news! If my guess is not wrong, that Nether Moon is hidden in the center of this fake moon!" Yao Fang is also excited : "If you can get it, then it will be very important to you!"

Qin Yun did not say a word, he promptly used his Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to drill into the ground.

Up above, Yue You and Xie Ying also continued sending out their men to compete.

"Sister Yao Fang, I have the Star Nucleus but I don't have Heavenly Beast Blood!" Qin Yun said.

"Why do you need Heavenly Beast Blood? You can easily capture the Nether Moon with the Nether Sun Martial Spirit!" Yao Fang said : "If that doesn't work, then let that big brother pig of yours bleed!"

Qin Yun looked at the Heavenly King Pig in the second pearl, he is actually sound asleep.

He thought back to what Heavenly King Pig said. He deliberately let Yue You enter this place to let her cultivate the Nether Moon Sacred Body using the Nether Moon. However, Yue You failed to obtain the Nether Moon.

Qin Yun told the matter of Yue You to Yao Fang.

After Yao Fang heard this, she also felt that it is inconceivable and said : "You don't need to care about Yue You now! You need to quickly raise your cultivation and Yue You is a powerful Immortal King. Even if her power is sealed, she's still a very powerful Immortal!"

"You should first get the Nether Moon and then speak!"

Qin Yun constantly used his Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to head towards the center of the fake moon.

Half an hour passed, Qin Yun finally arrived at the center of the fake moon.

There is a spacious room here. There is a tens of meters wide huge black pearl in the room and there are many white runes on it's surface.

"Is it a Moon Totem? But it doesn't look like it!" Qin Yun said in surprise.

"It's the Nether Moon Totem!" Ling Yuner said : "This is good stuff!"

Qin Yun wanted to let Yao Fang out but she is worried that she would be sensed by Yue You and Xie Ying, so she did not come out.

"Xie Ying is the Immortal Emperor's subordinate. I didn't expect him to be here too. He should be here to take away the Nether Moon!" Yao Fang snorted coldly and said : "Yue You is such a stupid girl. It's so rare to be able to enter the Nether Moon Desolate Domain, after ten thousand years, she actually couldn't get her hands on the Nether Moon!"

"Sister Yao Fang, does this mean that it was because I framed Yue You that she had the opportunity to be sealed in the Nether Moon Desolate Domain?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes! This is supposed to be a good thing for her but she didn't manage to get the Nether Moon!" Yao Fang also thinks that it is strange. Because Nether Moon Desolate Domain is not completely sealed. Clearly, someone left a gateway opened.

And back then, there were not many people who could do such a thing. Qin Yun's past life was one of them. Because Qin Yun's past life was a very powerful Inscription Master.

Qin Yun looked at the gigantic black ball, curled his lips and said : "Is this the Nether Moon? It looks so small, how do I get it?"

Yao Fang said : "Didn't you say that you obtained a crystal mountain before? Isn't there a pearl inside the crystal mountain? That pearl is the Nether Moon's soul. After the Nether Moon absorbs it, you can take it!"

Ling Yuner shouted excitedly : "Xiao Yun, I will definitely succeed in taking away this Nether Moon!"

Qin Yun immediately released the crystal mountain.

This fake moon's center space is very large, so it is not a problem to release few mountains.

The crystal mountain came out, the white pearl inside the mountain suddenly flickered and then turned into a light ray and rushed out, flying towards that Nether Moon.

The Nether Moon looked lifeless before but after absorbing the Nether Moon soul, it suddenly started spinning.

Without the Nether Moon soul, Qin Yun can easily keep the crystal mountain. It contains a lot of Star power, Devil Star Overlord's food.

"It's my turn!" Ling Yuner laughed heartily and said : "Little darling Nether Moon, quickly come to elder sister's bowl!"

Ling Yuner controlled the Nether Sun Martial Spirit and released the power of the Nether Sun Dao Core.

The Nether Sun Dao Core frantically revolving and releasing a strange devouring power.

The Nether Moon gradually distorted, then transformed into threads of aura and rushed towards Qin Yun's abdomen.

The gigantic Nether Moon released a black mist. After being absorbed by Qin Yun, it began to shrink little by little.

Like this, Nether Moon quietly and peacefully entered Qin Yun's Nether Sun Dao Core bit by bit.

"Yuner, isn't my Nether Sun Dao Core a little heaven defying? Such a small thing can actually devour the Nether Moon!" Qin Yun said in astonishment.

"This Nether Moon is just a small thing! What's more, Nether Sun can even devour the nine suns, so what is a mere little Nether Moon?" Ling Yuner laughed happily and said.

Qin Yun also doesn't know what benefits Nether Moon will bring him. All he knew was that it is a good item. Taking it way is not a bad thing.

Qin Yun is at the fake moon's center while on fake moon's surface, intense battle is going on.

"Martial King, Martial Emperor and Half Immortal, although our side is strong, there are too few of us! They are playing wheel warfare and we cannot win against them!" Yang Shiyue said in a low voice.

"If we can't win, then we can't win. Even if the Nether Moon belongs to Xie Ying, he doesn't have the Nether Moon soul inside the Star Nucleus, he won't be able to get it!" Yue You scolded in a low voice : "I've been here for so many years and I even controlled this place a few times. I still have no way to get the Nether Moon!"

"Yue You, you have the Nether Moon Martial Spirit, is there nothing you can do?" Yang Shiyue asked.

"I can't swallow the Nether Moon!" Yue You somewhat angrily said : "That bastard framed me and locked me up in this damned place. I'll admit it, after all, there's still Nether Moon here but ultimately, I can't do anything!"

After Xiao Xuanqin heard this, she frowned slightly. If that is really the case, it is clear that Qin Yun deliberately arranged it.

"I blame your stupidity! If it was Xiao Yun who came in, he would have definitely succeeded long ago!" Yang Shiyue said with a light smile

"Don't mention that bastard! That guy caused me to provoke so many enemies and had me locked up here for ten thousand years. If it wasn't for you, I would have already killed him!" Yue You became even angrier : "I admit that bastard has incredible abilities but even it is him, he can't succeed!"

Bao Changshou, Old Mother Yun Yao, Jian Shitian and the others are all exhausted from fighting.

No one on Yue You's side can go on stage. She has already lost!

"Yue You, when the Immortal Emperor agreed to seal you, it was also for the sake of conveniently sending me in so that we could seize the Nether Moon! So many years have passed and I am finally about to succeed, hahahaha." Xie Ying loudly howled with laughter.

"Xie Ying, so what if you have the Nether Moon? You can't get out! As long as one is an Immortal, one won't be able to leave through the silver coffin! Only I know where the other exit is!" Yue You laughed heartily and said : "If you want to leave, then give me Nether Moon. Otherwise, you can only stay here!"

"What? The silver coffin is actually not the real exit?" Xie Ying shouted.

"Not to us Immortals, hahaha." Yue You happily laughed.

"Where is the other exit?" Xie Ying roared in fury : "You actually dared to deceive me! You told me that the silver coffin was the exit!"

"Can't your subordinates leave? I didn't deceive you!" Yue You sneered.

"You bitch!" Xie Ying wanted to kill his way through but he also knows that his strength is about the same as Yue You's. There is no way he can beat her.

At this moment, Qin Yun also left the core. After hearing their conversation, he said in his heart : "My past life indeed told Yue You about the true exit. But why does this woman hate me so much?"

"Let's go!" Yue You coldly smiled and brought Jian Shitian and the rest to leave.

Jian Shitian, Bao Changshou and the others who fought for Yue You will naturally be rewarded accordingly.

Yue You flew away with this group of people, Xie Ying can only watch with eyes wide open.

Qin Yun took the chance and transmitted his voice to Xiao Xuanqin : "Aunt Xiao, I'm Qin Yun! When you leave, leave behind secret mark. I want to go to Yue You's old nest!"

After Xiao Xuanqin heard this, she is secretly startled. She did not expect Qin Yun would quietly arrive here.

She immediately responded to Qin Yun and gave him a specific direction.

"Yue You.. ah... Yue You, you haven't managed to success in this matter for ten thousand years. Letting me to complete it in a short while, with just your little ability, you actually want to retaliate against me!" Qin Yun snickered in his heart, then secretly left the palace and headed for Yue You's old nest.