Chapter 951
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Chapter 951

Majority of the people present are chief disciples. If they are not chief disciples, they are all the most outstanding ones. Hearing Qin Yun's words, all them exploded in anger. All kind of obscene words shot from all directions towards Qin Yun. Qin Yun is wearing a headgear, so nobody can see his face. If they knew that Qin Yun is actually smiling, these group of people would become even more angry.

Ye Yaoxue said in a very bad mood : "Junior brother Qin, I, Ye Yaoxue, is not someone who only looks at people's appearance! Don't talk excessive nonsense! All the fellow disciples here respects me, that is why speak on my behalf!"

Many people cheered and praised Ye Yaoxue's speech.

Murong Yuwei lowly groaned and said : "We will confront Dragon Sect today, we must unite together! Yet this guy seems like he wants to sow discord and contradiction among us!"

Qin Yun said : "Our Star Traveling Pagoda is a trash pagoda! Over the past many years not only you never helped us, you even bullied us everywhere! And now want to unite with us?"

Someone said with sneer : "Junior brother Qin, you are really awesome but rest assured, when we fight the Dragon Sect we will absolutely not let you take action! How can you even help us with your current strength?"

"Indeed! He is a guy who thinks he is infallible. However, he acknowledges that Star Traveling Pagoda is a trash pagoda, that is good, there is no need for his help! For past many years, we did not have Star Traveling Pagoda's help, we still defeated Dragon Sect many times!"

"Just watch from the side! So what if your Star Traveling Pagoda is very awesome? You can't do a damn this to defeat Dragon Sect! We also don't expect to take action!"

"Pagodas below rank 50 should just look from behind and shout! We only let you come here to fill the scene and nothing more!"

Qin Yun said to Granny Star : "We will go over there, we have nothing to do here!"

Soon after, Qin Yun and Granny Star arrived at a corner of Hundred Refining Plaza. All the disciples in this area are from pagoda's below rank 50. They have no say in Hundred Pagoda Sect's matters, they don't have much resources, so their overall strength is also very low.

Ye Yaoxue could not see Qin Yun's true appearance, she is very disappointed.

"Dragon Sect has arrived!"

A huge golden cloud arrived at the east side of the Hundred Refining Plaza. A large group of people are arrogantly riding the golden cloud and flying over. After they arrived, they kept floating in the sky and beating gongs and drums, that created a great momentum. They arrogantly landed on the Hundred Refining Plaza. Sound of drums shook through the sky, mighty sound wave spread all around. The person leading the Dragon Sect disciples is a Martial Emperor youth wearing armor with dragon carving and dragon crown on his head. He is holding a spear in his hand, his presence exudes a type of bloody and powerful momentum.

Granny Star said : "This is the strongest late stage Martial Emperor in Dragon Sect, Long Fangyu. Peak Martial Emperors are not allowed to participate in this competition. Since majority of the peak Martial Emperors are busy preparing for Half Immortal tribulation, Hundred Pagoda Sect and Dragon Sect came to an agreement that peak Martial Emperors are not allowed to participate in these competitions!"

Qin Yun looked at Ye Yaoxue's group and said : "It seems no elder from Hundred Pagoda Sect is coming out. Won't the sect master, elders and law keepers come out?"

Granny Star said : "No, they will be betting with Dragon Sect elders in another place! Only the youngsters will compete here!"

Qin Yun lowly groaned : "Such a big deal, she is actually shouldering this kind of heavy responsibility, I really could not tell!"

Granny Star said with smile : "1st pagoda obtains a lot of resources, she is directly benefiting from it, so she also wants to personally take action!"

Dragon Sect's Long Fangyu is standing in the front, his spear is standing upright on the ground. Gazing at Ye Yaoxue, he said with smile : "Ye Yaoxue, you are still mid stage Martial Emperor? Although you are very powerful, it is not easy for you to breakthrough. This is quite normal for you, who let your cultivation path be so different from the masses!"

"Long Fangyu, last time we set the competition rule. This time, you will set the rule." Ye Yaoxue's voice is ice-cold, she is filled with a very terrifying aura : "Quickly speak the rules and begin the competition!"

"3 rounds of competition, you must win every round to successfully defend! You should be clear about this rule!" Long Fangyu said.

"I know, no need to remind me!" Ye Yaoxue said.

Long Fangyu said : "1st round is confrontation among Martial Emperors, winning 2 out of 3 fights will win the round! You must win 2 fights to successfully defend! 2nd round is confrontation among Martial Kings, rule is same as 1st round."

Speaking up to this point, Long Fangyu smiled and said : "3 round is competition in Inscription. The topic is talisman refining, tool refining, formation crafting, material smelting, puppet crafting, Inscription finesse. There will be multiple matches and your Inscription Masters must win 6 matches to successfully defend!"

The rules of the final round is especially harsh! Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples started protesting one after another. Dragon Sect's disciples also started shouting and beating drums to counter the Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples.

Ye Yaoxue loudly shouted : "We don't agree with the last round of competition!"

The plaza immediately became quiet.

Long Fangyu laughed loudly a few times and said : "It doesn't matter if you don't agree! Did you not also set up same type of harsh rule for us before?"

Ye Yaoxue said : "We can only ask the elders to come out and discuss! Anyway, I will not agree to your last round of competition!"

"Please go ahead and ask!" Long Fangyu took out a sound transmission magic tool, it is a Dao tool treasure mirror.

Ye Yaoxue took out a very small and exquisite sound transmission conch, it is not at all as precious as counterpart's Dao tool treasure mirror. The plaza sank into an impasse.

Qin Yun curiously asked : "Will sect master and the others appear?"

Granny Star said : "No, sect master of both side is gambling at another area. They will discuss it and then inform Ye Yaoxue and Long Fangyu."

Indeed, not long after, Long Fangyu said with smile : "Elders have finished discussing, in the 3rd round your side can have total 2 Inscription Masters to compete against only one Inscription Master from our side! If your 1st Inscription Master loses, he will be eliminated and your 2nd Inscription Master will come up. If the 2nd one also loses then you lose."

Ye Yaoxue is completely against the 3rd competition but since the elders have agreed, there is nothing she can do.

"Alright, let's begin the competition among Martial Emperors first. The rules are same as always. Can no use talismans, weapons and tools, can not use concealed weapons!" Ye Yaoxue said.

"This is common practice, no need to remind us!" Long Fangyu said with smile : "Since this is your space, we will inspect the formation of your battle stage so that you can not cheat!"

Ye Yaoxue lightly groaned and said : "Do as you please!"

Hundred Refining Plaza is very big and have many battle stages in it. The central battle stage is the largest and will be the main stage for this competition. There are all kind of formations surrounding it. Ye Yaoxue took this opportunity to setup the battle strategy and fighters.

"There will be 3 battles, I will take the 1st one, Murong Tianzhe will take the 2nd battle." Ye Yaoxue looked at Murong Tianzhe and said : "Even though you just recently became mid stage Martial Emperor, your strength can be comparable to late stage Martial Emperor, I am also relieved leaving this to you."

Ye Yaoxue looked at the people from Divine Sword Pagoda and said again : "We will settle the 3rd battle according to the situation! Oh that's right, where is your Divine Sword Pagoda's Xie Wufeng? We need him for the Martial King competition, with him we can take the whole competition in one go!"

Murong Tianzhe said : "He is in seclusion, he said he wanted to breakthrough to become Martial Emperor."

"How can he suddenly breakthrough to Martial Emperor? I remember he became peak Martial King not too long ago!" Ye Yaoxue is somewhat amazed and said with sigh : "If he were here, we would have won the Martial King competition easily!"

She thought for a while and said : "1st battle of the Martial King competition will be taken by Murong Changwu, 2nd one will be taken by Murong Yuwei, as for 3rd one, we will deal with it when the time comes!

Ye Yaoxue regularly spars with disciples of Hundred Pagoda Sect, therefore she is very clear about the level of these group of people. No one has any objection with these arrangements, although there are three participants from Murong family, everyone knows that these grandchildren of city master Murong are very tremendous. One must know that even disciples of Hundred Pagoda Sect don't get as much resources as these grandchildren of city master Murong. For example, last time city master Murong took out many Regent Origin Stones and gave those to them. Then they received more from Hundred Pagoda Sect, this quite a lot.

Dragon Sect is done inspecting the formations and barriers. Long Fangyu walked up to the large battle stage in the middle of Hundred Refining Plaza. Clearly, he wants to fight the 1st battle. 1st battle must be won to raise morale. Therefore, both side started with their leaders.

Qin Yun said : "Granny Star, can we go a bit closer to look? I want to look at Ye Yaoxue's strength from close range."

Granny Star said with smile : "Of course, let's go."

The battle stage is round and a few hundred meters wide. There are many formation pillars around that reach up to a kilometer and can release powerful barrier. Many people are floating in the sky to clearly observe the fight. The barrier around the stage also reaches up to a kilometer since majority of the battle might happen in the mid air. Qin Yun is just standing on the ground to look.

Long Fangyu is late stage Martial Emperor, although he is very confident, he feels great pressure. Because he is very clear about Ye Yaoxue's strength. Although she is mid stage Martial Emperor, she is exceptionally powerful. Otherwise she would never be allowed to lead since she is a woman. Qin Yun can see through his lion head headgear what is happening outside. His headgear is very eye catching, after all he is the only one who is wearing such outlandish thing. In a short while he caught many people's attention. Qin Yun doesn't care about other people's gaze, he is seriously and calmly looking at the battle stage, waiting for the fight to begin.

"You there at the bottom of the stage, quickly take off that headgear!" Long Fangyu also saw Qin Yun's headgear from the battle stage and feels somewhat unwell, thus he loudly shouted.

The place where Dragon Sect is located is frequently visited by a group of Heavenly Lion ghosts. Thus Dragon Sect disciples are regularly harassed by these ghosts, they suffered severe losses because of these ghosts. Therefore, Dragon Sect disciples have some fear towards Heavenly Lions. Therefore they are feeling very unwell looking at Qin Yun's headgear.

"I will not take it off! What can you do about it? If you have the guts, come and make me take it off!" Qin Yun yelled.