Chapter 950
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Chapter 950

Ye Yaoxue is standing at the Star Traveling Pagoda's gate, since there are no doors on the gate, she can see how shabby it is inside.

"I am 1st pagoda's chief disciple Ye Yaoxue, I want to invite Star Traveling Pagoda's chief disciple Qin Xiao Yun to a gathering!" Ye Yaoxue's tender and gentle voice is very pleasant to hear.

Although her voice is very gentle and beautiful, it has been transmitted all around. This kind of voice is neither big, nor small but it is filled with a type of mysterious power, allowing it to be heard from distance place. Not only it is not ear piercing, it is very pleasant and comfortable to hear. Ye Yaoxue's attitude is very good, it caused many people in the vicinity to feel amazed. There are many people in the vicinity who wants go talk to Ye Yaoxue but they all know that she doesn't like to talk to people who she doesn't know. So they did not go forward and can only look from far.

An old man walked out and said : "Xiao Yun said that 1st pagoda and Star Traveling Pagoda can not exist together, he doesn't want to see you! He also said that you are a weasel and can not be trusted!"

Ye Yaoxue rained curses in her heart but she still looks very calm on the outside. She said : "I brought some healing medicine as gift so that he can heal quickly!"

The old man went in for a while and then came back shortly. He said : " He told you to take back the medicine. He said he doesn't believe anyone from 1st pagoda, especially Ye Yaoxue who already lied before!"

Ye Yaoxue became angry but she did not show it outside. She is merely standing in her place calmly, suppressing the anger. All the people in the vicinity feel that the scene is inconceivable. Because Qin Yun said many unpleasant things about Ye Yaoxue at Hundred Refining Plaza, yet not only Ye Yaoxue is not rebuking him, she even brought healing medicines for him. Funny thing is, she was actually rejected.

"I want to go in to see him!" Ye Yaoxue spoke and immediately rushed towards the gate.

The old man became startled seeing Ye Yaoxue charging in and anxiously yelled : "Don't charge in recklessly!"

"No matter what, I must go in to see him!" Ye Yaoxue's voice became somewhat ice-cold.


Ye Yaoxue collided with the invisible barrier on the gate and let out a light delicate yell.

"This.. what is going on? Since when does Star Traveling Pagoda have such powerful barrier?" Ye Yaoxue said in some embarrassment. She is completely unable to go through the barrier.

After the Star Origin Great Formation has been repaired, all the other formidable barriers of Star Traveling Pagoda have all gradually recovered. Moreover, they are all under the control of Qin Yun.

"I want to see you pagoda master! I am 1st pagoda's chief disciple, I want to see Star Traveling Pagoda's pagoda master to discuss some important matters!" Ye Yaoxue said again.

"The pagoda master won't see you, please go back!" the old man said.

Spectators are all very amazed because Star Traveling Pagoda's powerful barrier has been restored. This made Ye Yaoxue suspect even more that Qin Xiao Yun is the immoral Great Master who has been driving her mad.

Ye Yaoxue's beautiful eyes turned towards a direction and she said again : "In two days Dragon Sect people will arrive at Hundred Pagoda Sect. At that time we will have to go welcome them. For many years, your Star Traveling Pagoda did not have any chief disciple, so you don't know about these matters. I came here in order to inform you. When they come, I, as the chief disciple of 1st pagoda, will lead the chief disciples of other pagodas and confront the Dragon Sect. This is what we agreed with Dragon Sect. We would compete each other from time to time. If we win, Dragon Sect would give us some ore veins and other resources. If Dragon Sect wins, then our Hundred Pagoda Sect would have to give them a large amount of resources!"

Ye Yaoxue saw that the Star Traveling Pagoda's old man has the expression that says "it doesn't concern us" and said : "I know that 30 thousand years of resources have been deducted from your Star Traveling Pagoda, however when we face outside enemy we must unite to drive them back! You did not have a chief disciple before so we did not come to find you. But now, you have a chief disciple whose strength is not bad. So you must participate. Your pagoda master must be pretty clear about this matter, so I want to talk to your pagoda master!"

The old man can only go back and report to Qin Yun. He returned not long after and said : "Xiao Yun asked for time and place, when Dragon Sect comes, he will go immediately. And pagoda master doesn't have the time to meet you!"

"2 days later early morning at Hundred Refining Plaza. If he doesn't come, he will have to bear the consequences!" Ye Yaoxue said.

Ye Yaoxue left with Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian. She has bellyful of anger because she has suffered great humiliation.

"I am so angry, it seems like the Star Traveling Pagoda suddenly feels like bullying me! When those pagoda masters below rank 30 pagoda see me, they are all very respectful and polite with me. Star Traveling Pagoda's pagoda master did not even show the face, they are looking down on me too much, it was clearly deliberate." Ye Yaoxue spoke in fury while flying.

Since Ye Yaoxue became 1st pagoda's chief disciple, nobody managed to defeat her. Therefore, 1st pagoda also managed to keep their position. The 2nd pagoda, Divine Sword Pagoda's strength is very robust. Reportedly, they pagoda master and pagoda beast are stronger then 1st pagoda's. Only there is a no disciple who can defeat Ye Yaoxue, therefore they could not surpass 1st pagoda. Therefore, Ye Yaoxue has extremely high position inside 1st pagoda and was assigned great amount of resources. But she felt guilty hogging all those resources to herself, so she renounced all of them and instead decided to find resources herself. However, even after renouncing all those resources, her normal portion is also very large.

Many people saw how Ye Yaoxue was bullied by the Star Traveling Pagoda. Originally, Star Traveling Pagoda have great hatred towards 1st pagoda. After all, it is because of 1st pagoda that Star Traveling Pagoda declined to this extent. Now after so many years, they are suddenly rising to power, there is no way they will bow to 1st pagoda.

In the Star Picking Pavilion, Qin Yun asked Granny Star : "Is it true about Dragon Sect?"

Granny Star nodded and said : "It is! There will be many kind of competition when they arrive. Hundred Pagoda Sect will be the defending party, so the conditions will be very harsh for us! Hundred Pagoda Sect can not lose, when the time comes, you will act as one of the chief disciples and keep up appearance to show support even if you don't participate!"

"Alright, I will go take a look 2 days later." Qin Yun said.

"Xiao Yun, what about the injuries on your body?" Granny Star asked.

"There is no problem, I will be completely fine very soon!" Qin Yun replied.

Next 2 days, Qin Yun completely focused on healing and reached his peak state.

2 days went by in a flash. Qin Yun is wearing a golden lion head headgear and specially refined gray colored clothes. He is flying towards Hundred Refining Plaza along with Granny Star. it is early morning, the day just became bright. There aren't many people in the Hundred Refining Plaza but Ye Yaoxue is already here. She is wearing snowy blue sturdy clothes. Her hair is pricked with a stick, adorned very simply and refreshingly. This also the clothing prepared for combat.

She saw Granny Star arrive and promptly flew over. Very courteously and gently, with a very sweet and dainty smile, she said : "Younger generation's Ye Yaoxue pays respect to Granny Star"

"Hmph.. you little girl, you were not so respectful in front of me before!" Granny Star said in a bad mood.

"Yaoxue was young and arrogant back then and offended Granny Star, please forgive me!" Ye Yaoxue lowered her head and said with a guilty look.

"Forget it, forget it.. you also worked very hard for Hundred Pagoda Sect for past many years." Granny Star let out a long sigh : "However, the enmity between our Star Traveling Pagoda and your 1st pagoda can not be written off so easily!"

Ye Yaoxue said : "This is the matter of older generation, we younger generation should not have to settle it."

She looked at Qin Yun and said : "This must be junior brother Qin Xiao Yun, why are you wearing this lion head headgear?"

Qin Yun deliberately said in a wild coarse voice : "I am breathtakingly handsome! I don't want a woman like you to be infatuated with me!"

Ye Yaoxue did not become angry, instead sweetly smiled : "Junior brother Qin is truly hilarious! Quickly take of the headgear, senior sister promise not to be infatuated with you!"

Qin Yun did not reply, he pretended to look all around. Ye Yaoxue really wants to tear off that headgear to see whether or not it is that immoral Great Master but with Granny Star here, she doesn't dare.

Qin Yun cursed in his heart : "This damn Ye Yaoxue, why does she suspect me so much? It seems like she thinks that I am the Great Master, I have been discovered by her! It would be best if Yuemei were here, I would let her into change me into a baldy or something!"

Ling Yuner said with delicate laugh : "A woman's intuition is very scary!"

"No matter, she has no proof, I will just ignore her!" Qin Yun said again.

Nine Suns slowly rose, earth is also being illuminated with bright sunlight. Many chief disciples also arrived. Many of them have middle aged appearance. When they saw Ye Yaoxue, they very respectfully called her senior sister. Qin Yun has also seen some familiar faces, for example, Murong Tianzhe, Murong Changwu and Murong Yuwei. Unexpectedly, Murong Changwu and Murong Yuwei are also Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples. Aside from them, there are also Ancient Star Pagoda's Hong Mengshu, Yu Shutian, as well as Kang Feiqing and Gong Feiyan are also here. They are new disciples but since they have good relation with Ye Yaoxue, they came here to show support. Hong Mengshu and Yu Shutian almost burst into laughter looking at Qin Yun wearing that headgear.

Murong Tianzhe looked at Qin Yun with smile and said : "Junior brother Qin, why are you wearing that headgear?"

Qin Yun said in a wild coarse voice : "Dragon Sect people cultivate dragon power. And dragons are afraid of Heavenly lions, my lion head headgear can suppress them!"

Someone said with sneer : "Aren't you just covering up your face? You must be an extremely ugly guy!"

Qin Yun said in loud voice : "This young master is so handsome that it shocks the Heaven and Earth! I am not showing my true face so that you bunch of ugly not feel so ashamed that you would not want to show your face!"

"You bastard, who are you calling ugly?I am so handsome that I once made many mature women cry!" a youth is completely unconvinced as he spoke. Many people who think they are handsome, cursed Qin Yun one after another.

Qin Yun laughed heartily and said : "If you bunch of ugly people were truly very handsome, then you would have already got hold of the little miss Ye Yaoxue. If you were truly handsome, she would be the only kneeling down and lick your feet, it would not be you kneeling down and licking her feet!"