Chapter 775
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Chapter 775

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei returned to Jian Linglong's luxurious flat in the Sword Immortal Apartment.

Xiao Yuemei took out a medicinal liquid to wipe clean the wound on Qin Yun's shoulder.

"Brother, does it hurt?" Xiao Yuemei asked with some heartache. The big hole is gradually healing.

"Not at all!" Qin Yun faintly smiled at Xiao Yuemei : "Yuemei, you are also very calm!"

With Xiao Yuemei's nature, not shouting and screaming at this point is very unusual. Qin Yun knows her very well, seeing that she is so calm, he knows something is not right!

"Of course I am calm! I can not be angry with a group of dead man!" Xiao Yuemei lightly groaned.

"Yuemei, are you planning to go kill those guys on your own?" Qin Yun promptly grabbed her small hand and asked.

"En! I will go kill them in a moment!" Xiao Yuemei said : "Who told them to insult you!"

"Yuemei, those guys are not simple, they are from Xuan Domain!" seeing Xiao Yuemei's calm behavior, Qin Yun already realized what she would do.

"So we will just let it be?" Xiao Yuemei is unreconciled. She will also listen to Qin Yun, he doesn't want her to take action so she won't.

"Don't we still have few more days? In next few days, I can surely break through!" Qin Yun said with heavy expression : "When the time comes, I will openly kill them on the competition stage!"

Xiao Yuemei sighed and said : "Seems like Xuan Domain people already appeared here! No wonder granny Yun Yao is not letting sister Yang run around."

One of the reason the Xuan Domain people came here for, is to capture Yang Shiyue. Because they believe Yang Shiyue has the Star Lord Inscription Spirit.

Jian Shitian, Bao Changshou, Chu Binyu, Jian Ruyan and Jian Nanhu are already outside the door.

"Isn't this Linglong's flat? Qin Yun is actually here...don't tell me..don't tell me that Xiao Yun is actually him?" Jian Shitian said in astonishment.

"It is him!" Jian Ruyan suddely realized something : "I thought it was strange, sister Linglong suddenly becoming so intimate with that little demon, even kissing him!"

Jian Nanhu lightly groaned and said : "This guy Qin Yun, picking flowers and trampling grass everywhere, being romantic freely and easily. No wonder he can not enter Xuan Martial Realm even after so many years!"

After saying this, he glanced at Jian Ruyan and said : "Little sister Yan, you better not get too close to Qin Yun!"

After hearing this, bao Changshou and the others shook their head with smile.

Jian Shitian knocked on the door and yelled : "Qin Yun, it's us!"

Qin Yun quickly opened the door and saw Bao Changshou and others. Chu Binyu also saw Xiao Yuemei and felt very grateful in his heart because last time Xiao Yuemei gave pointer on his cultivation.

"You little demon, you actually took away our Jian family's Sun rune!" Jian Shitian came in and said with gentle laughter.

"Qin Yun, it seems like you already returned at an earlier time!" Bao Changshou said with laugh.

After Qin Yun saw his elders arrive, he promptly invited them in very politely. After they came in, they asked him about his injury. Qin Yun's injury is not serious, he is just very furious! Bao Changshou and the others also inquired about the matter of Nether Moon Desolate Domain and then left. Jian Nanhu and Jian Ruyan also left because they have to go sign up.

Daybreak, Jian Linglong also returned, she heard about Qin Yun's situation outside. Everyone is talking all over in the Sword Island about how Long Shengkuang and his people thoroughly humiliated Qin Yun and Qin Yun had to eat a loss because his cultivation his very low. After Jian Linglong learned that Qin Yun was injured, she promptly rushed back. She looks like a fiery volcano that is about to erupt any moment, she is holding back endless fury.

After she returned and saw Qin Yun, she immediately tore apart his clothes to look at his shoulder injury, she said in anger : "Some Long Shengkuang? This old woman will now go chop him to pieces and feed his meet to the dogs!"

"Sister Linglong, if you go you will have to fight the Long family. This Sword Martial Assembly is a contest between Jian family and Long family. Long family must have quite a few Half Immortal with them!" Qin Yun said.

Jian Linglong carefully thought about it and also realized that she can not shake the Long family on her own.

"Xuan Domain is helping Long family from behind. That Long Shenkuang also came from Xuan Domian. There must be Xuan Domain helpers with them." Jian Linglong said.

"Sister Linglong, here are purple crystal coins, you should go and buy a large amount of Crystal Nucleus." Qin Yun said.

"Alirght" Jian Linglong took the purple crystal coins and hastily left.

Soon after, Zi Qinngcheng, Shui Tianzi and Xiao Xuanqin arrived. They brought healing medicine from Yang Shiyue to heal Qin Yun's shoulder injury.

"Qin Yun, Shiyue will also participate in the martial arts competition! She said that she will take revenge for you!" Xiao Xuanqin said.

"Is there any reason for sister Yang to participate in the martial arts competition? With her nature, she should not like to participate in this kind of matter, right?" Qin Yun asked.

"She said, she wants to thoroughly defeat Xuan Domain and Long family in the martial arts competition. Back when she was in Remote Moon Mountain Range, she was injure by Long family people and now she is being threatened by Xuan Domain, she wants to retaliate!" Shui Tianzi lightly sighed.

"This poisonous Long family!" Qin Yun tightly clenched his fist, she is also worried that Yang Shiyue is not a match for Xuan Domain people.

"Xuan Domain people have ample resources, their cultivation method is also superior, they strength is indeed formidable!" Zi Qinngcheng said.

Only five days left to sign up. Qin Yun also want to go sign up after breaking through. Jian Linglong returned after buying large number of Crystal Nucleus at a very high price, the quality of these Crystal Nucleus are all over the place but at least there are a lot of them. The secret room is filled with piles of Crystal Nucleus.

"Let's begin!"

Qin Yun and the few women is sitting in a circle holding hands and started joined cultivation. When Qin Yun is absorbing the energy inside the Crystal Nucleus, he is also secretly channeling the Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art. He is using the Nine Sun Divine Spirit to draw in nine types of Sun energy from the Crystal Nucleus. After the energy entered his body, he channeled it through Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art and it immediately became extremely frantic. Qin Yun knows very well that the essence of Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art is only one word - 'Pain'!

The energy he is absorbing now can also be considered rather mild. He transferred that energy to Xiao Yuemei. After Xiao Yuemei received the energy, she realized that something is wrong, it has become very strong and it also contains another type of energy that can rapidly strengthen corporeal body. After the energy fused inside her body, it became even stronger. Then she transferred that strengthened energy to Zi Qinngcheng. Soon after, the energy passed through Shui Tianzi and Xio Xuanqin's body and by the time it arrived into Jian Linglong's body, it already has been strengthened by several times. It is to the point that even a Martial Emperor like Jian Linglong sensed that this energy is very beneficial. Finally when it returned to Qin Yun's body, it made him feel like the energy that left his body is like a small creek and the energy that returned is a surging great river, ferociously battering his body!

"Ahhh" Qin Yun can not help but let out a cry in pain.

"Are you okay?" Jian Linglong asked, even a Martial Emperor like her felt that the energy is very strong.

"I can endure!" Qin Yun thought that Yang Shiyue would have to face Long Shengkuang, his brows creased and said with deep voice. He continued on.

Qin Yun and Jian Linglong had more than hundred million purple crystal coins and all of them were used to buy Crystal Nucleus. They kept using one batch after another, not knowing how much they have used up. What they did not expect is that, within these short few days, Zi Qinngcheng, Shi Tianzi and Xiao Xuanqin would successfully cultivate their Immortal body! Even Jian Linglong's cultivation also somewhat increased.

And now Qin Yun's body is overflowing with a burst of nine colored light rays. He is reclining on the ground, his eyes closed and mind sealed off. He is unable to sense what is going on outside.

Xiao Yuemei said is low voice : "Nine colored light rays appeared on my brother's body, it signifies nine types of Sun energy! Doesn't he only have one spirit vein?"

"Let's leave and let him peacefully breakthrough!" Jian Linglong said.

After the few women left, only Qin Yun is inside the secret room. The reason why Qin Yun is asleep is because his Nether Sun Dao core had an unusual change. Back in the Nether Moon Desolate Domain, he found the Nether Moon and sealed it up inside his Nether Sun Dao core. And now the Nether Moon ran out of his Nether Sun Dao core and entered his mind. It has swallowed his Spirit transformed Moon. Now his mind is not the weak Moon from before but has become the Nether Moon!

"Mind is Nether Moon, Dao core is Nether Sun! This is an exceptionally good combination! Yang and Yin corresponds to Immortal and Devil, maybe this can allow you to more easily cultivate Immortal Devil Sacred body!" Ling Yuner said in astonishment : "No wonder he absorbed such large amount of Crystal Nucleus. He drew support from Nether Moon to condense Nether Sun!"

Qin Yun has condensed his Xuan Dao core, it is precisely the Nether Sun!

"He has cultivated Nether Sun ahead of time! I also don't know if it is good or bad!" Ling Yuner Is Nether Sun Dao Spirit, even she has been caught unprepared by this turn of event.

"Xiao Yun.. Xiao Yun!" Ling Yuner shouted at Qin Yun.

"Yuner, I am alright!" Qin Yun responded. His mind is still here, this made Ling Yuner relax a lot!

"The reason why this situation appeared with you is because you cultivated Sun and Moon Heart Sutra and Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art with those girls. This situation occurred ahead of time!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun suddenly opened his eyes and got up, he said with smiled : "Sun and Moon power fusion, it's power must be formidable!"

He has now mastered Sun and Moon power, moreover it is the strongest Nether Moon and Nether Sun and they are both black! However, his Nether Sun Dao core turned into a small Nether Sun. This is not a normal Xuan Dao Core. What is most dreadful is, he can use his Spirit Nether Moon to release a very powerful mental power!

Qin Yun quickly dressed up and ran out hastily. He wants to go sign up for martial arts competition.

(TL NOTE : I will give a little spoiler, the reason why Ling Yuner is saying that "It happened ahead of time" is because a lot later, when people are at God Realm cultivation, they all cultivate Suns or Moons or both!)