Chapter 828
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Chapter 828

The housing demand around the Dragon King Manor is very high and it continues to grow higher, therefore there are many tall buildings in this area. However, these tall buildings are not crowded together. Each of these buildings have a garden in the middle. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei also decided to check into a restaurant.

"Brother, look at that restaurant, it looks so ordinary, only 30 storey high, it has been made with logs!" Xiao Yuemei pointed at a treehouse not far away.

"Alright, we will go there! We will stay at a rather low tier area, we will be a bit low profile!" looking at the treehouse Qin Yun feels that it is pretty good.

Majority of the restaurant here are needlessly luxurious and pompous, only this treehouse is pure and serene. Although it looks very simple and unadorned, it gives people a very comfortable and refined feeling. Within this square treehouse there are many wood patterns, being built in the middle of a garden, it feels very comfortable however one looks at it. Qin Yun also doesn't know whether or not his own taste is wrong but he feels that this tree house is many times better than the other luxurious restaurants. However, the gardens inside other restaurants are very bustling. However, the treehouse gives people a very desolate feeling, although there are people inside, it is rather few compared to the other restaurants.

"Yuemei, should we got an area with more people? It will be more suitable to gather news." Qin Yun asked. He and Xiao Yuemei have already arrived at the garden door of the treehouse.

"Up to you. If we are talking about gathering news, we only need purple crystal coins. And it doesn't really matter where we stay." Xiao Yuemei said.

As soon as Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei entered the gate of the garden they sensed that they entered a barrier. They both felt that this quite strange for a restaurant to have such tremendous barrier.

At this time, a woman wearing proper white clothes arrived and said in mild voice : "Two guests, where have you come from? Don't you know the rules of entering the Dragon Tree Pavilion?"

"This place is called Dragon Tree Pavilion?" Qin Yun looked around and did not find any signboard.

"To enter Dragon Tree Pavilion, one must have 1 billion purple crystal coin wealth!" seeing Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are puzzled, the white clothed woman said.

"One billion purple crystal coin wealth? Really?" Qin Yun asked.

"Really!" the woman replied.

"Brother, I don't have that many..." Xiao Yuemei pulled Qin Yun's hand and said in low voice : "Brother, let's go to some other place, who could know that the place that looks so shabby from outside would have such great demands?"

At this time, a few youth wearing luxurious clothes arrived, while they were showing their identity cards, they heard Xiao Yuemei's words and looked towards her. Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei both have very simple appearance, they are both wearing simple blue colored clothes.

"Say, you guys just arrived in the city right? Yet you actually dared to come to the most expensive restaurant in the city?" a red clothed youth holding a delicate blue toad sneered while looking at Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei.

"If you don't have one billion purple crystal coins to enter, just scram! Don't waste Bai Kexian's(White Jade Immortal) time, she is a Martial King and Dragon Tree Pavilion's shopkeeper, she is very busy!" a blue clothed youth said while smiling towards the white clothed woman.

"Shopkeeper Bai, they are just two poor ghosts, there is no need to show courtesy towards them!" a golden clothed man said with smile.

Bai Kexian courteously smiled towards Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei and turned her head around to leave.

Qin Yun suddenly yelled : "Shopkeeper Bai, if I have one billion purple crystal coins, can I go in?"

Just moments ago Qin Yun was thinking that this place is pretty good but there were not enough people. He thought that his taste was good but did not expect this place would have such severe entrance requirement.

"You hick, first go buy some proper clothes and then speak! The kind of low quality clothes you two are wearing, you will drag down the prestige of the entire Dragon Tree Pavilion!" the blue clothed youth said somewhat angrily.

These group of people come to the Dragon Tree Pavilion to show off their position and feel superior. If anyone is allowed to enter as they please, how can they show off their superiority?

"You don't know here to buy clothes right? I will tell you, go directly to the Dragon Garment Shop, the cheapest clothes there cost three hundred thousand, you won't even be able to afford a button!"

"Hurry and scram far away, your presence here is extremely irksome! With your wretched appearance, you are bringing down the atmosphere of the Dragon Tree Pavilion!"

This group of youth started mocking Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei in a pathetic manner.

Xiao Yuemei also sneered with ample confidence and said : "You bunch of guys must have emptied out your entire family's savings to enter Dragon Tree Pavilion right? You want to climb onto a great faction's disciple right? For a bunch of shrewd, pedantic and embezzling people like you, it must be the first time you have entered the Dragon Tree Pavilion, that is why you are so cocky!"

Qin Yun faintly smiled : "Truly noble aura, it is not something you people possess! The ones bringing down Dragon Tree Pavilion's prestige is you people!"

Those luxurious clothed youths became extremely angry, they wanted to charge towards Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei.

To see there is going to be a quarrel, Bai Kexian promptly said : "Everybody, please give me face and don't speak more!"

Xiao Yuemei asked : "Shopkeeper Bai, does your Dragon Tree Pavilion also have cloth requirement for entree?"

Bai Kexian thought about it and said : "It is a must!"

"You go and buy clothes from Dragon Garment Shop and come back, two poor ghosts!" the blue clothed youth cursed in low voice.

"The clothes you are wearing are bought from Dragon Garment Shop? When I look at them, I don't think they are good, only idiots would buy them!" Qin Yun said.

"You... what did you say? The clothes I am wearing are the Dragon Garment Shop's new hottest fashion, it costs 700 thousand! You poor ghosts, you can not afford to buy but calling it bad!" the blue clothed youth furiously said, his voice is also very loud.

People who are passing by walked over to watch, they heard that he bought clothes for 700 thousand and repeatedly exclaimed in admiration.

Bai Kexian also somewhat awkwardly said : "My clothes are also bought from Dragon Garment Shop!"

At this time spectators started praising Dragon Garment Shop and the quality of their clothes and how prestigious it is to wear them.

"Shopkeeper Bai's clothes cost 800 thousand, even though they look simple, wearing Dragon Garment Shop's clothes shows one's quality! You two poor ghosts will never understand!" the blue clothed youth said with sneer.

Spectators also started criticizing the clothes Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei wearing. Many people here are wearing brand clothes that can be distinguished by the decorative design on the clothes. Dragon Garment Shop's design is a faint golden dragon.

Qin Yun said : "Great, then I ask you, can the expensive clothes of Dragon Garment Shop save your life? Can it make you live a few years more? What is most expensive, of course it is life! Dragon Garment Shop's expensive clothes, other than some dragon embroidery and blowing in the sound of boasting, what other aspect is good about them? Only idiots like you who love to show off would buy them!"

Bai Kexian felt somewhat unwell because she spent a lot of purple crystal coins to buy Dragon Garment Shop's clothes. There are also many people here who are wearing Dragon Garment Shop, they are also feeling very dissatisfied.

"This young master, you are saying Dragon Garment Shop's clothes are not good, then please tell us what kind of clothes are the best. Could it be that the clothes you are wearing can save lives? Bai Kexian asked.

"As a matter of fact, they can save life!" Qin Yun said with laugh : "You have Xuan tools right, I can guarantee that your Xuan tools won't be able to cut my clothes!"

One spectator old man said with laugh : "Your clothes are made with soft materials, if it can truly resist attacks from Xuan tools than it is a Xuan Tool soft armor, it is at least 10 million purple crystal coins! Moreover, your clothes are very well fitting, that means it has been tailored made, which Inscription Master is so bored to make these items for you!"

Other people also nodded their head in agreement.

"Young master, don't cause commotion here, If boss finds out, he will be very angry! You should quickly leave!" Bao Kexian said in low voice.

"How can this be? Your worn out rotten clothes can resist sharp Xuan tools? My Xuan tool is a mid grade Xuan sword, if it can't cut your clothes, I will eat my own sword!" the blue clothed youth walked over and said with sneer : "Quickly let me test!"

Qin Yun spread out the corner of his clothes and said with smiled : "Go ahead!"

The blue clothed youth vigorously stabbed but was unable to pierce the cloth. This immediately gave rise to a commotion. The blue clothed youth used all of his strength to stab a few more times but was still unable to pierce the cloth. His expression became incomparably unsightly. This confirms that these clothes are indeed tailored made soft Xuan armor, they cost a few million to ten million. They are much stronger than the Dragon Garment Shop's rags! And the soft armor Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei wearing requires very high craftsmanship to craft.

"Don't show those rotten clothes of yours in front of us!" Xiao Yuemei said with a delicate groan.

The spectators jeering at Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei earlier started dispersing now. Bai Kexian has been a shopkeeper for a long time, she has seen many people but this is the first time she has seen people like Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei, she believes that they are people with great background.

"This.. what about this? Maybe you peeled them off from the body of a dead man! Do you have enough purple crystal coins to enter the Dragon Tree Pavilion?" a red clothed man shouted in a very bad mood.

"You in the blue clothes, why are you still not eating your sword? Earlier you said you would eat your sword!" Xiao Yuemei said with ridiculing smile.

That blue clothed youth did not say a word and quickly entered the garden.

Qin Yun slowly took out a purple crystal card and gave it to Bai Kexian to look at. Bai Kexian became stunned looking at the purple crystal card because there are more than 10 billion on it!

"Two guests, please come in!" Bai Kexian promptly returned the purple crystal card to Qin Yun.

"I don't have 1 billion...." Xiao Yuemei said in low voice.

"This young master has more than enough!" Bai Kexian's face is showing a very courteous and deferential smile.