Chapter 774
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Chapter 774

Qin Yun feels very apprehensive in his heart after sensing so many powerful Martial Monarch aura in the wide entrance plaza. The competition is a few days away but Qin Yun feels very distressed because he could not breakthrough in last few days. Majority of the Martial Monarch are mid stage in the Martial Monarch level competition. For example, Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan are mid stage Martial Monarchs.

At night, there are many people in the plaza, they will wait until morning to register for competition. There are many outstanding Martial Monarchs from all the major states are congregating here. Since Qin Yun has been missing for many years, his appearance also gradually became faint in many people's mind. However, Qin Yun's name is still well known among people and reputation is still high.

At a distance, Jian Ruyan, Jian Nanhu, Jian Mang and other Jian family disciples are happily chatting.

Suddenly, someone shouted : "That guy in dark blue clothes look like Qin Yun. Previously, I saw him at the entrance of Immortal Weapon Palace, I have deep impression of him!"

That person's voice is very loud and everyone in the vicinity heard him. Jian Nanhu, Jian Ruyan and all the elites of Proud Star State looked over, majority of them have great impression of Qin Yun. Now, they are all certain that this is Qin Yun.

Qin Yun has arrived!

If this kind of grand competition did not have Qin Yun, everyone would think that there is something missing. After all, Qin Yun is a great talent of Spirit Desolate's Ordinary Realms. Not to mention his formidable strength, he is also a very talented Inscription Master.

The whole plaza became silent for a moment then immediately burst into a great commotion!

Jian Nanhu, Jian Ruyan and Jian Mang promptly flew over.

"Brother Yun, is it really you?" Jian Ruyan finds it hard to believe, she asked excitedly.

"Of course it's me." Qin Yun said with faint smile, then he looked at Jian Nanhu.

Jian Nanhu said with frown : "Qin Yun, you have not yet entered Xuan Martial Realm, this is truly disappointing!"

Qin Yun said : "I was stuck in a space-time channel and was delayed by a few years!"

Jian Ruyan said : "Brother Yun, in that case you should wait until you enter Xuan Martial Realm!"

Jian Nanhu said : "Qin Yun although you are not a Martial Monarch, you are still very powerful! Sign up for the competition, even if you don't get good results, no one will mock you!"

Jian Mang said : "It will best if you don't participate!"

Just as he finished speaking, a very frantic and domineering aura arrived. A handsome man with a face like jade crown, eyes filled with icy arrogance arrived with a group of luxuriously clothed people. This handsome man is wearing luxurious golden-white clothes with dragon engraved on them. His hat also has dragon engraving, the folding fan on his hand is flickering with golden light and also has dragon engraving on them. His golden boots have dragon engraving with them. This man is completely covered in dragon engravings and emitting a valiant dragon aura.

"This is Long Shengkuang(Holy mad dragon)! He is the grandson of Soaring Dragon State's family head. He has Dragon body and three colored martial spirit! He is a very dreadful person!" Jian Ruyan promptly sent voice transmission to Qin Yun.

There is a group of young people around Long Shengkuang, their aura is not slightest bit weak, it is clear that they are very strong and talented.

"Are you Qin Yun?" Long Shengkuang looked at Qin Yun from a distance and laughed with contempt : "You have not entered Xuan Martial Realm but actually dare to come out!"

"If I were you, I would have hid in a hole and would only come out after entering Xuan Martial Realm! And, do you think this few years ago? Among the current Martial Dao talents, you have no place!"

Everyone knows how strong Long Shengkuang is. Even Jian Nanhu is afraid of him!

Jian Nanhu said with sneer : "Long Shengkuang, I admit that you are very strong! But you, a mid stage Martial Monarch, why being so arrogant with Qin Yun?"

"Qin Yun is a peak stage Spirit Martial Realm, if you were at the same cultivation as him, you would be oppressed by him with buise and cuts all over your body!"

Long Shengkuang laughed loudly and said : "Jian Nanhu, you think too highly of him! No wonder you were defeated by him a few times, if it were me I could have defeated him with one hand!"

Seeing Long Shengkuang's arrogant behavior, Xiao Yuemei gnashed her teeth in anger. Qin Yun can also sense that Long Shengkuang is very strong. His sense is pretty accurate since he has Immortal Devil body. Especially accurate when facing dangerous and formidable people. This Long Shengkuang is apparently hiding a very formidable power inside his body.

"Xiao Yun, this guy is very odd! I think he and the people with him are from Xuan Domian!" Ling Yuner said.

Xuan Domain disciples has arrived! Spirit Desolate Xuan Domain is more rich and powerful compared to the Ordinary Realm. Whether it is cultivation method or resource utilization, they are superior in all aspect. And now disciples from Xuan Domain have arrived here and all of them are from Long family! Clearly the Xuan Domain factions are supporting Long family from behind.

Qin Yun ignored Long Shengkuang. However, Long Shengkuang and his group of people surrounded QIn Yun and Xiao Yuemei. Xiao Yuemei pulled Qin Yun and tried to leave but a red clothed young man released a power pressure and pushed her back, the shock made Xiao Yuemei lightly shout!

"What the hell are you doing?" Qin Yun said with a deep voice.

"Long Shengkuang, this is our Jian family's territory, don't think you can be reckless here!" Jian Nanhu already pulled out his sword.

"I only want to see how strong the legendary Qin Yun is!" Long Shengkuang said with sneer and then attacked with a hidden energy toward Xiao Yuemei's head.

Apart from Qin Yun, no one can sense this energy. This type of energy is noiseless and contain very dreadful power. This kind of power is hard to detect, Qin Yun only detected it through fluctuation in Nine Sun Spiritual Energy.

Qin Yun immediately became furious because Long Shengkuang is actually targeting Xiao Yuemei's head! He immediately pulled away Xiao Yuemei. After that energy lost it's target, it charged towards Qin Yun's head. This strange hidden energy can actually sense people's head! Qin Yun is apprehensive, Ling Yuner also released a suction power through Nine Sun Martial Spirit, trying to suck in that hidden energy.


After that hidden energy was disrupted, it landed on Qin Yun's shoulder and exploded! The explosion caused a blood mist to come out! Qin Yun's shoulder has a large hole from the explosion! Everyone is shocked! The famous Qin Yun actually received severe injure on his shoulder in a baffling manner! Everyone looked at the fuzzy flesh and blood on Qin Yun's shoulder and secretly fearful because there are many white threads there. This is the power of Immortal Devil body, it can easily restore the injury.

"Long Shengkuang, stop right there!" Jian Nanhu shouted loudly and immediately rushed over.

At this moment, a few Martial Emperors and Half Immortals arrived.

"Everyone stop, what is going on here?" the one who spoke is a Jian family Half Immortal.

"Long Shengkuang and his group attacked Qin Yun!" Jian Nanhu said with anger.

Qin Yun is just standing there, protecting Xiao Yuemei behind him. His expression is is dark and scary, even though he has a large hole on his shoulder, he did not even crease his brows. He is repressing an endless fury in his hear!

"I did not take any action, he was the who took action and somehow injured himself!" Long Shengkuang said with calm smile while moving his folding fan.

"We also haven't seen Long Shengkuang take action, everyone can testify. We only surrounded him and asked a few question about Nether Moon Desolate Domain!"

"We did not expect him to attack!"

Many people also testified one after another that they did not see Long Shengkuang take action! They also did not sense his aura. Qin Yun's shoulder suddenly exploded, certainly he did not do this to himself!

"Qin Yun, my Long family has grudges with you. I will represent the Long family and thoroughly cut off all grudges!"

Long Shengkuang's face is filled with contempt and said with laugh : "If you want to attack me, sign up for the competition. We will take care of the grudge on the battle stage!"

"You are not qualified to represent Long family to bury the grudges with me! Only after the entire Long family is exterminated, can the grudges between us be settled!" Qin Yun directly said : "Long Shengkuang, don't think too highly of yourself!"

"Qin Yun, you have not even entered Xuan Martial Realm and still being arrogant in front of me! Truly overestimating yourself!" Long Shengkuang said with sneer.

"We are leaving."

Qin Yun pulled along Xiao Yuemei, just as he took a few steps, a red clothed man tripped him, almost making him fall.

"What is your name?" After being tripped Qin Yun turned his head to look at that red clothed man and coldly asked.

"You are not qualified to know my name! What are you looking at? Scram!" that red clothed man said with sneer.

"His name is Yu Zhenshen!" Jian Ruyan watched very furiously, however she knows that they are not allowed to attack here.

"Alright, I will remember it!"

Those few youths with Long Shengkuang spit at Qin Yun but blocked by Qin Yun's energy barrier!

Xiao Yuemei is also very calm because she is clear that with Jian family people here, they can't make a move on them or else they will be kicked out of Sword island.

Jian Mang can not see but he can clearly sense the deep and dreadful killing intent of Qin Yun. He said in low voice : "This group of people won't live for long!"

Jian Ruyan also followed behind them.

Jian Nanhu looked at Long Shengkuang and said with sneer : "Long Shengkuang, you can only bully someone whose cultivation is lower, if you have the guts, come bully me!"

"Jian Nanhu, you are a trash defeated by Qin Yun. Don't be arrogant here.. HAHAHA.." Long Shengkuang laughed loudly and left.

Qin Yun arrived, however, he was humiliated but had to leave while eating the hatred! This matter very quickly spread around the Sword island.

After Jian Shitian, Bao Changshou and the other elders found out about this, they immediately left to find Qin Yun.