Chapter 754
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Chapter 754

Hearing the old man speak, Qin Yun found some peace of mind. At least it is real.

"Senior, what kind of powerful objects are down there?" Qin Yun stood at the edge as he looked at the bottomless abyss.

"Too many! The Lizard Dragon we've caught is also the weakest! There are many different kinds of weird devil beasts down there!" The old man chuckled and said : "Little brother, if you really plan to go down, then it's no different from committing suicide!"

Qin Yun said with a frown : "I want to leave the Nether Moon Desolate Domain. I can only choose to leave from the bottom."

The elder sighed : "Indeed, this is the only path one can take! But even we, the strongest people, do not dare to go down. For example, that Moon Immortal Xie Ying is the strongest expert here, even he will not dare to go down!"

Qin Yun also knows that Xie Ying was very strong. He was an Immortal King level expert.

"Senior, is what you said about the Netherworld Great Emperor true?" Qin Yun is suddenly very curious about this matter.

The old man stroked his beard and said : "I'm not sure either. This is only a legend. Back then, Devil Immortal Great Emperor and the Netherworld Great Emperor had enmity and they were also very powerful. Even if they waged war in the Immortal Desolate, it would still have a great impact on the Immortal Desolate!"

"Later on, they invited the Immortal Desolate Great Emperor. The three Great Emperors built this place together and they called it the Great Emperor Battlefield!"

"This way, the Netherworld Great Emperor and the Demon Immortal Great Emperor would be able to fight each other without worry. Then, the Netherworld Great Emperor lost and was even killed."

Qin Yun listening to these legends, also felt secretly astonished. He then sent a voice transmission to Yao Fang, asking her to dig through the memories of the Devil Immortal Great Emperor to see if it is true. Devil Immortal Great Emperor has no clue that Yao Fang can read his memories.

"Something's coming up!" the old man suddenly chuckled and said : "It's been over a dozen days. There's finally movement!"

That old man has strength close to a Martial King. He used all his strength to lift that long pole and pulled out a lizard dragon with a wingspan of twenty to thirty meters. It is not very big but the old man is very happy. The lizard dragon was lifted up and dropped onto the open ground behind them. The others quickly came over to help and killed the lizard dragon together. Those who are angling here always help each other. After killing the lizard dragon, the others also continued to fish. And the old man happily went to cut the lizard dragon's meat.

Qin Yun also realized that the equipment used by this group of fishermen are very good. Especially that long rod and rope. They look so thin but they are also so tough that they can fish such a huge lizard dragon.

"Senior, do you need my help?" Qin Yun felt that the elder is rather talkative.

"Just call me Old Man Wang!" The old man said with chuckle.

Qin Yun took out a few throwing knives and used them to quickly cut the lizard dragon. The speed was so fast that it left old man Wang dumbfounded.

"Little brother, you really have some skills!" Old man Wang is even happier as he smiled.

"Old man Wang, I've been trapped here for two years. I really want to leave but I don't know what's going on down there right now. What should I do?" Qin Yun sighed and asked.

Old man Wang said with a grave expression : "Every quarter, there will be a phenomenon. The nine suns in the sky would be right above the abyss and at that time, they would be able to suppress the evil spirits in the abyss! You need to find the way out before the sun moves from above the abyss. If you can't find it, you need to come up immediately!"

"Many have tried but very few have succeeded! A lot of people died below because they didn't make it in time!"

"Is it true that no one has ever succeeded?" Qin Yun also found it somewhat incredulous.

"There is, there is. It mainly depends on luck! Because there are a lot of evil spirits and devils below, this is the main cause of death!" Old man Wang said.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and felt that nothing would happen if he went down. After all, there is still Yao Fang. Furthermore, he has Overwhelming Righteous power and Shadow power. The Shadow power can be used to conceal himself and the Overwhelming Righteous power can make the Evil Spirits retreat.

"Sister Yao Fang, I'm preparing to jump into the abyss!" Qin Yun said to Yao Fang, who is in the third pearl : "Have you found anything in the memories of Devil Immortal Great Emperor?"

"Don't be in such a hurry to go down! Wait here for a while, when the nine suns are right above the abyss, then go down!" Yao Fang said.

"Why?" Qin Yun was somewhat surprised. Yao Fang could not hear what the old man said outside. She definitely did not know that the nine suns would align in the sky.

"Because there is a weapon at the bottom of the abyss! It's the Netherworld Great Emperor's Nether Soul Sacred Blade. Although it is damaged, from time to time it can absorb the power of the nine suns and repair itself." Yao Fang said.

"You want me to find that weapon?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes! The Nether Soul Sacred Blade was a famous Divine weapon and also something that the Devil Immortal Great Emperor feared the most! When Devil Immortal Great Emperor and the Netherworld Great Emperor were fighting, he used a great deal of effort to damage the blade." Yao Fang said.

"That Netherworld Great Emperor is truly a waste. He had such a powerful object but he was actually killed!" Qin Yun felt that the Netherworld Great Emperor was just all that.

"If it's just a one on one fight, then the one dying would be the Devil Immortal Great Emperor! After the Devil Immortal Great Emperor damaged the Nether Soul Sacred Blade, he was also heavily injured. It was the Immortal Desolate Great Emperor's sneak attack that resulted in the death of the Netherworld Great Emperor!" Yao Fang's voice is full of disdain when she mentioned this matter.

"Isn't the Immortal Desolate Great Emperor the Immortal Emperor? In the Immortal Desolate, they should be the more upright ones!" Qin Yun suddenly thought of Xie Qirou's matters. It is said that the Immortal Emperor was jealous that his daughter had good things and was worried that she would be stronger than him, so he sealed her away.

"They're all the same dirty bastards!" Yao Fang said : "When you go down there, you don't have to be afraid of any evil spirits. You should just focus your mind and sense the aura of the Nether Soul Sacred Blade!"

Qin Yun is also somewhat excited. He does not have a very good saber right now. Although he can refine himself, it would at most be a Xuan tool. If he had the Nether Soul Sacred Blade, then he wouldn't need to use the Nine Sun Divine Hammer all the time in the future.

In the following period of time, Qin Yun spent his days beside the abyss, watching those people angling. Furthermore, he helped cut the lizard dragon's meat, resulting in him obtaining a large amount of beast bones. Qin Yun waited for more than two months. Finally, today during noon, the nine suns horizontally aligned themselves right above the abyss. Today, those people are not fishing and many of them jumped into the abyss.

"Little brother, remember, you only have a bit more than one hour. If you can't find the way, then you must return here immediately!" Old man Wang warned.

"En, goodbye!" After saying that, Qin Yun jumped into the abyss.

In order to rush for time, Qin Yun let Ling Yuner release gravity that made him become heavier and drop downward heavily. A short while later, he fell to the ground. On his way down, he saw that the two walls are filled with holes. That is where the devil beasts are hiding. The brilliant rays of the nine suns in the sky are shone down and the devil beasts did not emerge. The bottom surface of the abyss is uneven and there are many pieces of torn clothes.

"When devil beasts eat humans, they only spit out clothes!" Qin Yun released his mental power to sense the other auras here.

He has the Nine Sun Divine Spirit, so he is very sensitive to the flow of the nine suns' spiritual energy. Very soon, he sensed a direction where large amount of it is being absorbed. He quickly ran towards that direction. Qin Yun is not in a hurry to find the exit. Instead, he is looking for the Nether Soul Sacred Blade. After an hour passed, the abyss also gradually darkened and the nine suns began to shift away from the abyss.

"I can only determine one direction!" Qin Yun thought that he would be able to find it quickly but now, he realized that the place is extremely far away.

The abyss is very long. Qin Yun flew to one side. Half an hour passed and the bottom of the abyss become dark. Black fog also gradually appeared, completely blocking out the light. Qin Yun also used Shadow power to hide in the darkness. Now, he can also hear various devil beasts' scream, as well as the sound of wings flapping. At the bottom of the abyss, there are horde of devils chaotically moving about. Qin Yun looked up into the sky and saw multi colored dots of light. They are the devil beasts' glowing eyes. Only Qin Yun can still calmly fly. If it were anyone else, they might have been scared to death.

A few days passed, Qin Yun, who was flying in the abyss, also stopped. Because there was a huge deep hole here that is several hundred meters wide.

"Could it be that the Nether Soul Sacred Blade is underneath?" Qin Yun took out a fire talisman and threw it down. It ignited with a violent and ferocious flame.

Qin Yun looked at the falling fire talisman until it extinguished.

"It did not go to the bottom!"

Qin Yun then took out a cannonball and threw it down. A few moments after the cannonball dropped down, a flame wave rose up.

"Quite deep!" Qin Yun took a deep breath. After confirming that Yao Fang is not cultivating in seclusion, he jumped down.

He also discovered that there are no hidden devil beasts in this deep hole. Those devil beasts don't dare to approach this place.

Not long after, Qin Yun finally arrived below. He can also sense that there is something absorbing the remnant flame power.

"It's really down here!" Qin Yun carefully walked in that direction as he took out a glowing stone to illuminate the area below.

After a moment, he saw the saber shaft and excitedly walked over. Holding onto the saber shaft, he pulled it out. After the saber was pulled out, there was no other reaction.

"This is the Nether Soul Sacred Blade?" when Qin Yun saw the Divine weapon, he first thought that it is simple and crude. The blade have some cracks and there are no runes. It is just a broken saber.

He thought that it would at least be same as the Nine Sun Divine Hammer.

The Nine Sun Divine Hammer looks very beautiful.

"Xiao Yun, this Nether Soul Sacred Blade is damaged and is still in the process of self repairing!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun carefully sensed the runes inside the Nether Soul Sacred Blade. He got a very big pleasant surprise because apparently, there is totem rune inside, as well as various powerful runes.