Chapter 934
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Chapter 934

It was already hard for city master Murong to keep up the smile on his face and now his expression completely became dark. Because all of his grandchildren are just too weak compared to Qi Yun, they are not even in the same league. People with discerning eyes can clearly see that Qin Yun has very rich battle experience. His movement is excellent, even his power is not weak, this basically not the fighting level an Inscription Master should have. All of those King tools are now stuck on Qin Yun's Half Immortal shield.

Qin Yun said with laugh : "Do you surrender?"

Hilariously, all of the 6 brothers and sisters turned into pig heads, it caused people to laugh. Murong Yuwei suddenly stood up, charged towards Qin Yun's back and hacked down with her saber. Qin Yun also reacted swiftly, lifting up his shield to block. Murong Yuwei's saber has also been sucked into Qin Yun's shield. Qin Yun's arm shook and released Vibration Power, causing Murong Yuwei's hand to be shaken loose. At this time, those brothers who lost their weapons, their aura suddenly exploded out. From distant, they shot Xuan Dao Power that brought together very strong King energy. All kinds of palm image and fist image are densely packed together and rushed towards Qin Yun like waves. Qin Yun held his shield in front, let out a disdainful groaned and unleashed Earthquake Divine Ability Power.


Earthquake Divine Ability Power rushed out through Qin Yun's arm and then produced a terrifying trembling. Incorporeal vibrating waves rippled, causing the incoming Xuan Dao Power to be shaken back, completely messing up the battle stage and transforming into a tyrannical draft that produced a gale like furious roar.

"Quickly surrender, I don't want to injure you!" Qin Yun coldly said.

"The one who should be surrendering is you!" a youth shouted feeling unwilling. He attacked Qin Yun again, used extremely strong martial skill and shot out a violent thunder.

Other few also followed along and attacked. Murong Yuwei is standing at a corner, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Another youth said : "He doesn't dare to be heavy handed on us! He is afraid of our grandfather, we need not be worried, besiege him!"

Everyone can see that Qin Yun is somewhat restrained. After all this is the Murong family manor, residence of the very formidable city master Murong. If Qin Yun injures his grandchildren, it won't be easy to give an explanation, so he definitely would not use his strongest power. Murong Changwu and the others can also see the situation and decided to brazenly attack.

"Since you act like this, I won't restrain myself anymore!" Qin Yun's voice became somewhat cold. He also doesn't have anything to be afraid of. If something bad happens old Feitian will take care of it.

The very first youth rushing towards Qin Yun has a very evil smile on his face, his arm is like a large hatchet as he hacked down on Qin Yun's hand. Other 2 youth arrived behind Qin Yun and quickly attacked. Murong Changwu jumped into the sky, initiating an attack from the air. Murong Yuwei is holding a talisman flickering with golden light, waiting for an opportunity to attack. Qin Yun saw how ruthlessly these people are attacking and became somewhat angry. He immediately released Suffering Divine Ability. It caused those 5 besieging youths to immediately suffer intense pain all over their bodies. This sudden pain caused their condensed power to scatter. Qin Yun disdainfully groaned, then immediately moved his hand and smashed their pig head and face with his Half Immortal shield.

Bang bang bang....

Qin Yun swung his shield and used Vibration Power without restrain. Murong Changwu and the other few youth's heads have been smashed by the shield and blood immediately started flowing, causing them to let out blood curdling scream. More than 20 thousand people in the large plaza also burst out in a cry of alarm. Several Murong family elders' expression also became very ugly. The few younger generations they are so proud of, are now being beaten like dogs on the battle stage. What makes them feel most humiliated is that these youths actually used some underhanded method and yet they are still being beaten up.

"Bastard, I will destroy you!" Murong Yuwei threw her golden Dao talisman from the distance and furiously shouted. Her talisman is indeed very powerful, after it was thrown, it turned into a golden lightning and locked onto Qin Yun.

"It's just a Dao talisman!" Qin Yun felt very disdainful in his hear. He directly used his shield to block.

Boom Boom!

That thunder and lightning bombarded the Half Immortal shield. It flickered a few time and exploded with a few echoes of muffled thunder. Although Qin Yun managed to block the explosion with his shield, he was still forced back quite a few steps.

"You lazy bastard! You are using Immortal tool!" Murong Yuwei shouted.

Qin Yun suddenly used Passing Shadow Extinction Breath Step and both his body and aura disappeared without a trace. Although Murong Yuwei can not see Qin Yun. she knows that she would be attacked like before. As expected, Qin Yun suddenly appeared beside Murong Yuwei and immediately swung his shield and smashed her pig head and face.


Murong Yuwei was sent flying and landed beside his 5 brothers. Then she let out loud scream.

"They lost!" city master Murong helplessly sighed and yelled.

The barrier opened and few middle aged men quickly came up to check Murong Yuwei and others injuries. They discovered that it is not too heavy, they can recover after a few days of rest.

"What kind of talisman did you use? Can you turn them back to normal?" city master Murong asked.

"I used Pighead Dao Talisman! It can release a very peculiar power that can make people's head as big and fat as a pig's head!" Qin Yun laughed and then slowly walked forward. He waved his hand to remove the power and Murong Yuwei and other's appearance returned to normal.

The Pighead Dao Talisman broadened everyone's horizon, they really did not believe that such strange talisman could exist. Lan Fengjin and Liu Jingmeng found this talisman very funny and crafted a few together. This talisman was recorded in the Dao King Talisman Canon.

"Old man Murong, don't forget what you promised!" Ying Chengyu walked over, he spoke in low voice with smile.

"I will definitely not renege!" city master Murong looked at Qin Yun and somewhat resentfully said : "Brother Yun, you are very strong, why did you say that you were weak?"

Qin Yun laughed : "That's because I thought that they were very strong and I would lose!"

After Murong Yuwei heard this, she immediately cried out loudly : "Grandfather, quickly teach him a lesson! This guy pretended to be a pig to eat tigers! He acted weak, then ruthlessly beat us up!"

Qin Yun finds this extremely hilarious. He explained : "But I am obviously a late stage Martial King! On the other hand, 5 of you are peak stage Martial Kings. The last one cultivated 3 Dao Cores and comparable to a Martial Emperor! I fought against 6 of you, winning was really not easy!"

"You used Immortal tool, that's not fair!" Murong Yuwei started crying and screaming.

"I only used Half Immortal tool!" Qin Yun spoke and then took out the King tools from his shield and handed them over.

City master Murong somewhat angrily said : "A loss is a loss! You are not as skillful as the opponent, don't blame others! 6 of you peak Martial Kings fought against a late stage Martial King and lost, who can you blame?"

Being reprimanded by her grandfather, Murong Yuwei no longer dares to cry.

"Grandfather, what's going on? Who made Xiao Wei cry?" at this time a magnetic male voice appeared from distance.

"Big brother is here!" Murong Yuwei just stopped crying but after hearing this voice, her eyes became moist again.

Suddenly, white light flickered behind Murong Yuwei, then a tall and sturdy white clothed young man appeared. This young man has some beard on his face, his eyebrows are shaped like sword, his eyes are bright like stars. A faint smile hanging on his sharp and clear handsome face, making him look even more charming and earnest.

"Big brother, I was bullied! But grandfather won't help me!" Murong Yuwei immediately retreated behind the young man and started sobbing while speaking.

Ying Chengyu said to Qin Yun in low voice : "This young man is called Murong Tianzhe(Haevenly Sage). He is a young Martial Emperor, he is very strong and he is old man Murong's eldest grandson. He is a disciple of Hundred Pagoda Sect's Sword God Pagoda."

At this time, many young women from different aristocratic families let out waves of screech.

"Murong Tianzhe, I love you!"

"My ideal prince charming Tianzhe, he is more handsome than the Great Master!"

"Prince charming Tianzhe, quickly teach that Great Master a lesson, he is too arrogant!"

"Prince charming is a Martial Emperor, if he lays his hand on a Martial King, would it not be just like bullying a child?"

A group of smitten young women started loudly shouting and screaming. Qin Yun felt very unwell, he is really not at all arrogant.

Murong Tianzhe looked at Qin Yun and said with smile : "Brother Yun, is it? Please don't take offense."

Murong Yuwei groaned and said : "Big brother, quickly teach this guy a lesson! This scoundrel turned me into a pighead and then ruthlessly beat me up!"

Murong Tianzhe is a very reasonable person. He found out what happened and pinched Murong Yuwei's face and said with smile : "Xiao Wei, if you want to teach him a lesson, put greatest effort into cultivation and then do it yourself!"

"Big brother, you don't love me at all!" Murong Yuwei started weeping again.

City master Murong said with smile : "Xiao Wei you little girl, you have been crying since the beating stopped! Look at brother Yun, he is very happy looking at you! He loves to see young girls like your from aristocratic families cry!"

Qin Yun cursed the old man in his heart, he is actually making Qin Yun look more hateful. Qin Yun is not happy at all.

Murong Yuwei immediately stopped crying. She glared at Qin Yun and loudly cursed : "You are a guy who loves to bully woman! You are a flower thief!"(TL Note : flower thief means rapist!)

Qin Yun's expression is filled with helplessness. But he is going to obtain the beast horn so he doesn't care whether or not he is insulted. He felt relieved at the fact that city master Murong's attitude is not bad, he did not make things difficult for Qin Yun.

"Big brother, why did you come just now?" Murong Changwu asked.

"I was having a match with my friend, so I am late a bit." Murong Tianzhe said with smile.

"Big brother, were you fighting Xie Wufeng? Did you win?" Murong Yuwei hastily asked.

"No win or loss!" Murong Tianzhe said with bitter smile : "We could settle a victor between us!"

Qin Yun is greatly startled in his heart. It seems like this Murong Tianzhe is Xie Wufeng's friend. This also let him understand Xie Wufeng's strength, he can actually tie with a Martial Emperor.

Murong Yuwei said in low voice : "Big brother, this Xie Wufeng is indeed very awesome. He only has one hand, moreover, he is not yet a Martial Emperor. Yet he can tie with you. if he becomes Martial Emperor, doesn't it mean you won't be his opponent anymore?"

"He is a sword cultivator. Moreover, he comprehended a very strong Sword Dao Technique! He is a genus!" Murong Tianzhe said.

Qin Yun now feels that he will be able to meet Xie Wufeng very soon. He followed behind Ying Chengyu and old Feitian and walked down the battle stage.

City master Murong loudly yelled : "Everyone, this is my eldest grandson Murong Tianzhe. So long as you are a initial stage or a mid stage Martial Emperor, you can come challenge him! If you win, you will win 10 high quality Regent Origin Stones!"