Chapter 941
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Chapter 941

Granny Star very quickly created a golden token and handed it over to Qin Yun and said with smile : "Drip a drop of your blood on it."

Qin Yun is somewhat anxious in his heart and he asked : "Pagoda master, I did not pass through assessment, yet I can directly become golden disciple, won't there be any problem?"

Lan Chen is also anxious as he said : "Pagoda master, I heard that Hundred Pagoda Sect is very strict towards disciples. Qin Yun can directly become golden disciple without going through assessment, won't we be rebuked?"

Granny Star gently laughed and said : "Relax, our Star Traveling Pagoda is already so broken, no one will care about our disciples."

Hearing these words, Qin Yun and Lan Chen felt very odd in their hearts, they felt like they would vomit blood. Qin Yun also dripped blood on the golden token, from now on, he will be a golden disciple of Star Traveling Pagoda.

"Pagoda master, our Star Traveling Pagoda only have these people?" Qin Yun looked at those few old men and asked.

"Indeed, there were a few more but they died together yesterday!" Granny Star said with sigh.

"We pay respect to all the senior brothers." Lan Chen respectfully bowed to those old man. Qin Yun also did the same.

These senior brothers are all very happy because after so many years, they finally have new disciples. All of them are very old, there is not a single middle aged among them. Clearly they have been cut off very severely.

Granny Star said : "You two youngsters should not look down on our Star Traveling Pagoda. Even though we are now rather shabby, we have very glorious history! When Hundred Pagoda Sect was first built, our Star Traveling Pagoda used to be the 1st pagoda!"

She pointed towards a stone tablet at a corner of the hall. On top of the tablet the words "1st pagoda" is written.

Qin Yun's eyes became bright as he asked : "Pagoda master, how did our Star Traveling Pagoda become so splendid back then, to even be the 1st pagoda?"

Granny Star's expression is filled with reminiscence as she said : "Relying on great amount of resources we could obtain from starry sky! Our 1st pagoda master traveled to many stars and brought back enumerable cultivation resources! Later... later, many disciples left for starry skies and either disappeared or never came back, which led to the continuous decline of our Star Traveling Pagoda."

Lan Chen asked with frown : "Pagoda master, how do you obtain cultivation resources now? All the senior brothers are so old and cultivation so low, isn't it because cultivation resources are insufficient?"

Granny Star let out a long sigh and said : "Say no more.. back then our pagoda master made a mistake and our Star Traveling Pagoda was deducted 30 thousand years of cultivation resources! From now on, just call me Granny Star, our Star Traveling Pagoda devolved to such state, I don't have the qualification to be pagoda master."

Lan Chen already know that Star Traveling Pagoda would no be much before coming here. But now it seems like the situation is worse than he imagined. Luckily he and Qin Yun doesn't need cultivation resources.

"Granny Star, after how long can we obtain resources?" Qin Yun asked.

"Still 8 thousand years more!" Granny Star let out a long sigh : "Blame our pagoda master back then, he was so impulsive. In one go he killed the pagoda master of Limitless Sun Pagoda along with several other pagoda masters!"

Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "This should have nothing to do with Star Traveling Pagoda. The pagoda master should have already been punished right?"

Granny Star also became very angry and said : "Of course it has nothing to do with our younger generation but back then Limitless Sun Pagoda suffered great losses, thus they demanded and confiscated 30 thousand years of resources from us! Now the Limitless Sun Pagoda is the 1st pagoda! They used our resources to grow rapidly and become number one!"

Lan Chen said in amazement : "I never imagined that Hundred Pagoda Sect would have such history! Limitless Sun Pagoda have been 1st pagoda for so long and have so many disciple, all because they took away Star Traveling Pagoda's resources!"

"Exactly! Our Star Traveling Pagoda performed many meritorious services and thus awarded many resources but all were taken away by Limitless Sun Pagoda!" when Granny Star talked about this matter, her expression is filled with helplessness and anger.

Lan Chen looked at the crude hall in the 1st floor and said : "The fact that Star Traveling Pagoda can survive for more than 20 thousand years under these circumstances is really good!"

Granny Star said : "You two junior disciples should not be dispirited, don't run away scared by our current situation. Our Star Traveling Pagoda used to be very rich, we still have our foundation!"

Those old senior disciples all nodded.

Lan Chen touched his bald head and asked : "Granny Star, we came here to research the knowledge regarding starry sky, they should still be here right?"

Granny Star nodded and said with smile : "Of course they are here. They are the most valuable objects of our Star Traveling Pagoda."

"That's great, can we go take a look at them now?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course. Come, follow me. " Granny Star said. Granny Star began leading Qin Yun and Lan Chen towards a corner.

Qin Yun pointed towards a direction and said : "Granny Star, the stair is over there!"

Granny Star said with smile : "The knowledge of our Star Traveling Pagoda is not within this broken pagoda!"

Qin Yun and Lan Chen are somewhat amazed. They glanced at each other, they are both looking forward to what's coming next.

Granny Star arrived at a corner and said : "Look below towards the ground, can you see anything?"

Qin Yun looked over and saw that there is a 3 meter wide circle in that corner. He carefully looked and immediately his face is filled with astonishment as he said : "Teleportation Formation!"

Granny Star and those senior disciples' immediately became startled.

"Xiao Yun, how do you know this?" Granny Star asked in alarm.

"This... I have some mastery over Inscription, so I know a little!" Qin Yun laughed.

Qin Yun is very amazed looking at this teleportation formation because it is much different from the one he saw before. It is mainly crafted with Star and Moon runes in the majority and then few Sun runes. There are no Dao runes. It means it is a Starry Sky Teleportation Formation. It is not something that can be used to teleport between landmass.

Granny Star said : "Let's go, I will bring you to our hidden library."

Granny Start activated the formation and disappeared within. Brightly colored light rays flashed before Qin Yun and Lan Chen's eyes and they arrived at an unknown region in a short while.

"This is..." Qin Yun raised his head and saw an enormous cyan colored star. He immediately felt an oppressed feeling.

There are many multi colored enormous stars all around. All of them are very slowly moving and rotating. They look like they might come crashing down any moment. Lan Chen also jumped in fright looking at the stars all around him.

"We are on top of a small star!" Granny Star said with smile. Qin Yun and Lan Chen looked below and saw a teleportation formation below their feet. And ahead of them, there is a large house.

Granny Star pointed at the stars all around them and said : "Even though those stars are very big, rest assured, they will not crash with us. They were brought here by the old generations of our Star Traveling Pagoda to protect this star!"

"A super large formation created by stars!" Qin Yun inhaled a mouthful of cold air. He has no choice but to admire the strength of those Star Traveling Pagoda's older generations. Qin Yun felt very excited in his heart because it means that Star Traveling Pagoda has great amount of star related inheritance and even have many Star runes.

"Let's go, we are going over." Granny Star is also very happy because she can see that Qin Yun and Lan Chen very sincerely wants to research knowledge. Their Star Traveling Pagoda have not have any young person for many years because they were all scared away.

"Granny Star, all the senior brothers are so old, have you never wanted to thought of a method to help them breakthrough? If they can't breakthrough, they will die!" Qin Yun said.

"We can't do anything about it. If they want to breakthrough, they would need a large amount of energy.. and we don't have resources. They are all very old, they don't have the energy to fight over resources." Granny Star let out long sigh and said : "We had many young people join us in the past but they only entered to steal our knowledge, so I drove them away. Over time, less and less people came to our pagoda, more and more people became old. But they are very devoted towards Star Traveling Pagoda."

Lan Chen said : "Granny Star, are you certain that we are not here to steal your knowledge?"

Granny Star gently laughed and said : "If you can successfully enter the Star Picking Pavilion ahead, then you want to sincerely join our Star Traveling Pagoda!"

Qin Yun is somewhat anxious and said : "Granny Star, I feel like I won't be able to smoothly enter!"

Granny Star grabbed Qin Yun's hand and said with smile : "Xiao Yun, what is your purpose in coming to Star Traveling Pagoda?"

Qin Yun said : "To research and study! Then.. then I saw how worn out Star Traveling Pagoda is and decided to help Star Traveling Pagoda become better!"

"Then go ahead!" Granny Star said with smile. Then pulled Qin Yun and rushed towards the building ahead.

The door of the building is wide open but there is a barrier here. Granny Star brought along Qin Yun and both of them smoothly entered through the door.

"He he.. you have smoothly entered. Xiao Yun, you are our Star Traveling Pagoda's disciple from now on!" Granny Star yelled at Lan Chen : "Xiao Lan, quickly come in."

Lan Chen somewhat anxiously moved over and also smoothly entered.

"What is the principle behind the barrier? How can it recognize the intent of people?" Lan Chen looked at the barrier and asked in astonishment.

"It was arranged by our older generations. Many spy in the past failed to go through it!" Granny Star is even more happy because Qin Yun and Lan Chen have been acknowledged.

After Qin Yun and Lan Chen came in, they saw many bookshelves. It immediately gave them headache because there are just too many books.

"Granny Star, if we want to study, where should we begin?" Qin Yun is somewhat bewildered and asked.

"Xiao Yun, which aspect of the knowledge of stars you are interested in?" Granny Star asked.

"I am interested in Star formation and Star runes. Then there is knowledge about all kind of star related resources, furthermore Star spirits, Star totems and Star martial spirits! I also heard that Sun and Moon are same as stars, I am also very interested in these two!" Qin Yun thought and spoke.

"Xiao Yun, that's a very wide range!" Granny Star said in amazement and then looked at Lan Chen.

Lan Chen said : "I want study the knowledge regarding the usage of Star totem's power! Furthermore, I want to travel the Star Sea in the future! These two aspect."

"Alright, I will now find books for you, wait here." Granny Star nodded and walked over to those bookshelves ahead.