Chapter 932
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Chapter 932

The Gong family people are loudly screaming at Kang Feiqing and Gong Feiyan. This attracted the attention of other people. It must be known that many of the people present are city master Murong's people, especially those patrol guards, all of them are Martial Kings. They heard the commotion and quickly walked over. Gong family people saw the patrol guards arrive and promptly said that Gong Feiyan and Kang Feiqing don't have invitation card.

A Gong family woman wearing green skirts named Gong Min pointed at Gong Feiyan and said : "They don't have invitation card but they have appeared in city master's manor, they must have sneaked in!"

"We came here with our friends, what's wrong with that?" Gong Feiyan is not bit scared.

"We don't have invitation cards but a very important person brought us here!" Kang Feiqing took out a sound transmission conch and sent message to Qin Yun, to come here quickly.

"What kind of important people can you know? Are you talking about that Great Master whom you gave 3 Regent Origin Stones to, he brought you here?" a Gong family middle aged Martial King jeered : "No matter what, you are not allowed to enter here!"

Gong Min yelled : "Quickly capture them!"

Kang Feiqing became very angry and released her Martial Emperor aura. Those people from Gong family, immediately have scared expression.

"Martial Emperor! Kang Feiqing, how did you become Martial Emperor?" a Gong family old man pointed at Kang Feiqing and said, his expression is filled with shock.

This old man is also an initial stage Martial Emperor, he can not accept that a widow like Kang Feiqing can also become Martial Emperor. Those guards who wanted to capture Kang Feiqing, immediately retreated because they are unable deal with Martial Emperors. Most of the spectators are from Hundred Pagoda City, they are very clear about this little problem of Gong family. Kang Feiqing being able to become Martial Emperor made many people feel very amazed. After all Kang Feiqing is very young, the resources she received was not much yet she can still breakthrough which is very hard to achieve.

Kang Feiqing said with sneer : "It was Great Master who helped me breakthrough! He and brother Yu brought us here!"

"You.. how can that be? You only gave him 3 Regent Origin Stones and he actually helped you with something so big?" Gong Min loudly shouted.

"I understand, you two mother and daughter sold your body to let that Great Master help you breakthrough! You mother and daughter are shameless!" a middle aged Gong family said in a peculiar voice : "You mother and daughter are our Gong family's shame! Apparently that Great Master is also not a good thing!"

Qin Yun and Ying Chengyu flew over right at this moment and heard these words.

Ying Chengyu looked at Qin Yun and said : "Look, someone is slandering you!"

Qin Yun's expression became cold. He immediately landed, coldly looked at that Gong family middle aged woman and coldly said : "I am not some kind of Great Master but Kang Feiqing indeed broke through to Martial Emperor realm with my help! Don't spout nonsense!"

Ying Chengyu also landed at this time and stood beside Qin Yun. He shouted : "Loose mouth woman, don't spout venomous slanders! If you slander brother Yun's friends again, believe it or not, I will exterminate your Gong family! Quickly kneel down and apologize!"

Ying Chengyu and Qin Yun arrived very suddenly, causing the Gong family to be dumbstruck in fright, they expression is filled with fear. Especially after Ying Chengyu spoke, it caused that Gong family woman to immediately kneel down and apologize. Even other Gong family people immediately knelt down and apologized. Gong Min gritted her teeth, her expression filled with resentment as she knelt down and apologized.

"Gong Min, I am Yanyan's friend, I went to Gong family with her, you should remember me!" Qin Yun looked at Gong Min and coldly spoke : "That time you said that I am a shady person!"

"I.. I remember, I am very sorry!" Gong Min is feeling extremely jealous. She did not expect that Gong Feiyan would be fooling around with the Great Master who is famous in Hundred Pagoda City and Heaven's Pride City.

"If you dare speak nonsense again, don't blame me for being impolite!" Qin Yun coldly said. He is indeed very angry because these people are creating nonsense out of nothing and spreading rumor.

These words caused Gong family to shiver in fright.

Qin Yun's eyes are filled with killing intent as he looked at that middle aged woman who started the rumor and said : "You all better remember me!"

"What's going on? Did our Gong family cause some trouble?" suddenly a one eyed long haired old man walked over. This old man is wearing white long gown, he has long silver-white hair and beard.

"Grandfather!" Gong Feiyan softly said.

This is old man is precisely Gong Changzhuo, Gong family's patriarch. After he arrived, he quickly found out what happened. He first apologized to Qin Yun and then heavily reprimanded Gong family people and even ordered them to leave city master manor.

"Please blame me since I have been cultivating in seclusion and did not properly guide them. I ask that Great Master forgives me!" Gong Changzhuo also heard the fame of Qin Yun, the Great Master.

It is also because Ying Chengyu's fame is too great, so long as someone knows Ying Chengyu, they immediately know about the Great Master.

City master Murong also arrived at this time. He said with chuckle : "It's so lively! What happened here?"

A group of people are behind city master Murong. Aside from Murong Changwu, Murong Yuwei and few other young people, there are also about a dozen middle aged man. These middle aged men cause people to be astonished, not only there are peak stage Martial Emperor among them, there are also Half Immortals. Everyone knows that they are city master Murong's sons. A guard quickly reported the matter to city master Murong. After everyone from city master Murong's group heard everything, they looked at beautiful and alluring Kang Feiqing and Gong Feiyan. Although all of it is rumor, they can not help but let their imagination run wild.

Murong Yuwei even lightly groaned and said : "As expected of Great Master, his charm is unlimited, even his skill is outstanding! As a late stage Martial King, he can help a peak stage Martial King breakthrough to Martial Emperor! Even my grandfather doesn't have such skill!"

Everyone heard Murong Yuwei's words and repeatedly nodded their heads, they are also thinking along this line.

At this time, someone said in low voice : "Could it be some evil dual cultivation technique?"

Qin Yun fiercely looked at that person and said in cold voice : "Your brain is very dirty, how about I clean it up for you?"

That person laughed loudly and said : "You are a Great Master right? You are merely a late stage Martial King, yet you are so arrogant! Apart from fixing a few magic tools, what other skill do you have? Oh that's right, you can deceive women to cultivate yin yang dual cultivation with you!"

Murong Yuwei said with laugh : "Great Master, this guy is Chu Youjun's father, his name is Chu Dahong, he is a late stage Martial Emperor. Aren't your equipment very awesome? Quickly use your equipment to teach him a lesson! Rest assured, I permit you to fight in our Murong manor!"

Chu Dahong laughed loudly and said : "Some bullshit Great Master! He is just a scoundrel! You, quickly admit that you cultivated some evil dual cultivation technique with mother and daughter!"

Nobody said a word because city master Murong is also not saying anything, clearly he wants this conflict to escalate. City master Murong really wants to see Qin Yun's true strength.

"I will give you a chance, apologize to me and I will let you go!" Qin Yun firmly clenched his fists and said in cold voice.

"I spit on you!" Chu Dahong's son was imprisoned by Tian family because of Qin Yun, so he hates Qin Yun bitterly.

"Bullshit Great Master! You are a guy who uses cheap tricks to fix magic tools, what qualification do you have to be respected? You have no skill whatsoever!" Chu Dahong loudly laughed and said.

Murong Yuwei kept fanning the flame from the side : "Great Master, quickly teach him a lesson with your equipment!"

At this time a very powerful and mighty pressure suddenly appeared from the sky. Everyone abruptly looked at the sky, they saw a black clothed fat old man floating in the air.

"Which motherfucker insulted brother Yun?" the one who arrived is old Feitian.

Ying Chengyu saw old Feitian arrive and yelled : "Old Feitian, it is that guy called Chu Dahong! He is the father of that little bastard named Chu Youjun you imprisoned!"

Old Feitian ferociously dropped down from the sky and sent a palm attack on Chu Dahong.


The place where Chu Dahong was standing, a deep few meters wide hole has been created. Chu Dahong also dropped inside the hole and can't be seen anymore. As soon as old Feitian arrived, he caused severe injury to Chu Dahong.

"He's probably dead!" city master Murong faintly smiled and said : "Old Feitian, you killed pagoda master Chu's son, you will have trouble!"

Old Feitian laughed loudly and said : "I just recently crossed 6th tribulation very smoothly! I fear his fart! This is all thanks to brother Yun's assistance, he saved my life! Without him, I would have died under Heavenly tribulation!"

Ying Chengyu's expression became filled with shock hearing this. Each and everyone of the Half Immortals present are emotionally moved as they looked a Qin Yun one after another.

"Old.. old Feitian, is this true?" Ying Chengyu doesn't dare to believe this : "How did brother Yun help you cross 6th tribulation?"

Old Feitian's formidable Immortals power is indeed to the level of 6th tribulation Half Immortal. Among the Half Immortals present, only a very few are 5th tribulation, 6th tribulation is even fewer, only old Feitian and city master Murong.

Old Feitian very happily laughed and said : "Of course it is true! He repaired my Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield, allowing me to safely cross 6th tribulation!"

Qin Yun repaired Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield! All the Half Immortals and Inscription Masters present looked at Qin Yun with an incredulous expression. Old Feitian secretly looked for many Inscription Masters to repair the Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield. Even though it was done in secrecy, it was still leaked. Many people knew that old Feitian's Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield is damaged! That is the tool old Feitian used to cross tribulation! Now old Feitian has crossed 6th tribulation, it is a clear proof that Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield has been fixed. A person who can repair Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield, if he is not a Great Maser, what is he? There are two old Inscription Masters present here who are also called Great Masters but when facing the problem of fixing Purple Star Heavenly Dipper Shield, they were completely helpless. City master Murong swept a glance at Murong Yuwei, hinting her to be a bit more restrained. Murong Yuwei is also finally scared, a person who can repair an Immortal tool is truly skillful.

Ying Chengyu said with smile : "Old man Murong, earlier you agreed that our 6 grandchildren would fight brother Yun and equipment usage is allowed. Don't renege now!"

City master Murong chuckle and said : "Rest assured, I won't renege!"

Old Feitian is also very interested, he said with smile : "Old man Murong, let them use every kind of Immortal tools you have. Otherwise, they will lose!"

Murong Yuwei said : "We will be using King tools. Even if he uses Immortal tool, how can he resist all of us?"

Everyone can see that Muron Changwu and others are totally dressed for battle, they are abundantly prepared.