Chapter 785
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Chapter 785

After Qin Yun saw that long black box, he became excited because that is the mysterious object from the third pearl.

Originally, Xie Qirou's mother Mo Jin left some items in the nine pearls of the Nine Sun Divine Soul. They were originally for Xie Qirou to use and become stronger. Later, Xie Qirou gave the Nine Sun Divine Soul to Qin Yun.

"What is this thing?" Qin Yun asked and walked over, he extended his hand trying to touch it but was glared at by Yao Fang and immediately took back his hand.

At this moment, the Immortal Pool suddenly has some movement, Bing Xing suddenly flew out of the Immortal Pool and landed on the ground. The snow white cheongsam she wearing is dancing in the air along with the white Immortal energy. She looks absolutely beautiful and refined, pure; holy and noble. Looking at Bing Xing Yao fang felt very upset in her heart. Because after being cursed her appearance became very ugly and now she can not help but feel inferior and look to the ground.

Qin Yun saw Yao Fang's expression and felt an incomparable heartache. He walked over and patted Yao Fang's shoulder and said in low voice : "Sister Yao Fang, everything will get better."

At this moment, Yang Fang hates Qin Yun's past life very much but she did not flip out like before. Bing Xing is at the Immortal Origin below the Immortal Pool, she sensed a powerful aura and immediately came out. After she saw Yao Fang, her brows wrinkled, she recalled Qin Yun once asked her about Yao Fang and now finally she can meet this Yao Fang.

"It's you!"

Bing Xing now also remembered who this Yao Fang actually is.

"Bing Xing, it seems like you are getting by better than me!" Yao Fang finished speaking and glanced at Qin Yun.

"Yes I am going much better than you." Bing Xing heaved a long sigh and said : "I really did not expect that this guy would cause you to be cursed by Devil Immortal Great Emperor!"

Qin Yun immediately shrugged his shoulder, his face is filled with helpless expression.

Yao Fang said : "Let's not talk about this. I want to help this guy become stronger. I need your help, it will be more stable that way. He cultivated Immortal Devil body, so I am afraid with just me the process won't be completed smoothly!"

Bing Xing looked at the box and asked : "You don't hate him?"

"What is the point in hating him? Now I have entrusted all my hopes on him!" Yao Fang glanced at Qin Yun and heaved a long sigh.

"How are you with him?" Bing Xing asked again, she recalled that Qin Yun told him that Yao Fang came to him in dreams.

"A long time ago, Xiao Rou left behind one thing for him. I was sealed inside that thing and can come out now." Yao Fang said :"We should start helping him break through. He will have to fight a guy who has Evil God's power!"

"How do you want to help him?" Bing Xing asked.

"I talked to him before, I heard that you have the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed here, is that true?" Yao Fang said.

Bing Xing nodded his head.

Soon after, Qin Yun, Bing Xing and Yao Fang arrived at the bottom of the Immortal Pool. Qin Yun very anxiously lay down on the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed. Yao Fang opened the box and there are nine needles in them, they are as long as chopsticks.

Qin Yun immediately sat up, looking at those nine needles he shouted : "Sister Yao Fang, what the hell are these things?"

"Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle!" Bing Xing's eyes flashed with pleasant surprise.

Qin Yun's heart can not help but become cold. He feels that those nine needles are for stabbing on his body to torture him!

"Lie down and don't move!" Yao Fang shouted.

After Qin Yun lay down, he somewhat anxiously asked : "Sister Yao Fang, are you going to stab those needles on my body?"

"Yao Fang said with sneer : "With your current strength, you can't endure being stabbed by all nine of them!"

"What are the use of these Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle? Can it really make me stronger?"

After Qin Yun saw Yao Fang take one needle and preparing to prick him, he breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

Bing Xing explained : "It can seal your soul and deprive the connection between your soul and body. This way, we can directly pour in energy into your Dao core and make your Dao core breakthrough!"

"If we don't seal your soul, your soul will reject the energy we pour in and we can not continue. Moreover, the situation can also cause you to have many kind of dangerous reaction and will require many years to adapt and refine energy again."

"With the Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle, we can seal your soul, continuously pour in energy into your Dao core, let it refine the energy very quickly and let you breakthrough."

Hearing this Qin Yun is filled with fear and trepidation because this procedure requires him to lose consciousness for a period of time. The needle on Yao Fang's hand suddenly entered Qin Yun's head in a flash. Qin Yun also entered a very strange state, he is incapable of perceiving any feeling from his body. Now he can only stay inside his Spirit World with Ling Yuner.

"Yuner, don't you know what is going on outside?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't know, I am also sealed here with you! Why are you afraid? Sister Bing Xing has already taken advantage of you many times, what is the big deal if she does it a few more times?" Ling Yuner laughed naughtily.

After Qin Yun's body and soul was separated for three days, finally he began to gradually regain is awareness. He opened his eyes and saw Bing Xing and Yao Fang. Yao Fang put the needle back into the box.

Qin Yun is also feeling very strange and asked : "Did I break through?"

Yao Fang said : "You are now mid stage Xuan Martial Realm. You just recently broke through into the Xuan Martial Realm and now again have a break through. I don't know if it will have some effect later."

Qin Yun also regained the feelings of his Nether Sun. He discovered that his Nether Sun is not releasing black light and his Xuan Dao Power also has become stronger. At the mid stage Xuan Martial Realm Xuan Dao core can release a type of sharpness that can make Xuan Dao Power stronger. If one wants to check whether or not one is in the mid stage Xuan Martial Realm, one can use mental power to check one's aura and if senses a sharp feeling then one truly is in mid stage Xuan Martial Realm.

"I truly broke through!" Qin Yun still doesn't dare to believe because he is completely ignorant about this process.

Bing Xing said : "Qin Yun, Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle can not be used repeatedly. You should also pay attention to not again receive serious injury on your soul!"

Yao Fang also said with a strict warning tone : "Just a moment ago, your soul completely separated from your body. Therefore, when soul and body reconnected, some scars appeared on the link between them. If your soul receives heavy injury again, it will fly away from body and float around in confusion!"

Hearing this, Qin Yun became flustered and panicked. He imagined his soul losing control and floating around. He feels that it is extremely terrifying. Now he is clear why Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle can not be used repeatedly. Because then the link between soul and body will have more and more scars and it will become harder to reconnect.

"Rest assured, after you properly heal, after a period of time you can use it again once!" Yao Fang said.

Using once after a period of time, this means he can break through very quickly in a short period of time, this is very good!

Bing Xing said : "Nine Absolute Spirit Sealing Needle is also a very good weapon! But it is best not to carelessly use them. If one needle is lost, the whole set will have to be discarded!"

Yao Fang held the box tightly, she fears that Qin Yun will want to fight over it. She said in cold voice : "Qin Yun, if you want to use it as weapon, when the time comes I can also give it to you depending on situation!"

"I want to go to the Sword Immortal Villa!" Qin Yun secretly sensed his Xuan Dao Power and felt very satisfied.

"Sister Yao Fang, you should not feel very dejected because of this matter. You can become better in the future." seeing Yao Fang is about to leave, Bing Xing comforted her.

"Xiao Bing Xing, you must also be calm. Properly reinstate your strength to the peak in this place and then leave for Immortal Desolate." Yao Fang nodded her head and then entered Nine Sun Divine Soul's third pearl.

From this conversation Qin Yun can realize that Yao Fang's seniority is quite high.

"Sister Bing Xing, who is Yao Fang?" Qin Yun asked.

"Don't ask too much, you should go participate in the Sword Martial Assembly!" after Bing Xing finished speaking, she flew out of the Immortal Pool with Qin Yun.

Qin Yun felt somewhat depressed in his heart and walked out of the Immortal Weapon Palace Hall to go find Bao Changshou. After finding him, they started flying towards the New Sword Island. Because Qin Yun cultivated Nether Sun instead of Xuan Dao Core, his strength can not be easily seen. Although Bao Changshou tried to see, he did not discover anything.

While on the road, Qin Yun sent voice transmission to Yao Fang who is inside the Nine Sun DIvine Soul's third pearl : "Sister Yao Fang, while I was unconscious, did sister Bing Xing take some other actions?"

"What other actions she would take? We both spent three days strengthening your Nether Sun. We pour in our power to let it transform." Yao Fang said.

"Nothing.. all good!" Qin Yun breathed in relief.

A thousand mile radius area above New Sword Island is covered in purple-red cloud. The whole area is covered by fiendish evil aura.

"Those Xuan Domain people, did they go to Devil Xuan Domain to learn this? Why do they know such devious and nefarious Devil Dao?" after Bao Changshou arrived, his expression changed and said : "Qin Yun, how about you admit defeat and directly abstain?"

"I will never do it!"

Qin Yun is very confident in his strength and will never admit defeat!

Bao Changshou brought Qin Yun back to the Sword Immortal Villa inside the large seven sword formation. In a courtyard at the southeast region of the Sword Immortal Villa, Chu Binyu and Jian Linglong are sitting with grave expression.

Jian Ruyan saw Qin Yun return and rushed over, she said in low voice : "Brother Yun, big news!"

"What big news?" Bao Changshou immediately asked.

"Long Shengkuang has become a different person, there is pointy horn on his head!" Xiao Yuemei took out a banana and put it on his forehead and said : "Just like this!"

Looking at this made Qin Yun laugh : "Yuemei, you can not do this in front of Long Shengkuang, you will make him angry!"

Jian Linglong said : "This is the legendary Devil Horn! After Long Shengkuang got this, his strength violently increased. Reportedly, even Martial Kings can not defeat him!"

Jian Ruyan said : "Brother Yun, sister Yang said that after you return you must immediately abstain!"

"Why should I do that?" Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "I must defeat this guy!"