Chapter 945
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Chapter 945

Lan Chen hastily yelled : "Xiao Yun, don't go! Those guys are very rampant, moreover.. moreover I was severely beat me to accept defeat. I was being careless."

Qin Yun walked back and asked : "Old Lan, then I will also be rampant on the battle stage, I will also severely beat them until they accept defeat! You are now my senior brother, the reason they let you suffer serious injury is because they saw that our Star Traveling Pagoda's strength is weak!"

Granny Star is using the Light Rune Dao Talisman given by Qin Yun to heal Lan Chen's injuries. She nodded and said : "Xiao Yun, is now our Star Traveling Pagoda's pagoda master and chief disciple! Let him go teach them a proper lesson!"

Lan Chen who is very weak, heard these words and immediately became spirited in amazement. His voice also became louder as opened his bloody red eyes wide to look at Qin Yun and asked : "Xiao Yun, is it true? Are you really the pagoda master?"

"Old Lan, quickly tell me, how should I teach those children some lesson? If I don't give their appearance a little look, later even some random people would come look for you to create trouble!" Qin Yun's expression is dark as he said in cold voice : "You exposed your Star totem, they won't let you off just like this!"

Lan Chen carefully thought about it, he feels that Qin Yun's strength is not weak. He lightly sighed and said : "At the southeast region, there is a very wide Hundred Refining Plaza. There are 8 battle stages in there. Disciples who are guarding each of the battle stage are very powerful."

Lan Chen ate a pill given by Granny Star, his complexion became much better. He continued : "If you want to challenge the defending disciple, you must pay at least 1 million purple crystal coins! The one who pays the more, will be able to challenge!"

Granny Star said with frown : "They are actually using this kind of method this time? If the defending disciples can defend until the end, they will obtain a Regent Origin Stone as reward!"

Lan Chen said again : "The one defending 3rd battle stage is from Precious Dragon Pagoda. This time Precious Dragon Pagoda recruited very strong disciples, 2 late stage Martial Kings. They are defending 1st and 3rd stage."

"1st and 3rd stage? Which one injured you so severely?" Qin Yun can see how severely injured Lan Chen is and fury rose into his heart.

"3rd stage!" Lan Chen warned : "Xiao Yun, that guy has mastered Divine Ability, as well as very strong martial spirit Mystic Technique. He has Black Dragon martial spirit!"

"I will go immediately!" Qin Yun finished speaking and used fastest speed to rush out towards that Hundred Refining Plaza.

Qin Yun flew towards southeast. On the road he saw two old men. He immediately descended and greeted the two of them. He found out that these two are Martial Emperors from Ancient Star Pagoda who brought back Lan Chen. Ancient Star Pagoda has some relationship with Star Traveling Pagoda. Star Traveling Pagoda used to help Ancient Star Pagoda back in the days. Therefore from time to time, Ancient Star Pagoda helps out Star Traveling Pagoda that is in dire straits.

"Junior brother Qin, are you going to the Hundred Refining Plaza to settle the account with Precious Dragon Pagoda? You must not, you might suffer serous injury!" one old man sighed and kindly persuaded.

"Senior brothers, rest assured, I will not have any problem!" Qin Yun said.

"Junior brother, Precious Dragon Sect's disciples are very vicious. If you fight, you must get hold of a good opportunity to surrender!" another old man persuaded.

"I know." Qin Yun nodded.

Less than half an hour later Qin Yun and the two senior brothers finally arrived at the Hundred Refining Plaza. This is a 10 kilometer wide circular plaza, surrounded by huge formation pillars which have roots that reach up to a kilometer and forms a great formation. The area is further surrounded by huge mountains. In order to make this plaza, a great number of mountains were cut flat.

After Qin Yun arrived, he very quickly found the 3rd stage. It is a 200-300 meter wide stage with formation pillars surrounding it. He took out a cloth, covered his nose and chin, only his eyes and forehead can be seen. He arrived near the 3rd stage and saw Lan Chen's cut off fingers lying on the stage. It is forbidden to use weapons or magical tools during battle yet Lan Chen's fingers were cut off very cleanly, clearly Precious Dragon Pagoda's disciple transformed his energy into sharp blade.

Other battle stage have many people watching the fights and many people challenging the current defender. Most of the spectators are the old disciples, the number of new disciples with qualification to participate is about 200. On the other hand, 3rd stage is deserted, nobody dares to go up to challenge the defender. Current defender is a fierce looking middle aged man. His hands are crossed on his chest, he has very arrogant look on his face. This is the Precious Dragon Pagoda's new disciple called He Xiajian who severely injured Lan Chen. Only mid stage Martial Kings were allowed to participate in the assessment, this means He Xiajian broke through after passing the assessment. So he has a very big advantage now. In face many participants asked their elders to suppress their cultivation so that they don't breakthrough and can take the assessment.

Qin Yun took out a purple crystal card, walked towards the judge of the 3rd stage and said : "I want to fight!"

"Show your disciple token, only golden disciples can challenge!" the old judge said. A touch of alarm flashed through his expression.

3rd stage's defender is a late stage Martial King. Even though Qin Yun is hiding his face, it can be clearly seen that he is very young. The old judge feels that Qin Yun challenging that savage He Xiajian is not a smart choice. Aside from 1st and 3rd stage, all the other stages have people lining up to challenge. Clearly Precious Dragon Pagoda's disciples have scared away people. Qin Yun took out his golden token and handed it over for inspection. He Xiajian who is standing on the stage with an arrogant look, an evil ruthlessness filled his eyes. Ominous light flashed through his eyes as he looked at Qin Yun as if a wolf looking at a sheep.

"Qin Xiao Yun from Star Traveling Pagoda?" the old judge said in amazement.

After He Xiajian heard, he laughed heartily and said : "That bald idiot from Star Traveling Pagoda was carried away and now comes another idiot! It seems like people who go to Star Traveling Pagoda are all idiots!"

Many people heard He Xiajian's words and immediately looked at Qin Yun in unison. Lan Chen was brutally beaten up not long ago, it was over in an instant. Whoever saw it, will never forget it. And now, someone has come to challenge He Xiajian and he is even from Star Traveling Pagoda.

Qin Yun handed over the purple crystal card and said : "Here is 1 million, can I go up now?"

The old judge said with frown : "Little brother, have you thought about it clearly?"

Qin Yun said with powerful and confident voice : "I have, I will go up!"

Another golden disciple of Star Traveling Pagoda came to challenge Precious Dragon Pagoda's He Xiajian, this immediately caused a small disturbance. The drew the attention of people who were watching fight on other stages. They immediately ran over. Not long after the 3rd stage became tightly surrounded by spectators. Hong Mengshu, Yu Shutian, Gong Feiyan and Kang Feiqing are also in the Hundred Refining Plaza. They are only watching the fights, they have not participated. They said many threatening words before to save Lan Chen. Yet now, someone from Star Traveling Pagoda is challenging He Xiajian again.

"Is that Xiao Yun?" Kang Feiqing looked at Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian and asked in low voice.

"Star Traveling Pagoda's golden disciple... brother Yun should not be a golden disciple." Hong Mengshu said in low voice.

"The challenger's name is Qin Xiao Yun... isn't this his real name?" Kang Feiqing said.

Hong Mengshu's elegant eyebrows are slightly knitted, her beautiful eyes are filled with alarm as she looked at the 3rd stage. She knows Qin Yun's real name so she is very sure that this Qin Xiao Yun is indeed Qin Yun. She is very curious how Qin Yun became a golden disciple. Lan Chen also did not tell them than Qin Yun has become golden disciple.

Yu Shutian is also looking at the blue clothed man who walked on to the 3rd stage. She lightly inhaled and said : "It it is A Yun, then we don't need to be worried."

She is very clear about Qin Yun's strength.

Gong Feiyan's phoenix eyes are filled with doubt as she looked at Qin Yun's rear view and said in low voice : "How can A Yun become golden disciple? He did not pass through assessment. It is also impossible that he is impersonating because his name is on that golden token!"

Qin Yun walked on to the stage, many people started shouting and screaming.

"Another one came to die!"

"Star Traveling Pagoda finally obtained two rare golden disciple, now both of them will be crippled!"

"Precious Dragon Pagoda's disciple will win in a short while!"

"Ha ha.. this guy is hiding his face. Is he worried that people would remember his face after he is beaten miserably?"

"That baldy was almost killed before, luckily the Ancient Star Pagoda's people spoke on his behalf to save him, otherwise he would have been killed!"

"Everyone look... he is picking up that baldy's fingers.. ha ha.. he came here to pick up fingers!"

All the spectating disciples looking at the battle stage with gleeful eyes.

Qin Yun picked up Lan Chen's fingers, then looked at the judge. He unhurriedly and calmly asked : "Can we kill people on the stage?"

The old judge is startled and said : "Yes.."

Qin Yun nodded : "Then start the fight now!"

Everyone heard Qin Yun's question and let out sneers.

He Xiajian even more domineeringly laughed and said : "Brat, you want to kill me? You want to take revenge for that baldy? Even though I could not get his Star totem, I bashed his head thoroughly, his Star totem has been destroyed!"

The power within Qin Yun's body, along with fury, immediately rushed at every part. The current him is exceedingly wrathful, yet again, exceedingly calm. The wrathful power within his body is being suppressed by his calm and becoming exceedingly stronger.

The old judge rang the bell and the battle began.

"He Xiajian, I ask you, is it your idea to take the Star totem? Or your Precious Dragon Pagoda's idea?" Qin Yun's gaze became filled with cold and dense killing intent.

"Our Precious Dragon Pagoda's idea, what about it? Could it be that your Star Traveling Pagoda wants to take revenge? Brat, preserve your strength, let those old fools collect your corpse!" a middle aged man laughed loudly and spoke from below the stage.

Many people also roared in laughter.

"Xiajian, properly enjoy it, slowly kill this brat!" another middle aged man from Precious Dragon Pagoda burst into laughter and yelled.

He Xiajian's fierce looking face immediately became even more domineering and aggressive. His expression became extremely sinister as berserk power began flowing under his tough muscles. His muscles began to throb and tremble as buzzing and hissing sound overflowed.