Chapter 952
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Chapter 952

Long Fangyu heard Qin Yun speak in a very careless manner and furiously said : "Where did you get that lion head? Quickly take it off!"

Qin Yun also feels quite strange, he really did not expect that Dragon Sect's disciples would fear Heavenly Lion to this point.

"How is it your concern where I go it?" Qin Yun very unhappily said : "It fits so nicely with me, why are you asking me to take it off?"

Long Fangyu looked at Ye Yaoxue and said in cold voice : "Ye Yaoxue, quickly tell him to take that lion head off!"

Ye Yaoxue is very startled in her heart because she can see that Dragon Sect disciples have very bad reaction to that lion head. She looked at the lion head and recalled that Qin Yun said Dragon Sect disciples are most afraid of Heavenly Lions. Hundred Pagoda Sect's disciples also remember what Qin Yun said, seeing Long Fangyu's reaction they are now completely convinced. It seems like Dragon Sect disciples are indeed very afraid of Heavenly Lions.

"I have enmity with that guy, if you can find a method, don't hesitate to take off that lion head!" Ye Yaoxue said : "If you are done preparing, let's begin!"

Long Fangyu gritted his teeth in anger, glared at Qin Yun and cursed in low voice : "Bastard, just wait for me, I will take care of you soon!"

Qin Yun moved his Heavenly Lion head a bit and said : "Come if you have the guts!"

He is not leas bit afraid of Long Fangyu. He can easily take care of these kind of people who cultivate dragon bloodline.

Long Fangyu tired his best to not look at Qin Yun and focus his attention on Ye Yaoxue. Ye Yaoxue looked at an old man below stage. The old man took out a large gong and rang it. The battle began. This is a battle between the two strongest people below peak Martial Emperor in Hundred Pagoda Sect and Dragon Sect.

Although Long Fangyu is wearing luxurious armor, it is not actually a magic tool, otherwise the barrier would have detected it. Even though he is wearing armor, his speed is not bit slower than Ye Yaoxue, in fact he is a bit faster. Two people were originally separated by more than 200 meters but as soon as battle began, they rushed towards each other and in a split second, two people collided. Two of them exchanged more than 100 moves in a very short few moments.

On the battle stage, red light and golden light flickered in succession. Every time they made their move, it is as if thunder clap suddenly stirred and lightning galloped and danced. All kind of brutal aura are flowing on the battle stage and transformed into light mist that floated on the stage. Long Fangyu and Ye Yaoxue's speed is very fast. They are moving about very rapidly, flickering at fast speed on the battle stage. Without a certain cultivation level, it is basically impossible to see their movement and attacks. Qin Yun is secretly fearful of Ye Yaoxue's formidable strength.

"This woman is just mid stage Martial Emperor, how can her strength be so formidable?" Qin Yun said in his heart.

"You are also merely late stage Martial King, yet you are unimaginably strong!" Ling Yuner let out a delicate laugh and said : "Super geniuses are all like that!"

Even though Long Fangyu's cultivation is higher by one rank compared to Ye Yaoxue, he doesn't have any advantage. And Ye Yaoxue is fighting like she hates to separate from him. Ye Yaoxue's power attribute is still as unclear as before, at most, one can only see that she is releasing red light. Those very tiny throbbing red threads within the red light are like tiny electric threads. If one is not looking carefully, it is impossible to see those densely packed electric threads. However, Qin Yun can easily so those tiny electric threads within the free flowing energy. Naturally, they are runes.

"Her rune martial spirit must be innate! I wonder what rune is it. Others can only see that her power is dreadful and resembles like lightning but it is not!" Qin Yun is very attentively watching Ye Yaoxue, very carefully observing the energy she is releasing. He wants to clearly see what kind of rune it is. Ye Yaoxue's martial spirit and power attribute is very mysterious. Qin Yun asked Granny Star but she knows nothing about this.

Although Long Fangyu is fighting steadily, he is very shocked in his heart. This is not the 1st or 2nd time he is fighting Ye Yaoxue. This time, Ye Yaoxue is even more powerful than before.

"Long Fangyu, you have not become a bit stronger!" Ye Yaoxue slightly smiled and then randomly shot her palm, easily blocking Long Fangyu's dragon head fist rushing towards her.

Strangely, the formidable power condensed on Long Fangyu's arm suddenly dissipated and even rushed out of his body. His fist was easily blocked by Ye Yaoxue and he felt pain after being hit by this strange power, causing him to let out smothered groan. But he can only make swift and incessant moves, he wants to use extremely strong offensive power to suppress Ye Yaoxue.

"Savage woman!" the veins of Long Fangyu's forehead looks like they are about to burst. He roared like dragon, when he attack with his fists, the armor around his arms suddenly burst into pieces and faint golden scales appeared on his arms.

"Dragon transformation?" Qin Yun is a little bit amazed : "This guy has not learned perfectly, he can only barely achieve dragon transformation."

He saw Long Cangsheng's dragon transformation before, just the dragon claw was so powerful and dreadful, it was like real dragon claw. As for Long Fangyu, only some faint dragon scales appeared on his arms. Moreover, arms only slightly inflated and claw point is slightly long, only these two aspect is similar to dragon claw. But it is still enough to cause Long Fangyu's power to suddenly increase. Ye Yaoxue could easily block Long Fangyu's madly rushing fists before, at the same time, the power on his arms would be routed. And now, when Ye Yaoxue tries to block with her palm, after touching Long Fangyu's dragon arms, her lily white hands would be jolted away by a power. The red mysterious power on her arms also become chaotic due to the jolt.


Long Fangyu launched heavy attack. The energy attack released through his arms, turned into even stronger golden dragon shadow. It merely began as a dragon shadow and then gradually turned into dragon virtual image.

"This guy is using Mysterious Technique!" Granny Star said : "This must be a very good Mysterious Technique."

"Long Fangyu, you actually masters a King tier Mysterious Technique!" Ye Yaoxue incessantly retreated and cried out in alarm with frown.

Long Fangyu's arms look like two wild and ferocious dragons, unceasingly pouncing and biting forward. Ye Yaoxue wants to attack but she is always being pushed back by Long Fangyu's continuous attacks. In terms of power and momentum, Ye Yaoxue is now in disadvantage.

"King tier Mysterious Technique is a genuine Mysterious Technique! This is our Dragon Sect's Mighty Dragon Mysterious Technique, it is a very outstanding Spirit Skill. It can let arms transform into dragons and let one possess formidable dragon power!" Long Fangyu very proudly said : "Although I have only mastered the 1st part of the techniques mystery, the power I have obtained is sufficient to defeat you!"

A very strong protective barrier is flowing around current Long Fangyu's body. It is very hard for Ye Yaoxue to attack against this power.

Ye Yaoxue said with sneer : "Energy consumption is too great when using Spirit Skills! If the martial spirit is fatigued too much, it will take a long time to heal! I saw you won't be able to keep up for long!"

Roar roar roar...

Long Fangyu's arms tremble, while pouncing and biting, they issued waves of roared filled with power, it is as if burst of lightning rushing towards Ye Yaoxue. Ye Yaoxue's has no speed advantage over Long Fangyu, therefore it is very hard for her to dodge. She can only use attack as defense and counter the two golden lightning dragon arms. Among the spectators, aside from Half Immortals, all the Martial Kings and Martial Emperors are dumbstruck looking at the intense battle on the stage.

"With Long Fangyu's strength, he could easily enter the top 20 of our Hundred Pagoda Sect!"

"I wonder if senior sister Ye can win."

"Of course she can! Today's senior sister Ye is not fighting madly and ferociously like before. She is mainly in a defensive state, even if she attacks, it is to defend against attacks!"

"That's right, her purpose is to be defensive! Her power intensity must have reached the extreme. She can easily contend against Long Fangyu with mid stage Martial Emperor cultivation, there is absolutely no way she can win."

"Senior sister Ye's most scary aspect is her endurance, it is very outstanding!"

Many peak Martial Emperor are commenting about the fight. Many of the peak Martial Emperors within Hundred Pagoda Sect have fought Ye Yaoxue. Even if they are ranked higher than Ye Yaoxue, they dare not look down on her.

Qin Yun has now more or less understood the extent of Ye Yaoxue's strength. He said in his heart : "Ye Yaoxue's endurance is indeed outstanding. There are a lot of remnant brutal energy aura on the battle stage, all left by Long Fangyu. However, when Ye Yaoxue releases energy, she can quickly retake them!"

Ling Yuner is also amazed about this situation : "Indeed, it seems like her power is completely inseparable from her! Moreover, the stage has barrier, so long as the energy doesn't fly away, she can completely retake them! This way, her energy consumption is very little!"

"She can defeat Long Fangyu, could it be that she is playing a game of attrition?" Qin Yun said in his heart. Ye Yaoxue will become a powerful enemy later, if he can understand her power, he can device a plan to defeat her.

Ye Yaoxue is also shooting some red lights that look like lightning to block Long Fangyu's attack. Long Fangyu is sweating profusely. He also knows that Ye Yaoxue is just delaying and keeping her power at peak state. And he is almost run out, since he has been constantly using King tier Mysterious Technique, his consumption is great, he will only be able to keep up peak condition for a short period of time.

"Ye Yaoxue, I won't be defeated by you this time!" after Long Fangyu done planning, he suddenly shouted. His arms flashed with gaudy golden light, a golden dragon illusion flew out like light.

The golden illusory dragon locked onto Ye Yaoxue and in an instant arrived in front of her. Ye Yaoxue did not have enough time to dodge or block, she was directly hit.

Boom Boom!

The golden illusory dragon suddenly exploded and produced a wave of golden light. Ye Yaoxue let out a delicate cry after being hit by the explosion. He ponytail hair that was held in place by a stick, draped over her shoulder. She was sent flying by the explosion and hit one of the formation pillars. A burst commotion started in the plaza, Ye Yaoxue has actually been heavily injured. Many Hundred Pagoda Sect disciples are stunned, they anxiously yelled "senior sister". What is even more astonishing is that, Long Fangyu has also suffered heavy injuries, one of his dragon arms is completely a bloody mess.

"Ye Yaoxue, you have lost!" Long Fangyu flew over, used his other arm that is in good condition to attack Ye Yaoxue.